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Sonia Nordenson – a true believer in Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on October 26, 2017

She speaks of my having ‘a very limited viewpoint’ but anyone who reads my websites on-line will soon realise that she speaks from a very much more limited viewpoint, that of a Sai Baba supporter in major denial of the wider world and its judgement since his ignominious death in 2011 (long before he repeatedly predicted he would die from his self-declared all-knowing viewpoint.
To read her facile comment against me and my reply, please go to


One Response to “Sonia Nordenson – a true believer in Sai Baba”

  1. dnldano said

    Dear Mr. Robert Priddy. Maybe subconsciously she realized that when she said unimpaired in the beginning that she was speaking the truth. I can tell you something that you might have realized by now. The threats, the promises of divinity from the Guru’s are much the same as are the tricks of TV evangelists in America. Nothing but the magic acts of charlatans . The traditional chain or slavish long line of Guru’s in India have done nothing to elevate the masses, or help the poor including Osho as well as Ramana Maharishi. None of the Hindu evangelists helped anyone on earth. You are doing important work by revealing one of them because they are all so similar . They know and we do not which is their own societal projection, and self delusion.

    Might and Wealth do not make right anywhere in the world not just in their ashrams profiting from their Guru’s teachings leading people nowhere close to understanding things for themselves. Keep up the wonderful work exposing the hypocrisy my friend , it is much needed in the world and you did break free of that trap set by your own corrupt insane murdering, pedophile of a guru. The rottenness of Sai Baba is exposed in what his followers are afraid to admit . Their investment in him, will fail them as well unless they begin to doubt him like you have, and see the proof in the truth your revealing about him, and his nefarious political, religious and business schemes that maintained such terrible poverty, discrimination, and corruption in India . . . Thank you Robert. from Your friend Danny West


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