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Vishumenon – a most percipient writer on Indian matters

Posted by robertpriddy on October 12, 2014

If you wish to read a truly intelligent and also humorous perspective by a mature Indian commentator whose heart, wit and insight are all in the right place, then you will find it on Vishumenon’s blog.  Here is my review of some of his excellent writings:-

Firstly, I particularly enjoyed –  laughing a lot – at his account of a meeting at Hong Kong airport with a rather oriental eye-bulging chap who was determined to convert him into a relationship with the ‘ living God ‘ (who was coming as predicted in the Bible). With gentle but biting satire, too subtle for the fanatic to grasp, no doubt, Vishumenon drove his inquisitor round in comical circles. Highly recommended both for secular and seriocomical reasons! See How Supreme Court foiled my relationship with the Living God.



What first drew me to Vishumenon’s blogs was his blog about Sathya Sai Baba, Justice Bhagwati and Justice H.R. Khanna. I recommend reading it (click on the image of the right to go to the source). He rightly questions Bhagwati’s incredible admissions about following Sai Baba’s will in everything he did, including as former High Chief Justice… as communicated to him both verbally and through ‘paranormal guidance’. Not least, of course, the petition against Sathya Sai Baba by Hari Sampath was quashed by his judges and the subsequent destruction of the evidence that the Supreme Court session even existed would have been Sai Baba’s will!

As a political commentator, Vishumenon is spot on. His latest blog bemoans the fact that the new Nobel Peace prize laureate Palam Kalyanasundaram, though his huge self-sacrifices were known in India for decades, is still virtually ignored by  Indian politicians and power people (i.e. all those who still do almost nothing about child exploitation or strive to remove all the countless other horrendous ills in India). He received recognition from the Government of India as the best librarian in India ! Meanwhile, the United Nations named him One of the Most Outstanding People of the 20th century.

Vishumenon is no friend of Hindu Nationalists who want to establish Hindu Rashtra in India, to which Narendra Modi’s government is not unfavourable, judging by his past actions and present associations. Also Justice Anil R. Dave of the Supreme Court whose recipe for solving all India’s problems emerged when he said ” is Had I been the dictator of India, I would have introduced Gita and Mahabharata in Class I. That is the way you learn how to live life. I am sorry if somebody says I am secular or I am not secular.” So much for religious equality in India! As if the otherworldliness of the Mahabharata is relevant to solving the endless calamities of India today! (Besides which, Modi is no Krishna). One might as well try to solve the utterly complex and terrible Middle Eastern problems with the Bible!


COMMENT: Eileenweed said October 13,  “How Supreme Court foiled my relationship with the Living God.” Haha, thank you, a delightful read with several out-loud chuckles! It is like the airport Hare-Krishnas in reverse. Oh, if both parties would only get the irony!


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