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Madhusudan, the ‘oracle boy’ is now Sathya Sai Baba plus Prema Sai?

Posted by robertpriddy on March 9, 2018

All pretence that Sukshma Baba (former Sai student Madhusudan) is merely an instrument or ‘oracle boy’ is finally dropped. He had reinvented himself as Sathya Sai Baba, no less, who has read the text below and approved it! At the same time he is pretending he is Prema Sai Baba. Two for the price of one!

But watch out, it sounds as if this oracle boy aka Sathya Sai Baba/Prema Sai is desperate and is ready to destroy cities. (God will do anything to purify!). And don’t forget to give up newspapers… you’ve been warned! He obviously is not into catching bees with honey, but tries poison instead! The degree of cynicism and ill will behind his (fanciful and wholly unbelievable) warnings is stunning, quite apart from the megalomania which has overtaken him. One can certainly believe the exposure of him by a former ‘brother of his true nature as a remorseless self-interested ego.

Samastha Loka 126  8-3-18  God Turmoil
 This message has been read and approved by Sathya Sai Baba for distribution.
Sai Ram.The time has come. There is no more waiting. The Earth is moving into a higher vibration. Give up the old ways. Change your habits now. You and your body must be purer to survive the transition. The new world is wonderful but you have to work hard to be there. You must be of pure mind, pure heart and pure action. Shiva is manifesting more and more. He is demanding absolute obedience to the Laws that run the universe. Love everyone and everything unconditionally. Serve everyone as though they were Sathya Sai Baba or Shiva or Jesus or Buddha, etc. You have no choice. Take  charge of your life now.Baba can be a hard task master. He is demanding obedience and action now. The time of waiting has past. He has visited many people and have found that they are not ready to accept his vibration and the love he has to give. The world is going through a birthing transition process resulting in turmoil everywhere. This process will affect everyone with no exceptions. It could affect your eating, your sleeping, your reaction to others and many other ways. Inwardly and outwardly. Expect to be tested first gently and then harshly.You must surrender completely. Not even 99% is enough. It must be 100% all the time. It has been and will be a struggle but it must happen now. Work harder. As a spiritual being you have had some protection but it will not be enough for what is going to happen. Yes, you will be protected to degree. The effect might be lessen. However, you must surrender completely now for full protection.The world will go through many changes. earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, heat, cold and more. Any thing can happen to get rid of the negativity in almost everyplace on this planet. The more people change, the more seva your do, the more love you give, the more Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu you chant, the greater you will be protected and the events in the world will be helped.Family members may disappear, neighbors maybe gone. Cities may vanish, countries maybe torn asunder. Swami will do anything to purify this planet so that it becomes a light planet.
Many will not make it but those that are loving, pure serving, know that all is one, live from the heart and have surrendered completely will find themselves in an unbelievable world of beauty beyond description, of people who radiate their purity, of kindness, cooperation, happiness and more that are beyond words to describe.BUT you must act now, give up your habits that are holding you back such as television, listening to worldly music, newspapers, meat, alcohol, drugs and many more. Sai Baba is not asking for a one hour commitment or even 10 hours. It must be 24 hours in everything you do, think and feel. There is no more time. No tomorrow. You must act now.We know that some of my dear friends are not heeding this message and will not be moving forward. They have been warned as all of you have. It is your choice: remain in misery or absolute peace and love that defies description.
Be Happy   Always have Compassion
Sai Surya

2 Responses to “Madhusudan, the ‘oracle boy’ is now Sathya Sai Baba plus Prema Sai?”

  1. Rom Knight said

    Dear Mr. Priddy, please kindly consider posting your insights and warnings on a Facebook page as well so that your messages against this fraudster can be easily shared with friends and families, especially the younger generation. Also, thank you for your invaluable service to mankind for having this website to warn against such lunatics.

  2. freestonew said

    Amazing. Disturbing! If this Thing gets off of the ground, the “Cult” could be far far more dangerous then anything that revolved around sathya sai baba!

    I feel the “veltgeist” of the Times! the world is going insane! nationalism, populism, old hatreds, are gaining popularity. I think that for most people the “modern age” with its complexities, is “stripping their gears” ! too much to keep track of, the ability to adapt is not up to this complexity and high rate of change, the stress of modern living has become too huge to bear. a pseudo solution is to bond with a sect or cult that has simple answers to all of life’s questions and problems. and while this cult is at it, the cult also righteously damns the “Enemy”!
    If this group of people obtain chiasmic leaders and a political voice and influence, this “prema” thing could become a world threat!

    ultra puritanism. you are 100% with us or you are part of the problem. give up everything or else. I see this idea now being installed into nearly everything.
    either/or. Choose!
    no middle ground, no embracing philosophy to integrate both sides.
    for instance: global warming! either orientate your life to a low carbon footprint *now* or die! think, feel, do, everything centered around reducing global warming. either or.
    Europe now is going through a period of populist politics. there is, I sense, echoes of why the German people voted in Nazism. so that the common people, the Volk, the folk, could actually live their lives! to live their lives free of economic woes, and immigration and manipulation by the bank-big-boys. [read: jews!].

    Now that sathya has left, Priddy, your Work of exposure may well have just begun!

    when I die and if I find that this puritanism was right after all, and that all of heaven required and requires this mindset, I probably would run down into the pit of hell, embracing Hell, as I would find hell to be a far better place to spend my eternity! then spend my eternity, working with Satan, trying to destroy such cult systems, in the world and in heaven!

    freestone wilson

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