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Sai Baba dropped Vibuthi Pellet during darshan!

Posted by robertpriddy on May 23, 2018

Numerous testimonies that Baba dropped vibuthi pellets in front of former devotees, and also that he had, in the private interview room, a vibuthi pellet ‘machine’ which compressed the powder with water. Previous photographic or video evidence of pellets (between his fingers etc.) were sparse and not so clear. The video which has emerged on YouTube removes all possible doubt that he crushed pre-prepared pellets and did not materialise those.

To view a short clip with the important footage, go to It looks as thought, having dropped the vibuti pellet, Baba quickly drops letters as well so a lady picks it all up (seems to be aware of the situation). Baba looks worried and then tried to avert people’s attention.

Sathya Sai Baba drops Vibuti Pellet at darshan. Baba drops the pellet and its fall is very clearly visible. This occurs at 1.03 secs. into the video at

Erlendur Haraldsson take note!

3 Responses to “Sai Baba dropped Vibuthi Pellet during darshan!”

  1. Neeraj Pardesi said

    This is Clear proof. Was shocking to actually watch this clip and realize with conviction beyond all doubts that Satya Narayan Raju’s materialization were fake and fraudulent.

    Although i knew his Lingam materialization was fake, somewhere due to my past association i didn’t entirely trust the theory of critics regarding the materialization of Vibhuti, especially on the pictures.

    As someone who had previously believed him to be the reincarnation or form of the revered saint of Shirdi, it was difficult for me to digest and accept that Satya Sai Baba was a fraud and a charlatan. It pains me immensely to write this in realization and failed hopes that there was someone on this planet who for once had given so many the hope and reassurance of being in the presence of God. Cannot believe so many have been deceived.

    Why doesnt the Sai organization and his devotees see through all this and the many more alarming evidences that has exposed SSB ?

    Feeling very appalled and hurt.

  2. Oops! Dropping the ball, so to speak. Actions speak louder than words. No hanky to cover up the accidental falling of this pellet, unlike in the lingam producing scam which Haraldsson rationalized away. l wonder what the renowned parapsychologist would make of this. Spectacles on in Iceland!

  3. eileenweed said

    Excellent discovery! This is clear evidence and show there is no doubt that he deceived and cheated his adoring and trusting devotees.

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