Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed

Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse


Gerald Joe Moreno (ALIASES joe108. SSS108, GM108, JM 108. EQUALIZER etc.) was a Sathya Sai Baba admirer who became the front man on the Internet for defending Sai Baba and all connected with him. He was for about 6 years very active in trying to smear all ex-followers, dissidents and critics of Sai Baba (from 2004). More recently (2008 until his death in 2010) his main targets responded to his countless web pages and blogs so as to show at least some of the fanaticism, denial and deception he engaged in on a full-time basis. He had no known educational qualifications or other employment, as his entire output tended to illustrate. Interestingly, in his crusade to attack critics of Sai Baba he frequently ridiculed much that is the core belief system of Sai Baba himself, as well as behaving in many ways deplored as ‘sinful’ by Sai Baba.

As an example of the twentieth-century version of Gresham’s law, Moreno works – without knowing it – on the principle that information tends to drive knowledge out of circulation. He provided masses of information of a degraded quality – especially detail without overview, showing severe avoidance of issues through concentrating mainly on side-issues and cranky digressions – surely hoping to avoid mentioning anything that went against his views. He was very long on accusation and woefully short on hard evidence, so he invariably attacked the messengers to try to distract from the power of the message.

On the urging of others who were his constant targets, I eventually rebutted a considerable number of his attacks on myself and them and have highlighted his defense of injustice, deception, fraud, sex abuses and murder cover-ups in a series of my own blogs. See photo and contact details etc. here

His frenetic and insidious attacks on every person who has testified to being sexually abused or molested by Sai Baba has to be seen in the context of his having for a considerable period believed that sexual abuse did take place, having himself been in severe doubt whether his own experience (of being ‘genitally oiled’ – “on the lower stomach” in private by SB) was an abuse or not. (The term ‘lower stomach’ has been used as an euphemism by others who were genitally oiled). He later defended Sathya Sai Baba and his organization full-time for several years even while still having his belief that Sai Baba was a sexual abuser on his website! See! Almost unbelievable, but true!

 Andries Krugers Dagneaux put a question to this’s most visible (and risible) defender of Sai Baba, but received no reply! That was typical of ‘Joe’ Moreno – throw out any accusation or abuse and hide away from questions afterwards



His last 6 years of life were spent in defending full time Sathya Sai Baba and his Organization at great length against revelations from me and many others, as well as harassing dissidents of several other gurus including Ramana Maharshi, Amma and more. He attacked me  over contrived issues and trivialities also abusing my copyright to a vast extent – posting a whole website of mine and many pages from my writings without permission. So I posted his photo for recognition of him (though he died in June 2010). In his typical tit-for-tat automatic counter-accusations, he claimed that it was I who was an internet abuser, not he! The record speaks entirely otherwise.
Moreno tried to stamp me as a Hitler [ writing “Heil Priddy”], and widely supported his co-worker – the insufferable name-caller, Lisa de Witt, who wrote that I am a fascist, a pervert, an alcoholic, a liar and a “bozo” etc., and who also promoted the idea already years ago that I was dying of AIDS. However, Lisa de Witt actually claims hypocritically to promote love, to be a “healer” and one who channels visions of Jesus, Shirdi Sai Baba and so on!  Nor am I (see here) a person of “colossal ignorance” (see here), as Moreno wrote, with much other unfounded derogation in that vein.

One of his sophistic distortions was that Barry Pittard and I are “cult leaders”. How droll, for it is not us who are heads of any kind of cult, we are apostates from the global religious personality cult Moreno so dirtily defends. Some prominent professional persons who are ex-devotees joined together, including us, to form the JuST group for the purpose of launching   a petition to try to bring Sai Baba and his organization to justice. That – apart from some letters signed by its working committee – is the extent of it. Since we stood forth for the truth about Sathya Sai Baba, over a thousand disaffected followers have contacted us with their stories, knowing that we can be relied on for 100% confidentiality when asked. These are individuals, not a group or cult of any kind.

Moreno’s claims and assertions are a rats’ nest of contradictions, for example, he claimed to have no association whatever with the Sathya Sai Organization yet defended it at every step, but how could he possibly have been in a position to know that it is not exactly as I have described it after nearly 2 decades as a national leader? He is fed propaganda about it, which he posts on his website using the name ‘Sathya Sai Baba’ – Love, Light & Spirituality. It took me and others who had worked for that organization for decades a very long time to penetrate the layers of outright deceit that I found nearly all of its higher office-bearers to be involved in (I was never such a higher office-bearer, since Norway had a very small number of members – less than 20 – and now this number has sunk close to nil).

insidiously, Joe Moreno called me ‘a blatant liar’ many times, obviously without any tangible proof because I can assure all that I never lie. He is fond of childish name-calling and smearing through labeling: egs. he accused me of being a “fundamentalist Christian” (I am 100% agnostic!), an associate of known perverts but only because I support the cogent and very well-informed arguments concerning Sai Baba by an Indian ex-devotee who Moreno claimed – in his massive stalking campaign to ruin that person’s reputation – to have exposed as a “pervert”- including through infamous postings made by Moreno to support his hate agenda on pornography sites – see list of them here).

Moreno exposed by his former friendly supporter: After first being positive towards Moreno’s untruths, he has been shunned, the best single example being M. Alan Kazlev, who has refuted Moreno most thoroughly since he realised his original mistake. Of course, Moreno has also attacked him relentlessly and untruthfully on a large-scale in web pages, blogs and more. Obviously, the factual exposé web sites and blogs have caused the disillusionment of very many who have been misled, while hundreds of former devotees – including a large number of former office-bearers and major followers in the Sathya Sai Organization) have signed a petition calling for the public investigation of Sathya Sai Baba and his organization (over 1300 signatories so far). After first being positive towards Moreno’ s untruths, he has been shunned, the best single example being M. Alan Kazlev, who has refuted Moreno most thoroughly since he realised his original mistake. Predictably, Moreno also attacked him relentlessly in diverse web sites and blogs.

His persistent fault-finding where there really are no faults of any significance was taken to hair-splitting extremes. He has all the petulant fervour of one who knows that he was in the wrong. Moreno devotes many hundreds of pages on-line to his primitive demagogic deceit tactics, which emulate the most right-wing US Republicans’ cheap attack methods, regardless of all the evidence to the contrary Moreno’s obvious ‘agenda’ was to cast doubt on me as excessively as he can contrive regardless of all the evidence to the contrary. He has even descended to the level of computer hacking, not confined to me See here). He tried to associate me fully with Sanjay Dadlani, whose views I endorsed in part, not others. Similarly, Moreno went to huge lengths to create libels about many scores of critics of Sai Baba (and of his other gurus), as one can still see by a search on Google.

Moreno attacked the Sai critic Basava Premanand, who wrote about Moreno’s attacks on his sound documentations the following:- “Moreno demands all sorts of documentation, and even when he has it he, as I have repeatedly demonstrated in my series of articles, distorts it to suit his own purposes. Why, one wonders, does he not cry out for proper documentation of Sai Baba’s (so-called) miracles? Why does he not demand documentation from the Sathya Sai Organisation, so that the criticisms that it is highly secretive and dishonest in, for example, its financial and other dealings could be answered? Why does he not spend time in calling for transparency and accountability within the Sai Organisation? Why does he constantly sidestep the many anomalies, inconsistencies, etc., that have been pointed out by serious former devotee and other critics of Sai Baba and his organisation? When some miracles have been investigated and proved to be false, I have, incidentally, been able to get removed, for example, some of the chapters in a book edited by S.P. Ruhela. This is perfectly reasonable and is solely in the interests of science, knowledge and the truth.” (see

An independent Indian person examined Moreno’s materials and challenged him by e-mail etc., in which he called the entire product of Moreno a ‘red herring’. See

The following list of symptoms of deep mental-emotional denial and fanatical fixation on enemies with strong obsessive and paranoid features are indicated by Moreno’s constant harassing obloquy:

Joe Moreno was not a devotee but was the main defender of all Sathya Sai matters The major and unrepentant infringer of copyright – countless photos of critics and texts of mine – railed at length about ONE SINGLE photo which he for some reason was rather desperate to hide away.

1) A main agenda of character assassination and ad hominem arguments, with repetitive challenges of ‘blatant or shameless  lying’ without a morsel of reasonable proof, as I have explained here.

2) The systematic and meticulous use of dubious “documentation’ and refusal to accept official documentation disproving him definitively (egs. a) the Hislop letters controversy, b) the State Department warning on Sai Baba, c) the fact of a Supreme Court petition against Sai Baba d) the many attacks he made on Basava Premanand… as some of the many instances).

3) Wilful avoidance of issues Moreno has most assiduously failed to confront or even mention  many of the main issues showing Sathya Sai Baba to talk nonsense, make false predictions, demonstrate huge ignorance of relatively simple science, geology, physics, history and many other items which are so well documented and so obvious that neither Moreno or anyone can raise any kind of defense against my and others’ points.

4) Truncating or omitting keywords in his quotations, which are invariably also faultily interpreted according to Moreno’s determination to try to prove Priddy is a liar, a latent homosexual, a ‘dirty old man’ (purposely confusing me with Sathya Sai Baba?) and whatever he sees fit to use as a slur… none of which is true or is more than mud-slinging.

5) Making taunts and jibes of a schoolyard or comic strip mentality: Some examples: distorting my name to Mr. Priddles, addressing me “Heil, Priddy”, characterising his chosen enemies’ responses to his comments including “frothing at the mouth”, “whines”, “snivels” and “moans” and numerous tendentious adjectives. His heading to one defamatory and hatched up web page he has about me is, “The Priddy and not so Priddy sides to Robert Priddy” This is his kind of reasoning altogether! [Note: he claimed in his FAQ to be a neutral observer! ] 

6) Misrepresentation of others’ views He has repeatedly particularly misrepresented me as if I still stand for views which I have long left behind and refuted clearly in public. This he knows since he is my most devoted reader, judging by how he finds even a letter or a comma out-of-place! He constantly distorts what I stand for through biased selections and major or minor omissions, presenting my former views on Sai Baba as if they were valid and I am thus in self-contradiction or confusion… which I certainly no longer am on these matters. He neglected to mention my modified views on so-called elementals (like earth spirits, succubi and other psychic phenomena – which see here). Moreno has tried to smear me on many web pages as ‘a druggie’ because I have taken LSD-25 in 1963 as part of experimental tests sanctioned by the Norwegian Health Ministry. See my account of the facts here

7) Reversing many allegations and claims made by dissidents to claim the same or similar against them. [Egs. he has put great effort into attempts to tie all critics of Sathya Sai Baba together into one homogenous group “the anti-Sais” which he also characterised as a cult! (They are all anti-cultists, but Moreno persists in reversing every claim they make against Sai Baba or himself to level it against them. Thus he reversed the widespread allegations that Sathya Sai Baba is a pedophile by calling Barry Pittard a ‘pedophile’ (he had to withdraw that under jeopardy of litigation, but he did so without the simplest apology! See Serious Defamation Attempt By Gerald Moreno Defeated. By the 7-person Working Committee of the JuST Group ). After it had been pointed out that Moreno was, according to Indian law, sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba, he has done his worst to insinuate that I may also have been sexually molested… by Sai Baba! Which is of course totally untrue – I have never been to a private interview without my wife’s attendance and I was 50 when the first one took place, which disqualifies me entirely).

8) Infringement of copyright images and whole articles – and further manipulating dissident’s photos [Egs. Vile uses of an photo of Sanjay Dadlani, a childish alteration to an image of Reinier van der Sandt, highly tendentious presentations of images of Conny Larsson. Also he posted without permission images of me and my son, and has also distorted a photo of my face in an attempt to ridicule me. For example, he also posted a copyright photo from my published book – annotating it and making false descriptions of some of the objects seen there.] He was forced due to proven copyright infringement to remove a copy of one of my articles from his wordpress blog, whereupon he reposted it on several other sites which do not respect copyright infringements!

9) Sabotage by anonymous and false submissions to the Sai petition Moreno posted bogus ‘submission’ on the Sai Petition under false names so he could later claim it was a bogus petition! This is, of course, totally invalid, as has been explained in detail here.
Further, and yet worse, he endorsed Murali Krishna Yachendra, who carried out a major attempt at deceit to entrap the Sai Petition admin. plus Basava Premanand and Barry Pittard into believing massive bogus claims against Sathya Sai Baba, with the sole intention of destroying the credibility of the exposures of Sai Baba. See here

10) Posting anonymously about a critic on numerous pornographic websites. (See Link)

11) Constant and massive web stalking of critics, their families, their associates, their friends, any e-mail address associated with them he can discover through helpers (Irene Strindhed). He attacked Conny Larsson, Barry Pittard’s family, Kevin R.D. Shepherd and his mother and many others, writing web pages and separate blogs to smear them. He religiously hunted down all he can find about dozens of other critics – even including Wikipedia contributors and administrators, so as to smear them, some of his targets not being personally involved in the Sai Baba issue).  He wrote on his original website in 2003 of India as follows:  “For the past 14 years I have travelled many times to India. I’m captivated by India. (Much to the bewilderment of friends and family)”. With his in uncritical praise of India, he never made a single negative observation. He ignored the vast poverty and countless sufferings of the main populace, the depths of depravity whereby children are sold into prostitution in the millions and, for example, that tiny babies are maimed in horrendous ways to turn them into beggars . He never mentioned any of the host of embezzling and self-serving politicians and mafias, because his single concern remained to bash and harass in underhand and untruthful ways every dissident of his admired gurus, Sathya Sai Baba, and the convicted murderer and rapist Swami Premananda, as well as charlatans Ammachi (the heavy-duty hugging matron who has been exposed by her closest lieutenant) and such others.

12) Constantly making wrong assumptions to favour his case and presenting them as fact (SWARA) Egs: Moreno tries to deny that Sai Baba made his revealing pre-Mumbai prediction of no fear of bombs – see  Sai Baba bomb claim demolishes his credibility.

13) Casting doubts on facts or outright denials of them or their accuracy.

a) He questioned whether I wrote all the articles in Sanathana Sarathi I reported I did – mostly written on pressing request of the editor, V.K. Narasimhan – see here),

b) He questioned the Priddy’s considerable financial donations to Sathya Sai Baba (see here)

c) and denied my close relationship and countless private conversations with V.K. Narasimhan but to set the record straight, I provided scans of some of the many letters I received from Narasimhan and by extensive scans of daily diary entries made at the time recording much of the information I received from him. He calls me a blatant and shameless liar time and again, without any evidence, whenever I relate my experiences which are always 100% honest  but inimicable to his beliefs! This is truly primitive, added to which he never admits of his lies when they are proven, nor hardly ever corrects any mistakes in his voluminous web pages when they are definitively pointed out to him. He cannot afford to, as he would be admitting the sheer calculated mendaciousness of his entire campaign against the exposé

d) He contested whether I was not a national leader in the Sathya Sai organization (but see here),

e) He makes various assertions on the state of my health claiming I suffers from senile dementia see Moreno’s ‘senile dementia’ slurs & irrationality – and widely publicising a most infamous Indian crank’s infamous claim that Priddy was dying of AIDS already in 2002 (Leo Rebello), and himself and many more similar inventions).

f) He claimed (on Wikipedia, before he was (with username SSS108) indefinitely banned from it by a unanimous panel of administrators – see here) that my writings in sociology and philosophy had never been referenced by anyone, but later this was disproved by source references (see Robert.C.Priddy – Wikipedia).

14) Automatic tit-for-tat reactions to comments made by critics of Sai Baba about him: he takes a point about Sathya Sai Baba or more often about himself and claims the same about the one who made the point. There are scores of instances of this, which indicate a stunted mentality lacking insight and real grievances based on factual matters.

a) He runs a massive smear campaign against all dissidents, but he calls all our writings a “smear campaign”. Our writings are exposures of many deceptions and are sober indeed compared to his false contrivances, and all our claims are backed up with public testimony, written evidence, circumstantial evidence or personal experiences.

b) Another ‘small example’: because Sathya Sai Baba has visited and endorsed Idi Amin, also recently, which I pointed out on-line using a composed image first published on which represents the relationship Sai Baba-Idi Amin-G. Venkataraman, Moreno created an image of me with Idi Amin to create the impression that I endorse Idi Amin, when I have done nothing but expose and deplore Idi Amin (of course!) and in considerable detail. Such a pathetic tit-for-tat attack was Moreno’s way to make his dirt to stick somehow.

c) Say that a critic makes the observation that Moreno used bullying tactics, straightway would come an article referring to how that writer was a bully, and the word “bully” would appear in Moreno’s article title.

d) Likewise, Moreno developed a narrative for himself in which he was the blameless victim of defamation and attacks, yet the blogs etc. to which he referred were only responses first made around 3 years after he had begun his massive harassment and web stalking of dissenters, of critics, their families, their associates, their friends, any e-mail address associated with them he could discover through helpers (eg. Irene Strindhed).

e) Some of his blogs were (very rightly) characterised as “feral attacks”, whereupon he arranged for critics’ responses to be characterised on a web page as “feral attacks”.

f) When I pointed out the existence of a broad ‘lunatic fringe’ around Sai Baba – an indubitable fact known to all who have had any length of contact with the ashram or Sai centres around the world, Moreno characterised the main critics of Sathya Sai Baba as a ‘lunatic fringe’.

g) Since the exposé necessarily forwards the many creditable and sworn, signed, accusations of sexual abuse by Sai Baba, Moreno repeatedly tried to smear me with sexual innuendo and preposterous claims, such as that I would not be able to avoid the perception that I was sexually abused! (I met Sai Baba first aged 50 and was never together with him without my wife). He connected my name with ‘homoerotic dreams’ and pornographic websites (which I have never ever posted my website URL on (but someone did!?)

15) Demagogic technique of labeling diverse persons and opinions under one heading Moreno strov to mislead the reader by conflating all opinions of all critics under the catch-all phrase ‘anti-Sai’. Because I support some of the reports of certain persons, like Dave Lyons, Sanjay Dadlani, Alexander Nagel, M. Alan Kazlev, Conny Larsson, Asa Samsioe and various others, he repeatedly hammered in the false implication that I agree with all and everything they stand for, which is not true at all. I do agree in very large part with their criticisms of Sathya Sai Baba and have found all reason to believe their testimonies. Moreno was a great exponent of attacking the character of a person rather than his arguments – and equally making the closely related ‘straw man’ argument. This fallacy was one of his most basic crutches. The Straw Man fallacy occurs when one ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position through a false association to other persons or standpoints. (see here) He made images combining the photos of critics and associating all the one stands for with the other as if they are ‘joined at the hip’ – yet actually there are very considerable differences between them (I am virtually an atheist, while Dadlani is a Hindu believer, for example).

15) Peevish attempts at ‘proofs’ of lying Moreno’s imaginative claims about me and Erlendur Haraldsson are totally refuted with considerable documentation now, see the main page at and specific details on what was actually published in EH’s book at By appeal to carefully selected usages given by college and other dictionaries – words like ‘colleague’ (which I used of my (now former) friend and colleague in parapsychological matters, Erlendur Haraldsson), of ‘professor’ when I once used this word (uncapitalized) about myself, but not as a title, just in the general, accepted dictionary sense of a permanent university lecturer.’ Yet more cantankerously, Moreno attacked me for referring to Professor Erlendur Haraldsson and myself as ‘colleagues’, quoting the strictest dictionary meaning of the word ‘colleague’ he could find (i.e. persons who attended the same college). But it was entirely correct to call our relationship ‘collegial’ according to the more general use of the term as associate, also given in most dictionaries, though I have been attacked on the Internet very immoderately by a Sai fanatic for not using that word in its strictest, narrow sense). In over 150 e-mails over a period of ca. 15 years, Haraldsson discussed with me on parapsychological matters and Sai Baba in a collegial manner, now and again asking me for research assistance – such as Sai Baba’s predictions of his death and various of his teachings, which information he has then published. Haraldsson also referred to my writings on Sathya Sai Baba in his bibliography in at least one of his papers about Sathya Sai Baba ( “Of Indian God-Men and Miracle-Makers: The Case of Sathya Sai Baba.” British Psychological Association, Transpersonal section, Cober Hill, Scarborough. 13. 9. 2004.).

Yet more absurdly, Moreno repeatedly accused me of being a “thief” due to the fact that I borrowed some of the meta-tags he used on his pages to gain Google prominence… but which are not copyright and were already in the public domain. He repeated this mainly in revenge because I posted an image of him copied by me from the independent website of Kevin Shepherd (originally found on Moreno’s public site at Of course, he had posted one of me beforehand – and further numerous images of my son (who has nothing to do with Sai Baba, but just because he is my son). I actually later removed his image from my site on request, though he had never responded in kind. All this illustrates his puerile attempts to throw dirt in the hope that some of it would stick.

16) Bogus claim of neutrality Incredibly, Gerald Moreno lay claim to being ‘neutral’ on these issues, not least claiming not to be a follower of Sathya Sai Baba or a believer in his self-professed omnipotence, omniscience or avatarhood. However, he accuses me of exactly what he does himself :- “Robert Priddy cherry-picks his one-way and selective criticisms and whines, snivels and moans about what he perceives as faults, gullibility and mental deficiencies in others, all the while wholly dismissing these same faults in himself and other critic’s of Sathya Sai Baba.” Moreno conveniently overlooks my many remarks about having been deceived leading to my own consequent errors of judgement, similar to those of many Western devotees. After 2000, when I resigned from the Sathya Sai Organization, those who do not examine the evidence fairly and who continue to support Sathya Sai Baba are very rightly accused of gullibility. There is no longer any valid excuse, such as that which applied in my case before 2000. Moreno overlooks the glaring fact that there are many uneducated and very simple people among the followers of Sai Baba, mostly Indian peasants who have never even been to school, and – as a former Organization leader for 18 years – I can confirm that many people with considerable mental problems are attracted to and were always present at the Sai groups, centres and ashrams.

17) Moreno also accused me of “typical, bitter and negative Anti-Sai articles”.  Note firstly how Moreno’s own words throughout his writings are typical, bitter, negative and antipathetic to me and virtually all of the critics. I agree that my current writings are almost entirely negative about Sathya Sai Baba and so should they be – I have to make up for all the excessive positivity I expressed when I was a follower. I no longer have anything positive to say about Sai Baba after being deceived by him so deeply for so long, and having found him out as an undoubted sexual abuser and murder accomplice. I am not bitter – just very disdainful, who is a fully exposed liar and much worse, so therefore I am no longer interested in any way whatever to promote any good acts Sathya Sai Baba has done. I did too much of that earlier in my book ‘Source of the Dream‘ and in many articles in his journal Sanathana Sarathi (to which Narasimhan reported a constant and considerable positive response, especially by educated persons).

The above points cover some aspects of Gerald Moreno’s enormous concentration on my person and writings, always with the intent to discredit anything on any pretext, however remote from what is reasonable or true. He studies my work and that of all with whom he disagrees about gurus like devil supposedly studies the Bible!

Having worked for several years with emotionally retarded and socially deviant children and very disturbed teenagers in the most progressive institutions in their era in Norway and Sweden, I am well acquainted with signs of arrested emotional development and social problems. I have also known psychiatrists as friends since my student days – including some very famous ones like Dr. Maxwell Jones, Dr. Ronald Laing and Dr. David Cooper – and have been active in the debate about the diagnoses and therapies used in psychiatry for years in the 1960s. (Some of my publications are on-line too). I have even worked for several months in a psychiatric hospital in UK where my mother was a registered staff nurse. I taught at the Institute of Psychology ay University of Oslo and knew numerous psychologists, and interviewed many in a professional research context too. It is with some experience, therefore that I can assert that Moreno’s mental-emotional condition showed a total lack of normal empathy with others. This he demonstrated throughout many hundreds of web pages/blogs (especially towards all the many alleging victims of alleged sexual abuse by Sai Baba). Not merely lack of empathy but aggressive and vicious reactions against those whose accounts and reports threaten his cherished belief system, which centred on persons who he considered to be avatars or otherwise holy incarnate forms of God (as emphasised by his chosen website title, Thus he supported all those who supported Sai Baba, but defended them in a way which was always angled as an attack on Sai Baba’s critics! His fury at some critics having pointed out that what Sathya Sai Baba did to him amounts to sexual molestation and ‘grooming’ is unquenchable. He directed his rage outwards, indiscriminately  denouncing all and everyone he picks on – not unlike juvenile delinquents who put on a tough front and hit out in bully fashion.

Note that – by their complete silence – the International Sathya Sai Organization in practice hypocritically condones the activities of this vicious character assassin, whose work they could easily stop.

See more on Moreno’s countless attacks:-

the only photo he posted of himself, which he removed (too late) hoping to hide his face
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Moreno used an illegal hacking trick on my web browser so that I cannot normally access this website or up-date it. The attempt is amateurish and is easily averted, as the continued appearance of my postings proved. Gerald Moreno is certainly behind this, because Google links I open redirect to his mud-slinging site against me. This only affects those whose computers are already infected with the particular malware, not normal surfers. The attack was not confined to me .Earlier he hacked into to attack the webmaster through links he inserted.

See also Robert Priddy Not Exposed

and Kevin R.D. Shepherd’s blogspot at


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