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Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

Miriam Shakti Devi profile

Posted by robertpriddy on September 17, 2017

A self-promoting ‘holier than thou’ Sai Baba supporter, Miriam Lakshmi , who evidently has major aims to be a worshipped herself, took the ‘spiritual’ pseudonym Miriam Shakti Devi) and ill-advisedly wrote a comment on an earlier page of mine here as follows:-Since those who write comments sometimes do not check to see if they were posted, I sent an e-mail to this young and evidently very naive lady, (see text lower down)

Her confident ignorance of my position and the lifelong discoveries behind it, she imagines I have only had/have materialistic ideals (which is an untrue slur. Not even a full supporter of ontological materialism). Unfortunately, from all the signs available on her self-promoting Instagram pages, this is another bogus religious healer with all the sweet but empty talk many of the signs of make-believe hodgepodge of false doctrine based on such misleading ideas as astrology, ‘medicinal yoga’ (yoga and medicine are almost entirely at odds about the causes of ill health). In short, this is but another totally unoriginal copyist who draws on the success of countless Hindu frauds and mystics, gurus and swamis, the majority known for sexual abuse, power hunger and unlimited greed for funds.  This is the marketplace of spirituality for the innocent, naive, and credulous people who have life problems they believe can be healed by religious means.

To from Robert Priddy:-

“Ad your well-meaning (?) comment on my wordpress pages: I have sympathy with your position since I was once of very much the same attitude. That lasted for years until, after several years following a Swami Ambikananda in London, and eventually 18 years running the Sai Organisation in Norway and knowing thousands of devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, and those of other gurus.

I did almost nothing but seva for about 18 years and came to know the ashram people in and out . and must of the world organisation leaders. I had over 10 hours of interviews with Sai Baba over 18 years and hundreds of darsan contacts. Eventually I came to learn what I had never wanted to know about it all… and I am a very exacting and honest investigator, now having been contacted as trusted by over a thousand ex-devotees of Sai Baba with their accounts of all kind of fraud, abuse, crime and cover-up. It took me a decade to absorb and draw the unavoidable conclusion from it all.

You have shown that you do not know anything about me or what I stand for and why. I have posted you comment (on my website at with a response for the public to read. I shall add postings that will soon appear under you name on Google.

However, if and when you come on better ideas and realise the emptiness of the quest you are so devoted to in mere belief and repent for the error of your ways, you may contact me again and, if your attitude proves acceptable – I shall remove the postings that will now appear under you name on Google. I have some compassion even for people like yourself.”

Robert Priddy


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