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Swami Nityananda ‘propositions’ famous actress Nayantara

Posted by robertpriddy on October 7, 2014

nayantara The narcissistic sex guru has no shame whatsoever! Shamed and failed gurus (and their organisations) desperately clutching at straws to retain their fame and adoration. Good that this snub became public,  bravo for the actress for leaking it to the press, more should do that. Perhaps he told her he was impotent too, but was still willing to teach her perverse tantric sex for which he became known when the declaration he made candidates sign agreeing to his rules of confidentiality about it were leaked over a year ago!

How many other famous people has Nityananda tried to enrol is anyone’s guess. It is known that Sathya Sai Baba’s closest female devotee, former industry Minister Geetha Reddy,  procured invitations to hundreds often to visit Sai Baba and help fill out his empty darsan areas. No doubt many VIPs have still been invited to sb events after he died, though few appear to have heeded the call. When he was flying via Puttaparthi airport without intending to visit Sai Baba’s tomb, The President  of India, Pranab Mukerjee, was evidently importuned upon to call in at Prashanthi, which he did (probably fearing reactions from the Sai devotees in Government etc. if he did not). Sai Baba VIP officials try so hard to convince that Puttaparthi is still thriving.

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