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Sai Baba devotees condone Kashmir violence?

Posted by robertpriddy on December 18, 2010

WikiLeaks: India ‘systematically torturing civilians in Kashmir’ writes The Daily Telegraph’:-

US diplomats were given evidence suggesting India was systematically torturing civilians in Kashmir, according to leaked cables. By Nick Allen, Los Angeles 12:17AM GMT 17 Dec 2010

Reportedly, in 2005 the International Committee of the Red Cross briefed US officials in Delhi that electrocution, physical beatings, sexual interference and other methods were being employed against hundreds of detainees by Indian security forces. The report to US authorities was detailed (691 of 1296 ICRC interviewed claimed they were tortured) and the ICRC asserted that that India “condones torture” and “routine killing” of civilians simply “connected to or believed to have information about the insurgency.”

The methods included being suspended from the ceiling (381 cases) and 304 cases were described as “sexual.” All of 294 victims described having their legs crushed by guards putting a bar across their thighs and sitting on it, and 181 said their legs had been pulled apart into the splits. US officials reported that “terrorism investigations and court cases tend to rely upon confessions, many of which are obtained under duress if not beatings, threats, or in some cases torture.”

Images of Indian troop and police violence in Kashmir


PM Manmohan Singh is a worshipper of Sathya Sai Baba, who speaks of peace and non-violence. Yet neither the self-proclaimed omnipotent ‘avatar’ nor his devotees can or will say or do anything for the people of Kashmir. This is how actions look in the face of weasel words. Sarhya Sai Baba has had as followers most former Indian Prime Ministers, all the Presidents and countless Government and State Ministers, all of whom have been aware that Sai Baba has constantly claimed that he will regenerate Indian values and its people, and this only as a prelude to saving humanity! The results so far totally belie the claims and false predictions of this supposedly reborn Vishnu, Rama and Krishna… It is obvious that Sai Baba can never have any such influence since he is retrograde and atavistic and even wants a return to a mythical India of ancient times… Bharat social structure as it once was under Rama. We must all be very relieved that Sai Baba is an impostor as regards all that! Yet India’s leading figures STILL worship the feet of this stone-faced invalid as God Almighty. What future hope there is for a corrupt and tortured nation led by such people one cannot imagine.

At the recent 85'th birthday of Sai Baba, who sat stone-faced throughout - see video clip, but also cried his eyes out see video clip

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Sathya Sai Baba’s influence on the Indian Judiciary

Posted by robertpriddy on September 6, 2010

Basava Premanand probed deeply into various claims by devotees that Sathya Sai Baba had ‘fixed’ the judiciary to protect them. His voluminous correspondence with court authorities at all levels show how he was given a pathetic run-around and that his questions were never answered by anyone, but referred to others. In no remotely democratic judiciary would this be tolerated. But then, everyone knows that the Indian courts are among the worst in the world for doing justice – or even allowing petitions to be heard. T.N. Seshan himself complained of the undemocratic state of affairs in India when he was Chief Election Commissioner Failings in Indian Justice – by ex-Chief Election Commissioner T.N. Seshan, though he admitted it had improved somewhat later on. Meanwhile, many other level-headed observers and academics in India deplore the judiciary, the red tape, the corruption (paying to jump the endless queue of cases and much more). It is widely proven that corruption flourishes at most levels in the Indian administration, and not least at the very top!


In 1981 I came across the 48th divine dawn Birthday Number of the News Chronicle dated 23.11.1973 so also the souvenir published by Sri Satya Sai Seva Samithi, Bombay titled “AT THE LOTUS FEET 1968”.

The article “Those early years” authored by Y.R. Ghorpade, EX Maharaja of Sandur attracted my attention as it contained a defamatory sentence defaming our Judiciary.


To get the details of the case I wrote to the Ex Maharaja of Sandur and though he kept mum on the case advised me to write to Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications, Prasanthinilayam.

From his silence on my questions, I knew that there was something interesting in the case and I started searching for the case in the Supreme Court Law Journals and I succeeded in my search in 1984. The said judgement was given on 6.5.1966 by Justices K.N.Wanchoo, J.C,Shah and S.M.Sikri in civil appeal Nos. 1l33 & 1134. Hon.J.C.Shah gave a dissenting judgment dismissing the petitions of Y.R. Ghorpade while other two Hon.Justices allowed the appeals with costs at Supreme Court and the High Court.

When I went through the magazines published by Satya Sai Baba, it was found that YR. Ghorpade and his wife did visit Puttaparthi in October 1965.

As a person interested in the welfare of the Judiciary,I wrote to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India to give me the names of the Hon.Justices of the Supreme Court and the High Courts and the addresses of the High Courts in India, so that I could write to them to know their reactions in this matter individually and collectively. The Asst. Registrar of the Hon. Supreme Court rejected my request.

After collecting the names of the Hon’ble Justices from the Law Journals, a petition was sent to the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India and the Companion Justices of the Hon. Supreme Court on 2.2.1985 for answers to the following questions and the reply was that “no action can be taken on the papers sent by me as such the same have been lodged”!

Can a person like Satya Sai Baba who proclaims himself to be the reborn Shirdi Sai Baba and Sarva Daivatva Swaroopa -the god of all the gods by showing some tricks as miracles without ‘permitting investigations to the truthfulness of his miracles influence the Hon.Justices in Supreme Court to favour the persons whom they want?

2. what is the part played by Satya Sai Baba and through whom, in seeing that this case is decided in favour of YR. Ghorpade?

3. Have the Hon. Justices, gone against Law and Justice while the case was decided in favour of YR. Ghorpade?

4. If what is narrated in the article is false what action the Hon. Supreme Court would take against Y.R. Ghorpade and News Chronicle, Ludhiana for publishing this article?

It is now for the Lawyers, Jurists, Judiciary etc., to find if Sathya Sai Baba had influenced the Hon.Supreme Court to get the case decided in favour of Y.R.Ghorpade, and if not to take contempt of court action against YR.Ghorpade. Or if the Hon. Justices have been influenced then to pass necessary orders in this respect so that people of ‘India have confidence in the Judiciary.

It was surprising that one of the Hon.Justices met Sai Baba ‘when this case was pending and later Sikri &Co., appointed as Lawyers of Y.R. Ghorpade and his business empire. (p. 74-5)

Did Sathya Sai Baba influence the judiciary? Full coverage of this issue with documentation (scans of documents etc.)

The Supreme Court engaged in and illegal act – see here Supreme Court of India cover-up: petition ad Sathya Sai Baba rejected

Indian police get away with murder – outrage in India

Sathya Sai Baba and Indian dignitaries

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The ‘Abode of Peace’ ashram- the murder victims

Posted by robertpriddy on August 12, 2010

V.J. Ram (aka Janakiram) was a senior Indian CID officer who received the President’s Police Medal for having solved many difficult cases. His book on ‘The Godmen of India’ is extremely revealing, especially as regards the long history of criminal incidents connected to Sathya Sai Baba and his coterie. His sensational book is about several ‘godmen’ in India into whom he has investigated and found to be bogus and surrounded by criminal allegations with much circumstantial evidence to uphold them.

See Top bureaucrats, high rank police officers formed security wing for Sai Baba

See also BBC Interview (plus video clip) on the cold-blooded murders in Sai Baba’s apartment with V.P.B. Nair, Former Home Secretary of Andhra Pradesh State

Overview – the 1993 bedroom murders and follow-up Further to this The 1993 murder episode graphically explained Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 1 On how I came to learn of the murders in the bedroom of Sai Baba, and how – despite misgivings – I rationalized the matter for some years until I was awoken to the realities by V.K. Narasimhan’s private confidences. Also: Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 2   ‘The Godmen of India’ can be ordered here – click

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‘The Pioneer’ report on the Sathya Sai Baba bedroom murder case

Posted by robertpriddy on July 7, 2010

The Pioneer, New Delhi 10-6-1993

Comment: One sees here again the most doubtful role of the Puttaparthi police in this whole episode, which is why the investigation was soon taken entirely out of their hands and given to the CBI, which worked on the case effectively, Before the report was due, the two main officers conducting the investigation were suddenly posted away somewhere else… one can easily figure the reason. Because not log after that, the entire official investigation was quashed (by Home Minister S.B. Chavan with the endorsement of Prime Minister Narasimha Rao, both of whom visited Sathya Sai Baba regularly, especially after the murders! For back-up documentation of all this, see:-
See overview of the bedroom murders and more links

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Failings in Indian Justice – by ex-Chief Election Commissioner T.N. Seshan

Posted by robertpriddy on December 27, 2009

T.N. Seshan, former Chief Election Commissioner of India

The 10th Chief Election Commissioner of India, T.N. Seshan served in office between December 1990 and December 1996. Born in Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu, he is known for his introduction of many electoral reforms and his uprightness. Though he has become rather more optimistic now, he has famously stated about India:
“Make up a list of 200 political leaders of the central government, the national parliament and the state parliaments. Are you able to find one single person on this list to whom you can go for help? Obviously not. The politicians of today are as pygmies masquerading as Titans. They are like small children who try to walk in the shoes of their grandparents, and who sooner or later will stumble and fall.”
and “Today it can seem that honesty and integrity are banned from public life. The situation makes me think of the Greek philosopher Diogenes, who used to go around with his lamp alight at the height of day in the hope of finding an honest person.”

In the highly informative and well-balanced Norwegian book ‘India, Stevnemøte med Skjebnen’ (i.e.’India, Encounter with Fate’) by Thorbjørn Færøvik (Oslo, 1999) the author interviewed the renowned former Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. Seshan. The author wrote of the Indian election system “… a peaceful election is not necessarily a just election. Accusations thunder in the newspapers and few use tougher words that T.N. Seshan, who led the election commission in the 1980s: “Once more we have witnessed a farce. Millions of analphabetics have given their vote without knowing who or what they voted for. Bribes have flourished and now – in the aftermath of the election – we see that gangsters and criminals have been elected to parliamentary bodies throughout the country.”

Færøvik points out, correctly, that T.N. Seshan has repeatedly warned about what he refers to as the criminalization of politics and – where not illegal – to the universal political apathy. “Make up a list of 200 political leaders of the central government, the national parliament and the state parliaments. Are you able to find one single person on this list to whom you can go for help? Obviously not. The politicians of today are as pygmies masquerading as Titans. They are like small children who try to walk in the shoes of their grandparents, and who sooner or later will stumble and fall.”

T.N. Seshan is also extremely negative about Indian courts, as most ordinary Indians are also known to be. An opinion survey made by the Times of India showed 80% of Indians answered that they regarded judges and lawyers as corrupt. In 1947, India took over a judiciary based on British traditions which honourable and impartial. Today it is chronically understaffed and has lost the trust of the public. In 1998 as many as 23 million cases awaited court process, two million in the higher courts and 21 million in the lower courts. In the High Court, 66,000 cases were in the queue and 10,000 of them had laid there for 10 years or more.

Færøvik also writes that it is ordinary people without the finances to buy themselves a place further ahead in the queue who are hit the hardest. The examples are as many as they are grotesque. Times of India mentioned one of many grotesque examples: A woman in the town of Lucknow went to court in 1948 for a divorce. The verdict fell exactly 40 years later: the woman received a divorce. In the mean time both the woman, her husband and parents-in-law had left this world. Those with fat bank accounts often get suspiciously rapid treatment.

Read: The degeneration of India : T.N. Seshan with Sanjoy Hazarika Study in post-independence political and administrative realities.[ New Delhi, India ; New York : Viking, 1995.]

Amusing – if often depressing- quotations from T.N. Seshan:

On the Indian education scenario —
“Operation successful; Patient dead!” (2001). “Some universities are called deemed because the others are doomed and some are called open because the others are closed!”

Excerpts from an interview with Seshan:-

Question. What prevented you from ‘yielding’ in your career as a bureaucrat?

Seshan : Five days after joining my first posting as a sub-collector of Dindigul, I was traveling with the minister in his car, and was dropped off in the middle of the road – where I stood for 100 minutes, when it was 45C. All this because the village officer I took action against was the husband of the Tehsil Officer, who belonged to the Congress party.

35 years later, I was transferred from my post of Cabinet Secretary in charge of then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s personal security, to the unnecessary 12th man in Hegde’s Planning Commission team.

My 6 years as CEC have been the toughest times of my life. Narasimha Rao when he was PM offered me the post of governor, and then, ambassador. But I have resisted temptation. I read the Gita everyday.

I scored 452/600 in my final exam. The boy who scored 451, 1 mark less than me, is now a station master. I had 100% marks in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Yet, in my Engineering College Admission Interview, I was not selected because I could not name the first movie of Shivaji Ganesan.————-

The Rediff Interview/Former Chief Election Comissioner T N Seshan:-

When I spoke to T N Seshan, the former chief election commissioner, in 1998, he was very cynical about India. Almost a decade later, as we prepare to celebrate the 60th anniversary of India’s Independence, I found Seshan, the man credited with cleaning up the Indian election system, optimistic and upbeat. He spoke at length about terrorism, reservations and the quality of India’s political system:-

“There are still corrections to be made; there are still changes to be made. In many areas, we have not done what we should have been doing in the last 8 to 10 years.”

Interviewer: “Like?”

T.N. Seshan: “Like, for example, we lost ten valuable years in making sure that all children get education. Mr (President A P J) Kalam has been speaking about it; the others have been speaking about it. There is nothing more important than all children being in school as is promised by the Constitution. We have not done that.

From a completely different angle, we should have learnt to conduct our business particularly in the assemblies and legislatures in a far more disciplined fashion than we do. Yes, in every country, there is a lot of noise made in the parliaments and assemblies but sometimes business is transacted. I don’t know whether we could not transact more business than we are currently doing in the parliament and assemblies.

The progress made in the clearance of arrears in court cases is completely unsatisfactory.

Our inability to settle outstanding social and political issues by discussion and negotiation — rather than by violence and demonstration — is unfortunate.

We have not put in place an agency to combat the growing menace of terrorism and Naxalism.”

Interviewer: “Ten years ago, anybody who had an IIT degree collected his degree and went away to America. Today, they are working all over the place; and they are doing fantastically well. You told me then that a change in the attitude of the people to the country would take place through either a social revolution or a technological revolution.”

T.N. Seshan: “Yes. Both are happening now. Everybody knows about the technological revolution. It has made them more self-confident. The young people of 2006 are far more confident than the young people of 1996. ”

Interviewer: Is it not the politicians who are dividing people in the name of religion just to get votes?

T.N. Seshan: Yes, it is. It is very easy to feed poison but it not easy to feed good things. So, the politicians are feeding poison.

Interviewer: When the police question the suspects, politicians jump in and say they are targeting the minority community. Are they not giving religious colour to terrorism and not allowing the law to act?

T.N. Seshan: Yes, they are doing that which is all wrong. The highest courts have gone into the evidence and said that Mr X was the person responsible for the Parliament attack and he should be hanged. Then, there are demonstrations in Srinagar. Politics unfortunately plays on the sentiments and emotions of people.

Q. Do you vote?

Seshan : No I don’t. Because democracy is dead. But yet there is hope.

Q. What do you think about the situation in Tamil Nadu?

Seshan : Pathetic. Whichever way you look at it.

Q. Why did you contest for the Presidency, knowing fully well that you couldn’t succeed?

Seshan : When I was in elementary school, I had zero sporting ability. I still contested the High Jump.

Q. Mr. Seshan, you said that when you were Cabinet Secretary in charge of Mr. Gandhi’s personal security, you were transferred because you did not yield. Would it not have been better for the country, if you HAD yielded?

Seshan : See, there was no question of yielding. They just weren’t happy with my performance. But you won’t believe the kind of precautions we took to protect Rajiv Gandhi’s life. We used to buy oranges from 10 shops, atta from 12 shops, we rewired the entire house so even 2000V couldn’t break down the switches, we relaid the water lines, welded the sewage lines with wire mesh so no one could enter that way. And at the end of it, they felt I didn’t do my job.

There was a day when I was transferred SIX times between 10 am and 6 pm. From Rural Development, to Finance, to Small Savings, to Agriculture, to Harijan Welfare, to Backward Classes and finally to Women’s Development. Once a minister transferred me from Industry to Agriculture, purely because he wanted to shift me from the 10th to the 1st floor. So I went to him and said, ‘Why don’t you shift me to the ground floor?’ He was appalled. But the ground floor is the car park, Seshan!`: I said, ‘Does it matter? I could look after the car park you know’.

Q. Mr. Seshan, all the IAS officers, like you, are educated people of similar caliber. Then how do they become bad?

Seshan : Try putting one rotten orange in a basket of good oranges. That’s what has happened to our system. But the entire basket is not bad yet. What we can do is separate the not-so-bad oranges.

Q. When the majority is wrong, isn’t it time for a minority? Don’t you think dictatorship is the only solution to India?

Seshan : The majority is not wrong! It’s only the minority of people that are corrupt, have no ethics and are spoiling the system. Democracy cannot be replaced – that’s a universal truth.

Q. You said Dharma is essential for a country to grow. There is no Dharma in the US. Then how have they prospered?

Seshan : Who said there is no Dharma in the US? It’s very much there! Their Dharma is the supreme respect for the ‘Rule of Law’ and ‘Punishment of the Evildoer.’

from []

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Sathya Sai Baba: non-potent avatar

Posted by robertpriddy on August 4, 2009


A distorted ‘vision of Sai’ was sent us in an e-mail from as follows,
“… see for yourself the enormous control that this being has on the planet”. Of course, the overwhelming majority of people on the planet has not noticed any such huge influence. He has inspired some people to start schools, pay for projects to provide water locally in Andhra Pradesh and to finance two hospitals etc. But these are as drops in the vast ocean of India’s calamitous situation, let alone that of the whole world!

“Sai Rules the World” One may not believe it, but this is what many devotees I have met actually believe. Because Sathya Sai Baba has put this delusion around in various announcements he has made about the world coming to his feet, the world soon already becoming one big Sathya Sai Organisation and all becoming transformed:-

“Very soon, the entire world will be united. In fact, after 28 years, the world itself will become “Bharat”. Everyone will call themself a Bharatiya (one imbued with godliness — Bhagavat rathas). No one will refer to themself as belonging to this state or that state, this region or that region. You may go to any country, but you refer to yourself as belonging to the country of Bharat. For example, there may be Karnataka State or Tamil Nadu State, etc., but, they are all parts of a larger country called Bharat. Without the country, the States cannot exist. You are all Bharatiyas first and last. Hence, you say that you came from Bharat.” (from Sathya Sai Baba’s Convocation Discourse 22-11-2008 at

This statement confirms what was reported earlier by Barry Pittard ‘World Hindu’ by 2030. VHP’s Singhal Reports Sathya Sai Baba Told Him

If he really were an avatar controlling the planet, how could he be making such a pig’s breakfast of the job? India is one of the most truly terrible places on earth for its huge number of children in the slavery of prostitution, unstoppable epidemic of AIDS victims, bonded sweat-shop labour, for its vast number of paupers and illiterates still being driven to city slums for sheer survival. The corruption is enormous and is not diminishing.

Sathya Sai Baba can’t stop India increasing its warlike attitude and military spending (eg. by 28% this year for its nuclear war capacity alone) or its rulers stashing away in Swiss banks an amount of money at least equal to the country’s entire national debt, according to his own statements at a private dinner attended by a friend of mine! There he told the IAS official V. Ramnath that he had told the Prime Minister and the President not to make so many super-expensive state visits with huge convoys of vehicles and hundreds of Black Beret commandos wherever they went. But, said SB, they go on doing it and do not listen to me. With population and poverty out of control, AIDS, corruption and poverty ruling large parts of Africa and Asia and so on. The world’s wilderness environment and countless species and living resources are disappearing faster and faster, suffering and unnecessary death is as rife as ever, I watched Sathya Sai Baba parading for two decades and I eventually learned from many inside contacts, investigation and analysis that he is far from being in control of almost anything he claims to be. He is most certainl;y not in control of yours truly!

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The murders again – 1993 in Sai Baba’s private quarters

Posted by robertpriddy on August 2, 2009

Photos in Sai Baba's rooms courtesy of Basava Premanand

Photos in Sai Baba's rooms courtesy of Basava Premanand

Happy in my faith in the widely proclaimed divine goodness of Sathya Sai Baba, backed by many years of experience of him that was mostly positive, I could not believe that he could have had any part whatever in the six murders that were committed in June 1993. In line with Sai Baba’s own directions, my faith was so unquestioning that I accepted, in the main, the mostly irrelevant statements he made in the admittedly vague and rambling discourse some weeks later. Written instructions were sent out by leaders of the Sathya Sai Organisation not to question or discuss anything about the incident, but to ignore it and rather concentrate on oneself and ones own spiritual practice. Such instructions came from Indulal Shah, Central Office and Chairman of the Western hemisphere of the Organization, Dr. Michael Goldstein. Goldstein’s letter to devotees was a confused emotional outburst, but I already knew from friends of mine who knew him very well that he is a wholly unreliable person.

I knew virtually nothing about the circumstances at that time, and learned mostly only the carefully contrived bits of Sai Org. ‘information’ (disinformation, actually, including both cynical and unwitting indoctrination). This is all very well, if you care nothing for the victims and their families, for justice or for the truth of the matter. The old excuses, ‘only Swami knows the reason’ and the faith that God does only what is good, any bad is done by us soon beguiled nearly all followers. Devotees do just not want to know and still accept unquestioningly any cover-up by the ashram officials, the police, the Andhra Pradesh State authorities and the Indian Government (through the then Home Minister of the Indian Government, S.B. Chavan). In 1995, at the 70th birthday celebrations. I began to hear about the actual episode from a high-standing Indian Administrative Service Vigilance Officer and Sai devotee, Mr. V. Ramnath. He told me that a close colleague from his college days had been personally involved in the early investigations. The entire account was so shocking and so many confusing points remained unanswered that it seemed impossible to evaluate what was false witness and what genuine. In trying to piece together the evidence so as to see who might be responsible and what motives the various involved persons could have had, I set about getting inside information from persons whose judgement and honesty I could really trust, especially Sai Baba’s editor and my close friend and lifelong journalist, V.K. Narasimhan. This I collated with the many press reports. Eventually the invaluable book by B. Premanand (Murders in Sai Baba’s Bedroom’) provided a mass of documentary transcripts and other evidence which helped me to understand how massive was the cover-up to protect Sathya Sai Baba and his brother.

According to V.K. Narasimhan’s private confidences, the police were forced to shoot the four alleged assailants in cold blood by top officials of the ashram and the Central Trust, not least Sai Baba’s own younger brother, Janaki Ramiah, is known to me from an extremely reliable inside source, V.K. Narasimhan, who was on daily speaking terms with Sathya Sai Baba throughout the incident and until his death in March 2000. I have given detailed accounts of my long discussion and close friendship with VKN, his observations of and opinions on Sathya Sai Baba and his revelations to me in confidence about the murders. My conclusions after much thought and investigation was that – despite the uncertainties left by the conflicting layers of cover-up and misinformation spread by Sai officials and Sai Baba himself, he was an accomplice to cold-blooded murder.The murders were never ‘officially’ solved, the investigations having eventually been quashed by the Indian Government in accordance with the ashram’s expressed wishes. The 840-page book, ‘Murders in Sai Baba’s Bedroom’, written and compiled by the skeptic B. Premanand, exposes the crimes by presenting publicly known facts and their possible significance, including court petitions by Premanand himself and official depositions, plus a vast array of newspaper reports, 16 pages of color photos covering the bloody crime scene, and other relevant materials.

Many facts were left uninvestigated or covered up and prime witnesses were left unquestioned, including Sai Baba, who was present close to the scene of the murders throughout, but who never later answered any questions from the press or investigators on the episode (unless he did so in strict secrecy in private to Government officials, as remarks made in public by the then Home Minister and Indian President indicate). On the contrary, Sathya Sai Baba later attacked the Andhra Pradesh journalists in the most derogatory and libelous fashion and was never held to account for this, despite their well-founded complaint to the requisite Press Council. He simply has too much money and other kinds of clout among those who determine things in India to answer to anyone at all! The press did their best but were contending with a tight criminal conspiracy of secrecy. The press managed to uncover many circumstances anyhow.Despite the largely very successful cover-up within much of India so far, which relied for its effectiveness partly on the ashram power-brokerage and reported massive bribery – but also on the encouragement of confusion and hearsay of the typical Indian sort – the issue refuses to lie down and die, even within the worldwide Sai movement. There have been many indications of seriously falling numbers of foreign visitors to functions and falloff in members, recruitment and donations in many countries. No statistics are kept concerning this in the Sai movement (unless secretly).


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Shivraj Patil – Sai Baba worshipper – resigns

Posted by robertpriddy on November 30, 2008

Shivraj Patil, Sai Baba worshipper

Shivraj Patil, Sai Baba worshipper

India’s Minister of Home Affairs, Shivraj Patil, who lost his seat at the last election, was nevertheless given the government post by Manmohan Singh. These two cronies are co-worshippers of Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi – and Sonia Gandhi protegees, the self-proclaimed God Incarnate, Deity of deities, The Father who Sent Jesus and virtually whatever else almighty or divine. At last, this worshipper and top home affairs protector of Sathya Sai Baba has met his Waterloo and had to resign! A further casualty is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Vilasrao Deshmukh (see CNN report)

This discredited Minister has also been involved in the security situation at Prashanthi Nilayam, where massive precautions have been taken for many years to protect Sathya Sai Baba, who nonetheless has claimed that all the world love him! The following news report demonstrates this:-

Shivraj Patil takes darshan of Satya Sai Baba

Suggests additional security at Puttaparthi

Anantapur, May 20, 2007

Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil who visited the Macca Masjid bomb blast site in Hyderabad was in Puttaparthi in Anantapur to take the darshan of Satya Sai Baba. He later spoke at a meeting with security and police officials on the security situation in Puttaparthi.

Sources say that the Minister has suggested that the Sevadal volunteers need to be trained in the area of security too. He also suggested the acquisition of modern communication system and that the security forces have to consider special vigil in the wake of possible threat from LTTE.

Puttaparthi is the place where one can have the darshan of Satya Sai Baba. Lakhs of devotees visit the region every month. The number also includes foreigners who visit the region in large numbers. The recent specious deaths of foreigners have brought questions about security to limelight.

The blog made comments, including:-

Home Minister Shivraj Patil, under tremendous criticism over a spate of terrorist attacks in the country since last year, resigned on Sunday in the wake of the Mumbai Terror strikes.

Patil, who had offered to step down at the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting last night, sent his resignation to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh this morning, sources said.

Patil, who has been in public life for over four decades, was brought into the Manmohan Singh Cabinet as he was considered a complete Gandhi loyalist and Sonia Gandhi had turned down repeated demands for his ouster from the government.

Patil was also one of the serious candidates of the Congress for the post of the President last year after the tenure of A P J Abdul Kalam got over. But, the Left parties, which were supporting the Government from outside, had put their foot down on such a proposal.
Another report on Shivraj Patil and Sai Baba:-

Create Separate Force To Fight Terrorism: Shivraj Patil
By Kestur Vasuki

Bangalore, Oct 5: Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil  has asked the Karnataka Government to set up a new force on the lines of Indo-Tibetan border force for costal region to fight terrorism in the State.

Addressing a late night press conference in Bangalore on Saturday, after reviewing the law and order situation, the Union Home Minister said the centre would extend all possible assistance to the State.

Patil was in Bangalore to review the law and order situation and earlier in the day he had gone to Puttaparti to take the blessings of the Sathya Sai Baba .

He also held two-hour discussion with the State Home Minister, Dr. V.S. Acharya, and Governor Rameshwar Thakur.

The semi-official Sathya Sai Baba web site reports:-

Sri Shivraj Patil, the Union Home Minister, presented a book to Bhagawan for release. This tome on the Bhagawad Gita was written by him and was made available in English, Hindi, Marathi and other languages. Bhagawan asked Prof Anil Kumar to announce the details of the book and then Sri Shivraj Patil was asked to address the gathering. In his short speech, Sri Patil thanked Bhagawan for inspiring the book.

Shivraj Patil meets Satya Sai Baba at Puttaparthi
(Deccan Chronicle – Region; 9 February, 2005)

Anantapur, Feb 8: Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil visited Prashanti Nilayam at Puttaparthi where he had darshan of Satya Sai Baba on Tuesday. The Union Home Minister arrived at the spiritual village from Bangalore at 12.40 pm. He was received at Shanti Nilayam guest house by district Collector Y V Anuradha, DIG N Jayarami Reddy, SP R S Praveen Kumar, SUDA chairman Kota Satyam and others.
The Union Minister closeted with the district authorities for over 15 minutes. He is reported to have inquired about the situation in the district. Patil went to meet the Baba at 2.45 pm and came out at 4.15 pm.
(from…%20Puttaparthi) ( page no longer available)

The cover-ups by Union Home Ministers – from S.B.Chavan to Shivraj Patil – have protected Sathya Sai Baba from prosecution!

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Sathya Sai Baba – questions and his silence

Posted by robertpriddy on October 15, 2008

In a discourse a month or so after the six 1993 killings and executions, Sathya Sai Baba attacked the media hotly saying, “all arguments and theories carried in the newspapers for the past four weeks are nothing but flights of the imagination and are false” (quote) calling such reports ‘motivated’ and ‘malicious’.

Therefore, the Anantapur District Journalists’ Union then asked to clear their doubts, asking him:
1) Where he was after the incident on June 6 till the next morning?
2) During the period, who met him and what did they discuss with him? Did Sai Baba himself press the siren button?
3) There is a widespread opinion that the four slain assailants were shot dead by the police only
at the instance of some persons belonging to the Prashanti Nilayam management, how far is it correct?

The Press Council did not condemn any Anantapur journalists. Sathya Sai Baba did not deign to answer a single question put to him. He was never questioned about his role in the incident by the police, the CBI nor anyone else. Questions about the incident were brushed aside by harassed ashram officials, and written instructions were sent out from top Sathya Sai Organization officials not to question or discuss anything about it but rather to concentrate on oneself and one’s own spiritual practice.

Sathya Sai Baba has never dared to give any responsible answer to the questions put to Sathya Sai Baba by the Anantapur District Journalists’ Union. However, I have thrown light on the last question after being told the facts by V.K. Narasimhan… Sai Baba’s younger brother along with Sathya Sai Central Trust and ashram leaders blackmailed the police into shooting down the trapped intruders.
See also The Express News Service on ‘Scribes seek probe into Baba criticism by press council

All in all, everyone involved in the murders and cover-up were able to remain as silent as clams about what really happened, no official in the whole of India was able to question Sathya Sai Baba, except in secrecy and without permission to report at best. None of the injured parties were able to raise any court case against the murderous police or the ashram officials who were involved.

This is typical of widespread Indian-style administration suppression of the weak and defenceless through secret manipulations and ‘muerta’ (Mafia silence). This has been shown to be done by many police officials and/or judges in India in a long string of cases, not least in the utterly scandalous recent case of police cover-up and harassment of the mother of an English girl raped murdered on the beach at Goa (see also  Top People Protected from Prosecution in India and Scarlett Suspect freed on bail also Corruption in Indian administration.

India’s human rights record is still under massive international and internal criticism – see here

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Sathya Sai Baba descended to ‘save India’

Posted by robertpriddy on September 3, 2008

So far the self-proclaimed avatar of Vishnu, Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi, cannot be seen to have done more than a minimal amount to save India and uplift her poor and their vast sufferings, as he has promised long since. Only then, he has proclaimed, will he proceed to save the rest of humanity from world disaster (so THAT will have to wait a LONG time, it appears).

Quotation of [prediction made by Sathya Sai Baba to John Hislop

Quotation of [prediction made by Sathya Sai Baba to John Hislop

Let us glance briefly at how current events illustrate the on-going failure to save the poor of India from disasters. With all the excitement in Indian about recent economic growth and the production of the world’s cheapest car, the  Nano by Tata Industries, the continuing calamitous state of India’s masses tends to be overlooked. Currently there are the worst known floods in India in Bihar (note: Sai Baba claims to be able to turn back floods and rain) – as well as serious  religious conflicts with killings (East India) and a state of unrest and violence in Kashmir again.

Economic boom no benefit to millions of poor: The very prominent Indian journalist and Executive Editor of the critical Tekelka weekly, Sankarshan Thakur, was interviewed on BBC World News, 3/9/2008. He was asked if the Indian economic boom and globalization were helping raise the poor of India, which he denied, saying that nothing of the Indian economic boom has filtered down to the poor. He adds that politicians in India are never held to account for their mistakes

Thakur is known for incisive reporting and is considered by some Indian journalists to be one of the finest exponents of print journalism in the country and an expert on backward Bihar State. He is the author of “The Making of Laloo Yadav, The Unmaking of Bihar”, where he showed incisively how thousands of crores of central government development funds directed to Bihar are unused, year after year. The comptroller and auditor general of India laments this as criminal, but nobody could do a thing. The poor, unlettered and backward citizens of Bihar [there are 100 million Biharis in India] are being kept in primitive agricultural poverty without development or progress in technological benefits.

My purpose here is not to descry the various benefits that have accrued to the Indian poor and suffering, nor even to rich Indians, for that matter, through donations to the Sathya Sai Central Trust (mostly foreign). My point is entirely to show that the monstrous claims of being the returning Avatar of Vishnu, Rama and Krishna come to save humanity and transform India and the world is entirely bogus to the point of absurdity, when the facts about how limited are the improvements due to Sathya Sai Baba’s movement. I am not beguiled by vast flights of fancy so common among devotees about what Sai Baba may or may not perhaps be doing on supposed ‘astral levels’ or miraculously far beyond the ken of human minds. I refer to demonstrable benefits (even when disregarding the damage he has done to very many persons who have left him contacted me, or whose personal accounts I have read).

See also  ‘Has World Saviour Missed the Plane?’

As to religious differences in India, see here

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Sathya Sai Baba and India in-depth study

Posted by robertpriddy on September 2, 2008

Barry Pittard articles on India and Sathya Sai Baba

Some of Barry Pittard’s articles at his blogsite – – are as: see below. For three decades, he has been well-known for his great love of India, where he lived for several years, often engaged in service to the very poor, and also teaching at the Sathya Sai college outside Bangalore. The issues he raises about India’s profound levels of corruption and superstition are issues that thinking Indians themselves have great concern about. Critical comment on India’s problems can equate to a genuine care for that country to see far better days. Countless of India’s greatest thinkers and reformers have been among those who have criticised many things within Indian society, such as superstition that penetrates most sections, the blind and fervent worship whether of gurus, film stars, cricketers, etc., the appalling record in human rights, casteism, endemic corruption, attitudes towards women, and so forth.

Will World Accept Sathya Sai Baba? He Says Yes. Very Soon
CNN-IBN Reports Action On Corrupt Indian Gurus
Indian Ex Top Official Dogs Sai Baba On BBC. ‘Cold-blooded Murder’
India A Mature Democracy? BBC Probes
The Genesis of the BBC’s ‘The Secret Swami’ (Sai Baba)
BBC Caught UNESCO Head Bowing To Indian Government
Indian Minister Shields Sai Baba on BBC television
A Top Indian Editor Vir Sanghvi Fails Research Test
UNESCO and Indian Government – Were Up To Tricks
Indian Media’s Reticence on Top Guru, Sathya Sai Baba, Weakens
Sai Baba Sparks Political Furore
Serial Sex Molestation and Bedroom Killings. But Much More
Police Killings in Sai Baba’s Bedroom At Puttaparthi
Self-documented Folly of India’s Would-be God
Sai Baba Is God Says Top George Bush Doctor
Has ‘World Saviour’ Missed His Plane?
Sai Baba Will Act Against His Dissenters
A Strong India Can Bless The World
Watershed year for India-U.S. relations, says Rocca
Supercool Indian Gurus Under Fire
The Guru Trap. Will India Be Forever Trapped?
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Genital Oiling. Do Hindu Religious Leaders Approve?
Renowned Indian Editor VKN. Diary and Letter Scans Reveal
Is Sai Baba’s Governmental Influence ‘Miraculous’?
Indian Rationalists, Humanists Unsafe Opposing Sai Baba
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Dr Naresh Bhatia. Silenced Now In Indian Child Abuse Scourge
Indian Government Study of Child Abuse Is Groundbreaking
Child Abuse in India. Will Minister Renuka Chowdhury Act?
Child Abuse Rife In India. But Who Would Speak Out?
Sai Baba Promised to Transform India. But Child Abuse Rampant
Taboo On Acting Against Sexual Abuse In India
Indian Nuclear Scientist Now Sai Baba’s Global Radio Chief
Sathya Sai Baba’s ‘Minister of Propaganda’ – Dr G. Venkataraman
Sathya Sai Baba’s Deputy Head, Dr G. Venkataraman, Speaks of “Mr Idi Amin”
P.N. Bhagwati, India’s Ex-Chief Justice: Wild, Reckless Claims
Corrupt Indian Judges Stonewall Case Vs Sai Baba
Inequality before the law in India
Is Indian ‘Godman’ Sai Baba’s Moon Waning Still Further?
Will India’s New Backlash Against Corruption Lash Sathya Sai Baba?
Sai Baba: I Will Save India Then World. But he’s Failed
India Lead World? Sai Baba Says Yes. Robert Priddy No
The Secret Swami. BBC Docu. Review. Condensed
Exposure of Sathya Sai Baba. Media Source List

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The BBC and the 1993 murders

Posted by robertpriddy on July 27, 2008

From the BBC’s documentary on Sathya Sai Baba – ‘The Secret Swami’ on the infamous 1993 murders in his bedroom:-

Tanya Datta: Sex abuse is not the only controversy tainting the God man’s reputation. On a June night back in nineteen ninety-three, four devotees broke into Sai Babas quarters. They were armed with knives. Their motives are unclear. All four were close to Sai Baba. Some say they wanted to warn him about corruption in the Ashram. Others claim their intention was to kidnap or even kill Sai Baba. As they approached they were stopped by four of Sai Baba’s attendants.

Mr. V. P. Nair, former Home Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh government

Mr. V. P. Nair, former Home Secretary of the Andhra Pradesh government

In the struggle that followed two of his attendants were killed and the other two badly injured. Hearing the commotion Sai Baba escaped through a back stairway and raised the alarm. Heavily armed police arrived on the scene.

Transcript of the BBC’s interview with V.P.B. Nair, Home Secretary of Andhra Pradesh in 1993 at the time of the murders in Sathya Sai Baba’s bedroom, whose position gave him insight into the entire known case:-

VPB Nair: So these boys, they ran and locked themselves up in a room. And then in the whole, all around a lot of pandemonium and people gathered so the boys were shivering like rats in that small hole.
Tanya Datta: The four men barricaded themselves into Sai Baba’s bedroom. There was a stand-off with the police. Then the order was given to go in. What happened next is hotly disputed. The official version seemed clear.
VPB Nair: These four boys charged towards the police with the knives and started stabbing the inspector and other personnel. Because they were attacked they opened fire.
Tanya Datta: In self-defence?
VPB Nair:In self-defence. They opened fire and killed all the four boys. This the police story.
Tanya Datta: Velayudhan Nair rejects the police version of events. He should know. Until two thousand and two he was Home Secretary of Andhra Pradesh and in charge of the state police. On coming to office he examined the files and found that the original police report was riddled with lies and inconsistencies. This was later exposed by a CID investigation.
VPB Nair: Two or three daggers cannot be a match to roaring guns. So this story of the police being attacked and the police shooting in self-defence is totally baseless.
Tanya Datta: So are you suggesting that the police executed the boys that night?
VPB Nair: In absolute… this is absolute cold-blooded murder.

Tanya Datta: Some police officers were arrested but never charged. The case was eventually dropped. Sai Baba has always had a close relationship with the police. Even today, senior officers are special guests at the Ashram. With friends in such high places Sai Baba seems to be untouchable. Any attempt to investigate the goings-on at his Ashram even, murder, appear doomed to failure. Critics say police connections ensured that Sai Baba wasn’t even interviewed, despite being one of the witnesses to the events of that night.

Transcript of interview with Basava Premanand – Rationalist & Author:
Basava Premanand: The only person who was a witness to the murders of mysterious deaths, that was Sai Baba and he was not examined as, for evidence at all and those students also who were there, two or three students they were not examined at all.
Tanya Datta: Why do you think that the nineteen ninety-three murders weren’t properly investigated?
Basava Premanand: The central government stopped the investigation because if the investigation takes place, a lot of things will come out. One thing. Economic offences, sex offences, all these things will come out.
Tanya Datta: Shocked at what he considers a travesty of justice, the former Home Secretary is now seeking to reopen the case.
VPB Nair The killing of the boys was only to buy silence. If the boys are taken to the court of law, if they were arrested and taken to the court of law, they would have stated several things including why did they want to meet Baba. (See also The Sathya Sai Baba bedroom Murders)

Further resources on the BBC documentary and the murders documentation are found here

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Sai Baba’s Mission to Save India

Posted by robertpriddy on July 12, 2008

Consider the unsupportable claims of Sathya Sai Baba that his “Divine Mission” – which cannot possibly fail – is to clean up India before doing the same for the rest of the world! He is acclaimed by so many Indian Prime Ministers, Presidents as a holy and divine personality, an infallible spiritual master and a God Incarnate, who they have proclaimed officially to be an Indian ‘National treasure’!

Sathya Sai Baba has long claimed that his “Divine Mission” cannot possibly fail So far neither he nor those who follow him have accomplished very little indeed in changing India, as proved by many horrifying statistics over poverty and a wide range of ill that still haunt most of the long-suffering Indian populace. He is now wheelchair-ridden and reportedly partially senile octogenarian. These elitist, well-heeled Sai devotee politicians are largely responsible for most of the continuing mega-problems of the state of India. Sai Baba himself told in an interview (where Mr. V. Ramnath of the IAS was present) that India is not a poor country, only the sum equivalent to India’s massive debt is hidden in Indians’ Swiss bank accounts!

Take a lookat one problem, India’s battle against AIDS:-

NEW DELHI, India, 30 November 2006“On the eve of World AIDS Day, former US President Bill Clinton and Sonia Gandhi, one of India’s leading politicians, launched India’s first National Paediatric Programme on HIV and AIDS. During the launch, Mr. Clinton noted that as many as 11,000 people are infected by HIV daily, and children represent a significant number of cases.”

Number of AIDS orphans

  • There are over 15 million children orphaned by AIDS around the world.
  • Experts believe that millions more orphans remain unaccounted for in India, China and Russia.
  • At least 10 million more children will be orphans by AIDS by 2010.
A universal difficulty in obtaining accurate data may be that individuals fail to report child labour participation during surveys, for fear of persecution. UN statistics shows that there are ‘2.5 million people in India living with HIV, according to new estimates’, UNAIDS (2007, July 6th), ) of which countless thousands are children!
UN report on children with HIV-AIDS

HIV and AIDS are but one of India’s crises. Unlike Sai Baba, the world in general knows that India- despite its improved economy – is still full of the homeless, of slum cities, beggars of every kind and the land where the degradation of human beings exceeds all limits of decency. Harrowing reports of killings, violence, unrest, injustice, and worse continue to come forth on the international media. The pavements of polluted cities are home to the poorest of the poor, lepers, limbless mendicants deformed horribly in childhood into broken-legged ’spidermen’ and head-narrowed ‘rat-headed children’ and other pitiful shapes and forms – for the purposes of begging. See more here

Note also that India’s progress is being hindered by Sathya Sai Baba promoting belief in black magic , in fabulous ancient myths and superstitions which are patently not real and many other false beliefs besides.

See also Sathya Sai Baba’s “divine teaching” on sexuality
Sathya Sai Baba’s unfulfilled promises about orphans

India: God-driven or God-forsaken

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Top people protected from prosecution in India

Posted by robertpriddy on May 5, 2008

THE MURDER COVER-UP CONTINUES DESPITE INTERNATIONAL FOCUS,,30000-1314979,00.htmlSky News report on Goa murder

This tragic case has at least come to international notice due to the courage of Mrs. MacKeown, whose daughter’s kidneys and other inner organs were removed from the corpse without her consent, which she is still trying to recover but without success so far! Where is the British Consulate in all this with their pathetic, spineless responses, one may rightly ask? It is likely that it was under instructions not to offend the Indian Government for all the wider political and trade issues with which we are so familiar, and which caused Tony Blair to stop U.K. Metropolitan Police investigation into Sathya Sai Baba and his Organization.

This case, however, is remarkable only because of the publicity it has managed to achieve – otherwise such events are not at all uncommon in India. The recent huge kidney racket which was able to continue uncovered after TEN years illustrates the situation. Need I add that the same applies to the kidney theft at the Sathya Sai Super-Speciality Hospital, the murders of ex-students in 1993 in the ashram bedroom of Sathya Sai Baba and the alleged murder of the son of a major critic of Sathya Sai Baba, namely the Basava Premanand – famous from National Geographic and Discovery exposé and the editor of the Indian Skeptic, who writes in the latest issue:-

Basava Premanand and the Indian kidney racket

See also
Major sabotage by Sai college teacher averted, including murder threats against Basava Premanand

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Will India clean up its Augean police and political stables?

Posted by robertpriddy on April 2, 2008

Mrs MacKeown

The infamous case of Mrs. MacKeown’s daughter Scarlett’s murder in India, is yet another in a long list of police cover-ups by notorious corrupt police forces and politicians in that country. Doubtless it was only the very brave persistence of Scarlett’s mother against massive harassment from crooks, police and governmental authorities and the subsequent international outrage caused the Indian Home Minister, Mr. Shivraj Patel, to allow Mrs. MacKeown’s appeal for an audience. He is a long-term devotee of Sathya Sai Baba, the self-proclaimed God Incarnate and Father of Jesus set an example for top level governmental cover-up in 1993 after four youths were executed by the Puttaparthi police in cold blood in the Godman’s bedroom while he stood by. The present Home Minister’s considerable initial reluctance to help Mrs. MacKeown reminds of the Sai baba cover-up. The entire matter – involving blackmail of the police into executing four devotees by rifle which was led by Sai Baba’s younger brother Janakiramiah – was buried without any completed investigation or court process! The Government (led by Sai devotees Prime Minister P.V. Narasimha Rao and then Home Minister S.B. Chavan) stopped a CBI investigation.
British Government Authorities Fail their Citizens Abroad at will. The kind of corruption up against which Mrs. MacKeown has had a huge struggle without any active support by Britain>’s Foreign and Commonwealth office. That it washed its hands of the matter shows a most disgusting failure of the UK Government. They appease Indian authorities on any such issue of justice due to their desire to keep India friendly for economic and other reasons. (A classic example being the suspension of Metropolitan Police investigations of Sathya Sai Baba when contracts for Hawker jets were to be signed by the Indian PM Vajpayee, as Sai devotee who defended his Baba on every such occasion. See this article. Scarlett’s case was clearly suppressed by Indian authorities on economic grounds, the bad publicity it would have caused for Goan and other Indian tourism. The whole issue has backfired on them because they cannot treat foreigners in the same way they do many of their own citizens who are denied their legal rights and cannot defend their human rights. Here is a transcript of Mrs. MacKeown’ words on Sky News – UK 2 April 08)

  1. INTERVIEWER: Sky News Centre Presenter: “Alex Crawford said you found some very high level contacts, even with the Gandhi family?
  2. MRS.MACKEOWN: Yeah, the National Congress of Women came down – very powerful women. They took a letter from me back up to Sonia Gandhi. I think that helped enormously to put pressure on the government to finally OK this. They were sort of dragging their feet over it a little but I was a bit sceptical because the Home Minister himself had to put his signature on the paperwork. I think he had no choice in the end really.
  3. INTERVIEWER: You were getting a fairly rough ride in some places and some criticism saying, well, that you shouldn’t have left Scarlett on her own.
  4. MRS. MACKEOWN: Yeah, I think that was the government that kept repeating that message because – as far as I was concerned – I’d answered all the questions about how I left her – and she wasn’t actually left and she certainly wasn’t on her own. I think the government were just putting negative messages out there to try and take the point away, really, from the fact that she was murdered and that the police horrifically had tried to cover it up.
  5. INTERVIEWER: You must think an awful lot about the events of that time and how it might have been different?
  6. MRS. MACKEOWN: Yeah, I do. This is why we pushed for the CBI inquiry because I want the policemen that covered it up prosecuted as criminals because of what they put me through. It was already horrific enough event despite having to deal with the things I had to deal with because of them.

Comment on the above interview: Mrs MacKeown’s complaint against the Home Minister (who is the top representative of the Indian Government in criminal matters) is stated mildly. The harassment that these officials exercise over people when they believe they can rule high-handedly is known to everyone who has had to deal with them. Take as a classic example of ministerial conceit and aggressiveness the former Minister of Education M.M. Joshi when interviewed by the BBC about Sai Baba (a classic example – see transcript and video clip! )

Manohar Joshi - Home Minister Tanya Datta Home Minister Shivraj Patel

That the Home Minister spread moralising slanders about Mrs MacKeown shows how it works. The Indian Government were doubtless worried what admission of such a horrendous kind of murder might to do its tourist trade (and doubtless the considerable rake offs for permits and official paperwork their officials take, a practice which is standard (illegal) practice in India, but which is kept as far as possible hidden from foreigners). Further details on the case are found at:
The pathologist who carried out the first, disputed, post-mortem on British teenager Scarlett Keeling has been suspended.

It was only the determination of Mrs MacKeown a mother-of-nine, to prove Scarlett had been murdered – and not drowned, as police claimed – that led to a second post mortem examination which found she had been raped and killed. It showed her body was covered in bruises and there was insufficient water in her lungs to have drowned. Tourism minister Francisco Pacheco said: “This is a clear case of murder and it has gone out of proportion because the police tried to cover it up.

Ms MacKeown, 43, said she had been threatened. Police have agreed to protection. She has accused police and Goan officials of covering up the true nature of her daughter’s death and has moved to a secret location on the advice of her lawyer. Ms MacKeown said locals told her to “get out of here” during her high profile campaign to unearth the truth. “It’s very easy for people to get at you around here,” she said.
“We’ve heard that some people aren’t very happy with us. The beach is deserted, half the shacks have been closed, a lot of people are losing business.

From ‘The Times of India’
PANAJI: The National Commission for Women has held that
Goa police investigations into the rape and murder of British teenager Scarlett Keeling were “completely misleading”.
In its preliminary report on the teenager’s death, Commission member Nirmala Venkatesh said “police are trying to hide the facts of the case and close it. We will never allow this to happen.”
Venkatesh claimed that Scarlett was injected with morphine. “She was raped by four to five persons by gagging her mouth. There are nail marks on the body and several marks which indicate that more than one person was involved in sexually assaulting her,” she said.
“Police investigation in this case was completely misleading and evidence in this case was destroyed by police themselves,” she said.
The NCW member said that they will continue to fight for justice and will brief Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and United Progressive Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi on the police attitude in this case.
From the BBC:
Ms MacKeown has alleged that links between police officials, politicians and the drugs mafia are hampering the probe into her daughter’s death. After visiting
Goa, India‘s National Commission for Women accused the local police of destroying evidence. The beach bar where Scarlett was before she was murdered has been pulled down. The commission also said there had been a delay in producing a medical report that could mean evidence of rape had been lost. It also repeated the allegation that Goa‘s police were trying to protect someone involved in Scarlett’s murder.

From BBC1: Kishan Kumar, the senior Goa Police officer leading the investigation into Scarlett’s murder, told BBC News it was almost complete. He said: “To keep the Goa Police clear and say that we have nothing to hide, we have recommended that the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI] take over the probe. “I had admitted to initial lapses in investigation, and we have suspended one policeman already. But now our investigation is on the right track and we have nothing to hide.”
A spokesman for the CBI said it had not yet received a request from Goa‘s state government.

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