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Sai Baba – omnipotent as claimed?

Posted by robertpriddy on August 5, 2009

There are two approaches to the question ‘Does Sathya Sai Baba exercise his will over all major events in the ashram, or are there persons who can do things over which he is powerless?’ The first part of this alternative question seems to be answered yes by most residents, especially the less educated ones. Most ashram officials speak as if Sathya Sai Baba was in total control through his directives and interventions. Prof. N. Kasturi expressed this view in many of his writings.

Applied to the murders scenario, Sathya Sai Baba makes himself thereby fully responsible for the events that took place within his jurisdiction as ‘Divine Director’ and absolute King-God ruler of the ashram. V.K. Narasimhan was in no doubt, however, that Baba is powerless to control events, even those within the ashram, even within his own apartments.  One example illustrates Sathya Sai Baba ‘s ‘impotence’: before the 70th birthday celebrations, Narasimhan had suggested to him that inviting the Indian President to them was unnecessary and only caused major problems with the Black Berets security arrangements that made devotees suffer huge, life-threatening crushes and endless delays. Sathya Sai Baba had replied that he could do nothing, for the President himself decided to visit. Also, he (Baba) had said to his close servant and editor of his journal, V.K. Narasimhan, that “one thing I cannot do is to make a person choose to do good.” That is part of the reason why Narasimhan did not reject or leave Sai Baba when the executions of the four intruding devotees were organised by his younger brother for it seemed to him that Baba could not even influence his own relative! This viewpoint could absolve him from responsibility as accomplice to the murders, being unable to control the actions of those ashram and Sathya Sai Central Trust members, as well as his younger brother Janaki Ramiah, in blackmailing the police into shooting in cold blood, one by one, the four trapped and virtually unarmed intruders.

Worse still, Sai Baba evidently can’t control his own sexual appetites… and anyone who wishes to know the facts should confront Mr. Al Drucker with questions as to what he has told privately about distraught parents of US devotees who visited him in his rooms at Prashanthi told him about their sons’ being sexually assaulted by Sathya Sai Baba. Add to that the damning testimony which no one can doubt is genuine given by the Rahm family and Mark Roche on the BBC film ‘The Secret Swami’. While boasting that the Central Trust is beyond all suspicion, Sathya Sai Baba was unable to stop the many financial kickbacks and embezzlements that have taken place under his nose by Colonel Joga Rao, Mr. Suri, Mr. Narayanan, and various others who he has sacked from the Central Trust or other offices within his outfit some months after his discourse pronouncements. In short, Sai Baba has little or no control over anyone who does not do what he says, even in his own ashrams and not even among the great majority of his blind followers.

See my previous posting too – Sai Baba’s impotence.

See also Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization


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How were the infamous murders covered-up?

Posted by robertpriddy on August 3, 2009

Two of the victims of the Sai authorities' work - photos courtesy of B. Premanand

Two of the victims of the Sai authorities' work - photos courtesy of B. Premanand

The homicides of six devotees in Baba’s quarters in the temple of Prashanthi Nilayam of 6-6-1993 was never ‘officially’ solved, the investigations having eventually been quashed by the Indian Government in accordance with the ashram’s expressed wishes. The recently published 800-page book, Murders in Sai Baba’s Bedroom by the skeptic B. Premanand, exposes the crimes by presenting all the known facts and their possible significance, including court petitions by Premanand himself and official depositions, plus a vast array of newspaper reports, 16 pages of color photos covering the bloody crime scene, and other relevant materials.

Many facts were left uninvestigated or covered up and prime witnesses were left unquestioned (including Sai Baba, who was present but never answered any questions from the press or investigators on the episode). A fairly brief and consistent outline of the main events that emerge can be summarized, even though it is overwhelmingly evident that the police were shown to have lied and lied and the Central Trust, ashram authorities and the Sathya Sai Organization remained silent about everything.

Above all, no one who reads this with an open mind can deny the depth of compromised involvement of top Sai officials and especially of the identity of a major culprit, Sai Baba’s younger brother, Janaki Ramiah, who thereby demonstrated his control of his brother’s chief affairs and indeed later assumed the overall practical management of the huge assets of the Sathya Sai Central Trust, besides his own millions obtained through property speculation. Since then he has died.

On the night in question Sai Baba’s four attendants on the ground floor of the temple with four persons who possibly tried to force their way in to see Sai Baba when they were denied access (two of the four attendants were as usual to sleep in and guard the temple that night). The exact cause of the fighting, other than that it was an intrusion, and whether or not the killing of any of the defenders were planned, is not definitely established.

The outcome was that two attendants were killed in a knife battle, two seriously injured while a 14 year-old student who was with Sai Baba in his 1st floor bedroom escaped unhurt. Bolting a door, the student boy (or perhaps Baba) set off a loud siren, both leaving the room hurriedly. How the intruders got into Baba’s quarters through the bolted door remains unclear, but once in, they bolted the exits to the whole apartment area and sealed themselves within, if not on the assumption that Baba was still there at least to protect themselves from the angry crowd.

One policeman was nearby at the outset, it seems, but he fearfully left the scene. No police appeared for at least half-an-hour after the alarm siren went off, but meanwhile villagers, residents, foreign visitors and about 60 of Baba’s students surrounded the temple. After about an hour or so of apparent stand-off, during which the police and Seva Dal servitors eventually cordoned the main crowd off from the temple and compound, some of Baba’s MBA students, maybe including some villagers, appear to have broken in the door of Baba’s apartment to get at the four intruders.

Subsequently, according to a consistent eye-witness of the whole affair, a bank official interviewed shortly thereafter by the BBC, the younger brother of Sai Baba (Janaki Ramiah) had a ten-minute discussion with Sai Baba and Colonel Joga Rao in the room at the opposite end of the temple where Baba had fled. The MBA students who had tied and allegedly also beaten the four intruders, left when the police very belatedly arrived, allegedly led by an inebriated officer.

Directly after this, the bank employee eye-witness reported, Janaki Ramiah ordered the killing of the four intruders whom he claimed had tried to murder Baba, saying “Vallani kattesinaru, champeyundira…” “They are tied. Now kill them.” What may we suppose was discussed between Baba, his brother, and Col. Joga Rao for 10 minutes while the four intruders lay bound and bloody in Baba’s bedroom? Whatever it was, not not long afterwards it became a bloody slaughterhouse shambles in Sai Baba’s bedroom.

Then came the total police clamp down and cover-up… that turned out to be a cock-up of Keystone Cop dimensions. What emerged as the best substantiated reports from the whole confused mess of reports was that, after shooting the four alleged assailants’ bound bodies (which had been beaten and were either heavily injured or already dead), the police must have moved the bodies and rearranged clothing etc. This was patently to try to make it seem the shooting was done in self-defense by the police as claimed in the Inspector’s First Incident Report.

This report was contradicted by later official investigations, and on some points even by Sai Baba in a later discourse. According to the analyses of independent lawyers (notably New Zealand barrister Warren C. Pyke) and Indian criminal investigators, the report was certainly faked on many points and the scene of the crime had been rearranged. Some of the evidence remains uncertain or inexact, also because the results of further investigations were eventually kept largely secret through direct governmental intervention.

Contradictory to the local police Inspector’s statements is that of V. Jagadish, who observed the broken door before the police arrived and further that of D. Peddireddy, who said that he broke the wooden plank that was holding the door and saw the deceased in the room after he did so. The absence of injury to the Inspector and the minor nature of injuries to the other policemen does not fit with their story of a struggle and their need to open fire. The position of the deceased after death and the very close range gunshot wounds do not fit the police version.

The nature of the gunshot wounds to the deceased are entirely consistent with a very close range discharge. Nor do the number of rounds discharged and position of bullets fit with the police account of shooting in self-defense at specific close-range targets. Independent and reputable witnesses, Balachandra, Sahani, Vatsava all say the shots were heard at 1 a.m., which fits with the post mortem report as to time of death, but contradicts the police evidence of 11.30 p.m. by a full 1½ hours. Further, the photographs of the corpses taken in Baba’s room show many details that cannot be explained if the police account were true.

One photo shows a bloody police lathi (truncheon), an unexplained length of heavy hosepipe on the floor and two heavy bloody poles on Baba’s sofa (probably used for stretchers to bear some of the corpses to their arranged positions in a different room), for which there is no police explanation. The distribution of blood in the rooms and on the bodies is often at odds with the police version of where and how the victims died. Remains of rope (allegedly used to tie the victims, then cut away after shooting) are seen in another room! And so on… the police seriously bungled the remainder of the investigations, avoided interviewing witnesses, gathering obvious evidence etc., most likely so as to try to cover their own tracks. In this they were signally unsuccessful.

Read on… On whom can one really rely? Press interviews with the families of all four victims and with various others who had known them well during their many years of service of Sai Baba were unanimous in their view that they were all deeply devoted to Sai Baba – two of them had been long-term close attendants of Sai Baba. There is abundant evidence that the four intruders, alleged by the police to be assailants wishing to kill Sai Baba (but this was denied publicly by Baba himself and by sources close to them), that they were still devotees in full faith who had another motive in trying to reach Sai Baba that evening. A question arises in every good devotee’s mind: “Was this sinister Divine Comedy of heaven and hell not also staged and presided over by the Divine Director, as most devotees who believe in Baba’s self-proclaimed omnipotence to be so with all other events at the ashram?

Or does this omnipotence not even extend to his own students and ashram staff (when this is not convenient)?” The bemused devotee’s answer to this will probably be, ‘Swami chooses when to intervene and when not, and we cannot understand his mysterious divine motives.’ This mystification puts Sai Baba above the law (which he claims he always respects) and all human standards, but does it not also makes him seem not even human, but without normal care and compassion or even courage?

The Central Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Dept. eventually had to take over due to public unrest with the police and ashram cover-up, and their investigations began to uncover some of the many irregularities, which ashram authorities and police alike adamantly refused to comment on. Though a prime witness, Sai Baba was never officially questioned! The brother of one of the alleged assailants, a Sai worker and former ashram security boss, Vijay Prabhu, and his co-worker Ravindra (earlier one of Baba’s closest servitors), were suspected of complicity with the intruders because of explosives and poisons found in their quarters and they were then hunted throughout India for a month and eventually gave themselves up at Nagpur so as to avoid the danger of liquidation by the already hopelessly compromised Andhra Pradesh police.

According to the press, they then explained that the intention of the four who were shot by the police had been to present to Baba facts about major corruption in the Central Trust and by Baba’s present attendants. They had no intention of harming Sai Baba, to whom all were devoted and for whom some had sacrificed excellent careers. The whole case was at length quashed by the intervention of the highest internal authority in India, the Home Minister, S. B. Chavan, who had been called to visit by Sai Baba as soon as the police cover-up became transparent so that the Central Bureau CID took over.

Sai Baba claimed in his Gurupurnima discourse that there had been no attempt on his life. He rambled on in a confusing way about exchanges with his attendant Radhakrishna about drinking buttermilk, visiting the village etc., avoiding giving any real explanation by preaching about the cardinal evil jealousy “in all spheres of life in the world today”, which he said was behind the incident. He added, as if in justification for all the murders, “The final end is the only cure for it.” He also defended all the members of the Central Trust against corruption allegations (though I am most reliably informed that he dismissed several of them for just that when the matter had died down sufficiently).

However, Baba may have inadvertently let out some of the truth behind the confrontation in telling in the same discourse that Radhakrishna had said to him, “Swami has perhaps some doubts that I may go out somewhere and talk to others”. Concealed facts about corruption were claimed by various others involved to have been at the core of the matter. In passing, Baba also timed the death of Radhakrishnan to 10.00 p.m., at odds by several hours with the police report. Home Minister S.B. Chavan revisited Baba five times more in the following months before they could rid themselves of the matter through a confidential government order, administered by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to close the murder case and suppress over 100 photographs (impounded by K.V. Reddy of the police) and also the CB-Criminal Investigation Dept. report.

That this could not even be made public speaks volumes and indicates what astonishing levels of corrupt power brokerage were involved to stop the truth and save Sai Baba’s reputation. The Secretary of the Sathya Sai Trust had asked Chavan to drop the issue as it might harm Baba’s image, which certainly makes honest persons wonder how the truth about it all could hurt Baba’s image? Dramatic new information That the police were pressurized into shooting the four alleged assailants in cold blood by top officials of the ashram and the Central Trust, not least Sai Baba’s own younger brother, Janaki Ramiah, is known to the present author from an extremely reliable inside source, on daily speaking terms with Sai Baba.

That source informed me that ashram authorities knew and could prove that the police had allowed two murderers of a German devotee lady in her new room within the ashram some time previous to 1993 to escape in return for revealing where the money they murdered her for was concealed (about Rs. 80,000.-). The police took the money themselves and this was the ashram’s lever on them. This is known as criminal blackmail. The case of the German lady devotee was never cleared up, her only ‘crime’ having been not properly to conceal while returning through the village the money she had withdrawn from the State Bank in Puttaparthi to pay for improvements to her new room.

Sai Baba had left the day previously, and the ashram authorities cleared the place of all foreign visitors and residents within a very short time in an attempt to conceal the incident, as is their usual practice after murders. The present writer has been involved with sb for decades and has spent much time with him at his ashrams, which is why it took me so many years since 1993 to come to accept and adjust to the otherwise wholly unbelievable facts of the incident described above. At some later date, when it proves convenient, the inside ashram source from which the central facts of this information comes, plus further details, will be made public.

Those top officials and even those MBA students who are more or less ‘in the know’ are still mostly prisoners of their circumstances, often fearing to break faith with such a socially and psychically powerful and imperious ‘godman’. Few of them may so far be free of the bewitchment and fear of possible retribution to dare to speak out, but it is hoped that they will do so eventually. I know that most regular devotees are in much the same boat as to not speaking freely about many facts and their doubts and are, for many personal reasons, unwilling to look beyond Baba’s good words and works, of which there admittedly also have been and still are many.

Meanwhile, let us offer our condolences to all those sorely bereaved and maltreated in this matter, who have been allowed no recourse to justice or compensation of any kind, and not least to the countless followers of Baba who have sacrificed so much time, energy and not least money with such good intentions and trusting faith (not forgetting that the good social services and works are actually financed and carried out by them). The grieving process and self-liberation from the person and symbol of Sathya Sai Baba as the Godhead Incarnate – made unavoidable by the major conflict between his words and his actions in all this – may be long and painful. However, greater self esteem, confidence and further realization can be achieved .MurderBook

Murders in Sai Baba’s Bedroom by B. Premanand. Price India Rs. 400/-, Overseas US $40/- (free postage). Publ. by B. Premanand. 11/7 Chettipalayam Road, Podnadur. 641 023 Tamil Nadu, India. Send money order or bank draft for copies.




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The murders again – 1993 in Sai Baba’s private quarters

Posted by robertpriddy on August 2, 2009

Photos in Sai Baba's rooms courtesy of Basava Premanand

Photos in Sai Baba's rooms courtesy of Basava Premanand

Happy in my faith in the widely proclaimed divine goodness of Sathya Sai Baba, backed by many years of experience of him that was mostly positive, I could not believe that he could have had any part whatever in the six murders that were committed in June 1993. In line with Sai Baba’s own directions, my faith was so unquestioning that I accepted, in the main, the mostly irrelevant statements he made in the admittedly vague and rambling discourse some weeks later. Written instructions were sent out by leaders of the Sathya Sai Organisation not to question or discuss anything about the incident, but to ignore it and rather concentrate on oneself and ones own spiritual practice. Such instructions came from Indulal Shah, Central Office and Chairman of the Western hemisphere of the Organization, Dr. Michael Goldstein. Goldstein’s letter to devotees was a confused emotional outburst, but I already knew from friends of mine who knew him very well that he is a wholly unreliable person.

I knew virtually nothing about the circumstances at that time, and learned mostly only the carefully contrived bits of Sai Org. ‘information’ (disinformation, actually, including both cynical and unwitting indoctrination). This is all very well, if you care nothing for the victims and their families, for justice or for the truth of the matter. The old excuses, ‘only Swami knows the reason’ and the faith that God does only what is good, any bad is done by us soon beguiled nearly all followers. Devotees do just not want to know and still accept unquestioningly any cover-up by the ashram officials, the police, the Andhra Pradesh State authorities and the Indian Government (through the then Home Minister of the Indian Government, S.B. Chavan). In 1995, at the 70th birthday celebrations. I began to hear about the actual episode from a high-standing Indian Administrative Service Vigilance Officer and Sai devotee, Mr. V. Ramnath. He told me that a close colleague from his college days had been personally involved in the early investigations. The entire account was so shocking and so many confusing points remained unanswered that it seemed impossible to evaluate what was false witness and what genuine. In trying to piece together the evidence so as to see who might be responsible and what motives the various involved persons could have had, I set about getting inside information from persons whose judgement and honesty I could really trust, especially Sai Baba’s editor and my close friend and lifelong journalist, V.K. Narasimhan. This I collated with the many press reports. Eventually the invaluable book by B. Premanand (Murders in Sai Baba’s Bedroom’) provided a mass of documentary transcripts and other evidence which helped me to understand how massive was the cover-up to protect Sathya Sai Baba and his brother.

According to V.K. Narasimhan’s private confidences, the police were forced to shoot the four alleged assailants in cold blood by top officials of the ashram and the Central Trust, not least Sai Baba’s own younger brother, Janaki Ramiah, is known to me from an extremely reliable inside source, V.K. Narasimhan, who was on daily speaking terms with Sathya Sai Baba throughout the incident and until his death in March 2000. I have given detailed accounts of my long discussion and close friendship with VKN, his observations of and opinions on Sathya Sai Baba and his revelations to me in confidence about the murders. My conclusions after much thought and investigation was that – despite the uncertainties left by the conflicting layers of cover-up and misinformation spread by Sai officials and Sai Baba himself, he was an accomplice to cold-blooded murder.The murders were never ‘officially’ solved, the investigations having eventually been quashed by the Indian Government in accordance with the ashram’s expressed wishes. The 840-page book, ‘Murders in Sai Baba’s Bedroom’, written and compiled by the skeptic B. Premanand, exposes the crimes by presenting publicly known facts and their possible significance, including court petitions by Premanand himself and official depositions, plus a vast array of newspaper reports, 16 pages of color photos covering the bloody crime scene, and other relevant materials.

Many facts were left uninvestigated or covered up and prime witnesses were left unquestioned, including Sai Baba, who was present close to the scene of the murders throughout, but who never later answered any questions from the press or investigators on the episode (unless he did so in strict secrecy in private to Government officials, as remarks made in public by the then Home Minister and Indian President indicate). On the contrary, Sathya Sai Baba later attacked the Andhra Pradesh journalists in the most derogatory and libelous fashion and was never held to account for this, despite their well-founded complaint to the requisite Press Council. He simply has too much money and other kinds of clout among those who determine things in India to answer to anyone at all! The press did their best but were contending with a tight criminal conspiracy of secrecy. The press managed to uncover many circumstances anyhow.Despite the largely very successful cover-up within much of India so far, which relied for its effectiveness partly on the ashram power-brokerage and reported massive bribery – but also on the encouragement of confusion and hearsay of the typical Indian sort – the issue refuses to lie down and die, even within the worldwide Sai movement. There have been many indications of seriously falling numbers of foreign visitors to functions and falloff in members, recruitment and donations in many countries. No statistics are kept concerning this in the Sai movement (unless secretly).


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Sathya Sai Baba – Good and Evil

Posted by robertpriddy on July 13, 2009

In a public discourse in January 1995 (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol.28 new ed., p.1), Sathya Sai Baba said: “The good and evil in the world are expressions of Divine consciousness. Man should not be misled by these expressions. Behind all the various actions of the actors, the Divine Director is at work.”

Since Sathya Sai Baba has often proclaimed for himself that divine directorship, this good or evil is an expression of Sathya Sai Baba’ divine consciousness? This is virtually a tacit admission by Sai Baba that he does things humans regard as evil. He has also said:
“The ‘bad’ too is in fact ‘good’ in reverse. It serves to teach what has to be avoided. It would not be ‘bad’ for all time; it is ever short-lived. Neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’ can be pronounced as ‘absolutely unrelieved’ states. Knowledge (vidya) reveals and makes clear that ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are only the reactions caused by the failings and feelings of the mind of man.” (Vidya Vahini, p. 22.)

This is a far-reaching assertion, one which can lead to the total confusion of values with anti-values and vice-versa. when acting in the real world. As the divine director, therefore, could not

This implies that the self-proclaimed “embodied Divinity” can just as well do evil as good, since it makes no difference ‘ultimately’ and from his viewpoint. This makes a complete mockery of most of his other statements about how he, the avatar, is only pure love, enacts nothing but good, that everything is good from God’s viewpoint and so on. If good and bad are “only failings and feelings of the mind of man” then what Sai Baba promotes as the five universal human values at the core of religion are utterly superfluous. He also says those values are divine in origin, which means they are not what the world regards to be human values. In either case he claims them to be subjective failings and feelings.

Why have a good example? The avatar, who usurps Mahatma Gandhi’s immortal words (as inscribed on the base of his statue in Old Delhi Gandhi Museum) to claim ‘My Life is My Message’  sets himself up as the prime example of righteousness and goodness. He holds that he exceeds all human beings in purity, selfless desirelessness and truthfulness. Yet he reveals that this is all a fraud… he recognises neither good nor bad as having any relevance in reality.

What is perhaps most shocking about the evidence that has emerged about Sathya Sai Baba ‘s active involvement in unjust and illegal matters, from the murders’ cover-up to the weighty evidence of his homosexual and pedophile activities, is the huge gap this opens between his words and reported actions. There is no other word but wilful deception on a grand scale for these discrepancies.

That a self-proclaimed holy avatar can condone the unjust repression of truth and justice and even allegedly carry out sexual acts of a sort that the Pope at long last openly and forcible condemned as evil requires a thoroughgoing reevaluation by followers of what this person actually represents.

Sai Baba has said, for example, “God assumes a role in the dharma of the world in human form. He has to behave as a human being only. This should be clearly understood by all.” (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. 26 new ed. p. 229f).
Does this indicate that he has to have human failings too? Well, if his role is not one of the purest dharma (i.e. ‘uprightness’), then the answer must be a resounding ‘No!’ How can serious self-contradictions, lies, broken promises, cover-up, and complete unaccountability be reconciled to dharma?

Anyone who holds, therefore, that Sathya Sai Baba can carry out any kind of sexually-oriented interference or direct abuse on boys and young men against their expectations and despite their wishes without it affecting his purity or his truthfulness is also in denial of Sathya Sai Baba ‘s own words, as well as common sense and ordinary decency as these are understood in civilized and morally-enlightened society. Such is a most terrible perversion of spirituality! There are those in the Sai movement who accept him as a sexual abuser.

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On Sathya Sai Baba and good works

Posted by robertpriddy on July 9, 2009

Due to the disaffection forced on me by facts, I became increasingly sceptical about the nature and extent of the good supposedly done by Sathya Sai Baba. This is the culmination  of my long experience and observation through about three decades of Sai Baba’s works and that of his organization.

Devotees who remain faithful to Sathya Sai Baba after the scandals that have emerged cite the good works he has done – or inspired others to do. However great they may or may not be – they do not prove anything about whether he is a deceiver and liar, a sexual abuser and an accomplice to murders. When accused of grave crimes, and very credibly by testimonies galore and widespread documentation, it is surely best to clear ones name in frank and open investigation, if innocent! This neither Sathya Sai Baba nor anyone around him is able to do… they dare not risk the truth coming out in legal verdicts! Sai Baba himself is protected at the highest levels of Indian government, as the illegal quashing of the murder investigations by the CBI is sufficient proof for a start.

An account of the massive bribery involved reported by a former top CID sleuth, V. J. Ram, who received a Presidential Medal for his detective services to the Indian State… click here to read

However, Sathya Sai Baba’s plan to avoid real scrutiny has long since been built into his teachings. One oft-quoted example of this is his words, “Examine yourself and leave me to myself” and many huge claims of the kind: “My truth is inexplicable, unfathomable. I am beyond the reach of the most intensive inquiry, the most meticulous measurement. There is nothing I do not see…” ( p.131, J. Hislop, My Baba and I. San Diego, 1985)

Further to help avert attention from himself, Sathya Sai Baba holds out rewards to those who have implicit faith in all he says and does, but only in an invisible world of unknown and unknowable future imaginings. In this way, he has long been able to ward off examination by his followers of what he is and does here and now!

He claims that his life is his message, and we are able to examine that, at any rate! The requirement to follow a nation’s laws is on of the 10 points listed in the Sathya Sai Organisation’s Charter to which all members must agree and follow. Why did Sathya Sai Baba avoid this at all costs by submitting to investigations and clearing up all possible doubts? The most obvious answer is that he wanted to protect himself from what would have come to light. Why did he run off when his two attendants were being stabbed to death? Why did he not intervene when those responsible were executed one by one in cold blood on his younger brother’s intervention? Why did he inform in a discourse that he was aware in advance that he warned his two attendants because of the fate to befall them? Is all this a way to re-establish eternal values (Sanathana dharma)?

See also Read various coverage of the murders, including Janaki Ramiah’s role and that of the Indian Home Minister S.B. Chavan and Prime Minister Narasimha Rao


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Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 2

Posted by robertpriddy on June 1, 2009

The Indian press repeatedly described events, as best they were able to investigate them through eye-witnesses who were too frightened to stand forth with their names. Literally hundreds of articles were written in all as the press tried to do its duty to society. Sathya Sai Baba rubbished the entire press coverage and the journalists involved in his highly evasive 1993 Guru Purnima discourse, without explaining a single thing. However, he stated that the whole incident would only serve to increase his fame throughout the world! (Perhaps he was thinking of ‘notoriety’). The complaint to the Press Council by the AP journalists’ union had no appreciable effect. Sathya Sai Baba explained nothing that did not suit him, and that was very little, devious and confusing (see here).

click to enlarge

In the light of official documents alone, no one can seriously contest that the killing spree by police was followed by a totally botched police cover-up. It would have made truly divine comedy directed by a humorous God from on high… were it not for the fact that two valets were murdered and four servants of Sathya Sai Baba, who had been most devoted for many years, were executed one by one in cold blood in “the holy of holies”, Sathya Sai Baba ‘s bedroom. The police were blackmailed by Baba’s younger.

Sathya Sai's younger brother, Janaki Ramiah

brother Janakiramiah (then to become his right-hand man on the Sathya Sai Central Trust) also with the aid of other ashram and Trust officials. This is the truth as it was told to me by V. K. Narasimhan who was party to some of the the discussions between those involved afterwards. Those who want a fuller account of how the crucial facts were made known to me by V.K. Narasimhan (which facts I could for the sake of his own security not make known until after his decease – see my account here and notes I made after discussions with him here and here).

One answer to part of the enigma I tried to adopt was that Sathya Sai Baba has to allow human affairs to take their own course so as not to usurp their will. But this would not hold water in the long run. However, Sathya Sai Baba has repeatedly denied that human beings have any kind of ‘free will’ and that ‘only God (he means himself) has free will’. Though this alone literally amounts to his own self-condemnation, I do not accept this indefensible primitive doctrine and only blinded or indoctrinated devotees could manage to swallow it. I know that Sathya Sai Baba delegates responsibility to his workers, which can involve a considerable degree of own judgement and will power, which they may sometimes use wrongly.

As the undisputed ruler of Prashanthi Nilayam township and of his servitors and devotees who dare not go against his commands, Sathya Sai Baba must bear the overall responsibility for all of it, not least since he indicated in his discourse weeks after the event that he knew in advance the fate of his servitors and warned them too! Nothing can absolve him from having been complicit in cold-blooded murder. One person alleges

that Sathya Sai Baba , while avoiding the mob in the garage attached to the temple, was asked by officials what to do and told them to ‘do as they liked’. This is unconfirmed, but could well be correct. It has not been refuted – by any officials or Sathya Sai Baba himself. They keep as silent (like any Sicilian muerta) as the grave of their victims and hope all will eventually blow over.

Those who wish for a fuller, non-propaganda account of these events can go to:

Resumé of some events and valid questions

The evidence suggests that the four bodies, allegedly found in Sai Baba’s bedroom (and photographed with little blood visible in unnatural positions in each their corner of it), were taken from an adjoining room where they had been shot and which contained pools of blood.

After the assassinations of Mahatma Gandhi, and the prime ministers Indira Gandhi and later her son, Rajiv Gandhi, the killers were not automatically killed. The law was allowed to take its course and police acted bravely to take alive the killers they apprehended. However, Sai Baba issued a press statement that there was no attempt on his life. This contradicted the statement of the police inspector who penned the First Incident Report, and it also nullified the motive stated by the police for their shooting the four intruders. He refused to cooperate with any further inquiries by police or press, but discussed the matter in total secrecy with some of his staff, his younger brother Jankira Ramiah and many visiting high court judges and top politicians of the country.

In this situation, the police were almost powerless and intimidated into not questioning certain suspects or carrying out investigations with any kind of normal thoroughness. From studying official reports made by the police and the courts that were forced to deal with a number of pleas, the investigations were quite patently a complete travesty of police work, leaving almost nothing but loose ends, unquestioned eye-witnesses and a veritable rats’ nest of contradictory statements, doubtful and obviously concocted evidence.

Home Minister S.B. Chavan is reported to have said that Baba “scolded the persons creating the noise, bolting the door from the inside.” An official First Information Report (Annexure 144) reports Sai Baba shouting ‘Fools, get out’. The question is why Sathya Sai Baba did not intervene.

However, the Indian Express (13-6-1993) reported that a boy in is early teens – Subbappayya – who was in Sai Baba’s room when the assailants knocked saying there was a telegram for Sai Baba opened the door. They attempted to attack him, but the dagger only penetrated his shirt and he escaped unharmed. He bolted the door and alerted Baba to the impending danger.

However, writes the Express, “what sounds illogical is that if Subbappayya had closed the door and bolted it from behind, how could the alleged assailants enter Baba’s personal chambers after attacking the four guards

on the ground floor? There are no indications of the alleged assailants or somebody applying pressure on the doors to open them. The police have taken Subbapayya’s torn shirt into their possession… The investigating officers are tight-lipped to the question as to how the assailants could get into Baba’s chamber.”

The next great question is why was a young teenage boy in Sai Baba’s chambers at the time? Further, why did the ashram authorities hide him away and deny police access to him for giving evidence? Why did they do the same with the two injured Sevadal attendants who had been downstairs with Radhakrishnan, namely, Baba’s cook Vishnu Bhatt and the assistant Anil Patley? That the ashram authorities kept them away from any interrogation on various pretexts is not a fact disputed by any source.

Sai Baba on the morning after the murders near him

It seems that Sai Baba’s movements were as follows: EITHER down the rear staircase from his rooms to the kitchen entrance opposite the South Prashanthi blocks. Into the ladies entrance to the mandir and through it to the garage building (into what is sometimes known as the green room?) OR through a door onto the 1st floor behind the balcony and through to a room on the 1st floor of the . The first is the most likely, since there were reports that he had spoken briefly to persons outside the rear of the temple.

He was in any case guarded in a room not 30 yards from the scene of action while police conferred with ashram and central Trust authorities until the intruders were shot, some three hours later (according to foreign visitors who witnessed the sounds of the shooting spree in which 27 rounds were let off). The police claim the time of the shooting was at 10.30 p.m., but several devotees report having heard a siren at 10.30 p.m., followed by a gunshot. Who shot who then is an unanswered question. Then, much later, devotees heard a round of firing of at least 20 rounds at around 1.30 p.m.

A reader remarked in a letter to the Canara Times 5-7-1993. Gautama Buddha once told people not to accept anything without question, including his own teachings. In contrast we have a proven fraud and frequent prestidigitator – widely and most credibly accused of serial sexual abuses – calling himself God Almighty and his followers asking us not to question him.

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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Murders in the Prashanthi temple – reflections 1

Posted by robertpriddy on May 29, 2009

Concerning the 1993 murders in Sathya Sai Baba’s temple bedroom apartment


Two decades of experience of Sathya Sai Baba, mostly apparently very positive, led me to believe that he could have had no part whatever in the six murders that were committed in June 1993. So unquestioning was my faith (as required of followers) that I accepted what little was said about it by officials in the Sai movement and in a discourse by Sathya Sai Baba himself some weeks afterwards. I put them matter behind me… like almost everyone else in the Sai movement.

I accepted, in the main, what later were seen to be the mostly irrelevant statements he made in the admittedly vague and rambling discourse some weeks later on Guru Purnima day in July 1992. Even some of the emotional outbursts and unbalanced ramblings  of the Interntional Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization – Dr. Michael Goldstein –  in his letter to Sai devotees seemed to make things seem somewhat like a divine enigma that we could not hope to understand. (But this ploy is often used by Sai Baba and his trusted officials so as to avoid telling or explaining anything that does not suit him). The old excuse, ‘only Swami knows the reason’ soon clicked in with the followers. But then, I knew virtually nothing about the circumstances at that time, mostly only the carefully contrived bits of Sai Org. ‘information’ (cynical disinformation, actually).

Written instructions were sent out by leaders of the Sathya Sai Organisation (eg. Indulal Shah, Central Office and Michael Goldstein) not to question or discuss anything about the incident, but to ignore it and rather concentrate on oneself and one’s own spiritual practice (i.e, based on the same twisted principle as ever, namely: God does only what is good, any bad is done by us)! All that smacks of  criticism of anything Sai baba say or does is always turned back on devotees by the trusted ‘leader VIPs’ (who often defend their own actions likewise as done by persons sanctioned by Swami). This is all very well, if you care nothing for the victims, the truth of the matter, justice or if one accepts the clumsy and despicable cover-up attempted by the ashram, the police, the Andhra Pradesh State authorities and the Indian Government (in the person of then Home Minister of the Indian Government, S.B. Chavan).

In 1995, at the 70th birthday celebrations, I began to hear about the whole episode from an Indian Administrative Service Vigilance Officer, V. Ramnath, whose close colleague had been personally involved in the early investigations. The entire account was so shocking and so many confusing points remained unanswered that it seemed impossible to evaluate what was false witness and what genuine, and to piece together the evidence so as to see who might be responsible and what motives the various involved persons could have had. I set about getting inside information from persons whose judgement and honesty I could really trust. This I collated with the many press reports. Eventually the invaluable book by the award-winning skeptic and iconoclast, internationally-known Basava Premanand (Murders in Sai Baba’s Bedroom see also here) provided a mass of documentary transcripts and other evidence which helped me to understand how massive the cover-up to protect Sathya Sai Baba and his brother was.

click to enlarge

During the hours that passed while the four intruders who had killed Sathya Sai Baba ‘s two attendants were locked in his apartment, various persons reportedly visited Sathya Sai Baba in the garage annex to the temple. Witnesses reported seeing his younger brother Janakiramiah, Joga Rao enter and exit shortly before the shots from police rifles were heard by many residents and visitors. Were Janakiramiah, Colonel Joga Rao and Sathya Sai Baba just discussing the weather, or maybe Sathya Sai Baba was further repeating his compassionate teaching, ‘Help ever, harm never’ and “See no evil, hear no evil, do no evil”?

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Taking one’s own advice – Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on March 16, 2009

“Actually, one should never seek pardon for the mistake committed. One should be prepared to undergo the punishment. Only then can one be free from defects. When a person commits a serious offence, he is put in jail. He is released only after he undergoes punishment for the required period. Likewise, if you want redemption, you should atone for your sins and be prepared to face punishment for your mistakes. You should exercise control over the senses and see that you do not repeat your mistakes.” (Sathya Sai Baba, discourse on 5/7/2001 –  see Sanathana Sarathi, August 2001, p. 230)


Comment: Will Sathya Sai Baba follow his own advice? Does he think that being a passive accomplice to the cold-blooded execution of young men is a mistake, as in his own case? Since he claimed to know in advance all the murders that would happen, why did he not act, at least to be away from the scene of the crimes when his servitors were killed? Would he think not exercising control of the senses and repeating lifelong sexual molestation to be ‘a mistake’?

The history of sex abuse reports and allegations against Sathya Sai Baba

Murders in Sathya Sai Baba’s bedroom – reports, analyses, testimony



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Sai Baba as ‘Love, Bliss and Wisdom Personified’

Posted by robertpriddy on December 14, 2008

The  prophecies about Sathya Sai Baba (as listed on the saibabaofindia website claimed to be from the Suka Nadi palm leaves) also include the following;-

· He will be PREMASWAROOPA, ANANDASWAROOPA, AND JNANASWAROOPA. (Personification of Love, Bliss and Wisdom)

COMMENT: That he is no personification of pure love is seen in his lectern-thumping, hate-packed and directly untruthful Christmas Discourse, 2000 and, of course, in the profuse allegations of sexual abuse, child abuse and proof of murder cover-up. As to Bliss, he has become stone-faced and morose-looking most of the time, except occasionally when he smiles for the cameras. Students reported on the Convocation address 22-10-2008, as follows:-
“Swami made it clear that He has no enemies. Every one loves Him. Many people may have some misunderstandings about Me but it is only their IMAGINATION.. I have no enemies.. I love all. I am always smiling. Many people think how can I keep smiling? I don’t like castoroil faces.. When you all are happy, I will be happy.”

Apart from his stupendous presumption that ‘everyone’ loves him – when he is not known at all to the majority of humanity, this shows how he has to put on a brave face and is unhappy when his devotes are, as they so often seem to be when begging for his intervention and much more. He himself says he “puts up” a smiling countenance in a discourse in October 2008:-
“The students… …wonder how Swami is able to put up such a smiling countenance (my emphasis) in the midst of great criticism and how Swami could put up such great patience!”.

However, an Indian lady devotee in Norway with connections to some of Sathya Sai Baba’s inner circle sent out an e-mail (see here) telling how she had learned that he sits and cries most of the day. Strangely enough, a very similar account was given to me by a US lady devotee of long standing from Hawaii called Kanta Devi. She had long known Prof. V.K. Gokak well – one of the closest servitors at that time. Gokak was visiting Sai Baba daily in his Trayee Brindavan apartment where he sat suffering a hairline fracture in the hip joint (after his first accident in his bathroom after slipping on the soap). He told Kanta Devi, who he knew very well, that Sai Baba sat in an armchair all day and was very depressed, shedding bitter tears each time Gokak visited him. Kanta Devi was very concerned about this and asked my wife and I how it could be explained. Of course, blind devotees would have said that “it is all Swami’s divine play which no one can understand”. Indeed, as soon as one throws away the last vestige of judgement and common sense, nothing Sai Baba says or does can be understood, as it is just play and has meanings he alone knows. This is the depths to which renunciation of an independent mind can bring anyone who is not very careful.

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Sathya Sai Baba ashram visits

Posted by robertpriddy on November 26, 2008

Be warned and forearmed – murders, deaths, mortal accidents, illnesses, suicides at Sai ashrams

There are serious hazards in visiting Sathya Sai Baba ashrams which are never explained to visitors. The number of covered-up incidents is obviously unknown, but those which have leaked out make clear that many foreign devotees have died in Prashanthi Nilayam and Brindavan, others have disappeared, others have died in accidents which have also been hushed up and the facts buried.  Dozens of visitors have taken their own lives in the ashrams, near them or after  visiting them. Some were literally executed within the ashram itself, like a German-speaking Swiss lady who was knifed to death in her new room at Prashanthi Nilayam. The most notorious incident was the murders in Sai Baba’s bedroom of 1993 where 6 devotees lost their lives, four of them defenselessly gunned down by the police on ashram orders! (see at foot of this blog)

The constant cover-up of crime and death by Sai Baba officials

It is not possible to document most deaths that are known to ashramites, organization members or visitors  because the ashrams exercise the tightest possible secrecy and control of information about all untoward incidents (both the ashram staff and all Sathya Sai Baba’s foreign officials in the Sathya Sai Organization). There has certainly been a much larger number of deaths than is generally known. No records of any kind are kept or made available in any way, let alone to the public, by the ashrams. – not even about those who die of natural causes there or of one or another of the many serious illnesses that are contracted by visitors (including polio, cholera, chronic amoebic dysentery and even malaria – I know of at least one case of each of these).

Added to this, of course, are the usual hazards of many serious vehicle accidents – which have affected numerous devotees, including even major donors to Sai Baba such as Mrs. Barbara Sinclair, who died in a taxi accident on the way there , having been called by Sai Baba to visit just then (see ‘Cash for Honours, Sai Baba style‘)

There have been deaths from other ashram accidents too. Three US devotes were killed in an avoidable accident when the concrete dome of the ‘Eternal Heritage Spiritual Museum’ at Prashanthi Nilayam collapsed and crashed through three floors (27-10-1990), crushing two American ladies to death (Mrs. John Brown Hebel (45) and Mrs. Air Bonnie Lynni Mainaric (43), of San Francisco) and also 26-year old Michael Oliver, who suffered nine fractures and internal injuries. I spoke to him after the accident – he went through 11 hours more terrible suffering in a taxi to Bangalore. The entire matter was hushed up immediately, with the support of Jack Hawley (a Sai Baba true believer) The parents of a daughter – Bonny, who was killed outright – received no proper explanation, nor even an offer of compensation. I attended their cremation at the Chitravati river bank. (See the Hindu’s report)

No one is ever told that there are numerous armed plainclothes guards mingling with ordinary visitors, in addition to the highly visible armed guards and security persons who are there to protect Sai Baba (by Indian Government order), who were installed not long after six young men were murdered in Sai Baba’s bedroom apartment in June 1993.

Crowding a serious danger at Prashanthi Nilayam

V.K. Narasimhan was told by Sathya Sai Baba that unfortunately nothing could be done to avert the visit of the former Indian President, Dayal Sharma, to the 70th birthday. (Apropos, is it not strange that Sai Baba, who claims to be omnipotent and to be the only being having any free will, should suddenly be so powerless!) That presidential visit in 1996 cost the Indian State 6 million rupees for the deployment of 3000 armed Black Beret security guards, whose imperious and catastrophic methods of crowd control nearly caused people to be trampled to death at the gates of the Stadium. Some were trampled, but recovered, including some American ladies for whom the experience and injuries sustained were very traumatic. However, some former devotees have informed me that one US lady was killed in this way, and there was no way that the facts could be cleared up due to powerlessness before the ashram officials in complicity with the Puttaparthi police. My wife and her friends were also affected most severely, almost unable to breathe and incapable of moving an inch in the enormous pushing crowd before the stadium gates, which the Black Berets kept closed long after the time announced for their opening, all because the President’s car had not yet appeared.

This is of course not untypical of the high-handed and counter-productive kinds of ‘crowd control’ often seen in India, where deaths by crushing at large religious and other gatherings are fairly regular occurrences.  The ashram administration would immediately have done as they always do when anyone dies in their precincts. They make every effort, including payments to those involved, so as to hush things up… even send all foreigners away from the ashram within the day at the latest so as to stop the news spreading. This happened when the Swiss lady was murdered and on another occasion when I was present.

The former leader Sathya Sai Organisation in UK, Mr. Lucas Ralli, author of at least five books purporting to be ‘received’ from Sathya Sai Baba (Sai Messages  for You and Me in 5 vols), was nearly suffocated in a crowd at a birthday celebration a year or two previous to the 70th birthday, when the Black Berets were also present and, through their stupidity nearly caused a major crowd catastrophe. He determined that he would never again visit the ashram (where he had his own apartment, which he thus had to relinquish). He tried to improve the totally undemocratic practices in the Sathya Sai Organization and was – in his own words to me  “thrown out” (i.e. sacked from his office and excluded from membership) by the International Chairman Indulal Shah for having the temerity to suggest radical changes to the regulations because of the unrest in the UK organization about them. The Charter of the organization has been sent to every country for just such suggestions! He never returned there again (he has died since).

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Sathya Sai official Jegathesan’s son’s suicide – part 1

Posted by robertpriddy on September 23, 2008


The long e-mail from Datuk J. Jegathesan (shown below) is a very revealing testament to the incapability of a long-term, totally involved and privileged Sathya Sai Baba devotee and top official to understand his guru’s total failure to protect two members of his family – or alleviate his own suffering in any tangible way.

The e-mail was sent out to various persons and was eventually posted in 2008 on the Guestbook of by some former follower. Though it is a very sensitive issue, Jegathesan circulated it so as to forestall any other accounts. This suicide could not be denied as it was covered by a Malayan newspaper (however, suicides are often covered up. I know two cases – one where the doctor reported heart failure in lieu of suicide, which I knew to be the case. In another the facts were buried and people were told it was a death from unknown causes). Suicides are covered up especially where strong religious beliefs are held against suicide, as in the case of Sathya Sai Baba – see quotations at bottom of this posting). However, having made it public he could only expect that – when a suitable time had elapsed – questions about this second extremely importunate event to such a prominent devotee family would be made. The mail reveals to the perspicacious person the complete falsity of promises by Sathya Sai Baba that he would protect his devotees… not least such a very dedicated promoter of himself (in many lectures and books, such as already quoted from here and here).


Readers can think about Jegathesan’s account here. It is a piteous affair, but – after several years – it needs to be made public and examined (as will be done critically later) because it helps to illustrate the depth of deception in Sathya Sai Baba’s promise to protect his devotees and the emptiness of his constantly quoted ‘Why Fear When I am Here?’ Not least, Dato’ J. Jagadeesan (alias Jegathesan) continues to promote Sathya Sai Baba as if he had not been exposed for what he truly is.

Ex-Baba Home Page:
Sat June 14 10:15:41 2008
Referred By: Anonymous

E-mail sent out to numerous contacts within the ‘Sai Family’ by Datuk K. Jegathesan

This shows how confused and distraught a top VIP of Baba’s is.

Still believes in “Swami’s Divine Protection” of his bhaktas, despite his son’s suicide and he wife’s earlier death in her home in Malaysia (in 1996 while he was visiting Prashanti Nilayam).

The Passing on of Jaganaatha Sai s/o Jegathesan. Malaysia. (2004)

My Dear Sai Family,

 It is with totally uncalled tears in my eyes and heart (for Bhagavan Baba has said that “under no circumstances should we cry), that I am conveying to all those who have worked with me for so many years in the leadership of the International Sai Organisation, about the passing away of my youngest son, in very hurting and sad tragic circumstances.

He was born on March 6th 1981 and Bhagavan Baba, in an interview I had with him, lovingly gave the name “Jaganaatha Sai”. Subsequently my son has had the grace of a number of personal contacts with Bhagavan, the latest being in Nov. 1996 when the family met Bhagavan about two weeks after the passing away of my dear wife Shanti. At that time Jegan (as he was lovingly called by all) was about 16 years old. He was the pet of the family, tall, fair and good looking and was a special pet of his late mother.

The passing away of Shanti, in extraordinary and sudden circumstances had great impact on all, but especially our youngest child. He went into a mild depression, and seemed to recover and performed well in his studies and at the age of 21 had graduated in IT and started working. But in between all this, it was about a year ago that his depression began to manifest.

One day he became totally irrational, and began to find faults with me and members of the family and even his office staff and close friends. I myself only realized that something was seriously wrong when he accused me of interfering with his office and speaking to his boss against his work. This stunned me and that was when we decided that he needed psychiatric help.  He was referred for medical treatment at the psychiatric ward of the Malaysian University hospital. He was there for 13 days. He was diagnosed as suffering from stress induced paranoid schizophrenia. He came out of that, and to give him a new environment, he went to Australia to further his studies (for an MBA), but returned within 2 months saying that was not for him.

His old company gladly took him back. He was in the meantime being treated for his psychological problems and was on regular medication. Even before his 23rd Birthday (6th March), he was promoted to Supervisor and when i spoke to his manager about 2 weeks before his passing away, when he was admitted to hospital, he described Jegan as “brilliant” and someone with a great future in the company.

On his return from Australia he decided to stay away from home, but would visit regularly and join for family events. About three weeks ago he called me at about 2.30 a.m. and said “Papa, I would like to come back home, as I need my family to cope with the stress”. I welcomed him back and he came back that very morning, and settled in nicely. 

About two weeks ago (on Thursday 12th Feb.) his elder sisters returned home in the late evening and saw him lying on the couch in the Living room, after he had gone jogging, (possibly for the first time in months). He did not respond to our call to “wake up and go to bed”. However thinking it was just exhaustion combined with the drugs that had been prescribed for him, we let him sleep on the couch for the night. Next morning when I went to work he was still sleeping. It was only at about 11am when my daughter called and said that he was still sleeping and they could not wake him up, that we decided to rush him to hospital. There he lay in virtual coma and under drips for 3 days and than he came out of the “sleep”.

The first day after the “awakening” he was totally irrational, but the next day he telephones me from the hospital, and talks as though nothing had happened. When asked what had happened he told the doctors and us that he could not cope with his new promotion and “wanted to end it all”. He claimed that after his promotion he had only “about an hour sleep every night”. He had taken an overdose of pills after he had finished jogging, because he “just wanted to sleep”. Now he himself laughed at the incident and told me “Papa, this will never happen again. This is a new Jaganaatha Sai”.

Anyway he was in hospital for about 10 days. My meetings with the psychiatrists who were treating him assured me that he was recovering well and he was put under new medication. He became a hero of soughts in the Ward, when he helped prevent another patient from trying to commit suicide or hurt himself by trying to cut his wrist with the sharp end of a paper clip.

On Thursday 26th Feb. the doctors said he could return home, but not before he was asked by the staff to be the master of ceremony of a party that the staff had put up for all, in conjunction with some holiday event. He even won a prize.  I took him home and that night there was a big family outing, dinner etc with his cousins and he was perfect. On Friday 27th Feb., he came into my bedroom early and joined me in my morning prayers. This was for me a very extraordinary session.

He was so good that I showed him how I cleaned the prayer altar every morning so that in case he wanted to help, he could clean it in future. Than he joined me in the garden and I showed him how I plucked Thulsi leaves and flower for prayers. I also showed him (and he did likewise) how I chewed Thulsi and Margosa leaves every morning as this was very healthy. Than we prayed together and he sang a bhajan to Lord Subramaniam. He than did LINGA ABISHEGAM on the Shivalingam that Baba had materialsed for me with instructions to offer the abishig water to sick people. He drank that water. He also did abisheg on another lingam that had been gifted to him by some elders with 27 invocations of “Om Nama Shivaaya, Om Sai Ram”, the mantra that Bhagavan Baba had asked me to use when I did the Abishegam on the materaised Shivalingam. Than he took Padanamaskaar from me and I placed Vhibuthi on his forehead and hugged and kissed his cheeks, assuring him of my Love.

When I left for office, he went over to my Aunts house in front of our home and joined his aunts (my cousins) who had come visiting from Overseas. In fact, they had told me to send him over for he should not be alone at home. They than took him for Friday prayers to the Ganesha Temple where he participated fully and happily and with great devotion. They came back home for lunch and it was a very happy family gathering. At 3.30 pm he told his aunts that he would like to go for a walk and he was so perfect that they thought nothing of it, but asked him to be back by 4.30 pm, as they did not want him out alone for so long. He insisted on the walk so they asked him to make it short.

At 5.00 pm he had not returned and they became concerned. At about 5.30 p.m., I was still in the office with some meeting, when I receive a call from my daughter. My son had at about 4.10p.m. (at best time estimates would have it from those who heard the impact), had jumped off a tall building less than half a mile away from my home and had died. He had taken his own life!

 Why he would do this when there was no stress (at least as others perceived it), when he had enjoyed, for all intents, a perfect and happy day, only God will know. There is a strange irony to these events which has been noted by many people.

On Tuesday 24th Feb at the weekly Bungsar Sai Centre Bhajan, I read out excerpts from Baba’s 2003 Christmas message. When I read that message I was doing it to comfort and give courage to some others in the Centre who had suffered some family tragedies.

This was what I read out:

“Whatever man experiences is the creation of the mind. Due to the illusion created by the mind, he establishes relationships and starts saying, my father, my mother, my wife, my children, etc. This illusion is the ultimate cause of his suffering. When man develops pure and unsullied love, he will not experience pain or suffering. Love for the physical body is false and transitory… …Pleasure and pain are of your own making. They are not given by God. You are the cause of your suffering, none else…    …Worldly LOVE is transient; it cannot be called love at all. True love is immortal. You should cultivate such love. Physical body grows and decays. How can you consider it to be real? In fact, nothing in this world is real. Body attachment is the cause of delusion. Hence, gradually reduce your body attachment. This is the most important Sadhana you have to undertake.  …What is the use if you get drowned in delusion more and more with the advancement of age? Do not develop undue attachment to be body and material possessions. Under any circumstances, do not shed tears of sorrow. You will be free from sorrow when you give up body attachment.”

 Little did I realize that my Divine Father was preparing me for the events that would confront me on Friday 27th Feb. 04.   Bhagavan had said that we should never cry under any circumstances. I always try to uphold as best as i can all what Bhagavan says.  At the mortuary I maintained HIS instructions and gave comfort to the others who were crying. But on Sat.28th during the funeral at home and at the crematorium I shamed the Avathar and myself by crying uncontrollably.

The only comfort that I could draw from the breach of this divine directive was the thought (as equally when I cried uncontrollably when my dear wife passed on), was the thought that “Rama cried when Sita was captured. Rama cried when Lakshmana was wounded in battle. Arjuna cried when his son was killed in battle”…so who am I, an ordinary aspirant of Divine devotion, not to cry. I cried but also resolved that I will continue to fulfill my Dharma and continue to contribute in my own small way to the work of the DIVINE MISSION OF THE AVATHAR. Please forgive me for taking your time with this long message.

 Even as I write this I realize that this is one way I am psychologically consoling myself and trying to, by putting this narrative on paper, taking it from the frightening recording machine in my mind that seems to be constantly repeating the events of the last few days. Perhaps now the recording machine will stop, especially when I try to sleep.

To my Beloved Bhagavan and the leaders of the Prashanti council and all the leaders who make up the leadership of the International Sai Seva Organization, I give my assurance that the tragic events that has beset my life (my mother as you all know passed away on the 29th Nov. 03, the day I left Prashanti Nilayam for home… creating almost an identical situation as when my wife passed on, as I was returning from Prashanti in Nov. 1996) will in no way diminish my resolve to serve in the Divine Mission.

I am aware that some in Malaysia and elsewhere, knowing half truths and listening to rumors will judge me harshly for “losing a son” like this, when I have tried to motivate to the highest ideals thousands of Youth round the world to be ideal sons and daughters. If that happens than that is my fate.

If even the Avatar is judged harshly, by those who wish to judge and find faults, who am I to be spared this calumny.  In respect of the work of the Sai Organisation, if the Prashanti Council leadership wishes that I serve, as I have done in the past (and as I had indicated to brother Goldstien in Prashanti in Nov 03), I will do so.

Whatever happens, I will continue to serve in HIS Divine Mission in any small way I can in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world where people feel I can contribute to the Divine Mission of reviving Dharma. Once again please forgive me for the length of this note and the details I have chosen to include.

Another reason, other than the personal psychological one, is that I do not want rumours to spread as they surely will. Some of you may be aware that the anti Sai forces used the passing away of my wife as part of their campaign, saying that she had committed suicide etc.

Though they were wrong that time, this time it will be true, but at least by making this incident transparent, hopefully it will forestall any other version. I apologies to Bhagavan and all Sai Devotees and to the Sai Leadership if the anti Sai uses this as another tool in their vicious campaign.

 With Love in my Heart to all!

Yours in SAI    Jega


Jegathesan talks of the “anti Sai forces”. Why does he use the emotive term ‘forces’ to characterise and denigrate all justified criticisms of Sathya Sai Baba? He wants Sai Baba to be beyond every kind of questioning and criticism – and he declares in print that all devotees should “plug their ears” as did Ulysses! What kind of a mind does that? The mind of a fanatic dependent on a guru-God!


Click to enlarge – This was posted in a Malaysian newspaper at the time of the suicide of Jegathesan’s son


Jegathesan also considers the critics to run a ‘vicious’ campaign. This includes the many testimonies from brave young men who – despite murders and massive persecutions of all critics of Sai Baba like David Bailey and others – have nonetheless stood forth with most credibly accurate and detailed accounts from all over the world about sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba! He cannot discriminate between seekers of truth and justice and blind believers in a self-proclaimed God whose gigantic unfulfilled and unfulfillable promises to save his devotees, plus India and plus the entire world from immorality and corruption, wars and catastrophes are bogus! He is becoming a world laughing stock because of his countless invalid ‘teachings’ plus absurd statements demonstrating the ignorance of a villager about historical facts, other religions, the sciences and medicine… as well as many superstitions, rumours he spreads, preposterous and failed predictions, and false accusations by this would-be Creator and Ruler of the Universe.

This startling case reminds of other similar instances involving horrendous abnormal deaths by murder and accident of very close servitors and devoted followers (see links below), not least the billionaire donor James Sinclair’s wife’s mortal accident while travelling in a taxi to Puttaparthi. Of course, the cold-blooded murder of four young male Sai followers in his own bedroom is a standing indictment of this guru’s alleged ‘Love all, Serve all’ claim.

Read ALSO my explanation of the necessity of these revelations: Sathya Sai’s Dato Jegathesan and smear campaigns

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