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Sukshma Baba rejected by Phyllis Krystal

Posted by robertpriddy on September 4, 2015

The 100 year-old Phyllis Krystal, long-term Sai Baba devotee and author of a Sai Baba hagiography (plus diverse New Age style books on healing) has posted a declaration on her website, as follows:-

I, Phyllis Krystal declare from this day forward to have nothing to do with Madhusudan from Mudhanahalli.

My difficult life situation, and weakened physical condition, unfortunately let me drift from my inner contact with Baba, my own HiC. I started to rely on this outer source.

I wish to return wholeheartedly to what Swami taught us over and over again, to seek Him in our heart instead of somewhere outside. Which, also corresponds with the Method that was given to me so many years ago.

I therefore want to cancel the planned visit of Madhusudan and his group this weekend, including any further future visits.
Guildford, August 29th 2015

For the uninitiated the term ‘my own HiC’ means ‘her own High Consciousness'” This speaks for itself about her self-evaluation. However, her published works – though popular with many – bear witness to a confused and unstable-minded person with unlimited credulity and Pollyanna solutions to all problems of human suffering, while claiming it is ‘psychology’. She went around the world preaching about SB’s programme ‘Ceiling on Desires’ but stayed at 5 star hotels and travelled business class etc. (She is a millionairess, not a sannyasin, that’s for sure). One follower of this blog recently mailed me saying: “It all goes to show that so-called ‘spiritual’ people don’t have much intuition to speak of, though they fancy themselves amongst the blessed and special ones, spending so much time ‘tuning in’ to what is ‘real’. That in itself should shout to the world that god is a hoax!

Read this critical review of her writings and behaviour as a Sai Baba VIP.

One Response to “Sukshma Baba rejected by Phyllis Krystal”

  1. eileenweed said

    It would be fascinating to learn what caused her change of heart. I highly suspect that it was a demand of the oracle boy, perhaps telling her that she needs to leave all her money to his new projects instead of to the Trust. It is already documented how he is telling rich devotees in “interviews” that “Swami” wants them to fund Muddenahalli projects. Not-so-subtle bodied oracle boy brings the already brainwashed, desperate and groomed devotees to another level.

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