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Ram Rahim’s imprisonment may herald a crackdown on other Hindu sex and money gurus

Posted by robertpriddy on August 29, 2017

The number of news outlets – also outside India – that are promoting the imprisonment of infamous false guru Ram Rahim is considerable.  The Sun Daily denounces Ram Rahim along with a list of similar false sex gurus: Ashutosh Maharaj, Asaram Bapu, Swami Nithyananda, and Sathya Sai Baba writes: Ram Rahim, Asaram, Radhe Maa : List of controversial Baba`s is long enough!!!  “Millions of people worship them but seems like the two things that unite them together are sex and money.” These also include Sant Rampal Baba, Asaram Bapu, Swami Nithyananda, Rajneesh/ Osho, and Satya Sai Baba.

The conviction to 20 years in prison of the false bling guru Ram Rahim with his deluded and very aggressive following is a promising sign, not least considering the guru-fascination with Hindu gurus of the current right-wing extremist Prime Minister Modi. There are many more who are going unpunished. Nonetheless, so far the case against the horrendous Asaram Baba is dragging on without progress as he fortunately languished in prison awaiting trial for sexual abuse, disappearances and murders.

It was self-proclaimed God and Creator of the Universe, Sathya Sai Baba, who set the stage for the explosion of false miracles gurus (so-called godmen) where money, miracles, sex abuses, murder and powerful influence on politicians even up to Prime Minister and Presidents.  Sai Baba even inspired a considerable number of impersonator copyists (see the Sai-lookalike guru gallery) who even reproduced as closely as possible Sai Baba institutions, ashram buildings, indoctrinating schools, colleges, hospitals and whatever.

See also many more offenders:  The Dark Side of very prominent Hindu gurus

Also a full dossier on Asaram Bapu, and on Swami Nityananda


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‘Prema Sai’ child to compete with Muddenahalli’s ‘oracle boy’ (Madhusudan) and Narasimha Murthy

Posted by robertpriddy on August 22, 2017

The Russians are starting to visit the ‘presumed Prema Sai’ in Mysore. A boringly pedestrian  video was filmed by two Russian women. The credits are claimed by Svyatoslav Dubiansky, promoting herelf as a writer and artist, but the video is as far from art as it is possible to get. The typically squirmy kiddo (‘Prema Sai’?) is getting many gifts from the foreigners, including a children’s motorcycle  (and his parents are no doubt getting some money too). He is shown playing like any child with presents, but no sign whatever of any spirituality can be discerned (as is said to have markes Sathya when that age). A video was filmed in the house of his parent in January 2017, with the mini Prema Sai now talking. It was posted on YouTube. There are clearly interests behind promoting this child who was hijacked as Prema Sai early on. No doubt this is seen as a way out of poverty into riches, if it takes off, as it may be doing, however uninspiring is is. There are buildings being constructed in the village. Another YouTube video introduces the two brothers of the ‘father of Prema Sai’, of course all of them are reaping the benefits of the totally random place and day the boy was born.
  See also:-

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P. M. Bhargava – one of India’s greatest promoters of the spirit of science is no more

Posted by robertpriddy on August 11, 2017

The eminent scientist and public intellectual Pushpa Mittra Bhargava passed away after a brief illness on August 1, 2017. He was a major figure in promoting the spirits of science and built up organisations to support science. He was a defender of freedom of speech, as well as dissent in every aspect of his work. As such he was particularly opposed to all manner of religious fundamentalism and bigotry, and  was therefore also an adamant critic of Sathya Sai Baba who he knew to be a fraud. See

“As the dust after the death of Satya Sai Baba has largely settled, it is time to evaluate him, his work and its implications, objectively and unemotionally, for there is a good deal to be learnt from his life and death.”

Bhargava goes on to reject all Sai Baba’s claim to be a reincarnation pf God as based entirely on his alleged performance of miracles, which Bharghava rejected as never having been performed by anyone. “the Council for Social Development (CSD”

He wrote: “As regards the miraculous cures he claimed to have performed, we never heard of his failures. A distant cousin of mine had her young son suffering from an incurable disease. Sai Baba who blessed him said he would be cured. When she went back to him after the child’s death, Sai Baba told her that he felt it was best for the child to come to him and that is what he caused to happen; so there was no reason for worry.

The cures that may have been effected were never established to be directly on account of Sai Baba’s ‘divine’ intervention. They were probably natural or psychosomatic, of which numerous examples are known. After all, what do neuropsychologists or psychiatrists do? That is why he never allowed rationalists like Professor Narasimhaiah, former Vice-Chancellor of Bangalore University, or Premanand, to come anywhere near him. It is believed that it were his men who actually once beat up Narasimhaiah.”

“As regards his acts of charity, there are innumerable people in the country who engage in such acts to avoid undue attention focussed on their ill-gotten wealth. Accounting of his enormous wealth has never been transparent.

“Sai Baba’s unusual accomplishment was to recruit such a large number of the rich and the powerful, politicians and bureaucrats, law-makers, law-keepers, and law dispensers, amongst his followers. Perhaps this is more of a reflection on his followers than him!”

“Sai Baba’s death was not a national tragedy. The national tragedy was his being given a state funeral, a state of official mourning being declared, and the country’s political leaders — cutting across parties, including the Prime Minister and the Chairman of the NAC — spending precious time and resources to have his last darshan, relegating to the background the nation’s constitutional commitment to a scientific temper.

P.M.  Bhargava  was a life member of the Council for Social Development, He held posts on the National Knowledge Commission, the National Security Advisory Board and was the founder and Director of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad.

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‘Two are one, not two’?

Posted by robertpriddy on August 7, 2017

Latest addition – excerpts from the guru amusement arcade of disillusionments by Narasimha Murthy:-

In his campaign to accumulate ill-gotten gains, the instigator of the Sukshma Baba ‘oracle’ fraud, Narasimha Murthy, produces more meaningless drivel as is his wont. The absurdity of arcane numerology is called up: ‘Two is not two, but one’. This is a tricky math which flouts all reason and common sense hoping to convert the truth into its opposite and contradiction. N. Murthy has always claimed that the oracle boy Madhusudan is not a medium, now he repeats that he is not a communicator (of Sathya Sai Baba’s discourses) but “a vehicle”. This crafty play on words means nothing, as it tries to muddy the meanings of both words by conflating them. He cannot explain in any intelligible way what the difference really is.

He tries to reinforce his claim that the dead Sathya Sai Baba is present (when Madhusudan goes around imitating the former false ‘avatar’) and that “sometimes Madhusudan is not there at all! This DESPITE Madhusudan all the time walking about, talking and delivering blessings and boons to the deluded ‘followers’! Instead, Sathya enters the personality of Madhusudan and the actual Madhusudan is not there. Is what undeniably remains a walking talking zombie de-personalised body? Or is it morbid possession? No, he claims is really nothing but ‘love’ and is can only be ‘seen’ with the heart (whatever the senses show). This doublethink, double talk, is just another standard trick of gurus when they are caught out in lies and ulterior motives. Beware!

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