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Sai Baba’s failing health

Posted by robertpriddy on September 9, 2007


Sai Baba do-lally?

On this photo from around 2006, there was already a decidedly ga-ga look on Sai Baba’s face. Instead of the usual, where he cuts the ribbons, he is ‘assisted’ (he is actually holding onto the hand of his helper!). Likewise, videos also show him unable to cut his birthday cakes any longer.  Rumours that he is non compos mentis have become yet more persistent, having begun with accounts of his apparently senile behaviour already three years ago (including one from a recently-disaffected US resident in India who had been editing some of the Puttaparthi magazine ‘Sai Impressions’). He was heard to be giving instructions about events that were not scheduled and never took place, talking confusedly and sometimes garbling his words. It is Mrs. Geetha Reddu, the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Minister who is doing the honours of inaugurating the tourist complex in the above photo. No longer is Sai Baba against ‘spiritual tourism’ – as was so strongly formerly – and is even for out-and-out tourism and thus now also for his own direct involvement in Indian politics (see Sai Baba Sparks Political Furore) It is his powerful money and power instinct at work, no doubt! See this excerpt from an official Sai baba webpage which shows how Puttaparthi is being made a money earner through massive injection of public funds:-

Tourism Minister Geetha Reddy with Sai Baba

In the light of the likelihood that he is losing his marbles and may therefore be declared too unfit to give evidence, he may escape justice and having to face an Indian court for the allegations of child abuse, widespread sexual abuses, corruption and murder cover-up before his death. In any case, he has the full weight of the Indian government behind him, with devotees in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and India’s President, Patil as the last in a long line of such luminaries who worship him. Among his most excessive aberrations from science and reason, Sai Baba believes in black magic (see here), spreads many fantastic rumours about his supposed miraculous powers (far exceeding anything heard of except from the Superman comics) and much else besides.

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God Lives in India

Posted by robertpriddy on August 4, 2007

 The title phrase ‘God Lives in India’ – [meaning that Sathya Sai Baba is God and he lives in India] has been used for a film by Jan Dorresteijn, a song album by the Bailey sisters, a book by R. Karanjia and is often cited by Sai Baba writers. The implication drawn by many Indian devotees of Sathya Sai is that therefore God does NOT live anywhere else. The absurdity of a God Creator who ‘lives in’ one particular country is self-evident, though most devotees cannot even see this! God would not be located in any one place, if in any place at all! However, blinded by the claims of Sathya Sai Baba – with his delusions of grandeur – millions of Indians apparently need to believe this for also to boost condifence in their nation and themselves. For Sai Baba has time and time again emphasised how Indian pride should be based not least on the reasons for his incarnation there as the first God ‘avatar’ descended to earth for many thousands of years.

 On Google we also find this by Jed Geyerhahan, who has charged Sai Baba with sexually molesting him on the Danish film ‘Seduced by Sai Baba’:-
 “God lives in India”. Now that I knew how Baba cheats, I picked up on the part of “God lives in India” where he is cheating materializations of Vibuti.  I did not bother to watch any other movies though.  That was enough evidence for me.

Note, however, that the link( is now dead, since the Sai apologist Bon Giovanni surely found it best to suppress the material, for it is very compromising. The vital clip showing sleight-of-hand was preserved nonetheless (study it here)

 In the 1990s a film called ‘God Lives in India’ was made in the Netherlands. It has disappeared from most sources, probably because it showed a major case of sleight-of-hand by Sathya Sai Baba, who pretended to make vibuthi for devotees, but was caught in the act of deceit. As to the film ‘God Lives in India’ one can see the following exchange on the web:

Originally Posted by queenstown3
Hi everyone, Many years ago I remember watching on TV a film call God lives in India. I’m wondering if anyone has it or knows where I can get a copy. I’ve often thought that I’d like to watch it again. Can anyone help.

My name is Jan Dorresteijn and I am the producer/director of the documentary “God lives in India”. My email is You can contact me. Kind regards. JanD

The same title was used by an Indian journalist: “GOD LIVES IN INDIA. R.K. Karanjia. 111 p. pap. $ 4.95”.

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Dr. H. Narasimhaiah and Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on July 24, 2007

Dr. H. Narasimhaiah

Dr H. Narasimhaiah was an uncompromising rationalist, a friend and lifelong supporter of Mahatma Gandhi and president of the National Education Society. HN, as he was popularly known, originated in 1962 the Bangalore Science Forum to promote the scientific temper. In that spirit it hosted thousands of lectures and showed over 500 films before his death in 2005. His credo was “Do not accept anything without questioning”, though he was never an atheist. His office was adorned with a quotation of Albert Einstein on the wall “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds”.
Well, Dr. Narasimhaiah was certainly no mediocre mind, for he promoted science in education to such an extent and of such quality that he is generally revered by the Indian intelligensia.

Scan of Times of India blog on how Sathya Sai Baba could not materialize a jackfruit


Science vs. ‘Spiritual’ Superstition
The Deccan Herald reported:”Dr Narasimhaiah stole the limelight when he challenged the Sai Baba to create a pumpkin out of thin air instead of gold rings and watches. (Later a devotee asked Sai Baba to create a jackfruit  – which he did not do), as reported in the Times of India (click on thumbnail scan on the right here or go to source here).  Narasimhaiah had also invited the Baba twice to perform miracles in front of a committee. Dr Narasimhaiah, who had a doctorate in nuclear physics from an American university, was the Chairman of the Kannada Watchdog Committee, and a member of the Legislative Council. He headed the committee which probed banamathi (witchcraft) menace which had reached alarming proportions in North Karnataka. After a thorough investigation with experts from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, he came to the conclusion that banamathi was a fear-complex perpetrated by vested interests on psychologically weak villagers.”

Black Magic/Witchcraft in India
Sathya Sai Baba has promoted the belief in black magic on various occasions, which most of the world will admit is very far from being helpful to India! Recently, the age-old superstitions still plague India life to a far greater degree than is publicized. A truly soul-chilling set of horrific reports from the Deccan Herald beyond any possible doubt that the superstition is causing the most horrific deaths around India. So much for the benign dispensation of the self-proclaimed God of Gods, Sathya Sai Baba, who defies science and promotes belief in black magicians etc. Let us hope that the true spirit of inquiry and critical thinking about fantastic claims will spread rapidly as India’s information technology spreads to all corners of the land and India thus becomes further integrated in the global community.

(see also on witchcraft in India by ‘National Geographic’ etc. here)

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