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Muddenahalli promoter ‘bhajanmusic’ censored

Posted by robertpriddy on November 14, 2015

As the following e-mail shows, censorship has risen its ugly head in the Muddenahalli ‘Subtle Baba body’ movement. Just as it once did as regards the verbatim translations of Sai Baba’s discourses by a group of translators headed by Eileen Weed back around 2002. The the purpose was to hide the revealing discrepancies between them and the published  edited discourses in Sanathana Sarathi. This time it seems clear that Madhu Sudan and Co. are worried that they might not be so free to change their tune to suit themselves if everything is recorded correctly.

Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 03:20:39 -0800   From:  To:
Subject: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT ! ! ! Sai Ram Everyone Over the last 8 months, with Sai Baba’s Divine Grace, I have been able bring to you Swami’s speeches, news and various articles on peoples experiences with His Light Form in Muddenahalli and all over the world. After going to Muddenahalli twice a week for the past year, to listen to the discourses and watch this special drama, yesterday through Madhusudhan Swami lovingly made His Will known to me – to stop doing this work. Perhaps in the future He may command and guide me to take up the task again. For now, it’s on to other seva projects. It has been a humbling experience.

Comment: Mike claims to have brought ‘Swami’s speeches, news and various articles on peoples experiences with His Light Form in Muddenahalli and all over the world’. This Mike believes Sathya Sai spoke ‘lovingly’  to him, but through Madhu Sudan, to express ‘His Will’ to stop doing this work. But then he exhorts others to continue or start doing the same work and he promises to publish it! What a parody of parodies! Of course, it was not Swami Sathya Sai Baba who spoke, but Madhu Sudan, the impostor who claims Sai Baba inhabits himself in a subtle ‘light form’ which is invisible (unless you have the vision of the heart or some such Isaac Tigrett blabber or can see ghosts, as many Hindus claim to do).

The positive, loving support from the VAST MAJORITY of people from all over the world who want to read Swami’s discourses online instantly, within days of it being spoken by Swami, has been overwhelming. A HUGE hug to all of you. To the ten people who have been translating – thank you. Amazing work. If you still feel like translating the past discourses please do, or any other past work, I will put them on the site. All the work will stay online. The Light Form section of will stay for all to reference the past initial public year of this wonderful phenomena.
To end this 8 month task I present to you Narasimhamurthy’s brilliant and sincere talk from Saturday 7th November. The best way to leave this wonderful work. I have given it a title “What to do if you can’t see Swami”.
If you have any comments please forward them to newmusic@bhajanmusic or to the Boss – Swami, in your Heart.
With Love to All  Mikee

The claimed “VAST MAJORITY of people all over the world” is preposterous. Not even the vast majority of Sathya Sai Baba devotees would not want to read those bogus discourses. But Mike has no basis for his claim anyhow as no one has done a proper survey of this raggle-taggle of duped people, most of whom never met Sai Baba or even saw him. More interesting is how Mike tries to marshall arguments against Madhu Sudan’s prohibition (i.e. ‘Swami’)! So he is in outright opposition to the man!
Added to the mix is Narsimha Murthy’s ludicrous indoctrination on ‘what to do if you can’t see Swami‘. One needs far more than the rose-tinted glasses that Sai Baba recommended to all people at all times!  Who would take the advice of an an accused pedophile who colluded with Sathya Sai Baba’s regular serial sexual misuses of boys and young men in the Brindavan college where he was Swami’s warden!? 

Comment from Daniel West:  That the insanity continues long after Sai Babas death is amazing. It happened in Osho’s case also that no one receives a transmission from a living being, why would they believe they get one from a dead ghost ? Those with the money certainly want it to keep flowing in as do those poor sad human beings that gave their hearts and toil, their life’s blood and sweat to helping a charlatan accumulate wealth because their schools taught them falsely that the divine, their false man made invented idols and gods took the form of a pedophile, or a lustful crazed lunatic, to test their faith in the divine.

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