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Sai Baba gave the OK to kill intruders

Posted by robertpriddy on December 7, 2014

Testimony of a reliable American eye-witness with long-term insider connections

An eyewitness, Eileen Weed (aka ‘Divya’) who was living in the apartment Sai Baba’s sister Venkamma, both with an overview of the events of that night, the truth-challenged mentality of residents which allowed the murders to be covered up:-

On 2. sep. 2012, at 15.10, Divya wrote:

“We all heard the next morning that SB gave the OK to kill the intruders after being strongly advised to do so, and that Janikiram was with SB then also and agreed (and someone else too, was it Joga Rao? I forgot who). We did not have much shock about it – after all, we were brainwashed with stories of Rama and Krisha, it was natural for us to accept Avatars wanted to murder the bad guys; plus, we thought, much better to avoid controversy and possible unpleasant truths (or what we thought might be lies) getting out.

I had heard the name Vishnubat a lot, because he was the kitchen help and Amma was cooking for SB. I believe it was Vishnubat who was often the one handing the carriers back to the family members after SB ate and went upstairs after his meal. Also, two people were injured in the encounter and survived, SB even went to visit them in the hospital next morning – I will have to read the account online to see what it says about that.

Also, I remember that we asked what the assailants were saying about SB as they were bound up, and Amma’s grandsons assured us that none of the four said anything against SB. I still remember clearly to this day, the darting eyes of the grandson as he said that to us, and wondering if it was the darting eyes of a lie to his elderly grandmother, and wondering if they could really not be saying anything against SB, when they had broken in (what we believed at that time) to kill him? Of course, dead men tell no tales!”

see a fuller account: Sai Baba and brother ordered planned murder of four trapped devotees, 1993

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