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Sri Madhu Sudan – translating communicator of Sai Baba’s discourses

Posted by robertpriddy on May 22, 2015

Connie Shaw’s lengthy e-mail finally reaches the reason for everyone to go to Croatia, as she puts it: “At Last – Swami and Sri Madhusudhan Naidu”
She continues by asking herself what her Sai friends would want to know about this Madhu Sudan who is held in deep reverence as Swami’ true mouthpiece. She lists a series of questions she puts to herself about whether one can trust him etc., and then answers them.

Shaw considers Madhu Sudan ” …a person of integrity who was playing the current role of the “communicator/translator” (not medium, not channel, not guru) for the Invisible Subtle Form of Sathya Sai”. This is empty wordplay to mislead, for either there is a disembodied ‘subtle entity’ at the other end or there is not, and to endeavour to convey anything from it is to act as a medium, a channel. She asks: “Would he do the same outstanding job of translation of Baba’s discourses that we have enjoyed over the years via such elevating and electrifying translators… bla, bla”

One big question Shaw avoided like the plague is why anyone would want to hear any more of Sai Baba’s countless utterly repetitive discourses. Are not his own writings and the endless volumes of Sathya Sai Speaks and Sanathana Sarathi sufficient? What more could Madhu Sudan add that was not his own invention and would be worth travelling across half the globe to hear? Since I have studied every writings and discourse up until 2003 (indexing them in 18,000 entries) and many after that, I can assure everyone that everything that Sai Baba expressed could be redacted down to 10% of the whole without losing anything of import. (But it would admittedly be a problem to include in that all the hundreds of documented contradictions, howling absurdities, and his pseudo-scientific ideas about almost every phenomenon, from physics to geology, medicine and not least the history of Christianity).

“The communicator would faithfully translate the message, without additions or deletions,especially regarding the content of the Avatar’s message and mission.” How on earth could anyone know whether this was so, considering that no one could hear the voiceless ghost of Swami or even know in what language he was translating from? (The language of the heart, they would say. But that should presumably need no translation anyhow, being allegedly unmistakable direct, pure and true)”

Shaw was concentrated far less on what he said (she does not reproduce more than a few words of his) but how he said it, his gestures, pauses, the satvic quality of voice, demeanour, clarity of expression as if she could, determine whether he is, as she puts it the “genuine article,” the “real deal,” the “authentic diamond” and not a clever facsimile.” She wondered whether he would “grand-stand,” “show-boat” (grab attention to himself over Swami) or display any hubris”. She concluded that he was “not dull in vibration” was “so devoid of “stage personality” while translating as to be almost a slide transparency through which the Avatar can clearly work”. “Several times this writer saw Sathya Sai in His chair, intermittently, and was thrilled. The vibration of Baba was unmistakable, and yet it contained, for this writer, a new resolve, intent and nuances that we had not experienced in the past”. 

“In brief, ‘intermittently thrilled’ by her ‘inner vision’ (unless she is dishonestly claiming she actually saw him) ,Shaw threw everything she had and more at it… to convince that this was Swami Himself communicating through his former student and medal-winning ‘form boy’ (i.e. intimate partner). One can but reflect that, since the demand for speakers by Sai Baba audiences has fallen off a cliff since he died, Connie Shaw has written her circular mail as a ploy for yet again getting invited to do what she considers her selfless service, holding talks about Swami, his ‘teaching’  and not least herself.  (She had added at the end of her mail, including: “Ms. Shaw has given over 2,000 talks on the Love, Power and Divinity of the Avatar both in person and in 130 venues on Skype, on five continents.”)

“Later that day I heard a new friend, Petar, say, “There’s no way that guy could have faked that Divine Discourse!” We agreed.)” There are many who can fake such things, especially one who has seen Sai Baba daily for years on end, both in public and in the privacy of his apartments. Impersonation is an art that can be perfected to the highest degree and, as with Madhu Sudan, requires that the entire personality of the impersonator is subsumed by the subject portrayed. A self-eliminating nonentity can certainly convincingly appear to ‘communicate’ a no-longer-existent entity.

Shaw included in her mail the question to herself: “Since you have been blessed with the seva of taking 48 groups of sick people to India; have been blessed with many interviews; and Swami has appeared in your house 57 times; and hundreds of times during your thousands of talks in dozens of countries…” There we see how keen she is to promote herself as a selfless server, the kind of self-promotion she abhors in others, as when she writes how to tell if Madhu is genuine: “He would be humble and would not “grand-stand,” “show-boat” (grab attention to himself over Swami) or display any hubris.” Actually, however, to escort groups to Sai Baba always involved having along sick people, for those were the keenest to get healing from him. It was no big selfless deal, many of us did it, including my wife and I.  

To continue believing in Sai Baba one has to live in constant denial of the negatives and keep chasing after intangible unknowns, as ungraspable as as the heart of bliss and eternal liberation (liberation to what? Indeed, no one knows, only hopes and half-imagines). It requires the distorting transformation in thought and word of everything that does not fit the mirage, turning it into some kind of justification based on faith that Sathya Sai Baba was not a pedophile, did not oder murders, use massive bribes (taken out of trustingly donated funds).  One must, as he said, have faith, nothing more required… faith that he lead a spotless life of utter purity and love, despite the massed evidence and testimony to show that this was not the case. Otherwise faces the certain loss of all those one believed to be one’s ‘brothers and sisters’ and friends in God, all one has invested emotionally, socially, financially so as to find a new life That is the price exacted relentlessly by the remaining true believers (and the cynical huge profiteers of the movement) on all who falter, doubt and learn how they are all self-interested in maintaining a massive delusion. 

The entire ‘new chapter’ of Muddenahalli – now at war with Prashanthi and the Sai Baba legacy there – of Madhu Sudan and the ‘world tour’ is yet another an exercise in amassing riches ostensibly for social and educational service projects, amounts unimaginable to most trusting followers from which fortunes can be diverted and embezzled on the model now so prevalent in India with its countless ‘godmen’ and ‘Divine Mothers’ etc., a spiritual marketplace model which owes much to the Sathya Sai Baba cult. The religious hysteria of Pollyanna positivity, fine words was largely a facade for recruiting people, behind which was strictly secret and massive underside of corruption, fraud, bribery, untruth, sexual abuses, murders, public propaganda and clever cynical manipulation of trusting people.

Such guru cults as that which accumulated through decades around Sai Baba create cognitive-emotional delusions in persons through long indoctrination and the clandestine organisation of appearances. This relies on the mind’s facility to build castles in the air through life, inventing insubstantial and mystical worlds within worlds and anything it dreams or conjectures until it departs from the promptings of reality and retreats gradually further into confused narcissistic echo chambers! Aspirants come to eschew and even hate the actual world in the interest of impossible ideals they impose on it and hold up for their own salvation in what is, at best, an uncertain fate after death. 

UPDATE as of june 2015! PREMA SAI IS FOUND IN DODDAMALUR, SOUTH INDIA – A 4-YEAR OLD BOY. This will upset Narasimha Murthy’s applecart unless he and his cronies can somehow readjust their narrative to include and embrace this discovery. Of course, it is all hoo-ha, typical Hindu guru delusion and manufactured divinity.


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