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‘Holy’ ash was Sai Baba’s prime tool

Posted by robertpriddy on April 26, 2016

Scores of Indian swamis have seemed to ‘materialise’ vibuti. For example, Swami Premananda made vibuthi constantly but was caught out in fraud by paranormal researchers  (and he died in jail serving a double life sentence for rape and multiple murders). Clearly, the ability to manifest small objects – however it is achieved – is no proof of divinity, let alone the Supreme Godhood (as Sai Baba claimed for himself). It seemed from thousands of reports that Sai Baba produced vibuti (‘holy’ ash, which was mostly made from cow dung. rice husks or quartz dust). Countless devotees were carried away by what they experienced as paranormal phenomena, having read endless tracts describing and attributing to him an almost endless stream of fantastic miracles in years long past. He famously said ‘My miracles are my visiting cards’, and the production of vibuti ‘from thin air’ was a goal for thousands of visitors. . Yet interestingly he is also definitively known from many persons and video clips to have faked many of his ‘productions’ by sleight of hand. He also refused adamantly to subject this supposed ‘divine power’ to any form of scientific control or experiment. If his materializations ‘from thin air’ were genuine, why did he have to cheat so much too?

Countless devotees of Sai shouted their belief that he is the omniscient God Incarnate Himself from the rooftops of the www as if they really knew this. But to know that anyone is God and omniscient, one must be omniscient oneself too! So where does that leave all these arrogant preaching but ‘humble’ zealots now that Sai Baba’s claims have collapsed unfulfilled? Not actually having any real proof whether God even exists at all … they vastly overstated their very weak case. When he died in his 85th year, many years before he had variously predicted (in his 90s), they pretended he reckoned years in terms of lunar periods, not solar years! That he was hospitalised for a debilitating heart attack weighing only around 30 kilos and died of multiple organ failure (kidneys, liver. lungs, and brain) the cause was covered up as ‘heart failure’, but the symptoms were completely consistent with AIDS.

Sai Baba said in almost every discourse that he has so much love that no one alive could ever match. I could never quite observe it, but rather saw how he charmed and mystified people – giving cheap gifts and privileges he claimed were utterly priceless. He constantly implanted the idea that it was his love one experienced, when it was almost entirely a projection of ones own trusting and loving nature. That was a very subtle ploy for his getting name and fame, one used by Indian gurus and swamis since time immemorial. After an initial acceptance to boost their devotion, Sai Baba soon or eventually rejected most people in reality, especially when he no longer could benefit from them or found they had less influence to promote him than he originally thought. Many have demonstrated how he acted under false pretenses with ulterior motives, including sex, donations and many another service he received to boost his own popularity. Those who have sat at his darshan round have seen some of his glaring expressions and many have felt his rejection and have been let down by his empty promises! The public testimony of many hundreds who left him showed his uncaring deceptivness.

Nothing can remove Sai Baba from the dark shadow of testimonies of countless sexual abuses on young men, including under-age boys, while the evidence of his part in the unsolved and assiduously covered up murders in his bedroom leaves an indelible stain on his name and works.

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