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Vishumenon on R.K. Karanjia of Blitz magazine

Posted by robertpriddy on November 3, 2014

In his latest blog, Vishumenon cites the former Indian journalist R.K. Karanjia, the publisher and editor of Blitz magazine, an English tabloid that was hugely popular in India in the nineteen-seventies for its sharp and often acidic reporting style. Originally a sceptic, Karanjia interviewed Sai Baba was converted by to believe in his claims and follow him. Sai Baba’s predictions are now mostly seen for what they are. Vishumenon’s informative irony is amusing, read here: BHAGWAN SATHYA SAI BABA : THE REASON FOR TOTAL WORLD PEACE

One Response to “Vishumenon on R.K. Karanjia of Blitz magazine”

  1. Amusing, Robert, but Vishumenon’s epi-epilogue is revealing too. For there he writes this (giving an insight in why he bothers to write about SSB at all):

    Having read the draft, a friend asked me: “Why are you flogging a dead horse?”

    I said : “This Horse lives in the minds of many devotees, including my wife.”

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