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Penukonda, Puttaparthi in race for new district headquarters

Posted by eileenweed on December 12, 2021

The race is on, who will win the title of “DISTRICT HEADQUARTERS”, with accompanying material benefits, power, name and fame? If one is to believe sathya sai baba’s endless predictions of the glory of Puttaparthi verily as the center of the world, thanks to his birth there as Avatar (god himself), then it must certainly be Puttaparthi that will win the title! But alas, it looks like Penukonda – with its thriving economy, might win instead. Stay tuned!

Penukonda, Puttaparthi in race for new district headquarters

Ravi P Benjamin
Hans News Service
2 Dec 2021 12:26 AM IST

Anantapur: The process of bifurcation of Anantapur district into two districts is now activated with the Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy setting the tone for the formation of 13 more districts. Penukonda and Puttaparthi leaders are contending for making their respective towns as the headquarters of the new district, which is under the active consideration of the State Chief Secretary.

Penukonda MLA and Roads and Buildings Minister M Sankara Narayana is silently working behind the scenes to neutralise the importance of Hindupur Assembly constituency and project Penukonda as the right choice for making it as the second district headquarters, in the context of Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy constituting a committee to look into the bifurcation of districts, headed by the state chief secretary. Under the new government policy, every Parliamentary constituency will be bifurcated into a district. The district has two Parliamentary constituencies, one Hindupur and the other Anantapur.

Sankara Narayana told The Hans India that he had put forth his argument in favour of Penukonda as the capital of the new district to the committee headed by the chief secretary. It is up to the government to decide, he added. The YSRCP leaders strategy is to neutralise the importance of town and prop up the Penukonda town as a prospective modern industrial town.

Even Puttaparthy MLA Sridhar wanted Puttaparthi town to emerge as the headquarters of the new district in the making. Sridhar told The Hans India that he had put forth his viewpoint before the committee impressing upon them the need to zero in on Puttaparthi as it is a global spiritual centre.

The minister it appears has already convinced the Chief Minister and that the state chief secretary might zeroedin on Penukonda as the headquarters to be carved district. Sankara Narayana is pulling all strings to achieve his three objectives, medical college, district headquarters and Parliamentary constituency should be under the domain of Penukonda. Historically Penukonda was the second capital of Sri Krishna Devaraya.

Now, with Penukonda emerging as an important industrial hub, all eyes are on Penukonda as it is going to be a planned and decent town of tomorrow. It is also being considered as a smart city by the Central government. South Korea’s Kia Motors has set the tone for industrialisation of the region with its presence and subsequently hundreds of ancillary industries making a beeline.

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  1. Aarnav Panda said

    Sometimes it’s hard when those close to you are eyeball-deep in what is effectively a self-indulgent delusion; thank you for your work over the years in sustainably putting out content I can distribute to people who still put dangerous faith in this man’s legacy.

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