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Vellor Krishnan Ramakrishnan Raghavan

Posted by robertpriddy on June 28, 2016

Usually I do not post defamatory materials that are posted as comments. However, I make an exception now after getting a completely mendacious attack on me from one of the few remaining elders at Prashanthi Nilayam, 74-year-old Vellor Krishnan Ramakrishnan Raghavan. As a comment to my posting ‘Narasimha Murthy’s imprudent interview & consequences’) Raghavan wrote:

“Robert Priddy came to Puttaparthi after worshipping Bhagawan Baba for over 12 yrs.He claimed that he was called by Swami in a mysterious way. At Puttaparthi he expected special treatment from Swami.But Swami neglected him till he lost his patience. At the last minute Swami granted interview and lambasted him for his impatience and pronounced self-importance. When this half-baked devotee complained to Swami that he could not get shanthi(peace) in the ashram, Swami told him in no uncertain terms that shanthi or prashanthi was not sold across the counter in the shops in Puttaparthi. An aspirant has to earn it by steadfast spiritual sadhana in the midst of chaos. That was the quality of a real devotee.This psuedo devotee who had even authored a book on Bhagawan, should refresh himself by reading his own writings. Millions of learned devotees like me know from our own personal experiences that Bhagawan Baba is God. I am 74 yrs.of age and am worshipping Him for over 42 yrs. I am enjoying every moment of my devotion. I pity this man.Hail Sai. VKR Raghavan,India.” 

as Ragahavan

In response to Vellor Krishnan Ramakrishnan Raghavan, I – Robert Priddy, rebut his deeply untruthful comment. I once knew Raghavan through my close confidante and friend, V.K. Narasimhan, who was incidentally far superior to him in knowledge, world experience and friendliness. I have to say such a liar as Raghavan is no gentleman, also being one who does not even respect the teachings of his swami, (such as do not criticize others, look only at yourself, speak only softly and the truth etc.. which directives I personally reject as being mostly simplistic and unrealistic). Worse still, he contrives despicable lies about me which require a response.

I was a follower of Sathya Sai Baba for over 18 years and the leader of the Norwegian Sathya Sai Organisation for most of that time. I did not go to Puttaparthi “after worshipping Bhagawan Baba for over 12 yrs.” but in 1984, about 2 years after I became fascinated with Sathya Sai Baba. My wife and I had five long (2-hours) interviews with Sathya Sai Baba (with 5 private interview sessions) plus many contacts during darshan over 18 years.  Sai Baba never once lambasted me in any way, but on the contrary (and just now for the record) told the interviewees that I have a ‘very good mind’ and am ‘Good, good, very good’ and on more occasions than one. (However, I was not much affected as I know myself for better and worse and have been immune to flattery ever since I grew up). He gave me what he called a diamond (about 6 carat and green set in an 18 carat gold ring. It was much later assayed and found to be a cheap synthetic sapphire with green tinfoil behind to enhance the brilliance). He did so almost certainly because the day before I had told him in interview that I would make a major donation (he asked me how much!). However, I did not have the means to pay then and only did so considerably later on.  Sai Baba never said a word about me being impatient either. People who knew me in countless meetings, study circles and so forth were aware that I have shown perhaps too much patience with persistent rule-breakers, profiteers and domineering egos.

I have never complained about not getting peace, as Raghavan writes. It is also a total mendacious invention that “Swami told him in no uncertain terms that shanthi or prashanthi was not sold across the counter in the shops in Puttaparthi.” Nothing remotely like that was ever said in any interview I attended. Raghavan would now have liked it had it been so, so he invented it! What kind of ‘spiritual person’ is that? This is not at all untypical of the countless attackers of all dissidents who have spoken out… disinformation, half-truths and lies were also daily far at Sai Baba ashrams. I did eventually write a positive book about Sai Baba which he signed in 1994 and I know full well everything I wrote there and have commented on it in web pages to put the record straight. Later, after 2000, I felt ti incumbent upon me to take on the onerous duty of setting the record straight and spill the beans about all the countless shocking facts I eventually came to know. I only learnt from several of my personal friends after 2000 – truly honest and good persons – that Sathya Sai Baba took advantage of their devotion to abuse them sexually. The testimonies from literally hundreds of persons altogether that he was a sexual abuser (and that included school children at his school down to 6 years of age) was what caused my final break with him and the beginning of a long and intensive investigation of all aspects of Sai Baba. The results are found on these web pages. As to learned devotees, I have met most of the VIPs and I could only recognise genuine learning in a handful. V.K. Narasimhan, my closest friend at Prashanthi Nilayam was one such and I have recorded his struggles and extensive private views, poor man. That Sathya Sai Baba approved the execution of the four devotees who attacked his servitors in 1993 is certain, there were witnesses and at least one who had a privileged access to the events as they took place that night (Eileen Weed or ‘Divya’ who speaks Telugu and lived for years in the apartment of Venkamma, the unbelieving elder sister of Sai Baba), and she also saw the truly huge bribes paid out via Sai Baba’s private messenger to many resident families to keep silent about what they knew.
See a fuller rebuttal of Raghavan’s spiteful concoction here:

The sexual abuses are covered in full here
while the murder episodes and cover-up are investigated fully here

Comment from ‘Divya’ (Eileen Weed):
“Excellent rebuttal! I find it amusing that the elderly Indian adherents are not only active online, but keeping up on your blogs! They must surely know about all the horrible sexual abuses done by their ‘god’ and, like several of my foreign permanent resident former friends in Puttaparthi, declare, “He is god, whatever he does is OK and for the best.” They believe such shocking declarations though the failure of all of their god’s predictions are staring them in the face: The whole world is not coming to Puttaparthi as sb predicted, rather it is now a ghost town and devotees are split into warring factions, while the world continues to move further from the promised ‘golden age’.”

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Art-ong Jumsai’s fanciful mind takes flight again

Posted by robertpriddy on June 25, 2016

The very few remaining sb adherents desperately clinging onto their faith despite a mountain load of evidence showing their ‘guru’ isn’t what he claimed to be: the well-known and admired amongst devotees, Dr Jum Sai, proclaims his faith that sb will ‘come again’. The devotees call this ‘confirming’ an action they hope will take place! Of course the ‘oracle boy’ believers think it is already happening. 
The devotee who wrote the email says it best, that the ‘second coming’ (not of the birth of a reincarnation of ‘Prema Sai’, but something before then), may be “the only miracle…to unify his worldwide devotees”. Sadly for them, no such miracle will happen. It is only in the minds of the misled devotees that any miraculous event can be imagined.

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Jenny Socrate  Date: 2 June 2016 at 13:38 – Subject: DR. JUM SAI CONFIRMS

From: SATHYA VINODH   Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 7:42 AM    To: jenny socrate Subject: DR. JUM SAI CONFIRMS
Sairam  Jenny,
The following is a small article published by Sreejith in his SKTC website. I have copied and pasted here. Here Dr. Art-ong Jumsai  Confimrs about Swamis Reappearance.

Dr. Jumsai

Dr. Jumsai

By Sreejith Narayanan:
I was fortunate to be part of the recently concluded USA Mid-Atlantic Regional Retreat where Dr. Art-ong Jumsai was one of the chief guests. During his talk, Dr.Jumsai briefly expressed his belief that Sri Sathya Sai Baba would return to earth in a younger body before the promised Prema Sai Advent. Brother Waris Faridi, who was one of the devotees present, approached Dr.Jumsai later on to enquire and obtain more details. Dr.Jumsai clarified to Brother Waris that he indeed meant the reappearance of the Sathya Sai form and that he made his conclusions after deep thought and considering many things. He also said that very little time is left before Prema Sai’s return and that Swami must come to finish the work that is necessary for Prema Sai to make His appearance. Brother Waris then asked him if he would concur with the idea that this appearance of Swami would be of a Shiva aspect and he agreed, adding that it is the Shiva aspect that clears the past, making way for the new. We were able to present Dr.Jumsai with a copy of the book ‘Sai Thy Kingdom Come’, which he read in a matter of two nights and later confirmed to us that the book premise was very much in alignment with his own meditations on this matter.

[Dr.Jumsai is the Director of the Institute of Sathya Sai Education, Thailand, the Chief Administrator of the Sathya Sai School, Thailand and an Official Trainer of Teachers for the Ministry of Education in Human Values Education. As a NASA scientist, Dr. Jumsai participated in NASA’s Vlking Space Project in the design of the automatic landing device and is an expert in the National Research Council on rockets for Use in the Artificial Rain Making Project. He was elected three times to the Thai House of Parliment and was Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Thailand. He has had many interactions and several mind-boggling experiences with Bhagawan. He is a well-known advocator of Sri Sathya Sai philosophy at the international level.]

Dr. Jumsai is evidently still a fanatical Sai Baba follower. He was of the opinion that Sai Baba took into himself all the evil influences that were brought to him and gradually converted them to positive qualities! He adds another self-invented fact, that Sai Baba is to return in a younger body BEFORE the promised return as Prema Sai!  You couldn’t make it up, but Jumsai can! Jumsai was one of those favourites of Sai Baba (due to totally uncritical acceptance 0f all and every boast of Sai Baba, however excessive or beyond all credibility they were). His promotion of many other unproven and fanciful things he attributed to Sai Baba gives some idea of what being a fully paid-up true believing Sathya Sai Baba admirer he is, without the honesty to examine this fraudulent, sexual abusing and murder-approving guru who took in vast fortunes under false pretences (like giving genuine diamonds to people – none of which have been proven genuine so far).

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Asaram Bapu planned attack on a witness against him

Posted by robertpriddy on June 21, 2016

Times of India: AHMEDABAD: In a major revelation, a devotee of Asaram Bapu, arrested here, has told police that the self-styled godman had conspired to eliminate a witness who had deposed against him in connection with the mysterious death of two minor boys near his ashram here in 2008. Asaram’s follower K D Patel, who was arrested after his surrender before a local court here on Thursday, made this revelation during police interrogation, police said. Patel had allegedly financed attack on the witness Raju Chandak.

During interrogation, Patel told police that Asaram had asked him to plan an attack on Chandak, who had conducted a sting operation against him (Asaram) following the death of the two boys, who lived in his ashram located in Ahmedabad’s Motera locality, joint commissioner of police (crime) J K Bhatt told reporters. “Asaram was upset after Raju Chandak, his former devotee, did a sting operation against him and gave a CD to the media and police. Asaram asked Patel to kill Chandak and take the help of Kartik Haldar, (who was arrested last month in connection with murder and attacks on witnesses), and used him to fire at Raju Chandak. The weapon was thrown in Sabarmati river flowing near ashram, and motorcycle used in the operation was dumped in Vadodara,” Bhatt said.

In 2009, after Chandak deposed before Justice(retired) DK Trivedi Commission, constituted by the state government, to probe the death of two minor boys, Asaram planned Chandak’s murder, Bhatt said. Bodies of the minor boys, who lived at a gurukul run by Asaram in Motera, were found on the bank of Sabarmati river near the ashram in 2008. “Asaram is a conspirator, it is revealed by K D Patel. Now that Asaram’s involvement is known, we will take action against him in future,” he said.

Patel was arrested on Thursday after he surrendered before a local court. His name was revealed by Haldar, who told police that Patel offered him money to kill Chandak. According to police, Patel worked as a mediator between Asaram and Kartik Haldar, who was arrested from Raipur in Chhattisgarh in connection with the murder and attack on witnesses against Asaram, Bhatt said. Patel was a manager, financier and legal cell head of Asaram’s Motera ashram in Ahmedabad.

Top Comment: He is well established criminal. A tongawallah has become godmen and cheated several people  Appa Durai

According to his revelation, Asaram asked him to manage the murder of Chandak. Patel provided Kartik with money, motorcycle and a revolver after which Kartik, along with one Sanju Malegao fired upon Chandak and fled. Chandak survived the attack. Asaram is currently lodged in Jodhpur jail in an alleged rape case.

See also  Asaram Bapu full dossier

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Sai Baba ashram – 9-foot python slithered in

Posted by robertpriddy on June 18, 2016

9-foot python slithers its way into Sai Baba ashrampython_in_ashramBengaluru: June 9, 2016, DHNS

Visitors to the Sathya Sai Baba Ashram in Kadugodi received a slithery surprise on Tuesday night when they stumbled upon a 9-foot-long Indian rock python, which wildlife experts say is a rare phenomenon in Bengaluru. The serpent, weighing about 12 kg, was found coiled on the compound wall of the ashram, hiding itself behind the bougainvillea plants. Their excited cries quickly invited many inquisitive onlookers who soon raised an alarm. The BBMP Control Room, too, was rattled with calls about the massive python, following which wildlife rescuers were alerted. Wildlife rescuer C S Nagabhushan, who lives in Hoskote, rushed to the ashram and captured the snake. He said he was amazed to see the huge reptile. “My first impression when I received a call was that it could be a rat snake, which resembles a python. The reason for doubting the input was that Bengaluru is no more a habitat for pythons.

‘Diyya’ writes: In the old days, a snake in sb’s ashram would mean a number of people would come running and worship it with milk, flowers, incense and arathi of lit camphor waved around the confused and frightened creature. I was present or heard of at least a few occasions where that happened in Puttaparthi. Devotees really believed that the snake was ‘swami’ come to visit and bless them!

However now that the devotees have mostly all gone away or are following the ethereal, ‘king’s new clothes’ form of sb in oracle boy, what do devotees do when a large snake appears in the ashram? Call the forest department for easy disposal! Shocking!

As a side note and credit to the practical, unbelieving side of sb’s sister Venkamma, when a large snake slithered into her South Prasanthi room in 1989, she screamed for the nearest sweeper guy to come and slaughter it right there, beating it to death and spreading a long line of blood in her room. It was an outrageous thing to do and tramatic for all the devotees who heard about it. That might have been a form of ‘swami’ that she slaughtered! Of course, no one dared question the actual sister of the ‘god in human (or snake) form’!

Robert comments: Seeing that rock pythons are incredibly rare nowadays in the whole area, it is surprising that nobody announced that it was Swami reincarnated returning to his old devotees (or his lair!). When I was waiting to go into the compound one afternoon a snake came at breakneck speed down the alley and hid under some sandals. The Seva Dals borrowed a big stick and clubbed it to death. The head Seva Dal said, it had come for the darsan of Swami! Not exactly a politically correct viewpoint! The same Janus-faced attitude was prevalent with dogs too… not treated as Shirdi Sai would have, nor even Sathya, who gave lip service to dogs as being far better than his devotees, but was only once photographed with a couple that were given to him. (A prominent IAS official told me that Prashanthi Nilayam was “a snake pit of jealousy”.)

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Demand for a ‘Sathya Sai District’

Posted by robertpriddy on June 15, 2016

Article in Telugu

Article in Telugu

Translation of the flyer with the pictures of several guys: ‘Demand in Hindupur Parliment to merge the present 7 electoral districts into one ‘Sathya Sai District.”

Battineni Hari: President of the ‘Sathya Sai Jilla Sadhana Committee’ (with phone number) (‘Jilla’ means ‘District)
Lok Satta Party, Puttaparthi Niyojakavarga
Nagendra Solankaala, Vice President (in blue shirt)
Janardhan, Dharmavaram Town President (middle pic)
LakshmiNarayana, Dharmavaram Town Vice President

People in Parthi sure are trying to make a wave, but they all fall flat! No airport academy, no Sathya Sai District, no crowds and no money. Just infighting and warring factions!

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Spy from Prashanthi Nilayam at Muddenahalli

Posted by robertpriddy on June 12, 2016

“Prof Anantharaman painted a picture that he is ANTI-MHALLI and thus has been in Parthi. He is a visiting professor at Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning. He was the “media coordinator” immediately after Mahasamadhi and claims to himself to be a senior person in the Sai organization. However, he is now giving Arathi to Madhu and BNNM (SURELY NOT LIGHTBODY BECAUSE HE SAID HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN THAT CONCEPT) – a THOROUGH HYPOCRITE. He called both BNNM and Madhu names and cursed them so many times and now he is worshiping them. “Man with no values.”

Read all about it here:-

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C. Sreenivas abandons Sai Baba for the ‘oracle boy’ impostor

Posted by robertpriddy on June 8, 2016

He also revealed how Sri C Sreenivas has mortgaged all his property to the bank to start the project and fulfill Swami’s wishes. “

C Sreenivas was a student in sb’s college in Whitefield in the 80s; his mother Rajeswari donated all the funds for the General Hospital in Whitefield and dedicated her life as a doctor there in free service. Sreenivas used to get special privileges, eating his meals with sb when sb visited Whitefield. Until sb needed to dump him after he got too old, and got him married. (Sreenivas possibly slept in sb’s room too, as he was the main one to convey messages to sb in the middle of the night regarding his ailing sister Venkamma’s health when she was in a Bangalore hospital in 1993.)Since then, Sreenivas was sidelined but still craved special attention. Now it looks like he is in the ‘inner circle’  of the ‘subtle baba’ but at what cost? Frankly it is surprising that this family even has a paisa left to give!

Now, his ardent devotee wife is appalled at him believing in the ‘subtle imaginary baba’. See an email she wrote, below – imagine her distress now, at knowing he has mortgaged all their property! If one thinks all the funds will go directly to building the hospital instead of into oracle boy’s pockets, one is very naïve indeed!

Comment Eileenweedsaid 

I am sure this ‘marriage’ is broken completely. The wife is running to various gurus in North India (she wrote to me asking if there are any foreigners who want to teach in a new school that one of the gurus, who has a secret wife and child, was starting) and the husband is following closely, along with Isaac Tigrett, the ‘subtle form’ scam of oracle boy. Neither one of them seems to have benefitted or ‘woken up’ from delusion with the their VIP status and close proximity to sb.

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Brexit catch up site – links to over 150 UK press articles

Posted by robertpriddy on June 8, 2016

I am using this site for a non-Sai baba issue – to post an important link so Google may accept it. It is

If you are not interested in UK politics, please ignore this posting. Robert

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Sathya Sai Central Trust vs. Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust

Posted by robertpriddy on June 6, 2016

Prashanthi Nilayam supporters are still battling it out in court with the Muddenahalli faction – a process which can seem interminable. Here are the culprits of the various takeovers of Sathya Sai Baba’s reputation and wealth etc. 

Registration No.: 141/2015Registration Date: 30-04-2015  Case Code: 205200001432015
Next Hearing Date  : 21st June 2016   Court No. and Judge  : 1-PRL. SR. CIVIL JUDGE AND CJM, CHICKBALLAPUR

Petitioner and Advocate1) Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust  Address – A Public Charitable Trust having its office at Prasanthi Nilayam Puttaparthi Ananthpur Dist Andhra Pradesh. Rep by its Secretary  Advocate- A.M.CHIKEERAPPA 2) Sri.T.K.K..Bhagawat (address given)  3) Sri.S.V.Giri I.A.S. Prashanthi Nilayam 4) Sri.V.Srinivasan  Chennai 5) Sri.K.Chakravarthi I.A.S.  Prasanthi Nilayam. 6) Justice Sri.A.P.Misra – Allahabad. 8) Sri.S.S.Naganand  Bangalore. 9) Sri.R.J.Rathnakar  Puttaparthi.

Respondent and Advocate 1) Sri.Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust  Address – A Public Charitbale Trust having its office at Muddenahalli Chickballapur taluk Cb Pur Dist. Rep by its Secretary. 2) Sri.B.N.Narasimha Murthy  athya Sai Grama Muddenahalli 3) Sri.U.Gangadhara Bhat   Dakshina Kannada 4) Sri.M.Ishwara Bhat   Dakshina Kannada. 5) Sri.K.Sanjiva Shetty  S/o late Sri.K.Kantappa Shetty Sathya Sai Vihar Alike Bantwal Taluka Dakshina Kannada 6) Sri.B.Narayana Rao  Sathya Sai Grama Muddenahalli 7) Sri.K.Vasanthraj  Sathya Sai Grama Muddenahalli 8) Sri. Mahendra S Hegde  Dakshina Kannada 9) Sri.Indulal Shah  West Mumbai.

Under Act(s) Under Section(s) CPC U/O VII Rule 1 R/W Sec 26 of CPC History of Case Hearing Registration No. Judge Business Purpose of hearing.
141/2015 PRL. SR. CIVIL JUDGE AND CJM, CHICKBALLAPUR 06-06-2015 20-07-2015 FIRST HEARING – 20-07-2015 14-08-2015 FIRST HEARING -14-08-2015 25-08-2015 FIRST HEARING – 25-08-2015 05-09-2015 FIRST HEARING – 05-09-2015 30-09-2015 HEARING – 30-09-2015 15-12-2015 HEARING – 15-12-2015 29-01-2016 HEARING – 29-01-2016 19-02-2016 FOR STEPS – 19-02-2016 29-02-2016 ORDERS – 29-02-2016 28-03-2016 HEARING –  28-03-2016 20-04-2016 HEARING –  20-04-2016 21-06-2016 HEARING
see Terry Reis Kennedy  Facebook May 13 

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Sai General Hospital at Whitefield Controversy

Posted by robertpriddy on June 5, 2016

C. Srinivas, former Sathya Sai Central Trust member, owns the land upon which the Whitefield General Hospital is located. He was ousted from the Central Trust (probably due to his supporting the Muddenahalli upstart Sai Baba, Sukshma Baba, but allegedly (also) for financial irregularities. Supposedly he wants the rights to his land and since the Central Trust will not associate with oracle boy Madhusudan worshippers, they have no choice but to give up the hospital and close it down. There came an ‘official’ post from the Raipur hospital ( ‘Muddy-worshipers’), saying no legal notice was given to close down the Whitefield hospital. However, medical equipment is being moved out. One can expect that attempts at damage limitation through cover-up is underway
Sathya Sai Baba’s legacy, supposed to be a result of his Omnipotent Will, is being brought down by ‘worldly’ legal disruptions. What devotee would ever have believed THAT! 



The official sb org site shows the last updates of the Whitefield General Hospital from Sept 2013! Whereas the Super Specialty hospital in Whitefield is updated up to the present day.

However, it looks like the General Hospital is still functioning according to some recent reviews online

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Puttaparthi’s white elephant airport plea

Posted by robertpriddy on June 1, 2016

Direct flight to Puttaparthi sought  The Hindu May 31, 2016
“The Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry Federation on Monday wrote to the Chairman of the Airports Authority of India, emphasising the need for direct flight service between Vijayawada and Puttaparthi. Federation executive director P. Bhaskar Rao in the letter mentioned that Puttaparthi is world famous for its association with Sri Sathya Sai Baba and every year, millions of devotees throng the town which has an airport.”

Comment: “Millions of devotees throng Puttaparthi every year”? Indeed, that is a truly vast overstatement. Though the Sai propaganda machine frequently boasted of millions of visitors to the birthdays, it has been proven quite impossible. The entire ashram and village could not accommodate more than maximum 500,000 even for a day. The birthdays where there were most visitors only just filled the Hillview stadium, which has a capacity of maximum 300,000 when jam-packed, according to the ashram engineer. But since Sai Baba died in 2011 the numbers have shrunk to a tiny fraction of the former numbers, and the movement split into warring factions, the larger segment moving to Muddenahalli which is far from Puttaparthi.

“Mr. Rao said Anantapur district has potential for development as it is located close to Chennai and Bengaluru. He said Vijayawada and Anantapur are not well connected by road, travel time is around 11 hours. Having a direct flight would help the increasing number air passengers between these two places who are now using the Bengaluru airport, he added.”

The traffic at Puttaparthi airport in its heyday was absolutely minimal, and then only around festival times. A regular weekly flight had soon to be discontinued. To restart when the use was so minimal even at big festivals is an absurdity, as is the hope it would increase traffic between Chennai and Bangalore!  Already in 2007, the Central Trust tried to sell the airport off, but there have been no bidders. (See Sathya Sai Airport “white elephant” for sale!) The airport itself was a result of illegal operations by Mr. Kaw, a devotee who was Secretary for India’s Airport Authority at the time. It was all paid for by the government and donated to Sai Baba! See

Puttaparthi was indeed famous for Sri Sathya Sai Baba, and the world now knows that he was a sexual abuser also involved in the execution of four devotees in 1993, besides numerous cover-ups of massive corruption and bribery. Since his crimes and scams were exposed from 2000 onwards, his following and organisation have been reduced to relative peanuts. No surprise that the pie in the sky ideas to make Parthi more popular as a tourist attraction, even restart flights, is falling on deaf ears. How can the devotees continue thinking that Sathya Sai Baba was who he said he was? Making excuses for all the outlandish, unfulfilled predictions? Ah, the power of faith and delusion! Human nature, creating a more idealistic world inside their heads, where they are the chosen ones!


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