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Ganapathy Raju (Sai Baba’s cousin): Serious complaint about Ratnakar, Prashanthi Nilayam

Posted by robertpriddy on March 10, 2019

Sathya Sai Baba’s cousin Ganapathy Raju went public with serious complaints about the Prashanthi takeover by Ratnakar, but the only reports we got were watered down briefs from online newspapers.

Below is his original e-mail that he no doubt distributed widely, which includes several attached, important and very detailed documents! However no one seems to have made any of the valuable documents public, as he had perhaps hoped.

—– Original Message —–
From: Ganapathy Raju
To: Ganapathy Raju
Sent: Friday, June 28, 2013 12:29 PM
Subject: Fwd: Sub: Request to join hands in bringing back the past and lost Glory of Bhagawan’s Empire from the culprit trustees who are not functioning as trustee but, as day time robbers.

Dear Sai Community,
It is high time that, culprits be punished and the need of an hour is to seek CBI enquiry on to the health and treatment to Bhagawan given in detail. The devotees need to know the exact date and time of Bhagawan left us physically. The issue of which is still mystery.
The recent cyber crime enquiry (the details attached herewith reveals) the kind of trustees we have in Great Sathya Sai Central Trust, who looked innocents during Bhagawan’s presence.

We need all the culprits to payback all that, they have stolen with interest and be terminated from the trusteeship without further loss of time.
Also please find few of the attachments which throw light on the atrocities of the culprit trustees. There is an enquiry on cyber crime committed by one of the trustees who claimed to be a family member of Sathya Sai Baba. In this name, this culprit’s unlimited atrocities have been attached for your immediate reference and request you all not to give any importance to such culprit in the trust.

There was a police enquiry on money shifting by Ratnakar and Srinivasan, Governor’s order into trustees illegal land grabbing and many other issues, another enquiry on Cyber crime committed by one of the trustees.  I appealed to senior trustees several times but, no action has been taken by them. This amounts to say either they too have joined hands with the culprits or they are not capable to handle the culprits. When they cannot handle them effectively, it is better they resign and make way for students to run the trust with utmost responsibility.

Till date Ms.Meena Kumari is dictating terms in the trust’s administration by using car belongs to the trust with fuel and driver’s  salary along with many such facilities at the cost of devotees contributions shamelessly. Please let us all know on what capacity she is doing so.
If, no action against culprit trustees is taken in a week’s time, I shall go for a vast campaign and press meet all over the country giving full details with several evidences on these culprits. At least these culprits should have resigned owing to the police enquiries, Governor’s order to enquire into the illegal activities, and cyber crime investigations.

Do we still call them trustees? Or day time robbers! Who are indulging in many atrocities till date? Also I would appeal to IT, and Finance department to withdraw 80G and FCR facilities for being misused of the act by these culprit trustees and for severe violations of the act.

I would have no further complaints if, the culprits are removed and replaced by Swami’s students under able guidance like Sri.Chakravarthi.
If no trace of action found like in the past, I would go ahead with my task even if it costs me my life. If the readers of this mail are true devotees, please think over to it before Bhagawan’s Empire is fully damaged.

I strongly feel Bhagawan is looking for someone to shoulder the responsibility of reforming the trust from the present situation like Krishna getting it done through Arjuna and Bhima, Rama with the assistance of Hanuman and Lord Shiva through Karthikeya. We should not be thinking that, HE would take care of HIS Empire. He is testing us all that, what would be the action/responsibility of His devotees under this situation.

Sai Ram,
M.Ganapathy Raju.
First cousin of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba,























Ex-devotees have confirmed the bit about Ratnakar taking over the cable network in Puttaparthi. One of my informants had cable TV but only a few general channels came in, and all the non-partial Indian news stations that spoke out against Sai Baba were excluded. The TV screen going black on several occasions when something negative about Parthi was being reported, so the network was under very sophisticated control.

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Asaram Bapu: major breakthrough in case

Posted by robertpriddy on April 6, 2016



‘Killed Asaram Bapu’s doctor as he was blackmailing’ Asaram Bapu’s alleged henchman Kartik Haldar on Tuesday said he killed the self-styled godman’s personal doctor, one of the three key witnesses in rape cases against the jailed religious leader, because he blackmailed him and demanded a huge amount of money to keep mum.

Asaram rape case: Girl’s father gets threat Days after a sharpshooter who is suspected to have killed 3 witnesses in Asaram cases was nabbed, the father of a girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the self-styled godman has claimed to have received threats asking him to withdraw the case.

Asaram rape case: Victim’s father gets threat calls Days after a sharp shooter who killed 3 witnesses in Asaram cases was nabbed, father of the girl, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by Asaram Bapu , has been threatened by an unidentified person to withdraw the case or face dire consequences.

Asaram Bapu hatched conspiracy to kill witnesses: Arrested shooter to police In more trouble for controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, Kartik Haldar, who is suspected to have shot dead three key witnesses in rape cases filed against the religious leader, has told the police that the murders were committed on Asaram’s behest, a report said on Wednesday.

Breakthrough: Sharp shooter who killed 3 witnesses in Asaram rape cases arrested by Gujarat ATS In a major breakthrough, self-styled godman Asaram Bapu’s alleged henchman, suspected to have shot dead three key witnesses in rape cases filed against the religious leader, has been arrested by Anti-Terrorism Squad of Gujarat.

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Sathya Sai Baba explains water scarcity cause

Posted by robertpriddy on March 22, 2011

“Divine resolve is always true resolve. Remember there is nothing that divine power cannot accomplish. It can transmute earth into sky and sky into earth. To doubt this is to prove that you are too weak to grasp great things, the grandeur of the universe.” (43rd birthday Discourse, 23 November 1968)

K. Chackravathy, former head of Rayalaseema Drinking Water Project, subsequent head of Prashanthi Nilayam ashram. Formerly dismissed from Government post for embezzlement.

Incompetence and corruption of entrepreneurs beyond Sai Baba’s omnipotent control?
The Rayalaseema drinking water project was financed by donations from followers of Sathya Sai Baba and began in 1996.  Only in a fraction of the villages where it was supposed to be installed, leading to many disturbances by divers villagers in the Rayalaseema area variously reported in the local press. The water was very unevenly distributed, with the Prashanthi Nilayam ashram being a main beneficiary. All that is carefully suppressed by the Sathya Sai authorities in their lavish hand-outs and web pages praising the project to heaven. Nonetheless, this has done a lot of good to some villagers. Already in 1996, the Sathya Sai Rayalaseema Water Project was shown to be failing considerably due to unforeseen natural circumstances, as the report from Andhra Pradesh Regional News Network showed. Further, he had not predicted – nor miraculously altered – what proved to be a drastically sinking water table nor did he have any effect on flawed engineering plans or the many corrupt entrepreneurs involved! Sai Baba proclaimed that he has come to restore Sathya  (truth) and Dharma (righteousness)  – and he promised he wouldn’t travel abroad until everything was cleared up in India. Those who believe in his words and accept that water scarcity is due to decline of Sathya and Dharma will have to realize eventually that his mission has hardly made any progress in India, far less in the world.

The water projects in Rayalaseema, Andhra Pradesh, Medak and Mahabubnagar, and the canal repair for Chennai financed by followers of Sathya Sai Baba and named after him are no doubt admirable for those who suffer water shortages and now receive more than before. Much was achieved, while much went wrong, and no one connected with Sathya Sai Baba is allowed to mention anything negative about these projects, which are widely promoted as ‘Divine Miracles’. This article is therefore simply to help correct some of this totally one-sided propaganda. I repeat, this is not to denigrate the good intentions of those who donated (including myself!) nor whatever positive results have been achieved.  Rather, it is simply to counterbalance the mendacious aspects of Sai Baba projects and what most of the Indian media have become afraid to publish concerning anything critical of what government-protected Sathya Sai Baba says or does and so contributes to many public misconceptions. It is carefully covered up that Puttaparthi has since the project began been experiencing severe water problems, despite the ‘Divine Avatar’ promises and claims of infallibility (see Sathya Sai Baba – insider report)

Further, these Sai water projects do not compare in size or cost with the truly huge water projects carried out by the authorities in the same region (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu). The running of the Rayalaseema water project had to be handed over to the AP Government due to maintenance problems etc. All this is a rather poor showing for an omnipotent avatar whose mission is no less than to transform humanity, is it not?

Illustrating the absurd simplicity of Sai Baba’s claims and the short-sightedness of his project in view of the actual problems and limitation concerning water in Andhra Pradesh and adjacent regions, Serguei Badaev – former President of the Moscow Sathya Sai Centre of Russia wrote:-

A press release from the Worldwatch Institute (September 23, 1999) states: “As world population approaches 6 billion on October 12, water tables are falling on every continent, major rivers are drained dry before
they reach the sea and millions of people lack enough water to satisfy basic needs.”  In India the situation is very serious due to its vast arid areas and increasing population. Scarcity of water is a part of a global environmental
crisis and is of utmost importance for the humanity survival. The Financial Express (India) has written: “According to the ministry of water resources, ground water level in 16 states dipped to more than four metres in the period 1981-2000”., while according to a BBC correspondent “Water shortages are likely to emerge as the major environmental challenge for India in the new millennium.”

Sathya Sai Baba (SSB) has proclaimed himself a Supreme Incarnation of God (Purna Avatar) who is omniscient (all-knowing) and has come to save humanity. It is quite interesting to see what his explanation of the water deficit problem is. The following arehis words from his discourse of 6th May 2000.– “Why does water scarcity arise? When there is a decline in Sathya (Truth) and Dharma (Righteousness), the level of water in the earth also declines. As compassion and love have diminished in human heart, water has become scarce. This problem is not due divine fury as some people may imagine. It is because of the rise in evil qualities in man. If people strictly adhere to the path of truth and righteousness, there will never be water scarcity.” (Sanathana Sarathi, v.43, June 2000, #6, p.165)
Applying this to the real situation in India and especially in Andhra Pradesh, where SSB lives, it sounds as an inexcusable oversimplification. Below are some causes which are mentioned by specialists in various publications. It is clear that water scarcity is a complex problem and simplistic approaches to solve it cannot be effective.

1) Population growth followed by increased water consumption “In India…the pumping of underground water is now estimated to be double the rate of aquifer recharge from rainfall. The International Water Management Institute, the world’s premier water research group, estimates that India’s grain harvest could be reduced by up to one fourth as a result of aquifer depletion. In a country adding 18 million people per year, this is not good news.” (Lester R. Brown and Brian Halweil POPULATIONS OUTRUNNING WATER SUPPLY AS WORLD HITS 6 BILLION

2) Over exploitation of the ground water “One of the biggest hurdles in addressing the problems related to ground water shortage is that replenishment of groundwater and augmentation of water supplies is primarily the state government’s responsibility. Ground water exploitation has gone unchecked over the last decade which has now forced the Central Ground Water Authority to advise the state governments to take measures to check over-exploitation of ground water”.

3) Disputes and irregularities in sharing water of the rivers going through neighbouring states “The last few months have witnessed highly tense relations between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu over the release of water for saving the paddy crops in the Cauvery delta in the latter. … Such problems are not confined to these two States alone. There are problems between Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and the like. It is not unusual to see the occurrence of severe drought in some parts of the country, while certain other parts are ravaged by floods.

It is time the policy-makers think of a permanent solution to this problem which has become as perennial as the Himalayan rivers. The only tangible solution lies in creating the required infrastructure to divert the surplus waters available in one part of the country to the deficit areas.”( THE HINDU, Tuesday, Oct 08, 2002)(see also THE HINDU, Sunday, Oct 13, 2002).
4) Urbanisation and industrialisation
“In addition to population growth, urbanisation and industrialisation also expand the demand for water. As developing country villagers, traditionally reliant on the village well, move to urban high-rise apartment buildings with indoor plumbing, their residential water use can easily triple. Industrialisation takes even more water than urbanisation.” and ” In the increasingly intense competition for water among sectors, agriculture almost always loses. The 1,000 tons of water used in India to produce one ton of wheat worth perhaps $200 (Rs. 10,000) can also be used to expand industrial output by $10,000 (Rs. 5,00,000), or 50 times as much. This ratio helps explain why, in the American West, the sale of irrigation water rights by farmers to cities is an almost daily occurrence.” (THE HINDU, Sunday, August 05, 2001)

5) Increasing water pollution “The most common method of disposal of solid municipal waste in India is by deposition in landfills. In order to minimise the impact of such landfills on groundwater quality and the environment in general it is necessary to properly design and build these facilities to prevent pollution and put in place strict management controls to ensure they are operated correctly. Unfortunately this is rarely done as few towns and industries in the country make the necessary effort to ensure thattheir solid waste is treated or disposed of in a proper manner. The principal threat to groundwater comes from inadequately controlled landfills where leachate generated from the fill material is allowed to escape to the surrounding and underlying ground. The chemical composition of such leachate depends on the nature and age of the landfill and the leaching rate. Most leachates emanating from municipal solid wastes are not only high in organic content but also contain some toxic material. Leachates from solid wastes of industrial origin, however, often contain a much higher proportion of toxic constituents, such as metals and organic pollutants.” Here are mentioned a few things that are essential in water shortage problems in India. Among others are deforestation, and lack of rainfall conservation activity (see e.g. Quite often simple and effective solutions are overlooked and very expensive irrigation projects are implemented instead.

“They have continued to overlook simple and effective methods like a series of small water storage tanks, the recharging of village wells whose water percolates the ground and replenishes underground reservoirs for drinking and irrigation purposes. Over the years, however, traditional storage tanks and ponds have silted and dried up. In Andhra Pradesh alone, a majority of the 52,000 water tanks have more or less silted up.”

From the examples above it is clear that, though the water scarcity problem has an ethical dimension, it is very complicated and includes interrelated economic, sociological, geographical and political aspects.

See also:-

Sathya Sai Baba Drinking Water Project

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Email Correspondence with ARORA, VISHAL

Posted by robertpriddy on September 23, 2010

As part of his researches, Vishal Arora contacted both Sathya Sai Baba proponents and dissidents. As his article shows with all clarity, he was unable to penetrate the wall of silence and propaganda that surrounds all Sathya Sai Baba and all his officials and ashram people. Gerald Moreno went straight into an offensive to try to pressure Arora into acting as his mouthpiece, which failed dismally, of course. As is his wont, Moreno speculated over why I was not on-line for two weeks in the month or so prior to Arora’s article’s, implying that I was in India meeting him. Far from it, I was travelling in the Western hemisphere only.

In fact, Moreno is extremely frustrated by the fact that no serious journalist or researcher will take any notice of what he writes, not as soon as they read his diatribes and falsifications. He was rejected by journalists in USA and one in Norway (at Aftenposten, who contacted me after an e-mail exchange with him which gave her the right picture well enough. She thought he was childish! Moreno wrote back to her that he was “very disappointed”!). He was up in arms over Tulasi Srinivas, who mentioned –  sometimes inaccurately and with much censorship of our evidence – the researches of Brian Steel, Barry Pittard and myself… but gave Moreno’s conspiracies the cold shoulder altogether. He has also been given the cold shoulder by my friend and colleague, Erlendur Haraldsson (in psychological and para-psychological matters), who simply mailed back to the mischievous Moreno how we are old friends. Everything I wrote about Haraldsson on my web pages is true (my wife can attest to the content of many conversations about Sai Baba’s egomania etc. he and I had). Of course, I have the proof of my various claims about his opinions in Haraldsson’s own e-mails to me, of which I have at least 50.

Thus, Vishal Arora was no doubt drawn more and more into a sceptical attitude regarding Sathya Sai Baba by Moreno’s phoney friendly advances, though he did not communicate much with the sceptics. He e-mailed me on the advice of the dissident Serguei Badaev, former Sathya Sai Organization President in Moscow, quoting him as follows:-
“We are continually being persecuted by various Sai Baba supporters, not least by Murali Krishna Yachendra… related to a most prominent Sai Baba follower in India. I have, for example, received a public death threat not so long ago too.” To this I replied:-

Subject: Re: About Sai Baba
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 15:41:19 +0200

Dear Mr. Vishal Arora,
Thank you for contacting me!
I was the national leader of the Sathya Sai Centre in Oslo and contact person for the national Organization for most of 18 years in Norway until 2000.
As to the death threat I received, it was sent as a comment to my wordpress blog and can be viewed below the blog at
After receiving that threat, I reported it to the Oslo Police. Due to lack of resources and the fact that the threat was made from the USA, the police decided they could not pursue the matter. WordPress provide the IP and e-mail address given. This was as follows:-

sathya88 – –   –  2008/11/26 at 1:08 am
Robert Priddy,
You are son of a Bastard for sure I can tell you that. Sai Baba is god and his devotees love to see him on the golden chariot. If even swamy doesnot want golden things we want him to see majestically. If you come in front of me I will kill you man mohan

I tracked down the geo location to the USA. It is in San Diego, California. I replied to the e-mail with the warning that it was reported to the police. If you search Google for the e0-mail in question you now find several entries, including the phone number of mohan (he runs San Diego boats and his phone no. is 858 587 4829 !! I have not contacted him. (Since I did not know this, perhaps I should report him to his local police… I have not considered that before.)
He also has a profile at the following web address:
If you consider it o.k. to contact him, please inform me what result you may get.
In case you do not know of my long involvement etc. with Sathya Sai Baba and why I eventually joined the the exposure of him, please visit my main website at There I have documented a massive amount of material concerning him, which I guarantee is completely truthful and true as far as my knowledge reaches.

Murali Krishna Yachendra (former teacher at Sathya Sai College and an insider at Prashanthi Nilayam) is the grandson of the Raja of Venkatagiri and his case is an interesting one. The entire matter is documented in a book published by Skeptic Book Club (Basava Premanand) entitled “Sabotage by Murali Krishna Yachendra” in which the countless e-mail exchanges between him and expose activists is printed. An extremely revealing attempt to confound activists…but it was foiled. Premanand lodged a complaint to the police (see attached scan) and the District Collector – without result!! See a resume of the matter and document scans etc. at

Scan of mail sent by Basava Premanand to Nellore Police reporting death threat from Mohan88

As to the question of persecution by Sai Baba activists, there is a catalogue of such things. Firstly the victims of sex abuse and their families have been persecuted through their social networks, employment etc.(according to many highly confidential e-mails I have received – I cannot release this information since numerous murders in India have been recorded – many by B. Premanand, but – of course – the execution in cold blood of four devotees in June 1993. The subsequent CBI investigation was hindered then finally quashed from top governmental level just before the result was pending! This can be verified on-line from numerous reports – not least in the BBC Interview with V.P.B. Nair – Former Home Secretary of Andhra Pradesh State at

Then there is a massive internet campaign, much of it by Sai admirer Gerald Joe Moreno of Las Cruces, New Mexico, but also by numerous others… including hundreds of bulletin board libels, lies and personal attacks etc. on over a hundred persons who have spoken out about the sex abuses and similar instances of criminal events connected to Sathya Sai Baba and/or his institutions.

Please feel free to pose any questions you may have… and you are free to print anything which I have stated here, also anything on my main website or my main blog at

Thanking you for your interest,
Robert Priddy

Arora’s replied to me only briefly. He did not use any of my materials as such, though his opinions are very much in line with my own, it turned out. He asked how he might contact the Rahms, Lisa Tice and Hari Sampath, on which I informed him.
The result I later saw was as follows:-

Vishal Arora reports on the Rahm family, Hari Sampath etc.

As to alleged “Screen-cap fraud”: Gerald Moreno accuses others who are innocent of fraud – who have never changed a single word of what has been recorded from the internet, of that which he is guilty himself! He has nothing whatever substantive to charge me with, so he descends to hair-splitting matters about difference in colour and contrast, arrangement of information etc. as being ‘fraudulent’. His one aim is to have as many accusations on-line as possible, which seem at first glance to surfers to be something. On closer inspection he is seen to be a fanatical obsessive hate promoter. Further, he has frequently left out very significant words in his ‘quotations’ of Basava Premanand and in some of his otherwise also heavily-biased and selective presentations of what I have written.
See Gross fraudulence: Gerald Moreno tries to ridicule Robert Priddy and Gerald Moreno: absurd screencap fraud claims contra Priddy

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Vishal Arora Indian journalist exposes Sathya Sai Baba 

Posted by robertpriddy on September 20, 2010

‘The Caravan’ Magazine on Sathya Sai Baba by independent investigative journalist Vishal Arora states:-

Sathya Sai Baba bedroom murders summarized by Vishal Arora, independent Indian journalist

As Arora found out, there is a most powerful and widely extended cadre of Sathya Sai Baba worshippers in power in India, most of whom having been outspoken as worshipping devotees for many years. Prestige, favours, money and, above all, the fear or ridicule for having been so thoroughly taken in by a widely accused pedophile and accomplice to murder of his own devotees is a powerful factor in their continued fear (and blocking) of investigations of any kind into Sathya Sai Baba. Vishal Arora writes:-
There is no lack of powerful, high-profile people cutting across political parties and spheres, professing their faith in Sai Baba.
Justice PN Bhagwati, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India in 1985 and 1986, calls him “divinity incarnate” in Baba is God in Human Form: Experiences of Divinity of Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. In the same book, Shivraj Vishwanath Patil, currently Governor of Punjab and former Union Home Minister, says, “He is the knowledge; He is the wisdom personified.” Shankarrao Bhavrao Chavan, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra for two terms and former Union Home and Finance Minister, says he has “no hesitation in saying, whatever position and status I have is purely because of Bhagwan’s blessings.”
And further:-
Famous Indian laywer Kamini Jaiswal spoke to Vishal Arora about the blank refusal of the Supreme Court Petition against Sathya Sai Baba.

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‘The Pioneer’ report on the Sathya Sai Baba bedroom murder case

Posted by robertpriddy on July 7, 2010

The Pioneer, New Delhi 10-6-1993

Comment: One sees here again the most doubtful role of the Puttaparthi police in this whole episode, which is why the investigation was soon taken entirely out of their hands and given to the CBI, which worked on the case effectively, Before the report was due, the two main officers conducting the investigation were suddenly posted away somewhere else… one can easily figure the reason. Because not log after that, the entire official investigation was quashed (by Home Minister S.B. Chavan with the endorsement of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, both of whom visited Sathya Sai Baba regularly, especially after the murders! For back-up documentation of all this, see:-
See overview of the bedroom murders and more links

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Sathya Sai Baba exposed by German person

Posted by robertpriddy on July 1, 2010

The dispute over the divinity of Sathya Sai Baba

No master of the Indian kind has aroused so much hope and expectation in such large crowds of people as has Sai Baba. With his “miracles” – materializations staged before thousands of supporters,- he binds in the psyche of the believing masses. The religious experiences can be impressive when so much captured spiritual energy and healing force from around him may be going on. Sai Baba is an authority for tens of thousands.

Probably, but no other master has disappointed so abysmally those who came to him, as seen in the report compiled by Faye and David Bailey – “The Findings”. The Bailey couple glorified Sai Baba in their earlier books. They later suffered traumatic experiences, and after many conversations with people who did so too, they collected reports and observations of the disillusioned. Their reports document harrowing experiences of the many victims who had thought they had “found God” – after a life of unquestioning devotion to that they were cheated.

The love of Sai Baba was rejected by most dissidents due to observation that Sai Baba’s “miracles” are pretty unprofessional tricks. From a distance, the trick difficult or impossible be to see  – as I experienced too.  The throng of the faithful wonder at every so-called materialization and acknowledge all the ashes created from nothing with applause. Many who get close to him  that he seem to see him to create ash from nothing (from his right hand). However, he clearly carries the ash in pill form in his left hand from which the. The ashes “materialise”.

What weighs heavier for devout disciples than these tricks are reports of the meeting with Sai Baba by some young male followers, who have told their own personal experiences. A tragic attack by former pupils of Sathya Sai Baba’s college in 1993 led to criticism by political observers who discussed Sai Baba’s ritual of ‘anointing’  of young men, relating it to homosexual inclinations. More recently, reports of sexual abuse by Western and Indian students of Sai Baba provided a broad documentation of the degradation and disappointment.  Western observers’ critical question is, why was Sathya Sai Baba not convicted by Indian courts.

While the management at Sai Baba so far managed to go a long way towards silencing some of the disaffected, the abused have  since begun to organize. Despite their heavy accusations tens of thousands still believe in the divinity of their Master, of his super-human and divine qualities and his miracles which they compare with the miracles of Jesus. Christians reject this comparison. The miracles of Jesus do not remind of the kind of circus where Sai Baba performs miracles almost to entertain the masses while Jesus would have done so for the relief of distressing hardships. All these objections contest the claim of Sai Baba to be the authoritative divine incarnation of our time. But they do not diminish the feeling of success  in Puttaparthi:  Sai Baba is still rallying an army of idealistic-minded and self-sacrificing people who really want only one thing: an encounter with God. But, given the present evidence, how long – we ask ourselves –  will it take to break down their hopes and expectations under the weight of the accusations?

Georg Schmid, 2000

The above is translated/abstracted from the German text at:

Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization
View ex-follower signatures

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Nityananda sex scandal compounded by his lies and deceits

Posted by robertpriddy on March 13, 2010

New Delhi: Self-styled godman Nityananda Swami, who was caught in sleazy video footage, on Saturday said the video was morphed and manipulated to misrepresent his personal life but did not deny his images with actress Ranjita in the film.

“There is a lot of misrepresentation, manipulation, conspiracy and morphing. We are working which part is recorded in a conspired way, which part is morphed, which part is misrepresented,” Swami told Times Now news channel.

The video is clearly a true representation, it can be seen as such – even though it was put together from several sequences. He is unable to tell which is morphed and which is not, but he knows what he did and when, surely? Is this not just a ploy to buy time until some bogus explanation can be found from somewhere? But for him not to challenge the video would mean a yet more complete loss of followers and his entire guru business. Let us examine what else he said:-

I have not done anything illegal: Nityananda He said the girl in the video was his devotee and she was taking care of him when he was ill. “She was serving me for a long time. She was volunteering and serving me and taking care of me when I was sick for a long time. There is no denying that she was, she is and she will remain a devotee,” he said.
He said he became sick last December, when the actress volunteered and served him. He was physically unwell and was “consciously in a deep samadhi”.
Swami, who has been slapped with cases of cheating after the video footage came to light on March eight, said the video will be sent to experts to find out the portions morphed in it.

There he pulled out his fat porkie: “in deep samadhi” due to the visible fact, perhaps, that he was concentrated watching TV! Yet he also begs that he was ill while in deep samadhi!

I believe I do not have any lust. 100 per cent I am sure that I do not have any need for other person,” Swami, who is currently in Haridwar, said.

He “believes” he does not have any lust! It amounts to 100% certainty! If he needs no one else, why does he need two servitors to take care of him? Why does a person who needs no one have to have female pandering and caresses from two ladies – both clearly seen “serving” him.. Nonetheless he tries to draw the wool over the eyes of any remaining believers in him. Anyone who cannot see through this transparent web of self-deceits, lies and absurdities is in need of guidance, but not from any guru!

Swami Nityananda’s deceits are relatively harmless compared to the really major frauds and abusers of faith, among whom Sathya Sai Baba stands as the most deceitful and unaccountable of all, but who is protected to the highest levels of government and judiciary. Too many people have too much to lose if he is brought to justice… See the huge catalogue of his deceits, the history of his abuses of faith and worse, and his many untruths and vast self-contradictions documented from his own words.


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Nityananda video, lies and ‘sex allegations’

Posted by robertpriddy on March 10, 2010

“It is a big conspiracy. Images have been morphed to show that the person in the video is Swami Nityananda. He has not done anything wrong,” Swami Athmakrubananda, the official spokesperson of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, told reporters here. (from The Sisat Daily)

The Nityananda case shows us yet again how blind believers in Indian gurus will take upon themselves to lie blatantly to preserve their illusions… because now Tamil actress Ranjitha of the sex scam video has come forward and revealed that what is shown in the video was her service and her offering to Swami Nityananda (see report here). ” She said that her much loved Swami Nityananda was innocent”. Innocent of what, one wonders? She is seen to be necking with him in a sensuous manner, which – for a self-proclaimed ‘celibate’ is highly unbecoming. He stated on his video pronouncement that he has not broken any law… a very cagey statement, leading one to think that consenting sex is most likely involved. Yet he has broken faith with all those for whom he posed as a pure godman. The Times reported that the video ‘apparently’ showed “Mr. Nityananda, 32, kissing, embracing and fondling two young women in the same bedroom, but at different times.” That is most definitely NOT how ‘godmen’ guru are supposed to behave with their devotees!

Since the Nityananda video scandal broke, followers and supporters have denied that there was any truth in it, many have posted protesting his innocence etc. The BBC reported: “The Nithyananda Mission ashram released a statement branding the video “a mix of conspiracy, graphics and rumours”. But now the actress has confirmed it is Nityananda and herself in the video. As in the case of numerous other gurus, perhaps above all in the massive scams and cover-ups by and for  Sathya Sai Baba, black is easily turned into white by the indoctrinated and weak minds of those with strong dependency on belief and gurus… as soon as the black facts become known, the people of character and conscience are separated from the head-in-sand self-deceivers.

The BBC had also reported on March 4, 2010: “A group of lawyers in the city of Madras in Tamil Nadu state have also filed a police complaint accusing Mr Nithyananda of obscenity. Last week it was announced that a self-styled Hindu holy man was being investigated by police in Delhi for allegedly running a prostitution ring.” This would be breaking the law, but probably Nityananda will find fall guys if these allegations are proven. We shall also have to wait and see if the illegal presence in the ashram of  sandalwood and protected species was behind the fire that ravaged ashram premises, set by conspirators wanting to destroy evidence, as reported here

Vikram Muthanna writes very cogently about this whole matter in the Star of Mysore: No wonder it is said, “When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion, it is called religion”. But coming to Nithyananda, the beneficial aspect of this scandal is the real awakening of Nithyananda’s devotees and devotees of other such godmen. And probably the worst of all, who has escaped all sex abuse and murder cases through power politics….

Massive world-wide sexual abuse allegations reported against Sathya Sai Baba for decades
Sathya Sai Baba accomplice to the cold-blooded murders in his bedroom and its top-level cover-up, plus more

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Sathya Sai Baba: the sex abuse testimonies

Posted by robertpriddy on October 3, 2009

At least 30 young men have openly testified in public to one or another form of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba, from handling of genitals to masturbation and oral sex. Numerous others who fear for their own safety have contacted trusted dissidents in private with their accounts.

Please see the list of prominent signers of the Sai Petition or go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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Wikipedia harassment by pro-Sai Baba activists

Posted by robertpriddy on September 12, 2009

For the sake of setting the record straight concerning harassment on Wikipedia, I repost the following points from the Requests for Arbitration discussion. Note that user SSS108 is Gerald Joe Moreno, who still energetically radiates his attacks on all dissidents and critics of Sathya Sai Baba:-

Statement by M Alan Kazlev

I was a devotee of Sai Baba for more than two decades, and therefore was originally sympathetic to the arguments of SSS108, who contacted me when I had inadvertently been caught in the crossfire of the flamewar between certain followers and certain critics of SSB. Having assessed and corresponded at length with representatives of both sides (SS108 on the SSB side, and several ex-devotees regarding the side that is concerned about the allegations), as well as looking at what both sides had written, I came to the conclusion that the allegations made concerning Sai Baba are factual, but that Sai Baba is not simply a fake or con-artist. Rather he belongs to an ambiguous category in which both truth and falsehood are inextricably mixed (as explained on my website etc). I have observed that SSS108 uses tactics of slander, libel, and smear against ex-devotees in order to discredit their reports of sexual abuse by SSB. Again, this is explained on my website, with especial reference to Robert Priddy.

Once I was considered to be no longer a naive devotee of SSB, SS108 decided to try to attack me, and has a rather amusing blog dedicated to me. My only interest re the SSB page is that both sides of the argument should be presented, without bias, and there should not be censorship or bullying of any kind. This would allow the reader who is unfamiliar with this subject to come to their own conclusions. M Alan Kazlev 04:36, 22 December 2006 (UTC)———

SSS108 continues to be aggressive, abusive[44], and confrontational. —Mel Etitis (Μελ Ετητης) 10:31, 22 January 2007 (UTC)

I’ve now had to block him for harassment and incivility; his response was to make obscure and unfounded accusations against my being involved in a conflict of interest on an article that I’ve hardly touched. —Mel Etitis (Talk) 09:16, 15 February 2007 (UTC)

Statement on Wikipedia by ProEdits  (Robert Priddy)

SSS108 has consistently used Wikipedia pages to attempt to defame me and attack me, my statements and biography in apparently any way he can devise (such as on the Robert Priddy talk page), constantly calling me ‘a liar’ see User_talk: and a blatant one also without any reliable independent evidence on Wikipedia or elsewhere. This is obvious to me, of course, because I have never lied in any of my writings, which means consciously to tell something one knows or firmly believes to be untrue. Neither SSS108 nor FreeLanceResearch (Lisa de Witt) can show that I have ‘lied’ or that I am ‘a liar’.  I have recently reaffirmed the opinion that Sai Baba is SSS108s guru, which he repeatedly writes is ‘a lie’. It is not a lie but a matter of definition, and the facts speak loud to favour my interpretation, that SSS108s apparent full-time defence throughout Wikipedia and the Internet of Sathya Sai, his organisation and almost anyone who is a devotee (for several years even while he admitted on his own website he believed him to be a sexual abuser!)

One example; on my talk page SSS108 has concocted a proposition that there was a “million dollar legal suit against Robert Priddy” [45] . No lawsuit has ever been filed against me, nor even have I received any such claim from anyone, neither from Rebello, let alone any lawyer. May I say in this connection that the same Rebello, who wears the title ‘Dr.’ has been reported by FreeLanceResearch as saying some years ago that I am dying of AIDS [46], though I have never had AIDS and nor has Rebello ever even seen me (COMMENT inserted today: some ‘doctor’ – merely a doctor of homeopathy! No doubt a fraudulent claimant to any medical degree). His claim of a million dollar lawsuit falls into the same category of statement! This is the kind of tactic SSS108 uses against me on a major scale (ADDITION today: claiming that I was threatened with a lawsuit, which I never was. It was the free web server he threatened, who decided it was not worth the battle, not surprisingly).

Further, SSS108 refers to matters external to Wikipedia in that he asserts on my talk page and elsewhere that I have had 6 websites deleted for defamation, but the webmasters or ISPs involved in my discontinued free website space have never informed that there was any defamation by me, or I would certainly have reacted. Moreover, there is no material I have posted against Sai Baba which is not still found on other of my websites, where I have gradually collected all other ‘stray materials’ from former web pages. SSS108 falsely claims (i.e without any public evidence) that a website ‘ ‘was mine, but it must have been made by someone else as I never made it (see Google). I can only think it was an attempt at further defamation of me by one of my most active critics, as also was the porn site entry of one of my URLs (as if I would pay to enter my own URL there! (See on Google), which SSS108 has publicised widely on the web with screen captures as part of his dirty tricks campaign.Because I truthfully and most successfully criticise Sathya Sai Baba on grounds that no one has been able to prove untrue in any detail and not therefore either defamatory or libellous.

SSS108 is wiki-stalking [47] various critics of Sathya Sai Baba. For example, SSS108 followed me to the ‘Arne Næss’ Wiki page [48], where – having taught some of Næss’ philosophy for many years – I made an entry which was admittedly original research. I was not then aware of the policy of Wikipedia on original research. SSS108 Wiki-stalked me to that page and deleted my contribution (but it was reinstated by another editor). SSS108 also stalked me by adding links to his [highly slanderous] web pages about me onto my personal Wiki page 1 (which he was virtually forced to remove when he learned from the active Wiki editor Alan Kazlev of Wiki policy on biographies of living persons). He continues to cause maximum disruption by arbitration requests etc.

SSS108 and FreeLanceResearch also therefore Wiki-stalked the prominent Wikipedia editor M. Alan Kazlev by adding their votes to help close down his personal Wiki page, which incidentally had nothing to do with Sathya Sai Baba, and SSS108 also posted a vituperative blog against him after he realised that SSS108 is a slanderer – see Statement by [49].

As further evidence [external but relevant as background, I assume, since Wiki arbitrators here also refer to external events on occasion] that SSS108s Wiki writings are an extension of his stalking agenda, SSS108 repeatedly attacked and stalked the Sai critic Barry Pittard, reporting contacts with Pittard’s former partner to dig for information against Pittard, and the results he posted as outright slander on his website and on Yahoo sathyasaibaba2 group [see

Extra note: The sathyasaibaba2 group was terminated by the moderator due to excessive abuse by de SWitt and Moreno etc. Lisa de Witt has copied and even exceeded her advisor, Joe108/SSS108 aka Moreno,  in calling me such, whether blatant, flagrant, shameless or the like (see some of her countless accusations here) and look at the language and real vileness of some few of Moreno’s disgusting allegations here. This Mr. Moreno is the webmaster of a blog pretending to stand for ‘Love, Life and Sopirituality’ where he posts under the name of ‘sathysaibaba’ no less…  A real Jekyll and Hyde at work!

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9/11 Twin Towers, Pastor Terry Jones and Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on September 11, 2009

Today it is 9 years since the Twin Towers disaster. Among those conscienceless people who try to make publicity for their religious beliefs and themselves out of this disaster are not only the fanatical pseudo-Christian book-burning Florida pastor Terry Jones, but also the followers of the Hindu Avatar Sathya Sai Baba, who have long tried cynically to capitalize on it to promote this Hindu cult teaching’s figurehead, the self-trumpeting Deity of all Deities Incarnate on Earth who is accused widely of sexual abuses and being an accomplice to murders. They have not been without some success in St. Louis, where the mayor announced that 9/11 is officially Sathya Sai Baba Day in St. Louis – see here!

The International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization made a claim which is an outright offense to all those who died in the 9/11 disaster and their families. He stated that Sathya Sai Baba said none of the victims were his devotees because he saved only those of his followers who should have been in the Twin Towers! Sathya Sai baba claims he is God Incarnate on earth today, almighty, compassionate, omnibenevolent. So the implication is that those who died in the 9/11 incident were not worthy of his blessing! How disgusting and hypocritical. But Sai Baba followers are pleased about this and have publicised it as much as they can!

Two totally indoctrinated VIP cover-up merchants for Sai Baba

Two totally indoctrinated VIP cover-up merchants for Sai Baba

It is reported that Dr. Michael Goldstein “gave some news that left the sweating audience mute: On September 11, the devotees that worked at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon didn’t go to work that day or were late getting to their jobs. ‘Thanks to our beloved Bhagavan,’ pontificated Goldstein, ‘all the New York and Washington devotees are safe.’ I shuddered to think that the public might applaud the news. But nobody did. Baba’s divine powers only benefit those faithful to him, or was this news passed on to avoid more desertions?” (from a live TV programme on Zona de Investigacion (Azul TV, Argentina) reported by the Argentian journalist and TV director, Agnostelli)

In the same programme, Leonard Gutter, Central Coordinator of the South American Sathya Sai Organizations, said: “Baba’s love encompasses all: There were 50,000 people working at the Towers and only 3,000 died; then Baba saved 47,000, not only devotees. Each person has his own karma: that was the destiny of those who died there.”

The TV programme’s 1st part is transcribed here.

These wild conjectures by Dr. Goldstein and Leonardo Gutter would be hard to surpass in bad taste, not to mention indoctrinated delusion that Sathya Sai Baba is God Almighty incarnate on earth, plus Jesus come again – but also the Father who sent Jesus!

Sai baba propagandists: Dr. Michael Goldstein and Leonardo Gutter

Note too that Sathya Sai Baba and his various minions recently enthused in public  about his visit to his great devotee in Kampala, despot and gruesome killer, Idi Amin (see proof here: Dictator Idi Amin – Sai Baba’s warm recollections).

The Sathya Sai Organization used 9/11 as a vehicle to try to publicise itself and recruit members to the cult.
A member of the top policy-making ‘Prashanthi Council’ Dr. William M. Harvey and Dr. Goldstein’s right-hand man spoke at the Sai Public Meeting in St. Louis, September 11, 2005 during celebration of Sathya Sai Baba’s 80th birthday (11/23) . He informed that the Mayor of St. Louis accepted their application to make 9/11 “Sathya Sai Baba day”  in St. Louis! (see here) and see the report of Dr. Jack Feely, Regional President, Mid-Central Region US here) However, the secretary of the Mayor informed that over 200 such name days have been registered by the Mayor’s office, so it is no big deal. Rich Sai Baba followers in St. Louis influenced the mayor to accept their application. It appears that this celebration has been scotched since then.

Dr. W.M. Harvey


The report stated: “The program was held at the 1904 World’s Fair Pavilion, a magnificent open-air shelter in the center of Forest Park. The 1300-acre park, considered the “Crown Jewel” of the city, was a picturesque setting worthy of a public program about Sathya Sai Baba, the Divine Crown Jewel of the universe.”The Sai Organization announced at great length its many efforts to get publicity, as in the following short example: “Personal letters of invitation went out to 49 professors of philosophy and theological studies of the major universities and colleges in the area, followed up with telephone message reminders. Press releases went to the major TV and radio stations, along with the major newspapers. Quarter-page ads promoting the meeting were put in a widely distributed spiritually oriented newspaper. That same paper accepted a 700-page article about Sathya Sai Baba and His teachings.”

Comment: Seven hundred pages would take 49 philosophy professors to do that job on short notice? But one suspects that far fewer attended or supported this scandalous misuse of September 11 to propagandise for an Indian fraud accused of sex abuses and murder cover-up?. The result has hardly been earth-shaking. Naively and without joking, Dr. Feely informed of the selfless service provided to participants as follows: “Cold bottled water, served to attendees throughout the program, offered physical comfort that added to the spiritual comfort the speakers’ words provided.”

Further links about the Argentinian TV programme, see here and here

See also this new article at

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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Understanding Sathya Sai Baba’s responses to questions

Posted by robertpriddy on June 23, 2009

I shall show here how Sathya Sai Baba does NOT WANT anyone to be able to understand anything about him except what he tells them… virtually everything he says and does signals this. He also is ever telling people in private interviews to keep things secret (especially about money donations, oiling of genitals and worse things of which he stands so widely accused). His is a near paranoid precaution for controlling others and keeping what is generally known about him within the strictest of limits. He claims that if all humanity combined in an effort to understand him for ages, they could never succeed! This is no doubt very off-putting to anyone who might try… an intimidating façade put up by someone who has something – or a lot – to hide. Some deep wound or vulnerable weak spot, perhaps some terrible secret or trauma, which they are compulsively forced to hide.

In all major religions, God is not accountable for any kind of error or wrong doing. As long as one really believes that Sathya Sai Baba is God Almighty in person, one surrenders all chance of understanding anything about him, because he and anything he says or does is therefore by definition inscrutable. Without exception, Sathya Sai Baba either ignores or fobs off anything remotely like a penetrating question that may be put to him once in a blue moon by some relative newcomer who slipped in through the ashrams’ security nets that filter out anyone who is considered not to be already a believer. Due to his systematic use of self-contradiction in his published words on many issues, plus his even more rash statements made in group and private interviews, one realises he says what suits him and his various devious ends as he wishes. Devotees are convinced that his every utterance and gesture bears great meaning has become an undisputed truth at the ashrams, and to contradict him in Sathya Sai Organization meetings is unheard-of and can easily lead to exclusion from membership. This is a cult for blind believers, which only became fully evident after 2000 when the world-wide exposure of his alleged crimes and vast deceptions took off with the Internet.

One may pick out answers to questions from his often vague and over-generalized statements, interpreting them to fit ones own suppositions and inclination. One can often derive quite opposite meanings from the same ambiguous statements he has made. Some people find support for almost whatever they want to believe. Guessing or imagining the possible import of his bodily motions and non-verbal signs (like his constant ‘writing on the air with a finger’ is a main activity for those who attend his darsan.

What we would not accept as a valid or relevant answer from other people, many devotees will immediately accept as profound when it comes from the one they believe to be omniscient. Even if it is a blatant howler or a mispronunciation, a wholly mistaken guess or a classic faux-pas. He often has to ask people to repeat what they asked him (sometimes moving as if cupping his ear). He has done this quite often when I have been speaking to him. Yet even this is taken as a deep lesson teaching God knows what (you must find out “in your heart” – which means, what you want to think). In all major religions, God is not accountable for any kind of error or wrong doing. As long as one really believes that Sathya Sai Baba is God Almighty in person, one surrenders all chance of understanding anything about him.

He will use oblique comments as to be no relevant meaning can be made out of his words except by lengthy musings and investigation. He switches the subject unexpectedly, calls it the product of a ‘mad monkey mind’ or just brushes it aside. The questioner most often takes whatever comes as a significant teaching or even a spiritual directive (fellow interviewees willingly contribute such views afterwards and suggest what it probably signifies) .

One example; when asked by a friend of mine why it was that Jehova (i.e. God, i.e. Sathya Sai Baba) had not told the Jews about reincarnation, but asserted the contrary, Sathya Sai Baba did not understand the question. My friend said that the question was about reincarnation. Without waiting to hear the actual question again, Baba replied, in so many words, “Reincarnation. You cannot understand it. Do not try to think about it. It is like the seed and the fruit.” I saw that this was no answer at all, but afterwards my friend claimed that it was a perfect answer! His view was that, because the question was one that his Jewish wife considered very important, Sathya Sai Baba was telling that they should rather concentrate on other more important things. This shows how the Sai doctrine works on followers, they lose all self-confidence and find a way to accept and even praise anything saidm whatever it is. This is also typical of how an evasive deceiver tries to maintain false perceptions of himself to avoid being unmasked or incriminating himself.

The above is quite typical of Baba’s frequent replies to questions… often in yet more complete disregard of what is asked. The ‘genuine devotee’ must accept that Sathya Sai Baba is God Almighty himself walking on two (intensely super-magnetic) fabulously holy feet etc., and so has to give up all chance of ever understanding anything else about him than what Sathya Sai Baba determines.

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
(Spanish: Petición Publica para Investigaciones Oficiales de Sathya Sai Baba y su Organización a nivel mundial

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World leaders and Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on May 28, 2009

King & Queen blessed but soon to be shot down by their son

King & Queen blessed but soon to be shot down by their son

GyanendraSathya Sai Baba welcomes all important and rich persons, especially Presidents, Prime Ministers and royalty, always giving them full priority over all those who work selflessly for him, however spiritual they may be. For example, the despotic rulers, the super-rich King & Queen of Nepal, were blessed by Sathya Sai Baba as seen in the photo from Sanathana Sarathi (March 1999). They were foully murdered by their own son in 2001! So much for the validity of Sai Baba’s blessings and his guarantee to all who are devoted to him ‘Why Fear When I Am Here?’

Rationalizing devotees will excuse Sai Baba on the grounds that “only He knows what is best for anyone” and he says that one must face death without fear and so in and on. But this only shows how slippery the words of Sai Baba invariably are! That Sai Baba immediately gave such a despot his time and praises will not be misinterpreted by independent-minded observers. That King Gjanendra was hailed as the incarnation of Vishnu – which Sai Baba also claims for himself – is another bizarre aspect of the matter.

See also  Ex-king Gyanendra of Nepal & Sathya Sai Baba

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Sathya Sai Baba ashrams in decline

Posted by robertpriddy on May 10, 2009

Our contacts in the ashrams inform us how apartments in Prashanthi Nilayam – and in Puttaparthi village – have become quite a drug on the market nowadays, not least due to the decline of the Sathya Sai following from abroad and the unavailability of Sai Baba for interviews etc., while the credit crunch has not helped either.Western ladies who were once permanent residents have been persecuted and ignored so much that they have had to leave the ashram and even relinquish their apartments (always without a cent of recompense, also despite however much money they may have invested in making them livable). The Sathya Sai airport – a white elephant from the start – has been on the market for a long time but not been sold despite attempts to offload it with diverse sweeteners in the form of a large tract of extra land for property development.The State authorities pump in money and services to make Puttaparthi a tourist centre, which has attracted a large number of low-class Indian ‘spiritual holidaymakers’. mostly apparently hoping to benefit materially and/or socially from a visit.

The pleading faces and begging postures of many devotees at darsan – not least Westerners and a number of the selected VIPs – shows how true after all were Sai Baba’s words about the majority of people coming for something they want from him. Some have gained favours by sitting inordinate lengths of time in the ‘lines’ before darshan to get a prominent place (regardless of others whom they thereby displace) month after month until Sai Baba could hardly fail to reward them without seeming very hard-hearted to all those who observe these sad cases. The thousands of hours of discomfort they undergo – and their blank faces and often self-piteous expressions in front of Sai Baba – says at least as much about their level of desperation and dependency as their faith. They continue this behaviour when they are made VIPs too! The fixation one observes in them and others shows what a personality cult the Sai Baba movement really is. Those who strive in all ways to become important in the movement are mostly self-important, self-seeking and often uncivil persons who I would definitely have avoided entirely had I not then been a devotee… they mostly recall the phrase, ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’.

The foreigners who live long-term or permanently at Sai Baba ashrams develop an almost visible ‘residential patina’ that seems to serve as protection against all the abrasions and scours that they receive regularly from the native powers-that-be, from most of the ashram staff, from members of the ‘Seva Dal’, from other competitive residents and visitors and from the inevitable low caste workers and corrupt hangers-on of all kinds. Particularly vintage ashram ladies have this tough veneer, along with carefully adopted Indian traits like perfect use of saris, wiliness in learning short-cuts to privileges and condescending attitudes towards newcomers. I have never seen or heard of more than an exceptional few of these people doing anything except take care of their own quotidian affairs… no service work, no proper study or self-discipline… just following the routines, always knowing how to ‘cut corners’ and generally get ahead of others.

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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