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Narasimha Murthy’s imprudent interview & consequences

Posted by robertpriddy on January 5, 2015

Mr. B.N. Narasimha Murthy (wearing cheap gemstone ring faked by Sai Baba)

Mr. B.N. Narasimha Murthy (wearing cheap gemstone ring faked by Sai Baba)

Narasimha Murthy has made claims (such as on YouTube) about Sai Baba appearing in his dreams and giving him precise instructions to build new buildings, etc. and tells fantastic stories about these. Sathya Sai Baba inducted him early in life (before age 20) and told him not to marry. He was made to work without any financial compensation (as were so many Sai followers inducted into ‘voluntary selfless service’ (to Sai Baba and his interests), and once in a while he was given some money, white clothes etc. While SB repeatedly told him to ask for anything, no true believing devotee would ever dare ask him, nor did doctrinally converted Murthy ever do so.

In a Vimeo interview with a US blind believer devotee, Ted Henry, the former warden of Sai Baba Colleges, Mr. B.N. Narasimha Murthy told of certain dreams he had (after Sai Baba’s demise) in which he felt Sathya Sai Baba instructed him to carry out various works, including initiating the building of Sai schools here and there. As one blogger writes about the interview:-  “Since the advent of the Ted (Henry) Talk from Maddenahalli, there are now various claims from folks who say they are in touch with Swami. I am sure Mr. Murthy, when he gave his interview to Ted H. had no idea others would jump on the band-wagon!

Perhaps the most telling statement by Murthy was:- “I want to tell you something that Swami told me. ‘It is true that I declared to the world that I would be in this Sathya Sai Baba form for 96 years. I left when I was 85, but I will be in the subtle body till I am 96 and continue to do what I did‘.

Firstly, please not that this contradicts what ‘ Sai officialdom’ claimed after their great surprise when Sai Baba died so ignominiously in 2011. It was argued (in several wholly contradictory ways) that Sai Baba meant lunar years, not calendar (solar) years, and that this figure would approximate to 96 years of age. This has been refuted thoroughly as all the varying and entirely bogus calculations presented did not add up to 96 years. Add to this the all-overwhelming fact that Sai Baba had made a number of entirely different prophesies of his time of death, which are all well documented in ‘official’ Sai Baba literature (see full account and scans here).

In addition to these facts which blow to bits the entire mythology about Sai Baba’s ‘prophesies’ is the documented doubts about his real birthdate (recorded as , which is recorded in his school records from 1940 as having been 4/10!1929… that is, he was very nearly 3 years younger than he has claimed.

A former sexually abused student who Narasimha Murthy well wrote:- “Mr Murthy always came across as a firm minded individual with strong convictions and my informant  I used to wonder why he would continue in the movement despite knowing everything… I think I know the answer. A young, idealistic, spiritual minded person believes in the wrong leader, gets sucked in too deep, and has nowhere else to go by the time full realization hits. I think he rationalized SB’s misdeeds as some kind of Karmic retribution in return for all the good that was happening such as free schools, hospitals, etc.

It is of considerable note that Narasimha Murthy was named by a security official at Prashanthi Nilayam as an accomplice to Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual abuse of boys and young men in a petition to the Indian Criminal Bureau of Investigations, which can be viewed here.

As to Murthy’s conviction that Sai Baba is communicating with him through dreams created from a continued spooky existence in a subtle body’, one need not doubt that Murthy’s really believes this himself, but that he is the victim of cumulative cognitive self-delusion on a grand lifetime scale. The human mind/brain (which are two aspects of the one entity, not separate ‘bodies’) accepts as true what is continually reinforced as being so simply by thinking it and believing it. The longer and stronger the neural connections become, the less and less alternative and differing interpretations figure and the ‘true believer’ gridlock sets in and sets off a chain reaction of rationalisations to make all that goes against the core belief fit in to the Procrustean bed of the doctrinal ‘correctness’.  All that disagrees with the core beliefs is sidelined as the neural connections weaken and fall away. The subconscious brain creates dreams, imaginings and even perceptions, often from the circuitry it is most dominated by, since it does not distinguish between what is given to it as being real or illusory. The latest neuroscience shows that, even then, it is possible for the gridlock to be broken, gradually dispersed so that the narrow belief recedes and a fuller and more detached understanding can take its place. This has evidently not been possible for Murthy, nor for very many other mediums, channellers and other would-be ‘psychics’ both among Sai devotees and worldwide religions, sects and cults.

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One Response to “Narasimha Murthy’s imprudent interview & consequences”

  1. Robert Priddy came to Puttaparthi after worshipping Bhagawan Baba for over 12 yrs.He claimed that he was called by Swami in a mysterious way. At Puttaparthi he expected special treatment from Swami.But Swami neglected him till he lost his patience. At the last minute Swami granted interview and lambasted him for his impatience and pronounced self-importance. When this half-baked devotee complained to Swami that he could not get shanthi(peace) in the ashram, Swami told him in no uncertain terms that shanthi or prashanthi was not sold across the counter in the shops in Puttaparthi. An aspirant has to earn it by steadfast spiritual sadhana in the midst of chaos. That was the quality of a real devotee.This psuedo devotee who had even authored a book on Bhagawan, should refresh himself by reading his own writings. Millions of learned devotees like me know from our own personal experiences that Bhagawan Baba is God. I am 74 yrs.of age and am worshipping Him for over 42 yrs. I am enjoying every moment of my devotion. I pity this man.Hail Sai. VKR Raghavan,India .


    In reply to Vellor Krishnan Ramakrishnan Raghavan, I – Robert Priddy, rebut his deeply untruthful comment. I once knew Raghavan through my close confidante and friend, V.K. Narasimhan, who was far superior to him in knowledge, world experience. I regret to have to announce that this is no gentleman, one who does not even respect the teachings of his swami, (such as do not critiicize others, look only at yourself, speak only softly and the truth etc. etc.. which I personally reject as being mostly simplistic and unrealistic). Worse still, he contrives despicable lies about me. I was a follower of Sathya Sai Baba for over 18 years and the leader of the Norwegian Sathya Sai Organisation for most of that time. My wife and I had five long (2-hours) interviews with Sathya Sai Baba (with 5 private interview sessions). Sai Baba never lambasted me in any way, but on the contrary (and just now for the record) told the interviewees that I have a ‘very good mind’ and am ‘Good, good, very good’ and on more occasions than one. (However, I was not much affected as I know myself for better and worse and have been immune to flattery ever since I grew up). Sai Baba never said a word about me being impatient either. People who knew me in countless meetings, study circles and so forth were aware that I have shown perhaps too much patience with persistent rule-breakers, profiteers and domineering egos. I have never complained about not getting peace. It is also a total mendacious invention that “Swami told him in no uncertain terms that shanthi or prashanthi was not sold across the counter in the shops in Puttaparthi.” Nothing remotely like that ws ever said in any interview I attended. I know well what I wrote and have commented on it in numerous web pages to put the record straight. I came to learn from several of my personal friends – truly honest and good persons – that Sathya Sai Baba took advantage of their devotion to abuse them sexually. The testimonies from literally hundreds of persons altogether that he was a sexual abuser (and that included school children at his school down to 6 years of age) was what caused my final break with him and the beginning of a long and intensive investigation of all aspects of Sai Baba. The results are found on these web pages. As to learned devotees, I have met most of the VIPs and I can only recognise genuine wide learning in a handful. V.K. Narasimhan, my closest friend at Prashanthi Nilayam was one such and I have recorded his struggles and extensive private views, poor man. That Sathya Sai Baba approved the execution of the four devotees who attacked his servitors in 1993 is certain, there were witnesses and at least one who had a privileged access to the events that took place that night (Eileen Weed or ‘Divya’ who speaks Telugu and lived in the apartment of Venkamma, the unbelieving elder sister of Sai Baba), and the huge bribes paid to many resident families to keep silent about what they knew.
    See a fuller rebuttal of Raghavan’s spiteful concoction here:

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