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Sex-guru Swami Nityananda claims impotence, but court demands test

Posted by robertpriddy on September 13, 2014

See latest overview over Swami Nityananda

The controversial young guru (with a proven sexual appetite) who has been exposed widely in the Indian media and against whom the slow-grinding Indian legal system has in Bengalaru issued a non-bailable warrant  was issued (for failing to attend court). A sexual abuse complaint had been registered in 2012 by a lady who stated she had been repeatedly raped during a five-year stay at his ashram.

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Nityananda, who was also caught on video having sex with a known Indian actress and who reportedly also initiated followers into secret tantric sexual perversions, claimed in the High Court that he was not able to commit the offence of which he was accused. A notice was issued for him to stand a potency test, but he failed to appear for it. Now he is moving his entire ashram from Karnataka to another State (Tamil Nadu), the purpose apparently being connected to his predicament.

Nityananda already had one potency test in September (see this described in ‘Twist in Nityananda’s potency‘). Further, Nityananda is under diverse legal pressures, including in the U.S.A., as the following report makes crystal clear (Click on thumbnail to read the details)

Meanwhile, a different lady in Tiruvannamalai who has spiritual ambitions and strange beliefs has a blogspot in which received some comments that indicate the attitude of many towards him now:-



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See also dossier on Nityananda here

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