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Top Indian Astrologers’ repeated failures

Posted by robertpriddy on August 31, 2014

Throughout my adult life I have heard many stories from people – and read much – about Indian astrology being able to predict with great accuracy the future events of a lifetime – and also of subsequent lifetimes. During my nine long visits to India I came across pundits and ‘astrological seers’, which interested me despite my former rejection of  Western astrology. In my younger years I studied that variant rather deeply – casting horoscopes and doing follow-ups as well as reading critical work about it . I eventually had to conclude  that it relies mainly on psychological projection or else on self-fulfilling prophesy (not to mention vagueness, ambiguous language, credulity and even cold reading. It is such an extensive and involved art (not science) that it entraps its followers into a labyrinth of possibilities, always allowing for rationalisations and ‘deeper reinterpretations’, one from which only those with a strong analytic bent can normally extricate themselves. Hindu astrology seemed it may have offered more than that, not least because of glowing reports of its vast accuracy and ubiquity in India. Firstly, however, here is an interesting Indian critique of the country’s most dominant astrologers:-

Hindu astrologers defeated by events.
The Indian Sceptic magazine (under Premanand) chose India’s most consulted astrologers as endorsed by Indian’s most well-known politicians and other professionals, to predict the outcome of the 2004 Indian elections. See the hilarious result: Top Indian Astrologers fall down on the job – badly

Again in 2009, the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations offered one million rupees to astrologers who could predict the elections results. Others have also challenged astrologers to make correct predictions, offering large sums to those who subject themselves to a serious test. Despite even the prize of a million dollars, no one is known to have won the challenge. (see

The Brighu Nadi
The nadis are examples of such predictions, but as far as I can see no one could get their help to predict a single important modern invention, such as immunisation, the space shuttle, Hadron Collider, Hubble telescope.. the list is endless. As far as one can discover, nor have any ancient Indian texts predicted anything of note that has actually come to pass.

The three groups of palm leaf manuscripts known as ‘nadis’ supposedly predict with great accuracy the events of everyone’s lives! They are the Suka, the Kumar and the Brighu. They are all astrologically based, depending on the time of birth of the individual in question.

My wife and I visited a Brighu Nadi reader in Mumbai (Kantilal G. Pandya) who was highly recommended in Phyllis Krystal’s hagiographic book ‘The Ultimate Experience’ (see, making this alleged shastri famous in Sai circles.

We met a number of devotees who had been there and had received ‘wonderful’ predictions of their glowing futures and achievements, including time of death! (There would be, of course, a sizeable fee!).

At that time my wife and I were urged by friends to see this Brighu reader so, on our way back via Mumbai, we visited him and, having measured our shadows in the sun, noted the time and calculated  the page required, he brought out several palm leaf pages, worn and old, to read our fates. He made many year by year predictions for each of us. All have proved entirely wrong. He only seemed to get one thing fairly right, that I had a very peaceful life which would continue. Indeed, I have not had much turmoil for several decades. (Those who want to believe it was genuine pre-knowledge can interpret ‘very peaceful’ the one way, others the other).

Curious about the palm leaves, I asked him how many he had. He said thousands. I now have learned that palm leaf manuscripts decay and all he could have had were copies of copies going back for ages. The collections are many and obviously vary in number of leaves, and most likely as to exact contents (copying has its many pitfalls). It is a regular industry, and a very profitable one too for many of these charlatans. This is India – the fantasy free-for-all in which so many live out their challenging lives.

The complete failure of the proponents of claims that Sathya Sai Baba’s coming was prophesied in ancient scriptures, such as the Upanishads (as Sai Baba himself claimed) are shown here to be without any reliable foundation in the said sources.

Sathya Sai Baba and ‘Suka Nadi’ prophecies

Even though the following link is to an article by Christian religionists, it contains many valid points about Sai Baba prophesies: Fulfilment of Prophesy – does Sathya Sai Baba fulfil prophesies?

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  1. All bogus gurus have encouraged this type of duplicity, there being no authenticity in their lives, but only shallow glorification of their enlarged egos employing their slaves and hirelings for this purpose.

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