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C. Sreenivas abandons Sai Baba for the ‘oracle boy’ impostor

Posted by robertpriddy on June 8, 2016

He also revealed how Sri C Sreenivas has mortgaged all his property to the bank to start the project and fulfill Swami’s wishes. “

C Sreenivas was a student in sb’s college in Whitefield in the 80s; his mother Rajeswari donated all the funds for the General Hospital in Whitefield and dedicated her life as a doctor there in free service. Sreenivas used to get special privileges, eating his meals with sb when sb visited Whitefield. Until sb needed to dump him after he got too old, and got him married. (Sreenivas possibly slept in sb’s room too, as he was the main one to convey messages to sb in the middle of the night regarding his ailing sister Venkamma’s health when she was in a Bangalore hospital in 1993.)Since then, Sreenivas was sidelined but still craved special attention. Now it looks like he is in the ‘inner circle’  of the ‘subtle baba’ but at what cost? Frankly it is surprising that this family even has a paisa left to give!

Now, his ardent devotee wife is appalled at him believing in the ‘subtle imaginary baba’. See an email she wrote, below – imagine her distress now, at knowing he has mortgaged all their property! If one thinks all the funds will go directly to building the hospital instead of into oracle boy’s pockets, one is very naïve indeed!

Comment Eileenweedsaid 

I am sure this ‘marriage’ is broken completely. The wife is running to various gurus in North India (she wrote to me asking if there are any foreigners who want to teach in a new school that one of the gurus, who has a secret wife and child, was starting) and the husband is following closely, along with Isaac Tigrett, the ‘subtle form’ scam of oracle boy. Neither one of them seems to have benefitted or ‘woken up’ from delusion with the their VIP status and close proximity to sb.

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Brexit catch up site – links to over 150 UK press articles

Posted by robertpriddy on June 8, 2016

I am using this site for a non-Sai baba issue – to post an important link so Google may accept it. It is

If you are not interested in UK politics, please ignore this posting. Robert

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