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Narendra Modi’s love of false Hindu gurus

Posted by robertpriddy on July 12, 2014



The election of the Hindu-nationalist Narendra Modi, whose speckled past is much documented, is a major potential threat to control of dangerous Indian-based guru cults. This is important especially now as regards the possible quashing of the entire legal process against the despicable male chauvinist and believer in black magic and usurper of government and other land. In custody for many months and repeatedly denied bail, he stands accused of being a serial sexual abuser, pedophile. He and/or his lieutenants have apparently killed the main witness against him, as well as inciting violence and major harassment against the prosecution, the defendants and their lawyers.

Modi-AsaramBOther murders by Asaram or his hired goondas are alleged, and the disappearance and death of boys from his ashram is proven. Asaram Bapu expressed confidence that, when Modi would be elected, that ‘everything will come right’, meaning that he would get his release and escape justice. It remains to be seen what Modi will do and how far he will dare to push the already shaky legal system into doing his will to protect even these gurus. He holds such figures to be the bedrock of the nation’s culture!

Modi’s stand on the Ayodhya mosque made him a hate figure for Muslims – and suspect to most external observers as a Hindu fanatic. So he is having to play it down and tread very carefully. Perhaps this sense has caused these new measures here and there so as not to bring Modi into disrepute or get Hindus inflamed either. The Hindutva’s military wing  is a terrifying and powerful organisation! Should it explode we could have something like the Hindu-Muslim riots of Independence times perhaps.

Modi also worshipped the pedophile and chief murder accomplice, Sathya Sai Baba

modi-ssbmodi-babaIt is well-known to informed circles in India and the media (and it is fully documented, also on-line)  that a series of Indian Prime Ministers and Presidents have worshipped Sathya Sai Baba – before they became aware of the many extremely credible sworn testimonies of his sexual abuses of boys and young men. Most of them believed their prestige and that of India would suffer were this to be investigated, so PM Narasimha Rao with S.B. Chavan  and ex-Chief Justice Bhagwati plus their subordinates covered up for him and quashed the CBI investigation before it exposed him fully. Now we have Narendra Modi who is no better in these respects, probably far worse if anything.

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One Response to “Narendra Modi’s love of false Hindu gurus”

  1. I agree that this is very unfortunate. The other side of the story is that Modi seems to be good for the economy and poverty is in India a bigger problem than abusive gurus.
    Reply from Robert
    ‘seems’ is the operative word, as I see it. I wish it were a given that Modi really could alter the level of poverty in India. Looking at the media, the jury is still clearly out as to whether he will manage to overcome the systemic problems enough to increase growth as promised. Assam who gave him such massive support is already up in arms at his budget. His election promises were very populistic and doubtful; for example, that he would provide everyone with a toilet… hardly an economic ploy but a great vote catcher. Likewise the cleaning up of the over 2500 miles of the Ganges river, which experts consider an unlikely proposition and there is as yet no concrete plan. But Mother Ganga was a votewinner with the Hindu masses. writes: ‘India’s Modi (Barely) Passes His First Big Test on Economic Reform’ and polint out that Modi’s first budget takes “a very gradualist approach, with some encouraging tidbits, but no signs Modi is in a big rush to remake the Indian economy” Modi is reportedly still India’s most divisive figure… time will fairly soon show what he can and can’t achieve. Let us hope that something will improve and that Modi will relax his fierce Hinduist ideology and learn to handle national affairs better.

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