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Indian girl buried in mud to avoid evil

Posted by robertpriddy on October 28, 2016

Most Indian press outlets and numerous foreign paper also reported that an Indian girl was ‘buried alive’ after she had been electrocuted with 90% burns. But ‘burial alive’ is highly misleading. Her head was left above ground. The family thought the “evil effect” of the shock could be absorbed by the earth, the Times of India reports. It was only when her condition worsened that locals took the girl to hospital where doctors reportedly found she had suffered 90 percent burns to her right hand and leg. She had been playing on the family roof when she touched a 33000 volt high tension wire hanging over the house. Witnesses said there was a loud explosion and the girl collapsed on the ground.

It was encouraging to see that the best-rated comments about this in an Indian newspaper included such the following:-
“Religious stupidity. Religious indoctrination and conditioning must get exterminated.”
“Religion is built on the three pillars of Fear, Guilt and Greed. It must be abolished.!

see for example:

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