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Gerald Moreno’s empty words and threats

Posted by robertpriddy on September 7, 2009

joerailsHere one sees the obsessively self-justificatory and irrational Gerald Moreno in full aggressive bloom trying to make a mountain out of a molehill again. He has attacked me – along with countless other ex-followers of Sathya Sai Baba – dissidents in every way he can devise and contrive throughout the Internet. He is a trickster and obfuscator of the first water.

My son and I are far from “gnashing teeth”, “foaming at the mouth” or “raising huge wails”. Mr. Moreno’s products shows that it is him who qualifies himself for these epithets and is clearly projecting his own feelings onto us! My son simply asked him to remove the image which he had no right whatever to use, even though it had once been on  a public website! Despite Morenos’ shouting in bold text that we can’t prove our copyright, we are wholly capable of substantiating the fact if we wish – not least since we have a much higher resolution version from the camera we own. We also have the testimony of the person who took the photo for us. But we know that the image cannot be removed from websites and blogs other than wordpress (where it has never appeared until now 0 Moreno knows he dare not post it there!) because Google and dedicated websites do not comply with the law without a court order (VERY expensive). So Moreno has been unable to prevent his image from appearing on an increasing number of websites and blogs, despite his many exclamatory declamations.

Here are the facts:  The blogs in which I used his image were not Anti-Baba blogs, but blogs defending me against some of his worst lies and distortions of facts and statements. It was not deleted from WordPress results. I put up his image because he has done this to me, my son, and many critics of Sai Baba without permission, and has distorted these images sometimes most disgustingly. I felt it only fair people should see him. I knew it was his copyright and wordpress along of all web logs would ask me to remove it if he went through the process with DMCA.  I removed the image because I was asked to, Moreno having gone through the lengthy process to prove that it was his image! Little good did it do him… for even on my wordpress blogs about him, one can click on ‘absent image’ boxes which immediately bring up Moreno’s photo of his own bust. If flash is installed,  it appears large on the blog as soon as one rolls over the text about it. Unlike him, I would never use graphic distortion of living person’s faces… but Moreno often has, the above being one example. Descending to such levels highlights his desperation at lacking any real, true evidence against me and the poverty of his whole position.

more from Moreno's heated emotional maunderings

more from Moreno's heated emotional maunderings

For more than good measure, Moreno adds his “warning to other ex-devotees and critics” who think they are free to publish his picture without being “subject to” legal prosecution with hefty fines… this is empty blather if ever there was any. He will meet the same reality that countless victims of his theft of copyright materials and photos have… that it cannot be done! He has stolen my copyright and posted my writing on all his outlets, but only on wordpress was he forced through DMCA’s proof of my copyright to remove materials of mine had posted without  permission. Moreno cannot refrain from a direct lie  “at any time been contacted by … anyone” – for he has been asked by Kai Priddy to removed the screen capped image, and he has documented this on his own website and blogs. He has not been asked by wordpress to remove that image because he has never dared to post it on his blog “Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love and Spirituality” (a misnomer if ever there was one).

See the fuller Moreno dossier exposing his contrivances, harassments, disrty tricks, lies and much more

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Moreno: anonymity and the dark – or love, light & spirituality?

Posted by robertpriddy on May 5, 2009

Another example of Moreno’s disingenuous policy involves the picture he posted of my son (and I) on his abuse pages at , which he doggedly refused to remove, compounding his sin by making dirty attack pages against my son based on what other persons have done with whom he was associated in a band for a year or so (easily found, search for ‘Kai Nicolai Priddy’).

From Gerald Moreno's hate blogs at 'Sathya Sai Baba - Life, Love and Spirituality'

From Gerald Moreno’s hate blogs at ‘Sathya Sai Baba – Life, Love and Spirituality’

It was taken by Moreno from a Google cache of one of my former school’s website. The image was not removed by me, but by the moderator of the website in question. The photo depicted my son, who is in no way involved in the exposé and who in a civil way contacted Joe Moreno asking for its removal from his website. Moreno refused on the grounds that the image was publicly available on Google cache! Therefore steps were taken to remove the original, even though Joe’s ‘excuse’ was invalid anyhow.

Joe Moreno is not a devotee but is the main defender of all Sathya Sai matters  The major and unrepentant infringer of copyright - countless photos of critics and texts of mine - rails at length about ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason is rather desperate to hide away.

Joe Moreno is not a devotee but is the main defender of all Sathya Sai matters The major and unrepentant infringer of copyright – countless photos of critics and texts of mine – rails at length about ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason is rather desperate to hide away.

Gerald Moreno has lost whatever tenuous grip he might have had on facts. The implication that I – rather than him – am a “thief” after the removal of an image of my son and I, is quite stunning. Further, that it is me – and not himself – who “likes anonymity and the dark” is another of the many self-defeating blunders Moreno increasingly makes in his careless knee-jerk tit-for-tat tirades. I remind that I have posted many web pages which detail my own history and many personal details, my addresses, photos, biographical details and web pages recounting many of my experiences and interpretations. I have published several books – including ‘Source of the Dream’ which contains a photo of me inside and – in the Indian Sai Towers Publishing edition (2000) – there is a large photo of myself filling the back cover. So I can hardly be accused of “seeking anonymity and the dark”. However, it is Moreno who so wants to hide his face from the public as he once tried to hide among the hundreds of other Gerald Morenos in the United Sates. But his location, address and other details were eventually found by helpers of the exposé (see more on this here sathyasaibaba in the shadows).

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Gerald Moreno rants about pictures on-line

Posted by robertpriddy on May 4, 2009

From Gerald Moreno’s web log

Gerald Moreno wants to see photos of many former ex-devotees on-line. Why? Because he wants to use more of them to promote his hate-filled blogs and web pages to promote Sathya Sai Baba and his organization through images which Google will register, thus making his pages more prominent on the image listings. His use of bold text indicates his state of mind. Gerald Moreno makes a wilful false statement about my images… he well know that I posted two images of myself together with V.K. Narasimhan on my websites at least 8 years ago. On his ‘Robert Priddy deception’ pages [long since deleted by him]  he even accused me of having illegally posted those images because they infringed the rights of Narasimhan! The images in question are my copyright.

Why does Joe Moreno complain that the image of me which appears top left of this blogsite is a “very small thumbnail-sized picture”? What’s the big deal… why does Joe want bigger ones? So he can distort them more thoroughly?

Moreno has posted another image of me found by him elsewhere on the web – and he surely is aware that several other images of my are available – I can count 6 more just offhand – some at websites I know he has carefully trawled because he has also taken materials which infringe my copyright.

After he had for years posted copyrighted photos of many ex-devotees – and has deformed their faces or bodies to smear them disgustingly – some critics eventually responded by posting his image (not deforming it). It is clear that Gerald Moreno wants not to be recognised, and one can very well understand why he feels that a liability.  Of the supposed millions of Sai devotees, the overwhelming majority would reject him and his works as entirely against their values and those preached by of Sathya Sai Baba. Any who do not must be the worst dross of the Sai movement.

Joe Moreno is not a devotee but is the main defender of all Sathya  Sai matters  The major and unrepentant infringer of copyright -  countless photos of critics and texts of mine - rails at length about  ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason is rather desperate to hide  away.

Sathya Sai Baba – he says, but

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Joe Moreno – massive internet abuse

Posted by robertpriddy on April 14, 2009

Joe Moreno – a person (without even a college degree) who promoted himself as a ‘researcher’  and who carefully tried to cover his own tracks – spent 5 years or more employed

His last 6 years of life were spent in defending full time Sathya Sai Baba and his Organization at great length against revelations from me and many others, as well as harassing dissidents of several other gurus including Ramana Maharshi, Amma and more. He attacked me  over contrived issues and trivialities also abusing my copyright to a vast extent – posting a whole website of mine and many pages from my writings without permission.(Incidentally, he died in June 2010 aged only 39). In his typical tit-for-tat automatic counter-accusations, he claimed that it was I who was an internet abuser, not he! The record speaks entirely otherwise.

Moreno tried to stamp me as a Hitler [ writing “Heil Priddy”], and widely supported his co-worker – the insufferable name-caller, Lisa de Witt, who wrote that I am a fascist, a pervert, an alcoholic, a liar and a “bozo” etc., and who also promoted the idea already years ago that I was dying of AIDS. However, Lisa de Witt actually claims hypocritically to promote love, to be a “healer” and one who channels visions of Jesus, Shirdi Sai Baba and so on!  Nor am I (see here) a person of “colossal ignorance” (see here), as Moreno wrote, with much other unfounded derogation in that vein.

One of his sophistic distortions was that Barry Pittard and I are “cult leaders”. How droll, for it is not us who are heads of any kind of cult, we are apostates from the global religious personality cult Moreno so dirtily defends. Some prominent professional persons who are ex-devotees joined together, including us, to form the JuST group for the purpose of launching   a petition to try to bring Sai Baba and his organization to justice. That – apart from some letters signed by its working committee – is the extent of it. Since we stood forth for the truth about Sathya Sai Baba, over a thousand disaffected followers have contacted us with their stories, knowing that we can be relied on for 100% confidentiality when asked. These are individuals, not a group or cult of any kind.

Moreno’s claims and assertions are a rats’ nest of contradictions, for example, he claimed to have no association whatever with the Sathya Sai Organization yet defended it at every step, but how could he possibly have been in a position to know that it is not exactly as I have described it after nearly 2 decades as a national leader? He is fed propaganda about it, which he posts on his website using the name ‘Sathya Sai Baba’ – Love, Light & Spirituality. It took me and others who had worked for that organization for decades a very long time to penetrate the layers of outright deceit that I found nearly all of its higher office-bearers to be involved in (I was never such a higher office-bearer, since Norway had a very small number of members – less than 20 – and now this number has sunk close to nil).

insidiously, Joe Moreno called me ‘a blatant liar’ many times, obviously without any tangible proof because I can assure all that I never lie. He is fond of childish name-calling and smearing through labeling: egs. he accused me of being a “fundamentalist Christian” (I am 100% agnostic!), an associate of known perverts but only because I support the cogent and very well-informed arguments concerning Sai Baba by an Indian ex-devotee who Moreno claimed – in his massive stalking campaign to ruin that person’s reputation – to have exposed as a “pervert”- including through infamous postings made by Moreno to support his hate agenda on pornography sites – see list of them here).

Why the Sathya Sai Baba Organization is a cult documented

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Copyright infringements by sathyasaibaba

Posted by robertpriddy on April 3, 2009


MORENO IS FORCED TO REMOVE STOLEN MATERIALS – his ignorant claim that I had “drug-induced hallucinations” is false

MORENO WAS FORCED TO REMOVE STOLEN MATERIALS (see copy of notice of infringement from wordpress). The emotional Mr. Moreno called me a “thief” because my website used some meta-tags borrowed from his – but meta-tags are common property, not copyrighted, for they are available to anyone! A helper of mine at that time tried out some of his meta-tags to see if they were useful, but later
I removed them as ineffective.

Moreno responded by posting an entire website of mine on one of his websites – the purpose being to compete on Google keywords and crowd my pages out if possible. He no doubt imagines that presence on Google compensates for his transparently deceptive and weak mudslinging. To compound his “thefts” , he then also posted new links to the same copyright materials on other blogsites he owns, and he posted more copyright materials from my published book (‘Source of the Dream’) on So much for honesty, let alone “Love, Light and Spirituality”, the misleading title of his blog, which has masses of blog pages with  his usual libels and wilfully false claims.

excerpt from Moreno's blog

excerpt from Moreno’s blog. There is more of the same there as usual.

Copyright hypocrisy by Moreno In one of his countless attacks on me – Moreno accuses me of what he has himself done, to remove biographical materials from his website. He does not at all know what I “feel” or why I removed mine, only what he wants to believe is fact (his common trait)!  I removed some articles I had written on a website of mine before 1990 because at the time I had only 20Mb space on the server I was using. Facts about my LSD-25 experience is posted in revised form with appropriate comments at The Psychedelic Experience and its effect on my life by Robert Priddy. I have posted masses of biographical information so readers may find out all about me. For example, see this index of my many personal pages here and read about my involvement in the Sai Baba exposee  here, Meanwhile I suspect that Moreno, will most likely continue to suppress all details he has removed about himself. He tells a little as possible about himself, his motives and nothing about his background.

Yet another false assumption by Moreno Last year, my wife decided that Moreno’s use of my otherwise unavailable articles in the sole attempt to defame me and through argumentum ad hominem try fallaciously to cast doubt on my credibility (and even my sanity) was unfair, so she lodged complaints about this, which were independently forwarded to Google, lunarpages etc. I only put my physical signature to the document required. So Moreno made more (typical) false assumptions and presented them as solid fact. And he claims to be doing “research”! All he does is trawl the Internet and its archives.

On LSD-25 and alleged “drug-induced hallucinations” Moreno makes false assumptions in dismissing LSD-25 experiences merely as induced hallucinations – it is very far from being so simple. Hallucinations can occur as a result of LSD, but they did not in my case. I was a student interested in psychiatry and psychology and my dose of LSD-25 was actually provided by the Norwegian Minister of Health explicitly for experimental purposes!  Only one who has experienced it can have any idea at all of what inner clarity and scope of the mind may be released, if one is well-balanced and fortunate in the circumstances. In that I was in company with many well-known writers and hands-on researchers on the subject (egs. Aldous Huxley, Gerald Heard, Professor Susan Blackmore etc. ) The dangers are considerable for borderline psychotics and others, so experiments are definitely not to be recommended to the public.

Incidentally, Moreno’s server [] refuses to accommodate the U.S. Digital Millenium Act in removing proved copyright materials from their web clients’ Moreno’s pages, and he has very many of mine there… he has in fact posted a whole website of mine since my complaint.

Only now am I posting these responses for the record so as not to leave entirely unanswered Moreno’s fanatical harassment and overweening ‘whining’ (a favourite put-down of his against critics of Sai Baba,  along with ‘blathering’) Let readers decide whom these adjectives best fit.

Action: Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno

Diversionary Tactics by an Internet Demagogue. The pro-Sathya Sai Baba Campaign of Gerald (‘Joe’) Moreno

Robert Priddy’s book ‘Source of the Dream’ and ‘End of the Dream

Please note: Having looked more closely at the web pages on LSD-25 I had first linked to here I found them partly very misleading and that there was an overall bias towards possibly dangerous viewpoints, though there was also nonetheless a good deal of accurate historical and other materials in them and/or linked to them.  As a whole those pages do not represent my standpoint, therefore the link is deleted. 

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