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Suicide or murder at Prashanthi? Police in doubt

Posted by robertpriddy on June 12, 2017

The Indian Express has posted an update on the alleged suicide of a woman in Prashanthi Nilayam. The key point is that “Cops are also probing if her seniors at the trust had anything to do with the case as notes and emails seen on her laptop suggest there was some tension between them.” Considering the number of crimes, from murders and disappearances to massive theft of funds at Prashanthi Nilayam which have been consistently covered up or left uninvestigated in past years, there is as every reason to suspect that the same tactics of spreading confusion, bribing the police or other authorities, and diverse threats against witnesses will be involved if it is a case of foul play. The Indian Express wrote:-


4 Responses to “Suicide or murder at Prashanthi? Police in doubt”

  1. Jim Mack said

    Thank you both for having the guts & determination to project your viewpoints openly. Both of you infact have been much more closer to the fire so to speak. i will also confess to not liking Robert once upon a time for what i construed as him casting misguided aspersions on the ‘lord’. i feel real silly about those ‘merry’ days with the blindfolds on. i know better now to be careful about the confirmation bias and respect opinions of others even if at the moment i seem to be in disagreement. this was a valuable lesson learnt from you and i hope todays believers would at least seek to gather/hear out such viewpoints. btw, i have shared articles to my elderly mom and though it took time, she has also left the fold. my sisters & their siblings though wont even look at it and are immersed ! i don’t talk to them about this subject.

  2. eileenweed said

    Thank you so much, ‘Jim,’ for sharing your experience! It is a familiar one: we made excuses, stuck up for our false god, and tried to suppress our ‘still small voice’ that told us he wasn’t who he said he was. By ‘coming out’ publicly, I alienated close friends I had for decades (including some of his family members – which added another layer of discomfort). That said, my former belief contributed rich layer of experience in my life so I don’t regret it, nor do I regret revealing my own observances and experiences in the ashram. Thanks again Robert, for being here to confide in and share publicly only what we want to be shared!

  3. Jim Mack said

    i quietly moved away from baba and his organization more than a year ago after being associated as a ordinary devotee for 30 years, a withdrawal that gradually accelerated to conclusion since the muddenahalli circus started. i mean how could baba not know what narasimhamurthy was capable of if he was god and how could narasimhamurthy, the multi decade veteran, do what he is doing if he seriously believed baba was god. it really stinks to high heaven here.
    Firstly, the 1993 murders always bothered me in the back of my mind as an unresolved episode with horrible implications. i say it openly now that if baba was god, this shouldnt have even happened in his presence and even if there is some arcane karma angle, he should have handled it in a crystal clear manner using his supposed arsenal of divine powers. there has been no satisfactory explanation about this at all.
    Secondly he has been found wanting badly in many of his predictions. personally i felt let down since when i was a kid, i told many friends who were not really believers then about how he was going to be around till 96 yrs of age and how the whole world was going to acknowledge his divinity blah blah blah.
    The face in the moon episode was another embarrassment and i found people in the ashram telling me how in a few days after that announcement, they actually saw swami’s face in the moon even though baba blew it at the airport on the day it was supposed to happen. even morphed pictures were being produced & sold as was ridiculous.
    i could go on and on. just weary and downcast when i ponder about my past gullible involvement all those years. i feel much better these days as an atheist now as i am extremely wary about getting brainwashed. if there is a god, let him come and meet me in person and i shall not look for him or seek him with the help of others. i do feel sorry for that poor lady who had served in the ashram & met with this tragic fate.
    Thanks to you robert & eileen. i am sure many people have benefited from the info you share even if they may not come forward to admit it.
    Jim mack is not real name. too many people know me in sai circles.


    Hi ‘Jim’ aka anon. I can sympathise fully with you and your position. I was fortunate in having got a life well before I went there and also in that, being retired, I had no work status to defend and could engage in critical analysis. It took me many long years to realise the true state of affairs, despite all the countless suspicious and negative things I had experienced and all I had been told privately by V.K. Narasimhan. It was a big disappointment and a come down to have to realise that, despite all the paranormal events that did occur, I had been duped massively by Sai Baba himself, not just the people around him. The experience as a whole has taught me a great deal, both about myself and the nature of human beings… aspects that I could probably not have discovered otherwise. Not that this was thanks to SB!
    Warm regards,

  4. eileenweed said

    While sai baba was alive, he approved of such tactics. This current news story is proof that even without their ‘god’, the trust people and their cronies are following in his dubious and dangers footsteps. Staging a murder to look like a suicide would be right up their alley, sadly.

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