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First man-made living organism challenges religious beliefs

Posted by robertpriddy on September 12, 2014

Unprecedented scientific breakthrough that changes life as we know it, for the first time in history!

The sciences are pushing out the boundaries of knowledge in every direction and the implications are profound. For the very first time, biologists have created self-sustaining and reproducing life, in the laboratory. The famous geneticist Dr. Craig Venter, who revolutionised genetics when he led the human genome project, has with his team designed and created a new life form, a unique bacterium. He wrote the DNA code digitally, converted it into chemical DNA and successfully put it into a cell to power it. (exclusive film of Discovery Science ‘Creating Synthetic Life’). Or See this video

This is of huge importance and surely transforms how mankind will think in future. It seriously challenges the entire past traditions of all the religions and philosophies that claim God alone could have created life. Natural processes can themselves be manipulated to an extent that was unimaginable a century ago. This advance once again shows how all the mysteries of a supposed creator are gradually being explained and shown to be reproducible. Though this new life form was created out of an existing cell, which it totally transformed, and the original design of DNA was constructed from elements of other DNA strings, this was creation of a new life form, of a living organism. This does not means that everything required for life was created, but a self-supporting entirely unprecedented bacterium was created.

Religious ‘wisdom’ lacks real knowledge

A large majority of the world’s population still lives within the confines of pre-scientific thought, predominantly religious ideas and their derivatives. Though the flat-earthers have all but disappeared, creationists are evidently still a world majority, living in basic ignorance of fundamental truths. Those countries in which a scientifically informed public dominates public life will continue as world leaders in education, science and all the forms of technological industry. The world is becoming more and more dependent on the fruits of science and technology, and it is already a necessity of life to billions of us.

Societies which remain steeped in the ignorance of traditional beliefs and hinder secularism are at a huge disadvantage today and will be more so in future. Increasingly in future, whether societies sink or swim will largely depend on the real knowledge resources of its population. An illustration of this: though a priest, gurus, sadhus, can use mobile phones, they can no more design and manufacture one than fly. Had there existed great sages like rishis or omniscient spiritual masters of any denominations, they would have been able to predict the findings of science today, but there is not a single example of this. Their domains were the entirely subjective ‘world’ of inner feelings, thoughts, speculations and inherited beliefs about otherworldly entities and spheres that were detached from the world we actually live in. Yet there are still many who believe in their ‘wisdom’, superior powers of healing and miracle-making. Such people do not and will never again have any impact on our great human enterprise.  As far as one can discover, no ancient  religious texts have predicted anything of note that has actually come to pass. No mention of the rise of bacteriological medicine,  the Hubble telescope, the Hadron collider, the discovery of DNA and the creation of living organisms… among countless thousands of other highly significant life-changing events.

Science far outpaces ‘spiritual beliefs’ rendering them redundant

The sciences have begun to take control of the workings of out minds, our memories, metabolisms, personalities and the nature of our offspring. This is achieved though genetics, robotics, information and nano-technology used to control matter, energy, and life itself at the most basic levels. “We’ve never seen anything like this before and this is raising profound questions about what it it means to be human and what our lives and future and children will be like” (Joel Garreau on Discovery World). The scale on which these transformations are developing is already vast and the applications in technology and many kinds of engineering are already well underway throughout the advanced industrial world.

The preserve of religion is supposedly the ‘inner world’, the subjective experiences of individuals and the beliefs and speculations based on ancient handed-down ‘scriptures’. This old world of religious and belief-rooted thought has slowly been giving way to rational, empirical and pragmatic thought – not mere untestable speculation –  in the last century and has energised advanced countries in the West and elsewhere. Religion consists in memes, cyclic patterns, deterministically imposing and perpetuating themselves, whether or not those involved have any understanding of how the self-repeating practice started. Thus, religions have a repetitive life of their own and hundreds or thousands of years of this have built up an inertia which takes a lot to reduce. They are always backward looking (e.g. to early scriptures) and invariably set false limits to thought and life. This kind of propagation of culture, often persisting from the cradle to the grave, is diametrically opposed to progressive education, which has to be investigative, critical of ‘established truth’ and self-critical, creative and open-minded.

“There is a fundamental difference between religion, which is based on authority, [and] science, which is based on observation and reason. Science will win, because it works.” Stephen Hawking

So what becomes of  ‘God the Creator’?

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