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Venkamma: little or no faith in her brother Sathya Sai

Posted by robertpriddy on August 14, 2014

Sathya Sai Baba's elder sister Venkamma profiled

‘Divya’ (Eileen Weed) with Venkamma in 1993

The former long-term resident of Prashanthi Nilayam,  Eileen Weed (aka ‘Divyya’)  who lived for years in the apartment of the elder sister of Sathya Sai Baba, Venkamma, and who learned Telugu to a high level, answered a question asked by a former devotee about the faith of that sister. Here is her illumining reply:-

“Your question about Venkamma’s faith is a difficult one, however. The short answer is, I am not entirely sure what her faith was. Since I knew her better than anyone else in the world in her last years, I can state that I don’t think she thought about it (questioned herself about having faith in sb as god) deeply.

She was just a simple village lady and I suspect she knew about sb lying and faking materialization’s when he was younger BUT simple villagers look beyond inconsistencies (look at all the examples in the puranas about the doings of naughty gods & sages!) and depend more upon the amount of confidence and charisma someone has. I think for decades she had faith in sb as a divine being, just because of what he declared to the world (due entirely to his narcissism). That is why so many of us developed faith: he TOLD everyone he was divine, and we were surrounded by people who enforced that with all their stories (often imagined and embellished) of his presence and wished-for blessings.

However, in the last years of Venkamma’s life when I knew her, there was some inconsistency in her faith that had arisen. She was very distressed at troubles with her son and his family, she was depressed at her own declining health, and frustrated because for years her access to sb had been limited to touching his feet and saying a sentence or two to him every few months. As an answer to her queries or moanings about troubles, his answer would invariably be, “It will be all right” or, “What can I do?” That was his standard answer to all the family members during their times of need. In fact, they used to laugh about that fact with each other! Or else, he would send money, food or objects like gold jewelry. (Which caused a lot of gossip and jealousy amongst his always-feuding siblings and their families.)

So at one point Venkamma declared to me, “There is no god, there is no heaven and there is no hell. All of that is only a story elders tell to children to make them behave.” She was dead serious. At the same time, in the midst of physical pain at the end, she would fold her hands and bow at the picture of her favorite god, Rama, and say his name.

But I can say definitely that I NEVER saw her pray to sb or call out to him as she would to a god. I am fairly confident in saying that she did not have faith he would hear her cries from afar. She’d avoid questions of devotees who pressed her to tell stories of sb’s divinity or to outright declare him as god. She would laugh and say, “I like Rama! He was my favorite even before there was a ‘sai baba’!”>Pressed for stories, she would repeat a few things that are already published in books, but which however didn’t particularly point to any diving powers. She loved to remember the journey to the Himalayas with him for example; or to describe opulent festivals in Puttaparthi.

When she was ill she used to desperately ask doctors to tell sb and ask him to visit her, but it seemed to me that was only wanting to see her dearly loved, revered brother rather than wanting darshan of a god. Hope I helped to answer your question!”

In fact, Sai Baba’s family had from the start been unable to believe his various excessive claims, such as when he wrote them around age 13 with the aid of a teacher with semi-literate English in his booklet ‘Hisstory’ (now suppressed and replaced with a different ‘Hisstory’ book made by zealots). His parents considered him possessed by some underworld spirit and had him exorcised, which did not help. His well-educated elder brother, Sesham Raju, expressed his scepticism in a famous letter to Sai Baba, to which only his famous boasting reply is allowed to be printed. …. also told various people about the falsity of some of the mystical claims made about him, notable the ‘story’ about a cobra rocking his cradle. His mother, though held up as blessed etc. by Sai himself, had been left by her husband for a paramour and was very badly neglected by him and Sai Baba (read of her plight with photo of her tiny dwelling here), and was constantly worried that he was pushing his luck too far, which indicates her doubts… though this could not be said by her in Puttaparthi, where his influence over his followers and visitors would soon put a stop to it.

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Venkamma; by Divyya – her lost writings, an anti-climax



One must conclude that the family knew he was a fake from the beginning but when they saw the wealth start to pour in, they shut up and silently took all the many bribes sb constantly gave to them. (Venkamma, like other family members, was always receiving packages from sb, I often opened the door to receive the good looking young boys who worked in sb’s house who brought the gifts of clothes, money, jewels, food, and news of land gifts, etc.). One must put, not sb, but his brother Seshama Raju on a pedestal, for sticking to the truth despite the incentives to retract his complaints!

I also think that due to the later-day family members (children and grandchildren of sb’s siblings, and other more distant relatives) being brought up on a diet of sb’s greatness (and gifts), surrounded by the faithful and sent to the brain-washing schools, that many if not most have complete, pure and naive faith in him, as all of us ex-devotees did.

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