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Sai Baba anniversary face-off

Posted by robertpriddy on November 23, 2015

Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham, Muddenahalli

Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham, Muddenahalli Click image to enlarge

Muddenahalli and Prashanthi Nilayam are raising the stakes in an ever more tense battle to take over the profitable brand and devotees of Sathya Sai Baba. In a ‘size does matter’ conflict, both are using all possible resources to outdo each other and gain the crown as the true Sai Baba community. Prashanthi has found access to taxpayer millions for a Birthday Anniversary bash, while Muddenahalli inaugurated a new mandir/auditorium on November 18th (see report – click here )  in preparation for the day. November 23rd 2015 is alleged to be the anniversary of Sathya Sai Baba’s birth. This despite the fact that the only public record of his age shows that the day and the date cleverly claimed by him is wrong by about three years.

In the fantasy world that the ambitious frauds of Muddenahalli have created for disgruntled followers from Prashanthi Nilayam, the claim is “The Sri Sathya Sai Premamrutham, a magnificent architectural edifice, was inaugurated today, the 18th November 2015 in the divine presence of our beloved Bhagawan.” Here “in the divine presence” can be translated as: “In the active imaginations of desperate devotees and assurance of oracle boy Madhu Sudan“. Further, the assertion that this building “…stands as a testimony of the Lord’s compassion…” translates more truly as: “Stands as a testimony of the demands of oracle boy coupled with the frenzied brainwashing of the devotees“.

From a YouTube video, oracle or medium boy apes the dead 'Divine Avatar'

From a YouTube video, oracle/medium boy apes the dead ‘Sai Baba Divine Avatar’

The so-called ‘Sukshma Baba’ (same initials as Sai Baba!) copies Sathya Sai more and more, taking private letters from devotees. (Strangely, he has still not donned the orange robe). One must ask, does the ghost of Sathya Sai reach out through Sukshma Baba’s physical arm, or is it simply a mega miracle that no one can possibly understand?  ‘Does oracle boy’s arm go right through sb’s supposed ghostly presence? Or is there another explanation of a more pecuniary nature? The boys who offer the letters are probably duty bound to do so, being students living under the draconian secret regime of the college which was long ago formed on the lines of other all Sai colleges, which restrict all contacts with the outside world but for family. Conforming to what they are instructed, they would usually gain privileges that others who demur do not. As usual, one can see that it is always males who are most prominent in this cult.

Raghunatha Reddy huge subsidy to SB Birth anniversary bash
Delirious devotees worship images of oracle boy Madhu Sudan



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P. Raghunatha Reddy huge subsidy to SB Birth anniversary bash

Posted by robertpriddy on November 21, 2015

Gross misuse of public taxpayer money by unscrupulous Sai Baba devotee who grants US$ 4.5 million (equiv. 300 crores of rupees) to promote anniversary celebrations of the former sex abuser, major deceiver and murder accomplice, Sathya Sai Baba. Palle Raghunatha Reddy is currently a member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Andhra Pradesh, representing the constituency of Puttaparthi for the Telugu Desam Party. 

Palle Raghunatha Reddy - fog-horn voiced moralist & blind believer in SSB

Palle Raghunatha Reddy – fog-horn voiced moralist & blind believer in SSB

Rs 300 Crore Released for Sai Baba Birth Anniversary By Express News Service 19th November 2015 04:41 AM
HYDERABAD: All arrangements have been made for the 90th birth anniversary celebrations of Satya Sai Baba and 10th World Conference going to be held on November 23 at Prasanthi Nilayam, Puttaparthi in Anantapur district.
I & PR minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy, who held a teleconference with officials  from secretariat here Wednesday, told reporters that he had directed the district collector to make elaborate arrangements for the mega event. He further added that the state government had already sanctioned Rs 300 crore for the conduct of the mega event.
Reddy said he had asked the collector to make proper arrangements with regard to transport, accommodation, drinking water and uninterrupted power supply.

This is yet more ultimate proof that Sathya Sai Baba’s much-trumpeted Water Project for the Rayalaseema region was a total failure. Prashanthi Nilayam has apparently descended back to squalor with broken toilet facilities, constant power failures and no pure drinking water – with severe shortage of water in Puttaparthi and surrounding villages. The depleted Sathya Sai Central Trust with its squandering and embezzling trustees could not fix things as of yore when an US billionaire James Sinclair in 1995 gave US$ 1 billion, largely used to renovate and upgrade the entire ashram, which is now almost always as if empty.

Notably, no Premier or President and no ministers or well-known celebrities, have visited Prashanthi celebrations for years now, but nonetheless the ashram under Ratnakara pretend that stupendous half a million will come,10% being foreigners stuffed with foreign cash! Dream on…  until we see the photos, most likely to show practically only all-ethnic Indian villagers, captive students and non-liberated devotees. Mr. Reddy probably still hopes that an earlier goal of the AP Tourist Board to make Prashanthi Nilayam would rival the super-profitable tourist traps like Tirupati. But so far its fate is more like that of Goldsmith’s ‘Deserted Village’.

Sathya Sai Baba ’90’th birthday’ success – in his grave

Comment from 3 decade resident of Prashanthin, Eileen Weed  (‘Divya’): “The amount is outrageous! I wonder what the hard-working Indians think of their tax money being used in such a wasteful manner. The lion’s portion will no doubt not be used at all, but stuffed into the pockets of local politicians (no doubt sb’s nephew Ratnakar included).”

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Sathya Sai Organisation, U.K. in total decline

Posted by robertpriddy on November 18, 2015

The following U.K. Sathya Sai Org. websites are all defunct since 2013:-
History of the Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust (UK)
Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust UK Registered Charity 278481.
Gift Aid Declaration Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust UK.…/REGISTERED UK CHARITY NUMBER: 278481
Trust Matters – Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation UK Sri Sathya Sai Charitable Trust Update.
Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation UK Audio, Video, Audio Sanathana Sarathi Magazine, SaiCast, RadioSai.



Due to the inability of Indian devotees to treat others fairly or understand the many criticisms by Brits of the organisation and its total top-down and secretive character, only Indians  – apart minor exceptions – remained members during the last decade (as the photo well illustrates). Apart from the ignominious death of Sathya Sai Baba and the severe battles for his legacy and brand, the fall of the U.K. Sai movement was hastened by the closure of the under-performing and controvesry-ridden Sathya Sai School in Leicester where the leaders had been reported to social services for bullying and sexual harassment.

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Muddenahalli promoter ‘bhajanmusic’ censored

Posted by robertpriddy on November 14, 2015

As the following e-mail shows, censorship has risen its ugly head in the Muddenahalli ‘Subtle Baba body’ movement. Just as it once did as regards the verbatim translations of Sai Baba’s discourses by a group of translators headed by Eileen Weed back around 2002. The the purpose was to hide the revealing discrepancies between them and the published  edited discourses in Sanathana Sarathi. This time it seems clear that Madhu Sudan and Co. are worried that they might not be so free to change their tune to suit themselves if everything is recorded correctly.

Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 03:20:39 -0800   From:  To:
Subject: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ! ! ! Sai Ram Everyone Over the last 8 months, with Sai Baba’s Divine Grace, I have been able bring to you Swami’s speeches, news and various articles on peoples experiences with His Light Form in Muddenahalli and all over the world. After going to Muddenahalli twice a week for the past year, to listen to the discourses and watch this special drama, yesterday through Madhusudhan Swami lovingly made His Will known to me – to stop doing this work. Perhaps in the future He may command and guide me to take up the task again. For now, it’s on to other seva projects. It has been a humbling experience.

Comment: Mike claims to have brought ‘Swami’s speeches, news and various articles on peoples experiences with His Light Form in Muddenahalli and all over the world’. This Mike believes Sathya Sai spoke ‘lovingly’  to him, but through Madhu Sudan, to express ‘His Will’ to stop doing this work. But then he exhorts others to continue or start doing the same work and he promises to publish it! What a parody of parodies! Of course, it was not Swami Sathya Sai Baba who spoke, but Madhu Sudan, the impostor who claims Sai Baba inhabits himself in a subtle ‘light form’ which is invisible (unless you have the vision of the heart or some such Isaac Tigrett blabber or can see ghosts, as many Hindus claim to do).

The positive, loving support from the VAST MAJORITY of people from all over the world who want to read Swami’s discourses online instantly, within days of it being spoken by Swami, has been overwhelming. A HUGE hug to all of you. To the ten people who have been translating – thank you. Amazing work. If you still feel like translating the past discourses please do, or any other past work, I will put them on the site. All the work will stay online. The Light Form section of will stay for all to reference the past initial public year of this wonderful phenomena.
To end this 8 month task I present to you Narasimhamurthy’s brilliant and sincere talk from Saturday 7th November. The best way to leave this wonderful work. I have given it a title “What to do if you can’t see Swami”.
If you have any comments please forward them to newmusic@bhajanmusic or to the Boss – Swami, in your Heart.
With Love to All  Mikee

The claimed “VAST MAJORITY of people all over the world” is preposterous. Not even the vast majority of Sathya Sai Baba devotees would not want to read those bogus discourses. But Mike has no basis for his claim anyhow as no one has done a proper survey of this raggle-taggle of duped people, most of whom never met Sai Baba or even saw him. More interesting is how Mike tries to marshall arguments against Madhu Sudan’s prohibition (i.e. ‘Swami’)! So he is in outright opposition to the man!
Added to the mix is Narsimha Murthy’s ludicrous indoctrination on ‘what to do if you can’t see Swami‘. One needs far more than the rose-tinted glasses that Sai Baba recommended to all people at all times!  Who would take the advice of an an accused pedophile who colluded with Sathya Sai Baba’s regular serial sexual misuses of boys and young men in the Brindavan college where he was Swami’s warden!? 

Comment from Daniel West:  That the insanity continues long after Sai Babas death is amazing. It happened in Osho’s case also that no one receives a transmission from a living being, why would they believe they get one from a dead ghost ? Those with the money certainly want it to keep flowing in as do those poor sad human beings that gave their hearts and toil, their life’s blood and sweat to helping a charlatan accumulate wealth because their schools taught them falsely that the divine, their false man made invented idols and gods took the form of a pedophile, or a lustful crazed lunatic, to test their faith in the divine.

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Young lady caught Sai Baba out in 2000

Posted by robertpriddy on November 12, 2015

Professor Hans Holbach was an early investigator of Sathya Sai Baba’s fraud and crimes. Year 2000 was when the first major wave of allegations broke on the Internet. He posted the following:-

Hi all. This comes from a friend from far-East, a lovely and honest spiritual seeker, who wishes to remain anonymous:

Hello Holbach.

Thanks for the confirmation of privacy. Here‘s my story. it happened in 1993… I‘ll try to be fairly brief. I was with a group of 13 who traveled around India on a tour. a saints and holy men tour. The leader had been there many times before. and had seen SB also prior to this visit. However. the main reason we got into a private interview was because we also had with our group a famous astronaut. He had also seen SB before and had even had a zircon ring manifested by him. or so he thought anyway. Although he had officially been an astronaut. he had never even gotten off the ground. but that didn‘t stop SB from calling him ‘moon man‘. When we finally sat at his  feet in our privileged position. he started speaking to the group. My daughter was travelling with me. and at that time. she had never even been kissed by a boy. but was very precocious and mature looking for her age. SB wagged his finger at her and told her that he had seen her crying over the departure and absence of her husband.

My daughter begged to differ with him and assured him that she was not married! [We think it was perhaps the red sari that she was wearing that might have thrown him off as we later found out that red is the color of brides in India). And so it went with our group. with SB wagging his finger and making statements to people that felt wrong. untrue. or totally bogus. When someone would disagree with him. he would argue. saying that he knew!

SB definitely carries the aura of power and authority. but seems to be lacking in humility. kindness and sweetness. We met other holy men on the trip who led simple lives that had the bright light shining in their eyes and energy fields. That‘s basically it. I didn‘t return to sit in the hot sun anymore and wait for his arrival!!!!! Our group was very unimpressed [except for one woman who became totally devoted!) and we elected to leave earlier than planned… for me the Energy at the ashram spoke very loudly. It said. Take Your Power Back Now!!!

Best regards. (signature)

From 9 holbach on: Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club. message 360: 8/26/00 (no longer on-line, but captured in year 2000 and reposted on (see here)

Professor Hans Holbach’s complete website has been preserved here

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Sathya Sai Baba ’90’th birthday’ success – in his grave

Posted by robertpriddy on November 8, 2015

For a long time now the Prashanthi Nilayam gang have been trying to promote the coming ’90th birth’day of their dead-and-non-resurrected Sathya Sai Baba. This was to make sure that Americans and others who have plenty of cash can book their trips to this ‘big tamasha do’ in good time. Those who make it will be fleeced by the ever more pecuniary and extortionate ashram under cousin Ratnakar, with no one to gather letters with requests or to confer even false blessings or useless boons to them. The promoters are prophesying that there will be five lakhs of visitors (that is 500,000) which is more than ever visited on any 23rd of November (note: the total combined capacity of the Hillview Stadium plus the ashram being less than 350,000) See here.

According to The Hindu, “Mr Ratnakar said that a total of around five lakh devotees are expected to visit Puttaparthi during the six days and at least 10 percent of them were expected to be foreigners.” They reckon  that 10% of this multitude will be foreign visitors (all of 10,000!) This would actually break all previous records, the greatest number of foreign visitors at any one time having been at the 70th birthday bash where the ashram office registered a total of 8,000 delegates from 137 countries – all visitors even layabouts were allowed to be ‘delegates’, some did not know who SB claimed to be!. (Sai Baba had predicted 3 million visitors and the Japanese alone would send 7000 members!). After the event we will probably be able to see how many foreign faces were visible in the promotional material, and how many consist in students and poor villagers after a free meal.

The vastly inflated predictions follow the rule set by their God and Master… multiply all such numbers by 10. Sai organisations (like Sweden’s stating there are 300 million devotees) always played the numbers game, which runs:- ‘If in doubt, think of two numbers, multiply the one by the other, add some zeroes… etc.”]. Prashanthi under Ratnakar is in a figurative life-or-death struggle with the highly lucrative, successful and rapidly expanding movement now hypnotised by the bogus ‘Subtle Sai Baba’ (Sukshma Baba), allegedly somehow inhabiting the body of a former student and consort, Madhu Sudan – a known self-seeking fraud who rides rough shod over former bosom friends

We also read in The Hindu article: “While the district administration is busy ensuring that adequate supply of drinking water is ensured through out the celebrations besides building new toilet facilities in addition to efficient street lighting systems, the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT) is leaving no stone unturned to make the event a grand success.”
For years there has been a drastic water shortage in the ashram and Puttaparthi area, the notoriously touted Rayalaseema water project having failed most miserably early on. How, for example this and ‘new toilet facilities’ along with free breakfast, lunch and dinner will help make the event a grand (spiritual?) success is anyone’s guess. In fact, Prashanthi Nilayam is reportedly far worse for visitors in many ways than it ever was. A comment made from a person on the spot who must remain anonymous was posted here, as follows:-

(Withheld) said November 5, 2015 at 12:38 pm
Hi Robert,
As you may of heard. Puttiparthi now is a mess!! Masses of Empty Buildings. Elderly lady’s sleeping on the main Chitavarti Rd after 9.30pm. Power cuts lasting for Hours. Last Tuesday. Even no ATM machines working!! But no one dares ask what has Happened to the Millions! Plus all the locals hate Rathnacar! Swamis Nephew! Plus where the westerners would sit outside the Western Canteen, they HV dimmed the Lights to approx 5%. Plus the seating area outside the lady’s Clock Room has been removed. Plus there is a number of westerners leaving and the ones left behind have lost it mentally!! Sooooo! The Big Question!! Why did Swami leave such a mess!!? Please keep my ID private. Txks.     Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android



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Dishonest Hindu gurus who got Premier Modi’s backing

Posted by robertpriddy on November 7, 2015 reveals the duplicity of Premier Narendra Modi over support for discreditable Hindu gurus:

Patna: “Bihar’s ruling JD-U on Monday released an old video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi sharing the stage with controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, who is currently in jail in a rape case. Janata Dal-United spokesperson Sanjay Singh said the video and pictures of Modi with yoga guru Ramdev, Shankaracharya, Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Asaram Bapu and Jain seers exposed his claim that he never visited such men. Though Sanjay Singh did not say if the JD-U took this step to counter Modi’s repeated attacks on Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s visit to a tantrik, the spokesperson said people will decide who was the “jantar-mantar” or who was visiting so-called babas regularly. “If Modi has no faith in tantra-mantra, why and how has he been visiting Asaram Bapu and other self-styled spiritual gurus and godmen?” Sanjay Singh asked.

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Delirious devotees worship images of oracle boy Madhu Sudan

Posted by robertpriddy on November 5, 2015

coconutNow credulous Indian/Hindu Sai devotees in US are doing puja to Madhu Sudan, the ‘oracle boy’ or bogus ‘subtle Baba’ (body inhabited by the bhuta (or spectral body) of Sathya Sai Baba ?). Here is an excerpt from their wild interpretations of a floating coconut and apparent visions arising therefrom. One wonders how utterly ridiculous and beyond all sanity these confused zealots can go…

“Our little group here in Vancouver, WA, USA wanted to be connected to the A.R.M.Y in a meaningful way. Swami inspired us—- In Swami‘s room, I set up Shrines for Shiva, the Lingam and the three Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi and decorated them.” “Our little group here in Vancouver,WA, USA wanted to be connected to the A.R.M.Y in a meaningful way. Swami inspired us In Swami‘s room, I set up Shrines for Shiva, the Lingam and the three Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi and decorated them.
(Note: A.R.M.Y = ATHI RUDRA MAHAA YAGNAM which was ongoing at Prashanthi)

“On the first day of the Yagna,13th of October, we assembled in the Baba room with these envelopes in hand as our offertory, in place of the traditional ghee, honey, fruit, yogurt and other oblations for the Yagna. A suitable clay pot was purchased, filled with Yagna wood chips and placed by the alter in readiness for the last day ritual.”

“On Friday the 23rd, our little group went down to the river as planned, with the offerings. A picture of Swami was lovingly placed on the little altar that was set up in the sand. Just as I was lighting an incense stick, a Coconut, complete with the “mudi ” [ crown], floated towards us in the river I! We all know the spiritual and auspicious significance of the coconut in Hindu Ceremonies. The Kalasha”, a husked coconut circled by mango leaves on a pot is used in pooja to represent God. A symbol of prosperity, peace and wholeness. I am sure you have also seen Swami break two coconuts in perfect halves by simply striking them together, during ground breaking ceremonies and other religious occasions. Among other things, breaking a coconut also signifies surrender, release of the ego.” (Comment: note that the coconut on their shrine is unbroken! Having learned at my cost the nature of such devotees all to well from decades visiting India, no doubt their egos are intact too, as worshipful symbols cost nothing in self-sacrifice!)

“The beauty and wholeness of this coconut and its timely arrival was, in our humble opinion, a Divine Blessing from Swami and a definite sign of His Presence. I placed the coconut on the clay pot treating it as a gift of a Kalasha from Swami for the auspicious occasion and it was as if the coconut was manifested for that pot – a Perfect Fit”! – the familiar trademark of our Beloved Lord! The coconut was brought home and reverently set up as the Auspicious Kalasha, by Swami‘s chair. Attached are a few pictures of that Swami Blessed Day.” (Source)

See Madhusudan’s remorseless self-interested ego exposed by former ‘brother’

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Madhusudan’s remorseless self-interested ego exposed by former ‘brother’

Posted by robertpriddy on November 1, 2015

Ranganatha RajuAn acrimonious accusatory mail sent out by Muddenahalli Madhusudan’s former college ‘brother’ has been forwarded to me from a trustworthy former Sai student who knew both these ‘Sai brothers’ but who wishes to remain anonymous due to continued harassment by Sai Baba devotees. The writer of the revelatory mail below, Rangantha Raju, got his MBA in Economics from the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning and he is still a total ‘true believer’ in Sai Baba… in short, he is in total denial about all the revelations about the deceptions, charlatanry and criminal activities of his supposed ‘Avatar Creator of the Universe’! Here you get a real insight into the much-touted ‘brotherliness’ pertaining between privileged college inmates at the educational institutions of ill repute over which Sathya Sai Baba ruled with a charming smile, enforced seductive actions and an iron fist when challenged in any way.


Dear Madhusudan Rao Naidu brother, Sairam. I am sure you are very much active on facebook/whatsapp and reading this but with a fake account because you have now become a big time Avatar mightiest of all Avatars the Man kind has witnessed because only the PUREST souls (ROFL brother:))))) can bask in your divinity.
I learnt that you are visiting (along with your entourage) a Satya Sai School in Hyderabad on 3rd November 2015.
Do you remember the day in trayee when Swami posed for a photograph with your paintings of his bodily parents? You recreated his parents then and now you are recreating him too!!
In 2009 November we sat in my home for writing the alumni drama (we will talk about this shortly) and you told me two Swami’s quotes with some beautiful tweaks. You blushed and said you made those tweaks. But first you claimed Swami had done those.When I pestered with pointed questions, you just gave away. Remember?? I loved your creativity. And today its reeling out discourses just like the way Swami did. Wow!! You definitely have done a good homework thanks to Y (our) Guru Narasimha Murthy sir.
And now lets talk about the alumni drama. Both of us ideated, conceived the plot and wrote the script. You told me we were brothers not by blood but by bond and hence should share everything equally. I toiled equally with you -financially, physically, mentally (some say more, but its ok bro!).
On evening of 31st December the drama was staged in Swami’s presence. You decided to sit at Swami’s feet during the hour long presentation. But you asked me to be away at the back stage behind the back drop, far away even from a single sight of Swami (as I was to act a minor role). Remember how you convinced me to act a minor role? When I suggested that you too should act, you vehemently refused. Such a clinical precision in eliminating your brother (competitor?) to sit near Swami.
Drama was a great success. Swami loved it. Somehow in spite of his repeated queries you weren’t able to recall that I co-scripted the drama with you. Then Swami had to wait for the drama to end and trace me singularly to call me and speak. I knew our Mother Sai knows everything and I was least bothered when you planned to dominate in this plot in a plot. Even while He was speaking to me, remember how you intervened twice with an entirely different topic and Swami ignored you?
After the drama, the same night, I ended up in an unfortunate accident for no folly of mine(court too acquitted me as innocent!). Many brothers rushed to my help and some in-fact took blows from a misguided mob on my behalf. But you weren’t to be seen anywhere. In fact you didn’t even attend my call. Next morning, we had a brief hand shake for a moment. You asked me few customary questions and just vanished. All this not more than three minutes!! Three months of association to three minutes of acquaintance. Wow!!
Later I was also told that you suggested few elders that I would have been elated and drunk. Probably you would have forgotten that I refused the cakes (you bought me fortnight prior to this incident) because they contained egg. Did you really expect me to drink alcohol and drive the vehicle? Or was it yet another master stroke? But your suggestion to “few”, made me a rotten apple in the divine garden for “many” senior and prominent devotees. In fact you may not even know, one lady devotee came up to me and spat on me; one district president almost lost his post because he was seen moving with me in mandir!! By the way almost everyone who chided me, cited you as the role model that I should have emulated Now the same people will punch you on your face for the damage you are doing to Swami’s name.
Weren’t we a lovely pair of brothers sharing everything equally? You at the lotus feet, me at the backdrop; you the script writer, me a nobody; you the role model and me the denigrated canine.
(But Swami was kind. He put an end to this nightmare, few months later, in his own beautiful memorable way in front of thousands of onlookers)
After that I kept away from you in all efforts. I was happy in my own world of telugu dramas and Swami’s loving interactions.
You may not know I also lent my shoulder for my very dear senior and your ex-colleague to cry out the torture that you had put him through. He was also another unfortunate victim of your ambition. I am sure you remember how you had used sama, dana, bheda, danda and not to miss kama(lust) and many devotees know it by now. And to alienate him from your “boyfriends” in office.
And ultimately how your boss caught you off guard and in revenge how you stole away a rewarding contract and left the company.
Now as you come out each morning you will see hundreds watching you in reverence. Congratulations! They too are your victims. You sucked away “the idea of Swami” in them and you made them walking zombies.

You made Swami first a ghost (because only you can see Him), then transformed him into a spirit (because only you get possessed by Him) and ultimately replaced Him with you. You didn’t spare Him too. Foolish Lord!!
But these devotees are just kids. They can neither compete with you in dramatics nor in profession nor in popularity. Spare them please. Their hearts are innocent. My mother does not know the pain that I had gone through. Else her curses would have doomed you by now. Spare yourself from the curses of the mothers of these kids. Its not one or ten. Its hundreds. Apart from dividing the Sai Organisation you are also dividing SA families snatching children from their parents and some case parents fro children. The charisma of “disheartened ” elders like Narasimha Murthy sir, Mr. Tigrett (who am sure will read this between the lines) and others. And you will be doomed till eternity!!
Dear devotees we the alumni of Mother Sai’s university urge you not to believe Madhusudan as he is misleading you all with His scholarly and dramatics skills. Swami is not a ghost to be possessed even by His students. You will be doing a huge damage to your own spiritual path and also to the Sai Movement by believing Madhusudan and entourage
Your loving brother,
Ranganatha Raju

‘Your loving brother’ indeed! It was mandatory to pretend to congeniality and to love all serve all, and even the bitterest enemies among the invidious ‘brotherhood’ sustain that hypocrisy. 

See also a former student’s exposition of life and learning at the zero-ranking Sathya Sai colleges and university.
also see Deep schism between two major core factions in the Sathya Sai movement and Sai Baba’s ‘ship of fools’ moving to Muddenahalli

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