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Minor Sai center trumpets minor concession to attract volunteers

Posted by robertpriddy on December 8, 2014

Every small allowance won by any Sai Baba related institutions is brandished now like a proof of his omnipotent interference in worldly affairs.One might well be taken in by this Sai Baba propaganda attempt to encourage the diminishing number of volunteer devotees to go to Prashanthi ashram to serve. The mailer is C.E.O. at the minor clinic Srinivasa Hospital and Diagnostic Center, Nalgonda

katta_jayapradesh_reddyFrom: katta jayaprakash Reddy
Date: 5 December 2014 at 08:54
Subject: Railway concession to Sri Sathya Sai seva dal.

 With the blessings of our beloved Lord Bhagwan Sri Sathya Baba, Railways have announced 50% concession on tickets for the seva dal participating in service in Prashanthi Nilam. It is for the volunteers whose income is not more than Rs.5000/- per month.
I humbly appeal to all the seva dal not to claim concession tickets if their income is more than five thousand per month.If any body claims against the rules through backdoors or any other illegal means by  bogus income certificates, it is  against the blessings of Swami.If any one violates this,  other seva dal must be vigilant and bring to the notice of Samithi president or other leaders.

This speaks volumes about the existing Seva Dal – corruption was always there, as it always is in India. Rs 5,000 is basically NOTHING nowadays, so the concession would only help the elderly and unemployed housewives. Even field laborers make more than that a month. Runaway inflation has changed and continues to change the entire level of prices in India. The small concession is to be seen on the background of the fact that everything costs 3 or 4 times the amount it did 10 years ago. Once one could buy tomatoes for Rs 2 a kilo when they were in season, now they are between Rs 50-60 a kilo year round. There were rooms in the Parthi village for Rs 1,500 a month but nowadays, even with the lack of demand, it is reportedly hard to find anything under Rs 6,000 rent a month for a one bedroom room.
Eileen Weed, who has relatives and friends in the area wrote:

“In 2005 when I left India, my salary as the Administrator of Karuna Society was Rs 5,500 a month, and I was making as much as the veterinary surgeon at the clinic (an uneducated villager who was trained by Clementien to do treatments on the animals). Both of us had the highest paid wages, most other workers were getting Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000 a month.”



That is what people get with his blessings. A life full of crap.
My sister’s salary when she worked at the hospital was Rs 13000/-. This is the amount that security guards at hospitals draw today.
If not for my support to her and her son financially and physically, this was not even enough to make ends meet.
His staff had to pray to even get basic accomodation to have a roof on their heads!
The school claimed to be free, but there was at least 20-40K of expenditure each year, which is true in any other schools in India.
However one must NEVER consider these amounts given by beloved Swami as paltry. What about the love of Swami that comes with it? It is like the love of a thousand mothers. Is it not enough. Also the sexual abuses are a bonus. And there is Sai Baba’s philosophy to apply – such as his message to the poor – don’t feel sad that you do not have a Caru (Car), feel happy that you have a Kaalu (leg)
Who else but the great proponent of Atma Vidya can teach such stuff. BTW, let us not be mistaken.
These rules and philosophy do not apply to him. He is the King of Kings beyond laws. All rules are for the followers.
That is the reason he took great care of himself from time to time, getting served, using imported cars, driven by a (although frustrated) chauffeur, meals served, clothes supplied….the poor thought he really built the institutions for them – little did they know his ambitions of making it big in the international arena….Sai Baba of India… his glory is sung everywhere….his birthdays celebrated even after his death !! And whereas his philosophy for those people whose family members he killed in accidents, was that the “dying weep for the dead” – a quotation from the Narada Bhakti Sutras…Happy Birthday Dude…may you live forever…!! But may others leave you forever …


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