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Shivarathri 2015 at Prashanthi Nilayam

Posted by robertpriddy on February 25, 2015

The authorities at Prashanthi Nilayam called in all dependents on Sai colleges and other institutions to fill out the Kulwant Hall for Shivarthri. Gone are the days when the ashram was filled with devotees. As to foreign visitors, it is reported as follows:-

“…in spite of “physical absence” of Swami, didn’t stop the Russian devotees in Particular to shy away from Parthi as about 600 of them were camping in Puttaparthi to celebrate Mahashivarathri in the divine presence of our beloved Lord. The amazing thing about, at least 80 % of Russian devotees is that they don’t know a word in English and yet the yearning in their heart is so strong that they just want to know about Swami and His teachings more and more. You will see them always having some satsang or other in devotees’ houses to share the message of Sai. On a negative level they have also been an easy target for some ” misleading” forces who are giving an entirely different perspective of Swami and His avatar hood and diverting their attention from Prasanthi Nilayam.”

So the Russians did not understand English, and surely not Telugu or Hindi, so they had little idea of what it was all about and were easily misled by the propaganda, no doubt. But they too had heard of untoward matters (from “misleading” forces). Probably the Prashanthi multiplication factor was at work whereby 60 million becomes 600 million almost overnight? But the exotic rituals that were part of Sai Baba’s repertoire were partly replicated – abishekam of lingam and the like, all-night bhajan singing, and a recorded discourse by Sai Baba. The ashram only played audio discourses and no video, which is peculiar. Perhaps they are editing the audio discourses to cut out embarrassing points, as editing out inconvenient bits has always been the policy there. “This is an era of videos and we devotees are little surprised when you just play an audio discourse when you have lots and lots of video discourses of Swami sitting in the Radio Sai Studios.” With nothing to look at ardent devotees surely lost some of their reported “religious fervour” and probably took a few cat naps. All dull as ditch water, at least to people who have been there and learned what is behind it all in reality.

Something had to be sought out to try to show that ‘Swami’ was present, so this was suggested: “Just before the divine discourse started a Rudraksha Japamala which was adorning the Sai Eswara Lingam fell hinting the divine presence of Swami and approval and blessings for the puja done by the Ritviks.”
Someone probably ensured that the japamala was not properly fixed so a slight movement might cause it to slip?

“The ashram gates were open the whole night. Petty businesses like tea vendors, and fruit vendors were making few extra bucks this holy night. The police personnel were also seen in good numbers making sure every thing goes well in and out side the ashram.” Quotes above from an e-mail from deluded Mr. Satish Naik. Yes, the paid-up police are used as security for the officials there and seem to be necessary to clamp down on anyone who expresses any discontent or critical views. (In 1993 they executed in cold blood four devotee intruders in Sai Baba’s apartment, and with his approval!)

The major split in the Sai movement these days is evident from the competing and possibly more flamboyant Shivarathri ceremonies as Muddenahalli, the centre of the opposition to the ‘official’ Sai Baba ashram. According to a comment sent to me recently, the Narasimha Murthy channelling clique there have hung out the bait as follows:-
“A recent revelation by “Swami” is that Prema Sai has already been born and that he will reside in Muddenahalli. He will apparently be a silent avatar and barely speak.”

See me talk about ‘the numbers game’ on video
COMMENT   Chrisdokter said “Right on the money, your analysis, Robert. The silent Prema Sai-scheme is cunning, I must say. If I did not firmly believe that Sathya Sai Baba is and will remain dead forever, I would credit him for coming up with such a devious plan. If you say nothing, no one can contradict you, right? It adds to the mystery no end.”


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