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Puttaparthi Ghost Town

Posted by robertpriddy on July 15, 2016

Baba’s demise eclipses Puttaparthi’s glory  by The Hans India. We read that many foreign devotees of Baba have stopped visiting the small town of Puttaparthi:-

“Puttaparthi (Anantapur): The pilgrim town of Puttaparthi which ruled the roost as an international tourist destination for more than three decades is virtually a ghost town today. The demise of Sathya Sai Baba,a renowned religious teacher on April 24, 2011 set the tone for its gradual decline.”
There was life in the township which is today conspicuous by its absence.  At least 10,000 tourists from around the country and abroad were seen on any given day. Foreign tourists had purchased flats in apartments and villas in the sprawling gated communities and used to stay for months and inland tourists for weeks. Many had planned post retirement life in the spiritual town and had purchased flats.
Today there are no takers for those wanting to dispose them off. With the soul of Puttaparthi no more, the sheen of the town has been lost and a despondency among devotees set in.
Now there is hardly any business except on selected days such as birthday anniversary and death anniversary of Baba.
Even NRI’s from Malaysia, Indonesia, Mauritius and African countries who used to come for darshan of Baba are no longer returning. Overnight, restaurants, lodges and ayurvedic massage centers had lost their business and many have downed their shutters. Foreign currency exchange was big business then. Today there are hardly a few such counters.” 

The Hans also notes that the Sathya Sai Airport, which once had regular weekly flights, has closed down. It cannot be sold, despite being on the market for many years, with considerable added sweeteners.

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