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Baba Satya Sai film portrays Sai Baba’s mother

Posted by robertpriddy on April 13, 2014


The lower part of the image contains data from another source than Times of India

The lower part of the image in bold text is from another source than Times of India

It would now appear that the coming release of the film ‘Baba Sathya Sai’ is to be in Telugu. Whether it will be shown on any circuit in English is doubtful, since it seems to be advertised as freely downloadable.

EashwarammaThe appearance of Jayapradha is so far removed from that of the figure she is to portray, Sai Baba’s mother Eashwaramma, as to be a laughable caricature. The film will certainly create another set of false perceptions of Sai Baba, and the true story will be clinically cleaned-up beyond all recognition to those who met him, knew about him, worked in his organisation and discovered his diverse criminal activities for which he was saved from prosecution by a series of Indian Prime Minister and President devotees.


If there are to be any scenes showing of Eashwaramma’s circumstances  when she was rejected by her husband for a mistress, then one can be sure they will not show the grinding poverty in which she lived with very little help from her rich and famous son. See
Easwaramma – the chosen mother in poverty, scorned by her husband!

Other aspects of her life as a poor, ignorant villager and oppressed female are kept well under the carpet, but have been recorded properly for those who dare to learn about it. Not to mention  the greatest cover-up in modern India, the criminal activities and deceits of her in famous son.

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