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Spiritual gurus laundering secret money

Posted by robertpriddy on December 11, 2016

Exposed: How spiritual leaders are laundering secretive money during demonetisation

Did the demonetization of Indian high currency notes curb corruption? No, it is more like a windfall of extra cash for so many ambitious people! They can take 100% of cash, give the people 60% back in new notes, pay the bank clerks a cut and keep the profit for their organisations.

India Today’s special investigation team found several holy men and women rampantly black-marketing illicit wealth for hefty commissions.  (article by Syed Masroor Hasan Md Hizbullah Kumar Ashish I l I Posted by Nivedita Dash. December 2, 2016

The November 8 ban on high-denomination Indian currency made this black-marketeering possible . Several spiritual leaders and priests of popular centres of faith are guilty of this sordid malpractice.  Radha Mata , the ‘revered’ head of the Vaishno temple in Ghaziabad near Delhi used hawala operators  when the undercover India Today reporters approached her to swap fictitious unaccounted money. She offered to exchange outlawed notes from banks at half their original value of Rs 25 crore. She claimed that the clients could get dollars wherever they chose, such as Dubai, Canada or England, (but the bank would take 50% in commission). India Today dredged up the other – sacred shrines short-changing
invalid currency, such as in the ancient temple town of Mathura.
From India Today  (article by Syed Masroor Hasan Md Hizbullah Kumar Ashish I l I Posted by Nivedita Dash. December 2, 2016

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One Response to “Spiritual gurus laundering secret money”

  1. Blame it on you westerners who are behind these Gurus. You guys are out of that old west movie setting and now have a comfortable life style. You guys should just dance inside the churches with that bible and halleulayuye. The abrapahmic philosophy is best suited for the western minds. Indian philopshy is too much curry for you guys and too much mumbo jumbo. Just have a beer a chill in that beautiful europen countryside or something.

    Reply from Robert:
    Though Westerners (and also far Easterners like the Japanese) have supported Sathya Sai Baba, they were totally duped by him and his cult, which was a highly organised secret power cabal, controlling much of the judiciary and virtually all of the Indian Prime Ministers and Presidents since Independence. Sai Baba was protected to the highest levels, so by no stretch of the imagination can one say Westerners were behind him. The vast majority of Western devotees of SB have left him, while most Indian devotees continue to believe in all the clever words and fail to look at the actions (most of which were covered up to the highest political levels). One can say much the same about the ‘hugging’ Mata Amritanandamayi, Sri Ravi Shankar and a long line of others. They find plenty of idealists who believe in Indian spirituality to follow them, once they have a name. Their doctrines are often very attractive due to the complexity of acceptable values, but they do not practice their doctrines when it comes to money, power, and sexual matters!

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