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Death of Sathya Sai Baba – 3rd anniversary?

Posted by robertpriddy on April 23, 2014

Click to see sourceOne of the countless questions that has never been answered about Sathya Sai Baba is exactly when and of what he actually died. In the months before he died Sathya Sai Baba was very sick man, and had suffered tremendous weight loss, some reporting he weighed as little as 28 or 30 kilos. No explanation of why this was so or why his one major organ after another failed was ever given and a bogus (i.e. ‘cardio-respiratory failure’ is not a legal cause) death certificate was issued, while Dr Safaya who issued it resigned thereafter citing ‘irregularities’). The obvious suspicion to those who know of his countless sexual abuses is that he died of AIDS.

There are many other reasons to suspect a massive cover-up took place (not least – see scan on right) – and even that he was murdered (according to an ex Minister). Invitations to politicians, transport arrangements and a large security presence were all arranged well before his death was announced!  Evidently he had been kept on life-support so his death could take place (i.e. disconnection) conveniently on Easter Sunday, suggesting to some Christians that he was an embodiment of Christ! Despite all efforts from the Sai Central Trust, the Sai-endorsing media and political leaders, these issues have been impossible to hide entirely.

The BBC announced Sai Baba’s death, adding that he was accused of fraudulent miracle tricks and sexual abuses (which he of course had denied). This is an epitaph that will always follow him and, as researchers and historians collect and study the evidence, the accusations and the reason Sai Baba avoided prosecution will become evident and a permanent part of his otherwise largely bogus ‘story’.

His own demise was wrongly predicted by him, he did not live into his 90s as he had prophesied on numerous occasions (stating several different ages at different times too!). This event confounded all the devotees who blindly believed his words and in his divinity. In a desperate attempt to offset this pivotal fact, Sai officialdom put out the bogus theory that he had calculated his age in lunar years, not solar years. However, the calculations to support this were wrong, besides which he had never reckoned in lunar years on any previous occasion.

Besides all this, the birth date he claimed was most probably wrong by several years, chosen to fit with auspicious signs.

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