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Sai devotee bewails lack of unity in the Sai movement

Posted by robertpriddy on October 19, 2016


He concludes that it undeniably so and he tells some real home truths about it all. Meanwhile he asserts that Sathya Sai Baba’s glory is “growing by the day” How on earth he can assert that is no mystery, it is simply that he is a 100% uncritical believer in the false avatar and is unaware that the once considerable Sai community is now almost exclusively a South Indian affair, despite handfuls of foreigners who turn up at various events. Sai Baba’s reputation in the world is virtually toast, as they say. Yet he writes: “If we carefully analyze, the total number of devotees visiting, both Puttaparthi and Muddenahalli together, it would still be a sizable number; the aggregate number must be growing.” He is not considering the rapid fall off of former devotees, which continues to this day worldwide.

“The main drawback, if we may call it so, is that there is no UNITY, not only at the very top but also right up to the grassroots level.” That is certainly correct, and so is this: “Unfortunately, the leaders at the top, with utter disregard to what SWAMI said, are flouting SAI teachings and the supporters of these TOP leaders are drawing a blind eye to the same.”
However, it was always thus, except perhaps when under the direct scrutiny of Sai Baba in person.“the main reason for such degradation of PUTTAPARTHI town can be attributed to SSSCT and the TRUSTEES managing SSSCT” He lists some pints:-

1) “MUDDENAHALLI FIASCO: Allowing and not taking any effective steps when an insider broke away and set up a parallel organization at Muddenhalli is the first and foremost dis-service by the present TRUSTEES of SSSCT. I have personally made an attempt to bring reconciliation between both the camps but some top leaders from Parthi camp saw to it that a meeting across the table never takes place.”

2) “LOVE, the most commonly used word by BABA in his discourses (PREMA SWAROOPULARA – Embodiments of LOVE), I am told, is totally lacking particularly in Prashanthi Nilayam – thanks to Sri RJ Rathnakar, the Executive Trustee of SSSCT.” However, during my many visits and residence for altogether well over 1 year, we found acts of helpfulness from devotees towards others (with too few honourable exceptions) signally lacking, and selfishness was rife, especially among the residents, Seva Dal and other officials.

3) I am told that Puttaparthi is presently witnessing some sort of festive mood with BILLBOARDS throughout the town – hang on – Bill Board of Sri Rathnakar Garu (not our beloved SWAMI). Instead of PARTHEESWARA, these days the name that is revered is “RATNA” KARA.

4) I am told that the entire town of PUTTAPARTHI is gripped by FEAR and people are, just not only hesitant but are afraid to voice their views. When will PARTHI VASIYO (residents of Parthi) get freedom is the question I have. Further I was told that this is the main reason for many to leave PARTHI and join Mhalli camp and I tend to believe the same.

5) The Internal Audit Report of the Trusts in Puttaparthi, I believe, reveals it all regarding the financial irregularities and mismanagement of the affairs of various Trusts in Parthi. Who is siphoning out money from this holy place? Is there no authority above SSSCT to correct the situation?
(Note: it was always the same, but it was covered up very cleverly. Yet Sai Baba knew about most of it because his spies told him everything.)

6) Lastly, it is rather disgusting the way SSSCT handled the matter relating to filing of the case against Sri Sathya Sai Lok Seva Trust at Mhalli. A very top executive of the Sai Organization had recently revealed that the legal experts in SSSCT hardly know the law and the procedures and they are only SHOWMEN at the most. This clarifies why SSSCT’s case has been rejected.

V.R Ganti 

All this is no less than the achievement of Sathya Sai Baba, who falsely claimed omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence and one whose will would most certainly be done? He left behind a yet worse snake pit than the one he fostered in Prashanthi – home of murders, embezzlement, his regular sex abuses of boys and young men, plus all manner of  fraud and cover-up!

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