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Criticism and abuse against others

Posted by robertpriddy on February 28, 2015

abuse-of-othersIf free speech is to prevail in the world, certain supposedly ‘spiritual’ teachings must be brought into universal disrepute. Such a doctrine  was promoted by Sathya Sai Baba – at least in preaching, though not always at all in many of his discourses or interview statements. (See scan on right). If this were taken seriously we all risk becoming slaves in a society like Orwell’s 1984, where an omnipresent Big Brother enforced ‘Newspeak’, a means of controlling how people speak and by extension how they think. 

The inherent self-contradiction of the ‘teaching’ is obvious if one thinks a bit about it. The abused and the abuser, the critic and the criticised,  are not at all one and the same. Not if one rejects speculative theological claims such as ‘in transcendent reality we are all god, all divine’ (especially in Hinduism and advaita vedanta). A person who kills another does not kill himself, he survives. Unless one is taken in by the inevitable rebuttal speculative Hindus make – but he will be killed in a later life due to the law of karma – it makes no sense whatever to claim ‘all are one’, because all is all and one is one. (in vulgar terms, ‘Yeah man, everythin’ is everythin’ eh?’).

Were societies to take such a false teaching seriously and apply it across the board, they would have to abolish all systems of law which hold wrong-doers responsible for their crimes. The utter impracticability of such a nonsense is evident to anyone who has to lodge any kind of complaint against another for anything. Little wonder, therefore, that Sai Baba himself could not refrain from heaping abuse on others – mostly in general, but also by name (which he constantly did in his group interviews when it suited him, and also whether or not the object of his ill will was present or not). Little wonder, either, that his devotees, who sat through endless repetitive harangues about always not back-biting, always speaking softly and obligingly, never criticising others could never refrain  from exactly those things, as well-documented evidence proves entirely (see a selection of abuses and defamation by devotees against dissidents and critics here – less than a tenth or less of the libel and defamation we have received altogether from Sai Baba ‘spiritual aspirants’). The issue of ‘self-abuse’ is illumined further in a recent e-mail reply to verbal abuse by Sai devotee, Cass Smith

Criticism is not the same as abuse, of course, there is a fine but definitive line between these. One should never criticise others, but only examine and criticise one’s own self, was Sai Baba’s constantly repeated advice. But he had already also insisted that everyone’s self is the selfsame Atma (Spirit), so if one criticises oneself it equally criticises others. Nonetheless he set a fine example to his followers, calling people who exposed him ‘veritable demons’ and many such things when he felt like it. Many of his devotees have followed in his footsteps there!

One Response to “Criticism and abuse against others”

  1. Thank you for bringing this important subject under attention, Robert. I know it’s not the first time, but it’s needed to counteract the deluge of vilification, brainwashed devotee comments and downright character asassination that people like you, dissenters, who have borne the brunt of all the venom of all these ‘loving’ devotees of God Allmighty for a decade or more have had to endure, from stupid, ill-spelled and uninformed drivel to downright vile and ad hominem attack campaigns, ‘all in the name of Love’, no less.
    Even I, a very minor voice of critical dissent, have had my share of these kinds of comments and unsollicited ‘advice’ from deluded devotees over the last few years, though in no way like you or others of the first hour have had to endure.
    Your analysis is spot on, as usual. To add just one example that I received recently, in which you occurred by default, I add a bit of well-meant (?) monologue by a person calling himself ‘ananymouslove’. To make it somewhat readable, I have edited the mass of misspelled wording:

    “Sathya Sai Baba is God …There is not even an iota of doubt. His powers and glory are beyond the understanding of ordinary mortal human beings. Everyone knows that not everything can be answered by science …Spirituality is beyond science.
    None can fill so many hearts irrespective of all differences with pure love and eagerness to serve fellow men except God. Like Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
    And None would ever come again on this earth to match his unconditional love and service to mankind of the avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
    Every true Sai devotee knows that he is God.
    Other things written about him negatively by western critics or media or people like Mr Priddy etcetera are absolutely false and known to be worthless to the devotees. When the deep heart knows the truth that he is God, what impact can umpteen meaningless articles do to change it? Nothing. It is only the ripe tree that is a target of stones. Swami’s name and fame might be unacceptable to some: because they always see everything with an element of doubt and are used to negativity so much. Some people might be simply jealous or fear that their religion might take a back seat and refuse to accept due to ego and suspicion. Or they might be very unfortunate to disbelieve him …
    Anyways, Swami has never ever cared for praise or criticism. Love all Serve all; help ever hurt never! That summarises his message to mankind! He is God and In his own words: ‘Just by denying that there is a sun does not make the sun disappear.
    Jai sai ram.”

    Why take the trouble to comment on my Haraldsson book entry if you are so convinced the ‘Sai Baba truth’ will prevail anyhow? Maybe ánaonymouslove’ is not so sure, after all? Or is it just to tempting to try as if you want to convert or slander the infidels?

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