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A prospective Indian Prime Minister, Yadav, is a disgraceful male chauvinist

Posted by robertpriddy on April 12, 2014

What on earth could be worse than sexual politics in India? The media reports:
“In an election speech on Thursday, Mulayam Singh Yadav, head of the Socialist Party (SP), which runs the state government in Uttar Pradesh, said if he became prime minister he would scrap a recently introduced law that fixed the death penalty for rapists.”Boys will be boys. Following a girl-boy fight, the girl complains she was raped,” he said in the city of Moradabad.
Mr Yadav’s comments sparked outcry from women’s rights campaigners and commentators, as well as his political opponents. They were also denounced, though not that vocally, by the ruling Congress party, which had been long allied in the federal government with the SP in a ruling coalition. Referring to a case in Mumbai where three men were sentenced to death for two gang-rapes, Mr Yadav claimed the men should not face the death penalty as it was not uncommon “for boys to make mistakes.”

So Yadav aligns himself with the view of the disgusting Asaram Bapu, who spoke of the horrendous Mumbai gang rapists (and all but one was a boy) on death row as “brothers”. Fortunately there ar those who speak out firmly against this super-chauvinism, including his own son: “Mr Azmi’s comments sparked further outcry, including a denunciation from his son, Farhan Azmi, who is contesting a seat in the city of Mumbai. “I believe a rapist should be hanged a hundred times,” he said. “I have five sisters and everyone in my family believes the same.”

That such a statement could be made without immediate disgrace and banishment from political life just shows how India had never faced up to the widespread seriously perverted sexual mores… a country which was found by a major governmental research report together with UNICEF investigating 12,000 children that 53 per cent had been sexually abused. Now a major political figure is actually encouraging such abuses! Millions have lost their childhood due to the laxity in lawmaking, especially the sexual abuse of boys by males, and a number of Prime Ministers and Presidents have actually condoned this by turning a bling eye to serial sex abusers and pedophiles like the guru they worshipped, Sathya Sai Baba, protecting his from prosecution to try to retain their own ill-invested prestige.
see the whole report in its systematic detail at (If unavailable in future, click here)


The only thing worse than sexual politics in India is sexual practice in India, as your report so clearly indicates, Robert. The violence against women seems to be near unstoppable as long as this democratic nation keeps getting run by male chauvinists. And even then, to change a society in its deep rooted beliefs is hard enough. It took western countries more than a century to reach some equality between men and women, and we are not nearly finished ourselves, given e.g. the appalling figures concerning domestic abuse, lover boys and forced prostitution, but Indian society and police and court officials seem hell-bent on remaining backwards, and in support of male perpetrators, godmen or not.
Just two months ago, another terrible example of the failing justice system in India hit the news (only briefly, though, and without follow-up!) nationwide, when a young victim of guru rape was shot dead upon entering the court house in Mathura, where she was to give evidence against her alleged attacker, Vrindavan godman Govindanand Teerath, see this NDTV footage


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