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Selfhood and self-confidence in Sai Baba’s teaching

Posted by robertpriddy on April 7, 2010

Self confidence versus denial of selfhood: Due to the use of a very ambiguous word – ‘ego’ – which is held in most Eastern-influenced ‘spiritual ways’  to be the cause of virtually all the ills of humankind, people subject themselves to doctrines which can only undermine true self-confidence. The human ego can refer to the what results from the development of an independent, secure and self-sufficient personality or contrariwise to the unmitigated selfishness of people who put their desires and interests before almost all else. True self-confidence belongs to the well-rounded and balanced personality or ego-identity and not at all to the selfish egomaniac. Preaching about the need to ‘kill the ego’ or ‘surrender of the self’ is well-known from many religious movements – due to the misunderstanding about what ‘ego’ means. If the word refers only to the possessive and self-seeking “me and mine” aspect of a person, to try to help people limit and contain this is acceptable. However, this goal is all too often connected to the subjugation of people under authoritarian gurus, church or other spiritual organizations and cults. One aim in preaching ‘surrender of the ego’ is the humbling of people – such as before a supposed perfect God, or – what is yet worse – ‘holy’ representatives of this or that deity in the form of gurus, swamis and priesthoods of all kinds. This submission to authority figures as superior figures is also a form of dependency – a ‘spiritual crutch’ – and involves the gradual loss of self-determination and a creeping inward self-depreciation or inferiority which are very difficult for its victims to recognise. It usually comes along with living mostly within a belief community or limited circle of more or less like-minded people, trying to follow strictly moralistic ideals and overly self-denying precepts.

“A particular form of seduction that the group participates in with those flirting with joining is similar to sexual conquest. The group pours an enormous amount of focused energy and attention into potential recruits until they surrender to the group’s authority, which of course has the guru and his belief system at its center. When someone does surrender, everyone celebrates the new bonding. This is a bit like a new marriage, and for the recruit, it is the honeymoon phase. This lasts as long as it does, and then the focus of the group shifts elsewhere. (This also happens in romantic love, for after the conquest the wooer’s interest and focus often move somewhere else.) When the honeymoon is over, the new converts must shift roles – from being the wooed to being the wooer.” (from ‘The Guru Papers’ by Joel Kramer and Diane Alstead  p.79)

Those who experience a conversion to a divinity, sect, doctrine, guru and so on often seem to get a surge of self-confidence, one which may last for years until the lifestyle and beliefs become habitual and worn. This is often seen in keen missionaries and promulgators of their faith. The apparent self-confidence is however based not least on the strength of belief in a kind of superiority derived from having joined the community of the saved, the holy, or perhaps the prospective saints. This is hardly the result of a secure and balanced personality, it is rather pseudo-self-confidence which is frequently recognisable in signs that it is an adopted role rather than an expression of genuine insight and knowledge. Such people usually come across as too over-emphatically convinced, too masterful, patronizing or otherwise semi-fanatical in their opinions and approaches to other people.

The monastic type of detachment from worldly things may be less troublesome to more elderly persons who have already lived themselves out in an engaged and active life in the world with broad experience, for they are often less affected by the desires and life-seeking tendencies that are only natural and indeed necessary to real health and personal security in younger persons. But for anyone whose life’s meridian is not well passed and who is not psychologically very robust, the Sathya Sai Baba doctrine will in most cases hinder personal growth (IF it is possible for one to adhere to it to any large extent). A main reason for this lies in the feeling of impotence instilled by Sathya Sai Baba’s constant talking-down of people as imperfect (sometimes he calls people worse than dogs, or cawing crows etc.)… and his corresponding admonitions to focus all ones thoughts and desires on him alone. He teaches that everything stems from him, the creator of the universe from whom only good things come! Yet he also says, conflicting as usual, “everything that happens comes from God”, think about that!. His insistence on the super-importance of concentration on repeating his name, inwardly worshipping his form (and his person in actual practice at endless darshan sessions etc.) works effectively as an opiate that dulls personal reflection and living self-awareness, which is the true basis of genuine self-confidence and personality growth.

Modern psychology has developed and tested against experience many conceptual devices for tracing the multiplicity of personality traits, the growth of the ego and the influences operative on emotional and mental conditions of all kinds.  Sai Baba hardly ever refers to any of these discoveries and is very evidently not conversant with their theories or terminologies.  Though claiming to be in complete touch with the psyche of anyone, knowing it in and out,  his discourses repeatedly demonstrate that he suffers from many of the most common fallacies about nature of the human mind and psyche,  and this shines through even his words have been heavily edited and sanitized as far as reasonable by editors who are rather more knowledgeable.

In brief,  one may say that his teachings on psychic development and spiritual behaviour rely wholly on Indian religious tradition and are primitively fundamentalist, set in black-and-white terms with an iconography and ideology of  ‘gods versus demons’, a world view applied ad lib to the present almost without nuance or proper factual basis.  He almost always speaks in the most sweeping terms and is prone to almost hair-raising over-generalisation about the nature of people, governments, world conditions and on any number of issues.  The degree of exaggeration and factual inaccuracy is quite extraordinary for a supposedly intelligent teacher!

Sathya Sai Baba’s recipe for  anti-living: I have shown something of how Sathya Sai Baba’s directions for living are so demandingly puritanical and unrealistically idealistic that most of his followers seem to end up living a virtual non-life.  There is much more in his recipe to break down not only the objectionable egoism of morally primitive persons, but the entire personality structure of a democratic and effective civil citizen. One can meet many such cases (especially foreigners) who reside at the ashrams but are doing no work, no ‘active service’. Often they are virtually just existing in limbo, coping only with the constant daily problems of subsistence there, and waiting for grace and blessings to fall into their laps. Some have said this to me quite openly!

If you manage to get rid of most or all of your personal desires,  as Sai Baba insists everyone should immediately or – failing that – as soon as possible, then existence loses much of its meaning (let alone charm) and the desire to live is itself seriously weakened in the process. It is hardly surprising that constant Sai devotees, esp. single foreign ladies at the ashram,  tend to be suicidal.   One such a suicide took place while we were visiting in 1990 (covered up by the PN officials immediately).This resulted in the ashram accommodation office not allowing any woman  to have an apartment on her own.  Various other suicides of disappointed devotees are documented elsewhere, including one involving most members of a large Indian family. There are numerous reports of suicides, of which not more than a handful have reached the press in any country. The ashram authorities enforce immediate damage limitation precautions as soon as anything untoward happens there and very short shrift is given to anyone who persists in inquiries. In this respect, the Sai Baba ashrams are indistinguishable from totalitarian mini-states.

One Sai Baba follower, Mr. Kanheia Jee , a retired Indian army major who had become more or less socially and mentally trapped for 30 years and more as Head of the Administration at Vidyagiri in Prashanti Nilayam together with his leading Seva Dal worker and wife (Mrs. Caveri),  put it very succinctly:  “If you try to do even half of what Baba says you should,  you’ll go stark raving mad!” Looked at in sane social terms, these attitudes develop the basis for despotism and repression,  ignorance and weakening of the individual human spirit to stand up for what is right and true.  There is no more ingenious way of taking away people’s freedom than teaching them that they cannot control their fates except by prayer to him,  that only God is free and decides all in his inscrutable way.  It is despicable!  Thus making people obey and censor themselves entirely so as to give up more and more autonomy and all normal rights,  while it works as the subtlest known means of gaining power, fame and wealth by Sai Baba and his men.

Manipulating vulnerable consciousness: Though his extremely puritan moralism and demands for massive self-denial, Sai Baba develops a ‘vulnerable consciousness’ in many people, particularly those who are vulnerable from before for reasons of repressive childhoods, social discrimination, personality problems etc. His doctrines lay much weight on ideas which are nothing short of self-destructive, though they go under the emotively acceptable label ‘removal or destruction of the ego’ . Even while he outwardly says some positive,  supportive things about how to relate to oneself,  they are mostly tied up with expectations of a (better)  life in the hereafter.  Meanwhile,  he asserts all kinds of things which mainly bring a person down, cause them to feel low self-esteem or reduced worth…  the typical self-denigration spread by all fundamentalist sin-oriented religion and sects.

Projecting one’s whole autonomy onto Sathya Sai Baba
…  the enthusiasm wears off after the famous ‘honeymoon‘ period is past. Such phenomena are well known…

See more on disempowerment in worshipping gurus and cult entrapment here:

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Sathya Sai Baba blames everything on others, nothing on himself

Posted by robertpriddy on May 7, 2009

The most unreasonable of all excuses – to avert all blame from oneself for anything one does – is to claim that one is the Divine Godhead – pure, infallible and entirely benevolent. This is exactly what Sathya Sai Baba does, and he constantly repeats this theme. He is ever fault-finding and criticising others, including all his devotees.

They are held to be the sole cause of all their sufferings and difficulties in life. The actions of mankind are the only cause of everything bad that happens in the world – even earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural phenomena. People are particularly culpable if they do not believe in God or try to see and experience God. It has nothing to do with God or Sai Baba, who masquerades as the Deity above all Deities. Altogether, it is incredible that anyone can accept this full doctrine – I was never able to accept the above excuses… it was always a flaw in his teaching which I would overlook because of the many things I once thought positive about him.

In his discourse in Kodaikanal on 18th May 2003, (Sanathana Sarathi July 2003), Sai Baba said:

“Who is God? Does He really exist? Many people are obsessed by such doubts. It is foolish to entertain such doubts. God is present in all. (….) There is no scope for doubt in this regard. You cannot deny the existence of a person who is standing right in front of you. Likewise, you cannot deny the existence of all-pervasive God.” [ibid p. 194]

Not true! I can easily deny the existence of all-pervasive God. whoever may be standing in front of me. I quite simply do not believe it. The implication was obvious – Sathya Sai Baba was standing in front of his captive, indoctrinated audience, who overwhelmingly believed him to be God (even though there are great differences in interpretation of what ‘God” means). The world at large would never accept his pseudo-logic… he seems to forget anyone but those who worship him.

” God exists for those who think He exists. He does not exist for those who deny Him.”

So God’s existence depends on us, and if we think God doesn’t exist, we in a way cheat him out of his existence. This is a clear – if unwitting – admission that Sai Baba thinks God’s existence is simply a subjective belief! [ibid p.195]

“The fundamental principle of all names and forms is within you. All that you see in the external world is only a reaction, reflection and resound of the fundamental principle. (….) You suffer from self-created delusion. In this manner, you deceive yourself. You betray yourself. Your feelings are responsible for this. Your doubts are the cause of this.”

Sathya Sai Baba is in the external world – so is this perception caused by our feelings and doubts – and so is nothing but a “self-created delusion”? However one interprets this, it amounts to the quite insane and totally unhelpful theory that the entire universe is a delusion and whatever is supposedly real (‘God’) is an invisible, unknowable. To lay all the responsibility at the
door of the devotee or the critic for creating a delusion (i. e. the universe) is beyond absurdity. Yet Sathya Sai Baba
has constantly claimed he created the universe – thus showing himself responsible for any or all the delusion. This is irrational megalomania taken to psychopathic extremes.

“…man should be totally free from doubts.He should be firm and steady. But today man is filled with doubts. Where do doubts come from? They arise out of his own imagination.” – “You see God day in and day out…. Yet you think that you have not seen God. How foolish it looks. You think they are mere external forms. In fact, what you see outside is the reflection of your inner being. You are forgetting the reality and getting deluded by the reaction, reflection and resound.” [ibid p.196]

In claiming God is everywhere, in everyone, and we are all God, Sai Baba promotes a failed and logically circular “spiritual teaching” – one which is bolstered by such a mass of inconsistent belief-based and contra-rational and contra-factual thinking – that some people without strong intellectual discrimination, experience and knowledge are quite easily taken in by it.

For a more thorough explanation of the complete falsity of this pantheistic and solipsist confusion, see here.

Amusing aside: According to his teaching, Sai Baba’s behaviour is a reflection of our own inner being. This is possibly why some office bearers in the Sai Org. accuse anyone who claims to have been sexually abused by Sai Baba to be sexual abusers
It is certain that critics who find complete credibility in most of the allegations are accused of ‘looking through dirty glasses’ because Sai Baba says one should always view everything and everyone through rose-tinted glasses,especially himself (claiming that he is totally pure!)

Final laughing points:

“There is love in every man but he is diverting it towards his wife, children, friends, relatives and worldly possessions,” [ibid p.199] Sathya Sai Baba – posing as God incarnate – craves the love we have for our dearest and for each other!

“All of you are the very forms of God. That is why you have gathered here. As there is divinity in you, you have developed love towards this Divine Form.”Since there is supposedly the very same divinity in everyone, why isn’t everyone in the world trying to visit him? However, as usual, Sai Baba has contradicted his axiom that there is a “Divine spark’ in everyone, by naming his critics as demons, without any divine spark!”… a hard-hearted person cannot be called a spark of Divinity; he is verily a demon.[p. 323, Sanathana Sarathi, November 2002] Sathya Sai Baba actually believes in black magic demons, quite literally, as many of his talks make clear – not least those on the demons in the Ramayana and other Hindu scriptures .

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Gerald Moreno’s personal details removed from

Posted by robertpriddy on April 25, 2009

Joe Moreno claims that he never ever removed any page with personal details from This is entirely false. He removed pages entitled AboutMe.html, ExperiencesSai1.html, ExperiencesSai2.html and ExperiencesSai3.html – all of which contained diverse details of a very personal nature. (See proofs below)

showing pages NOT archived (or removed) by Moreno

showing pages NOT archived (or removed) by Moreno

The website was started by Gerald Joe Moreno – earliest known entry being October 5, 2003. One may note. however,  that Moreno either got removed or avoided archiving the pages in a period where he had his own photograph plus extensive account of his first knowledge of – and visit to – Sathya Sai Baba, including where  he was “oiled in privacy on the lower stomach by Sathya Sai Baba” All his pages are filed, however, including the extensive abuse pages against the Sai petition and libels against the many critics which he also had for some years on the same website, but removed them. Since I seldom look at his libelous and extremely voluminous, tedious and finicky websites, I did not notice until I just did a Google search on some keywords that he re-posted the materials at (  —  and at and on his main libel site, So be it. He also DID remove them from, so I was right in my statement.

Text with his personal digitally made “mandalas” was also removed (and the accompanying images) from, as follows:

” On my “Mandalas” link, not only do I have Mandala Art and information about Mandalas and Chakras, I also have Mandala Pictures of Ganesha, Lakshmi Devi, Shiva-Shakti and Kali.Also, if you are looking for Mandala Books, Mandala Links or Mandala Images you will also find them through my “Mandalas” link.
I hope you enjoy my Mandala Art Creations as much as I have enjoyed making them!”

The following text from the vishvarupa site”s AboutMe.html, and from ExperiencesSai1.html, ExperiencesSai2.html and ExperiencesSai3.html contains many genuinely personal details that Moreno had on, but removed – exactly as I claimed but he vehemently denied. Here they are:-

My hobbies are crystals, computers, web design, digital art, checkers, scrabble and being a Nature voyeur!  Love the stillness of night. Love the Ocean. The Ocean makes me cry. I am basically ambi-troverted, with an inclination towards being introverted. I am thankful that I am very comfortable in silence and in being alone.  I consider this a true blessing. While many people often feel the “need” for a companion, I don’t. I am content. Yes, seriously.I’m a NON-preaching, NON-PETA, NON-fanatic Ovolactovegetarian (I eat dairy and egg products).My favorite foods are fresh pesto, baba ghannouj, hummus, pita bread, home-grown tomatoes, all citrus fruits, anything chocolate, anything vanilla, lemon zest, samosas, cheerios, shredded wheat cereal, all types of pastas, granola, portabella mushrooms, garlic bread, coconut chutney, veggie lasagna, all types of squash, bosc pears, strawberries, Boca burgers, veggie pizza,
avacados  and  almonds.Something magical about herbs. My Favorite herbs: Rosemary, Thyme, Sweet Basil, Sage, Mint, Lemon Verbena, Oregano and Garlic Chives.

experiencesjoeFlowers I like: India Jasmine (most fragrant jasmine in the world), Roses of all types, Cactus Flowers, Honeysuckle, Portulaca, Magnolias, Tulips, Hyacinth, Geraniums, Vinca, Carnations, Sunflowers, Azaleas, Iris, Lavender, Sun Flowers and Alyssum.

I collect crystals. My favorite Crystals are: Smokey, Rose, Milky, Rutilated and Clear Quartz, Carnelian, Azurite, Emeralds, Obsidian, Petrified Wood, Kunzite, Moonstone, Tourmaline, Selenite, Jade and Turquoise.

I’m rational, logical and down to earth. Yes, seriously.
I’m Caucasian/Italian/Mexican Blend and 34 years young.


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The mystery of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on January 25, 2009

BUGGY Sai Baba said:-
1) no one can understand him or his mystery, not if all humanity combines in the effort for thousands of years.
2) that God can be known by anyone who follows his advice perfectly, practices sadhana and attains self-realisation, because God is in the heart and everyone is God.

Logically, both cannot be true, yet  both can be false. Either he can be known or he can’t – not both! And only if God exists at all, which is most unlikely!

Further, Sai Baba  said that:
1) Good and ill seen in others is only one’s own reflection   – and
2) What is outside is a rough reflection of what is within. Therefore, one can never know anyone else, only oneself.

This can only be logically false, added to which it is wholly unreasonable and contradicts everything tangible and factual sensible that people experience throughout life.
It is part of one of the most alienated pseudo-philosophies and otherworldly delusional theologies ever developed…

If Sai Baba had been God the Creator, as he repeatedly claimed, he would have had to be able to do better than contradict himself continually. He should have been able to explain many things which he simply could not.

Sathya Sai Baba even claimed: “I am the Doer of everything”. The ultimate narcissism, the final megalomania and delusion of grandeur!

Read direct quotations of some of Sathya Sai Baba’s most excessive claims

See also Sai Baba on freedom and fate

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God in everyone, everything – Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on January 3, 2009

‘God is in everything, everything is God’ is the central alleged ‘truth’ in various teaching by Indian gurus, swamis and other self-styled divine beings. It underpins much of Hinduism and the ideas involve, when abstracted to a high degree, forms the backbone of Advaita Vedanta. It is at the core of the so-called ‘teachings’ of Sathya Sai Baba, who claims to have created the Universe and Hinduism as the purest and most encompassing religion.

If everything is God, and God is everything, then God cannot be localised by any means, neither as a separate entity nor in any other distinct way.

At the same time, Sathya Sai Baba has often said that everyone is God, or alternatively that God is in everyone.  The similar assertion that God is in everyone as a divine spark, or resides in the inner heart as universal consciousness or love or whatever, is incompatible with the hugely ambiguous generality that ‘God is everyone’. Vagueness of meaning alone makes it possible for unsophisticated minds to accept these statements without differentiation or understanding anything really… They become tenets of faith in which one believes without knowing what they mean in practice. The slogans explain little or nothing about how these should apply to life – other than the interpretation that one should respect and love everyone as divinity. Yet that is an ideal which does not allow for the ways of the world – for it necessarily also involves the ultimate appeasement of the bad and wrong – a passivity before wrongdoing which fails to work as a social ideal other than perhaps as martyrdom.

Some variants of this pan-theism hold that God is only within you. But this contradicts the core idea, that God is everything. Other variants insist that God is both within you and outside you (Sathya Sai Baba uses both conflicting statements) The absence of any direct external evidence of God’s existence refutes the ‘outside you’ claim for a start. Worse, it means that one cannot locate the divine as anything distinct from everything, for it is supposedly therefore everywhere and there is nothing that is not God.

Paradoxically, this pan-theism makes for the most tolerant of religions, since every religion (everything) must be a divine manifestation, nothing less. At the same time, belief in the pan-theistic thesis means one is totally exclusive of all mainstream religions, which all reject precisely pantheistic theologies… and pan-theism therefore manifests as a most exclusive conception – one which must be intolerant of all religious beliefs which define or identify God or divinity as distinct from profane and material existence. It is a self-destructive idea which can bear no fruit other than delusion and confusion.

The standard response to this confusion by gurus (especially Sathya Sai Baba) is that you have not realised yourself, your ‘true nature’ as the Divine Being, the One Being of  Bliss Consciousness .  It is most easy to be misled by this, since the almost endless labyrinth of obscure scriptures and undoubtedly clever rationalizations take many years to study and absorb and – if one gives oneself to it fully – it is very demanding to test this in practice through meditation and other so-called ‘sadhanas’. However, it is possible to recover oneself from such a well-meant but futile project – t0 break the spell – and gradually realise the illusions which it has created and enforced in one’s mind. Then what is made to appear great wisdom and ‘spirituality’ is seen in wider and wider perspective for what a confusion it is when one explores it further. Such de-programming is liberating for oneself in many ways.  I find that the best one can say about the entire process of ‘spiritual seeking’ is that – if one survives it with one’s sanity intact – it is a major learning process about the fallibility of the human mind and the many ways it is unavoidably manipulated by the agendas of others,  whatever the sphere of activity.

See also other critical deconstructions of key doctrines promoted by Sathya Sai Baba:-

  • STUDY OF IDEAS OF ETERNAL, UNCONDITIONAL, SELFLESS LOVE How the idea of love is ‘sublimated’ to an otherworldly realm and become anti-life and a subtle means to manipulate and control people
  • UNITY AS A SPIRITUAL IDEAL and how such ideas function to suppress, manipulate and denigrate the diversity of existence, cultures and unique individuality.
  • GOD IS EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IS GOD? The great generalization and its logical consequences examined
  • THE ‘GURU TRAP’ AS CATCH 22, THE NO-WIN SITUATION How most traditional Indian gurus and swamis to attract, indoctrinate and entrap. Two Indian Swamis – Ambikananda and Sathya Sai Baba
  • THE TRAP OF ‘DOUBLETHINK’ IN SPIRITUALITY OR RELIGION How one becomes indoctrinated through a ‘doublethink’ system of dual interpretation – worldly vs. otherworldly.
  • THE SPIRITUAL ‘MIRROR TRAP’ as used by Sathya Sai Baba to avert scrutiny of himself and confuse followers into self-programming of his doctrine. This idea is the mechanism of denial used by devotees – that Sai Baba is only what we imagine him to be
  • BELIEVERS’ SYSTEMATIC MISINTERPRETATION OF SATHYA SAI BABA’S SIMPLE WORDS how followers learn ‘correct’ interpretations of Sai Baba’s words and actions from others, the standard but often highly mistaken answers to all doubts
  • DISEMPOWERMENT THROUGH WORSHIP OF SATHYA SAI BABA – IN SIX PARTS A series of articles studying in depth effects of mental, emotional and social dependencies.
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    Sathya Sai Baba – the spirit of Christmas

    Posted by robertpriddy on December 25, 2008

    Sathya Sai Baba with Father Christmas and young boys

    Sathya Sai Baba with Father Christmas and young boys

    The true spirit of Christmas is almost universally recognised as celebration of the birth of a man who taught compassion and unconditional forgiveness, who even forgave those who crucified him with the words ‘they know not what they do’. This is the spirit which Sathya Sai Baba firmly tramped underfoot in his Christmas Day Discourse of 2000 – on the very day of celebration of a historical figure of true compassion. Sai Baba thereby fully negated the very essence of his own ‘teaching’ on compassion and his claims total purity, human perfection, freedom from all desires, total divinity etc. His vehement attack told enough about him and his aims and nothing whatever about his accusers. A person is rightly to be judged by both words and actions…Sai Baba has always pretended that he was so even-minded and beyond praise and blame that he never reacted to either, yet he rants about his critics are “not human beings at all”. He compounded his antipathy with dire threats to them as being “thousands of Judases” who will suffer lifetimes of disgrace for their sins in accusing him for his behaviour! He harangued his audience:-

    “These types of publicity are shameless. Truly they are not human beings at all. The ones who put obstacles in the way of all sacred works are demons, not human beings. The determined vow of Sai will never change, even if demons like this may be all over the world. (Swami bangs his fist decisively on the table to emphasize His point. The audience applauds for long.)”

    Mendacious attack: Flaunting his anger at being criticised by beating his lectern, issuing condemnations of his former followers and telling outright lies about those who accuse him of sexual abusing them, Sathya Sai Baba demonstrated in action how little faith one can have in his ‘teaching’ on never criticizing anyone, loving all and never diverging from the truth. He said those who accused him did so for money, which is a patent untruth. Neither he, nor his crony Indulal Shah who also promoted this lie, mentioned even a shred of evidence for their wilful libels, nor has any emerged since then. The aim was of course to ensure that devotees (who must believe everything he says to be God’s word) would ignore the many very credible accusers. He  also falsely claimed that ex-devotees were offered bribes to write stories against him. Of course there is no scrap of evidence of this, and there is no shadow of doubt that it was a calculated lie to confuse, cow and hang on to his devotees. He said:-

    “From the feet to the hair on the head, Sathya Sai Baba is doing service without any selfishness. Can’t even these people with brains understand this? Why are they doing this propaganda? Even this bad propaganda is for money. All these bad thoughts are for money only. Even these bad thoughts are for money only… … Switzerland, America, Japan, Germany, China, Russia – our children have entered in all directions. Some foreigners are trying to bribe them. They are saying, “See, foolish ones! I will give this much money. I will give so many dollars. I will give this many pounds. You write and give some stories against Sathya Sai Baba.” (Guru Purnima Discourse of 2002)

    Bribery is widely reported to be one of Sathya Sai Baba’s methods to silence the victims of his homosexual abuses, as proved by the courageously outspoken Alaya Rahm, one of Sai Baba’s favourites for a long period. He did not, however, manage to silence Alaya with the bribes he gave him.  (see this on the BBC documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ – a summary showcase with transcripts and short video clips)

    In a later discourse he proclaimed that there is not even a spark of divinity in his critics, adding:-“… a hard-hearted person cannot be called a spark of Divinity; he is verily a demon.” (p. 323, Sanathana Sarathi, November 2002). This is a total contradiction to his constant previous claims that there is a spark of Divinity in every living being (actually sometimes even in all matter, as I quote: “All beings are sparks of the Eternal Divinity” (page 101 from his Discourses in Kodaikanal 1998).

    Why did Sathya Sai Baba descend to such spiritual depths? One can reasonably conclude that the fall-off in donations due to the world-wide publicity about his accusers and their descriptions of his behaviour was surely one of the main causes of his bending to the wishes of his worried cronies and financial dependents to try to punish his accusers with lies. He has also said:- rants on…“These types of publicity are shameless. Truly they are not human beings at all. The ones who put obstacles in the way of all sacred works are demons, not human beings. The determined vow of Sai will never change, even if demons like this may be all over the world. (Swami bangs his fist decisively on the table to emphasize His point. The audience applauds for long.)” (Guru Purnima Discourse of 2002)

    See the hypocrisy in denouncing people in public with an angry face, and later saying:
    “There is no trace of anger or hatred in Me and hence everyone loves Me”
    (Sanathana Sarathi September 2002, page 257f) He would like to imagine that the many victims of his abuses of faith and worse love him? Not to mention the ca. 5 billion  people who have doubtless no idea who he is or claims to be, having heard nothing about him?

    read the crux of the Xmas Discourse 2000 here

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    Sathya Sai Baba bi-location

    Posted by robertpriddy on December 15, 2008

    Another prophecy from the ‘Suka Nadi’ palm leaf scrolls about Sathya Sai Baba is listed by

    · He will show Himself in many places simultaneously, though He will actually be in one place and there will be many divine acts and manifestations.

    COMMENT: The ability to bi-locate has been claimed for other spiritual figures, such as  the famous Catholic Pater Pio of Pietrelcina, Italy (1887-1968, now Saint Pio of Pietrelcina). Parapsychologist Prof. Erlendur Haraldsson tried to investigate these highly controversial claims of Sathya Sai Baba’s bi-location but, though he could not substantiate them, he lent them some credence even by presenting the claims which could not be tested in any way. All accounts he obtained were anecdotal and/or hearsay, some being very meagre, others more detailed. Haraldsson classified such reports as ‘apparitions’ as in para-psychological  terminology, many of which have been recorded by para-psychologists (over 10% of questioned persons in general are supposed on statistical grounds to have such an experience at least once in their lifetime).

    My views on such miraculous accounts are based on much questioning  of devotees (mostly Indians) through two decades. When reporting their experiences, inaccuracies, exaggerations, vagueness, sloppy observation, unquestioning reliance on hearsay and the zeal to convince others are all too common. These most extraordinary claims of Sathya Sai Baba having appeared in his physical person in two places at once would need most extraordinary evidence to be taken seriously, but such is completely lacking.

    In dreams, visions and apparent ‘visitations’, the form of a distant person may well appear to people. Another likely explanation of perceived ‘visitations’ by Sathya Sai Baba can be the same as those now considered to have been causative of experiences of incubi, witches, the devil, spirit bodies, persons returned from the dead, UFO abductions and many other apparently waking phenomena. Sleep paralysis combined with a vivid dream while the mind experiences a waking state causes dream contents to be perceived as real and physical. This condition has recently been understood much better by neurologists and is quite common, often being connected with the various causes and kinds of narcolepsy.  Another prophecy made was:-

    · He will have the power to die whenever He wants.

    COMMENT: Actually, virtually everyone has the power to end their own lives whenever they wish – it’s called suicide. If Sathya Sai Baba ends his own life by his own will, whatever means used, then this must surely rank as suicide too in a moral and a legal sense. That matter apart, he has given at least two totally incompatible predictions of when he has chosen to the “leave the body”, (in published discourses) in particular either at age 92/3 or at 96. (See here)

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    Sathya Sai Baba vs. Richard Dawkins

    Posted by robertpriddy on August 25, 2008

    Sathya Sai Baba has constantly denigrated reason, science, logic and scholarship in favour of faith, especially faith in himself. However, he has proved that he cannot be relied on at all in any way. With his deeply flawed logic and demonstrated ignorance of scientific fact and logical thought, he cannot face up to any rational discussion and to avoid it happening he has surrounded himself with servitors who cast out anyone who raises the slighest question to doubt or criticise him. He and his so-called ‘teachings’ are among the many obvious targets for the general criticism by world-famous Professor Richard Dawkins, some of whose words I quote here:-

    There are two ways of looking at the world – through faith and superstition or through the rigours of logic, observation and evidence – in other words, through reason. Reason and a respect for evidence are precious commodities, the source of human progress and our safeguard against fundamentalists and those who profit from obscuring the truth. Yet, today, society appears to be retreating from reason.

    Apparently harmless but utterly irrational belief systems from astrology to New Age mysticism, clairvoyance to alternative health remedies are booming. Richard Dawkins confronts what he sees as an epidemic of irrational, superstitious thinking…

    He explains the dangers the pick and mix of knowledge and nonsense poses in the internet age, and passionately re-states the case for reason and science. See

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    Prophesy about Sai Baba both bogus and failed

    Posted by robertpriddy on January 30, 2008

    The Sai Baba propaganda and misinformation machine continues to make much of a prophesy said to be found “In an ancient Arabic book by name “Mehdi Moud” in which the prophesies made by Prophet Mohammed were recorded many centuries ago, it was mentioned that God Himself would descend on earth in human form…” (quoted from website)

    See what the saibaba of india web site states on-line or read this excerpt:- “His hair will be profuse [etc. etc.. .]” and  “He will live for 95 years on earth. In the last twenty years of His life time He will be the king of the whole world but at that time (A.D. 2000) only two-thirds of the world will believe Him. Muslims will only recognise Him nine years before His passing away from the world”.

    However, the said book is not known or shown to exist anywhere and the translation recognised by the Sai ashram (and quoted in the Chaitanya Jyothi Sai Baba Museum) is a faked translation of Persian prophetic texts as shown there!! Worse yet, the prophesy is ALREADY shown to be false, because Sathya Sai Baba has definitely NOT been recognised as “King of the World” since year 2000 and nobody except a lunatic believes that two-thirds of the world population believed in him from year 2000!

    The fake Mohammed prophesy is but one of at least a dozen false or baseless statements constantly propagated by official Sai Baba cadres, and his Sathya Sai Organization and numerous pro-Sai web sites. These include repeated claims of anything from 60 million to 600 million followers and of a regeneration project for 6000 villages in India from 1984, which was a total fiasco and was never realised. But still these falsehoods are repeated by those who should know better. Much more excessive claims are made by Sai Baba himself, of course (see Sai Baba Pronouncements on himself). Utterly ridiculous self-enhancing megalomania surpassing that of any other would-be God Almighty since history began!

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    India’s prophesied future world leadership?

    Posted by robertpriddy on September 23, 2007

    Excerpt from Conversations with Sai Baba

    The total transformation of India as an engine, not only of economic growth, but also as a shining moral example to the peoples of the world which would regenerate them all and introduce a new Golden Age has frequently been promised by Sathya Sai Baba, such as to the credulous Dr. J. Hislop of the USA. Sathya Sai Baba is India’s top living religious figure, who is worshipped by most of India’s Prime Ministers and Presidents since Indira Gandhi up to the present day (see some of Sai Baba’s preposterous claims here!).

    Judge for yourself whether Sai Baba’s prophesies are proving to have ANY results. Consider how India has developed a major nuclear arsenal and a huge military machine – a threat to its neighbours. Does this give India the moral high ground? So much for the much vaunted non-violence policy and the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, on which most of India’s fame rested once! The social and economic inequality in India, despite its considerable present wealth, equals or surpasses anything on the globe today… and it denies many basic human rights to many of its minorities. Is this morally defensible?

    We read; “India has had nearly 60 years free of famine, growing enough food for its 1.1 billion people. Yet nearly 40 percent of its vegetables rot in warehouses before reaching market. The country has a space program – yet 30 percent of the population lives on less than $1 a day; 78 percent on less than $2.” [Christian Science Monitor]. This leading US newspaper also comments on how much has been written about the incredible strides India has taken since 1991, when it opened up its markets to foreign investors and slashed regulations. A 6 or 8 % growth rate for a decade has made India attractive to investors, and the outsourcing and high-tech industries. However, the reverse side of this coin is that this economic progress is NOT benefiting 80% of India’s population. It is reported that “a growing number of foreign diplomats, Indian academics, and businesses warn that the booming growth will fizzle unless India acts soon to spread the benefits to a wider population and boost investment in roads and airports, electricity and water, and basic education.” One might mention the lack of public toilets throughout most of the cities and villages (except the open spaces, that is!) and the incredibly low levels of hygiene for the vast majority of Indians (which also stops any really effective tourist growth). What my friend V.K. Narasimhan famously wrote once still applies, the vast majority of the population have no social support of any kind, other than the sunlight!

    Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization
    View ex-follower signatures

    (Spanish version

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    Posted by robertpriddy on September 6, 2007

    The One God of all religions?

    Even if you believe only half you hear, you are in deep trouble with the following claims by Sai Baba. Will he go down in history as the Saviour of Mankind from global disaster (as he claims) and human evil? If so, he would necessarily displace Jesus Christ and Christianity, Jehova and Judaism, Buddha and Buddhism, Islam and Allah and Whoever and Whatever? One must certainly hope not – if only for the sake of human rationality and progress in empowering people to improve their lot and that of the world rather than become fixated in prayer to God and his traditional “teachings” about fate and the futility of worldly engagements. His many deceptions – so firmly demonstrated here and elsewhere – and his bogus  “universal religion” are accepted by a long line of Indian Presidents and Prime Ministers – and also by those of today and much of the Indian Government! It is an enigma… for can they truly believe in the following words of Sathya Sai Baba? They must… or else they’d have to view him as a megalomaniac.

    “I am all deities in one. You may endeavour your best for thousands of years and have all mankind with you in your search. But you cannot understand My Reality.”US ed. of Kasturi’s Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Vol 3 page 315)

    “There was no one to understand Me until I created the whole world”(Official biographer N. Kasthuri’s direct quote in ‘Pathway to Peace’ p. 64.)

    Sathya Sai Baba said in 1968: “This is a human form in which every Divine entity, every Divine principle, that is to say, all the names and forms ascribed by man to God, are manifest… You are very fortunate that you have the chance to experiences the bliss of the vision of the form, which is the form of all gods, now, in this life itself.”(Sathya Sai Speaks Volume VIII. page 99f)

    “God can do anything. He has all power in the palm of His Hand. My Body, like all other bodies, is a temporary habitation; but, My Power is eternal, all-pervasive, ever-dominant.”Christmas Day Discourse, Bombay 1970. ed. of Kasturi’s Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Vol 3 page 136)

     “On previous occasions when God incarnated on earth, the bliss of recognising Him in the incarnation was vouchsafed only after the physical embodiment had left the world, in spite of plenty of evidences of His Grace. But, ponder a moment on this Sathya Sai Manifestation; in this age of rampant materialism, aggressive disbelief and irreverence, what is it that brings to It the adoration of millions from all over the world? You will be convinced that the basic reason for this is the fact that this is the Supra-worldly Divinity in Human Form.” (Sathya Sai Baba 17/5/1968. Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 8, p 100)

     “If I had come as Narayana with four arms, they would have put me in a circus, charging money for people to see Me. If I had come only as a man, like any other man, who would listen to me? So I had to come in this human form but with more than the human power and wisdom.”(US ed. of Kasturi’s Sathyam Sivam Sundaram -Vol 3 page 309)

    Further, on the task of the revival of dharma, he says “… who has to take it up? It was said that I have taken up this Form in answer to the prayers of sadhus (noble souls) and others… I have come, because I felt I had to come. I resolved upon this… This campaign will succeed, it will not fail. The welfare of the world will be ensured through the fostering of the Godly everywhere, and more particularly of these ancient reservoirs of the ancient wisdom of this land.”(Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 3, page 205)

    “The Lord is the refuge of all who seek refuge, the saviour of all who have to be saved. He is the Embodiment of Being-Awareness-Bliss (Sat-chit-ananda). He is now at Puttaparthi as the Effulgent Emperor over the region of Truth, Goodness and Beauty.” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. XIII, p 114)

    “When dharma declines or rather, when those who have a duty to regulate their lives according to dharma lose faith in it, then, its restoration cannot be taken up by all and sundry… The Lord has come again on this Mission. He has collected the engineers and contractors and the labour for this purpose. He is not set on the task.”Let me tell you one more thing: Nothing can impede or halt the work of this Avathaara… Formerly when the Govardhanagiri (mountain) was raised aloft by a little boy, the gopis and gopalas realised that Krishna was the Lord. Now, it is not one Govardhanagiri, a whole range will be lifted, you will see!” (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 3, p. 106)

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    Sathya Sai Baba made it up as he went along

    Posted by robertpriddy on August 27, 2007

    Hillcoat on Rita Bruce - Russian forum

    Sathya Sai Baba heralded in “The Golden Age” of mankind and jumped the gun several times. (see The Golden Age (Sathya Yuga)  or here, or  here.) He supposed himself to be the precursor of such an age, and – as often documented – it will begin by his reforming India completely first, then the rest of the world. Sai Baba has told people on occasion that a great shift in human consciousness will come – he did so before the millennium (but nothing happened, not even the millennium bug – thereafter Twin Towers and the war on terror began).

    Rumours circulated by Sathya Sai Baba at regular intervals of big changes coming (sometimes disasterous ones!) kept devotees in suspense and/or hope for the future, and still does with those in deep denial of his crimes. Remaining devotees are  incapable of looking back across all the failed predictions and direct lies Sai Baba perpetrated over the decades. For example, the New Zealand devotees, Poppy and Arthur Hillcoat, visited Cherepovets Russia in May, 2005. Poppy said she saw Rita and Robert Bruce just before leaving for Russia, and – as reported on the Russian Forum (screen capture above) – was told by them (LITERAL TRANSLATION):

    “Yes, exactly they are. At the conference Rita and Robert conducted a one-day workshop of ‘parenting school’ and a workshop on ‘family and marriage’.
    I do not remember exact titles. And it was Rita Bruce whom Swami told about practically instant transformation of people’s consciousness after his 80th anniversary.”

    (The infamous ‘Hislop letters’ on sexual abuses of young men by Sai Baba were sent to US Sai-VIPs including Robert and Rita Bruce! Both are in total denial of all the facts they have encountered but ignored so as to “keep their faith”) continues to mislead people around the world by repeating truly absurd claims made to her by Sai Baba in the privacy of the interview room.

    Sathya Sai Baba had the stick by the wrong end

    It is most likely true, as Herbert Marcuse has said, that “A prerequisite of social transformation is the emergence of a new consciousness” But this did not happen as predicted after the 80th Birthday (of course), nor after his death in 2011. It can only be a gradual process along with diverse social changes, proper economic planning to lift people from poverty, sickness, ignorance and not least also superstitious beliefs and spiritual guru-dependencies. It will surely require very much increased national and also personal ‘green awareness’ and action on the very pressing issues of ecology, over-exploitation of natural resources, pollution of the earth, air and water and climate change (global warming).
    Maneka Gandhi,Vandana Shiva, Arundati Roy still remain far too peripheral to Indian policy-making. Sathya Sai Baba’s contribution to raising awareness of ecological issues is minimal and mostly ill-informed – claiming that the inner workings of Divinity are where it all happens – as already noted on this blogsite.

    See also Connie Shaw: Sai Baba’s bogus ‘promise of world peace’and golden age discredited


    View ex-follower signatures on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and his Worldwide Organization

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    Posted by robertpriddy on August 10, 2007


    More rubbishing of geophysical science by Sathya Sai Baba – the self-named “Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Incarnation of God the Creator”. Since there are earthquakes, the earth is too heavy on one side, he implies? Who or what removes material from one side, though? Since Sai Baba has made crystal clear (see here) that earthquakes are due to human moral failings, then humans must be the culprits. [Perhaps he thinks it is because of the exporting of masses of raw materials? Who can tell?] But, then, there have been earthquakes for millions of years before humans walked the earth. As Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers used to say: “It’s all rather confusing really!”

    So how is Sathya Sai Baba – who has stated that he alone has come now to save the world from disaster – going to right the balance and bring the earth back to normal, if that is the real problem? (If!). He is bound to his wheelchair or golf buggy all day, for a start. Aha! Do not be deceived (as he says) this little man is not what you see, for ‘He’ the One who keeps the planets in their orbits, and no doubt also the stars in their courses too, dontcha know? Now what I find REALLY amazing is that, after the exposure of all this repeated drivel, Indian Prime Ministers, Presidents, High Court judges and many Indian, US and even a few Danish professors, supposedly therefore of some level of learning, can continue to believe in Sai Baba! Above all, it is a disgrace that the Indian people should be told formally by their rulers that Sai bab – a widely-accused sex abuser, whose claim to be God is actually illegal by Indian law – is one of India’s ‘National Treasures’.
    “The earth is spherical”, he reveals to us – now, not many people know that.

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    The Sathya Sai Doctrine for Cover-up

    Posted by robertpriddy on August 7, 2007

    Sathya Sai with dark glasses

    Sai Baba’s Dark- and Rose-coloured Glasses
    One of Sai Baba’s well-known prescriptions is to hear, see and do only what is good, to put on “rose-coloured glasses” and view the world thereby. Nonetheless, Sai Baba himself constantly describes both the world, modern life, Indian society and even often his own devotees in far from ‘rosy’ terms! – seeing rather through ‘dark’ glasses. This is his stock-in-trade, to preach but act contrary to his words. He does, however, turn a ‘blind eye’ to the embezzlements and other crimes of his followers, not least towards the Kulwant Rai family, with whom he stays when in Delhi.

    Sathya Sai Baba always encourages what he presents as a “healthy” tendency among his followers not to report on anything untoward. About him, his activities or connections. This tendency, to erase the traces of any unfortunate events at ashrams and ensure the silence of any visitor as far as can be done, is well known in religious cults. It is most unhealthy to suppress and censor facts, and this has a way of turning back on the culprits.

    Truth and being constructive, however, presumes the fair and open recognition of facts and a minimum of frankness and honesty between people. The outward appearance of rosiness alone does not avert inevitable problems that come from this and from cover-ups of crimes, child abuse and sexual abuse. See also  here.

    Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization


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    Posted by robertpriddy on August 6, 2007

    The Great Indian Divide – Rich and Poor

    Everyone knows that India has riches and now dollar billionaires. Everyone also knows that it has enormous poverty. Just now, 12 million flood victims in India are homeless and many report total disinterest by responsible authorities after many days, causing many riots and roadblocks by the homeless (1028 deaths so far from flooding in India alone). Each new Indian government uses increasingly vast sums of money on such things as the military and nuclear weapons , while the hundreds of millions of the very poor suffer terrible conditions and indignities. Further, the upper 10% or so of the 1.1 billion Indians spend freely on excess luxuries. The most prestigious Norwegian national daily newspaper ‘Aftenposten’ (4-8-07) reports on India‘s nouveau riche, who spend lavish sums on children’s birthday parties in great and increasing numbers – even comparable to Indian weddings. While eight hundred million Indians live on less than half a dollar a day (reported on BBC World 19-8-2007), these parties can easily cost $400.- and the annual value to the economy of weddings is around $10 billion per annum, while the total expenditure on children’s parties soon will approach a similar figure at the current rate (stated Aftenposten). Meanwhile, the United Nations declare 42% of India’s 330 million children under 15 to be undernourished… a higher percentage even than in most African countries. A fisherman called Gupta reportedly said to Aftenposten: “India is the world’s best country to be rich in. But it is also the worst country to be poor in.

    Sathya Sai’s Charity and Propaganda About it

    Accumulated riches should be matched by charity, so what kind of charity do rich Indians who worship Sai Baba provide? One can see that they build plently of temples and other such unproductive showpieces rather than use the funds in a humanitarian way. For example, a vast and plush auditorium with a retractable glass roof (the Kulwant mantap) filled with hundreds of expensive (and useless) chandeliers, was donated by the rich Indian industrialist from Delhi, Kulwant Rai (whose son is under investigation for massive financial crimes by the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation see here). Another case of ‘Cash for Honours’, meaning cash for blessings by God Incarnate? Two very costly and large museum buildings, which serve only to glorify Sai Baba as the Divine Creator and originator of all religions portrayed there, were reportedly partly financed by Indian donors. The two luxuriously-appointed hospitals (at least one of which was financed entirely by foreign funds) provide hi-tech heart surgery and the like, but can of course cope with only a tiny proportion of the needy population. They seem almost empty and there are no queues to be seen, as there are for other health services in poor districts. The hospitals consist too much in marbled empty spaces adorned with portraits and sayings of Sathya Sai – while the clientele are hand-picked and the data about who they are, how rich or poor, is kept secret, though it is known that Sai devotees are strongly favoured. All this while countless people have to subsist on a dollar a day. The new huge indoor stadium is surely an unnecessary white elephant – used only a few times a year, and the expensive Sathya Sai airport stands empty of aircraft with hardly any flights per week. Sathya Sai Baba also charters passenger jets to take him and his boys etc. on holiday annually to his Kodaikanal residence.


    The Sathya Sai Water Project has been much praised. They supply water to villages near his ashrams, when they work – for much of all this was reportedly bungled, not completed, gerry built tapped for funds etc.. That it is all presented as a Divine Wonder shows that there is something very wrong about it all… the pomp and glory does not sit well. Further, Sathya Sai has many grand apartments exclusively for his use wherever he chooses and the array of top class vehicles he has owned through his life is very considerable. He has frequently ridden on a golden chariot made just for him, and he constantly speaks of his social works (while saying it is a sin to advertise one’s service because it makes it worthless). He has repeatedly discoursed on his tremendous self-sacrifice and tireless work to raise the masses – no one else does one thousandth of what he does, according to him. However, the outside observer cannot but notice that he does no visible work – other than two 1/2 hour appearances on most days, and inaugurates a few buildings, and occasionally takes car trips to visit other places. (Nice work, perhaps, if you live for that sort of thing!). It is time to see things as they are and change the tune!

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