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Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse

Videos with testimony about Sai Baba’s sexual activities

Posted by robertpriddy on April 14, 2015

shepherdssaignana copyShort Video On the shepherds’ evidence about bullied Sai Baba by Professor Gnanasakarin In this video clip, an Indian professor Gnanasakarin, former Lecturer of Engineering at Sathya Sai University, describes how shepherds he met who knew Sathya Sai Baba in his childhood reported that he was already sexually invasive of other boys private parts.
Transcript: “I met one of the shepherds up in the mountain and they were chums of Sathya Sai Baba when he was growing up and they used to say how poor the family as at the time and the other kids around the town used to tease him a lot, Sathya Sai Baba. Even in those days when he was young he used to touch boys in places – very strange places. Sometimes they used to beat him up also. And he would just walk out because he can’t stand up against them. A boy like that would do anything to gain respect in the crowd. So one day suppose he kind of produces something out of thin air. “Ah. Sathya did something, what did you do, what did you do?” And I think that’s how he got started and then he started working pretty good.”

saisex2Short Video More evidence on sexual abuses by Sai Baba  Professor Gnanasakarin:
Transcript“This is a document written by a form oy in 1991 or 1992. A form boy is a student in the school or university, who is chosen by Sathya Sai Baba for sexual contact. The he gets a lot of benefits in the hostel.. so they are, you know, very happy about it, some of them.”
(Voice of US ex-devotee Alaya Rahm) “Sai Baba said that I had something wrong with my stomach and had me pull down my pants and appeared to – or did – manifest some sort of ointment on his hand, put it on my stomach and then started massaging my penis and just kept doing that, saying it was a great chance.”


Short Video Kushwant Singh and Ashok R. Hari on Sai Baba and sex A newspaper in Sri Lanka  wrote:
“Famous Indian writer Kushwant Singh once referred in his column to an American friend who was a disciple of Sai Baba. The American (Tal Brooke) was later disillusioned by what happened in Sai Baba’s campus and published his memoirs titled Lord of the Air: Tales of a Modern Antichrist. “He mentioned the prevalence of homosexuality and extreme violence there. I reviewed the book in one of my columns and earned the disapproval of his followers,” Singh said. “One of his Sikh disciples, a retired colonel who lived in Puttaparthi for some years, often wrote to persuade me to join him in the worship of my long-dead parents in a jungle in Kerala. Apparently, my parents had pleaded with him to get me to worship Sai Baba. I wondered why my parents did not come to Delhi and talk to me directly.” (the SL Sunday Times  24 April, 2011)
In the BBC film ‘The Secret Swami’ presenter Tanya Datta asked:-

TANYA DATTA: One of the things that a lot of the abuse victims we’ve talked to have said is that Sai Baba does the genital oilings because it is part of Hinduism. Have you heard anything…
KHUSHWANT SINGH There is no Indian tradition to support –  that worship of the linga includes  doing the ‘blow job’, if that is what you are referring to.I don’t think there is any basis for that whatsoever. (see on video clip)




Short video Tal Brooke tells of being cursed by Sai Baba Transcript: “His hand went in among the fly in my pants. One of the early meetings with him, real early and I immediately did this mental gymnastic ‘Oh this is a test of cosmic loyalty, this is to prove I’ve transcended the difference between good and evil and things. Gosh this does really make me in a sense… he kinda gonna know that if he put his hand he knows that I’am m gonna be repulsed, I’m gonna be shocked.”
T”He’s clearly not a normal person, he’s not durable on the street, there’s something tremendously different about him. If you’re in the Eastern mindset you say that difference means he’s divine. Well, from my present viewpoint, that difference could also have a diabolical side to it.”
T”My last encounter with him was when I left him, when I pulled his robe… in Anantapur at the opening og a girl’s college… the President of India, he had governors of state, he had people from Parliament. and I could still cloak myself as a member of the ‘inner circle’. There was huge crowd and that’s when I pulled his robe and he jumped away… I didn’t tear it off, that’s what I originally wanted to do – and he swore at me and he cursed me publicly.”
See more of Tal Brooke’s evidence from his exposé book here 


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Sathya Sai Baba Avatar – prophet manqué

Posted by robertpriddy on April 11, 2015

Sathya Sai Baba’s claim to be the avatar of the age, to be the Creator of the Universe and the Deity to whom all other deities defer have been revealed by events to hold no water whatever. Here are some video clips which give a glimpse of the situation:- Brief video: On the meaning of Avatarhood in Sathya Sai Baba Amusing to see how an Indian explains the idea of ‘avatar’ so simplistically, while the ‘mad psychiatrist’ Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, regurgitates Sai Baba claims. Events have shown that Sai Baba could not do anything remotely near to all the world-changing things he claimed he would accomplish as the insuperable avatar. His many wild predictions consistently have virtually all failed completely. In contrast, in this video clip a critic says that Sai Baba entrapped himself in the claim that he was god and had to continue asserting it, but that he was seeking protection, which god should never need, but rather should provide to others.

Sai Baba on the morning after the murders near him

Sai Baba on the morning after the murders near him

Brief video: On the executions in Sai Baba’s apartment in 1993  The episode is described vividly by Professor Gnanasakarin, and further by the author of the major work ‘Murders in Sai Baba1’s Bedroom’ (B. Premanand) So much for his slogan “Help ever, hurt never” and “Why fear when I am here?” The executions Sathya Sai condoned in 1993 alone well illustrate the total emptiness of his claims of divinity, non-violence, and truthfulness. Since that video was made the facts about the executions have come forth – not in law because of the continued protection of SB’s reputation by all Indian PMs and Presidents since they were all too compromised by having long supported him publicly – but in investigations by serious persons and testimony from those there at the time and not least from former key insider eyewitness who knew Sai Baba’s family well.

Brief video: Raye Thomas – before 1996 -promised liberation by Sai Baba in one year’s time Another example of failed promises: the clear statement he made to Raye Thomas in this video clip he would grant him liberation in one year was proved by events to be false.  Raye Thomas continued to struggle with his worldly problems for many years thereafter, having unadvisedly moved to India and the ashram, where things turned out to be far from what he and Joy Thomas had hoped and expected. A further false promise: Mrs. Joy Thomas who – despite SB’s firm assurance of no cancer – later died of cancer after being flown back to US from the Sai Super Specialty Hospital, where she had been denied blood transfusion by a prominent Sai doctor (reportedly a Dr. Singh).

Brief video: Filmmaker ejected due to secrecy at the ashram The person in the film was threatened with police action and banished for trying to film when Sai Baba seemed to have accepted he could. He is far from the first person to have been treated in this way, even for asking a sensitive question. Such was how the BBC team of Eamon Hardy was treated when they asked about the sexual allegations about Sai Baba. They were told to leave immediately! Whenever an untoward event like a suicide, a murder, or other happenings that could not be covered up, things that might cast a poor light on the ashram and reflect on Sai Baba (the ‘omnipotent’ himself), visitors were told to leave, sometimes with only hours notice.
(Barry Pittard wrote 
BBC Evicted From Puttaparthi For Asking About Allegations as follows: “BBC producers say that Sai Baba’s top leaders at first thought the documentary would present a ‘positive image’ of their guru and the works of his organization to the world. Hence the rare permission for the BBC to shoot at Sai Baba’s ashram. The Puttaparthi authorities extended guided tours to the BBC by Central Trust Secretary K. Chakravarthy and other leading officials, including Dr Goldstein, never before granted to a television corporation. However, a few days later, when the BBC asked for a comment on the worldwide allegations, the ashram authorities ordered them to leave, and Dr Goldstein sent a prompt global instruction to all Sai Baba centres that no-one must cooperate with the BBC. No doubt the exposure by Denmark’s national broadcaster in its 2003 documentary Seduced (renamed Seduced By Sai Baba in the English language version by Australia’s national multicultural broadcaster SBS), seen by millions in Denmark, Norway and Australia – when the top Sai leaders in Denmark and Australia made unavailing threats of legal action – must still have haunted their minds.”

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Sai Baba’s ‘ship of fools’ moving to Muddenahalli

Posted by robertpriddy on April 8, 2015

A foreign lady who lives in Puttaparthi reported the following to our chief ashram contact person:- “Don’t worry about not being a devotee; many devotees are now going to Muddanahalli twice a week (where they say Swami is!!!) and bring all their money there. The ashram has other problems to deal with now. Actually Puttaparthi has become a nice quiet little town and as long as you don’t meet with the ‘spiritual’ side it is OK.”

Muddenahalli Sai temple

Muddenahalli Sai temple

There are evidently diverse groups meeting in Muddanahalli centered on the Sathya Sai school and temple there. One ‘figurehead’ – Madhusudan – claims to have a special channel to Sai Baba, and reportedly even to be a manifestation of Sathya. He was groomed for this by the elderly Narasimha Murthy, who was inducted into Sai Baba’s clique in early manhood and became the warden of the hostel in Whitefield in  which capacity he was accused of sexual molestation of students and procurement of victims for Sai Baba. There is a young man – his age is in question – a former gold medallist student there, who behaves very like Sai Baba did and who apparently channels Sai Baba interviews inspired also by his dreams. Former students who received gold medals were largely indoctrinated since boyhood with ‘Swami’s teachings’ and in most cases by his so-called ‘form boys’, (his privileged ‘chics‘, especially winners of Gold Medals who won their kudos be good performances in Swami’s carnal presence).

Mahdududan, Narasimha Murthy and his gang have already become rich by Sai Baba devotees who have long been despairing at Sai Baba’s death and are now flocking to the place in belief that Sai Baba is behind all this. It is even claimed that Sai Baba has already been reborn as Prema Sai and will be based there in Muddenahalli in future, and many confusing claims are being circulated in this hotbed of rumour and hopeful speculation. It was only to be expected that the Prema Sai gravy train would be set going by money-seeking individuals who want name and fame. No wonder the Central Trust is angrily denouncing all claims to mediumism through a circular letter.

Sathya Sai Baba always claimed that he never conveyed any kind of spiritual illumination, ‘shaktipat‘ or kundalini awakening teaching. It is admitted by his officials that he did oiling of the genitals of boys and young men (and many claim he did a whole lot more than that besides, not one of whom report having benefited from this by way of any illumination, but only by privileges given them in the hostel and in awards of degrees by Sai Baba! On the contrary, many of those who are free to inform the public because they live outside India have provided evidence on oath and affidavits of being sexually abused. 

Seekers of boons, powers, endorsements…  While many of those who want to be healers have good motives and even the wish to help others selflessly, quite a few claimed that Sai Baba has confirmed their having received powers to heal others from him in interviews. There is some evidence that he says this too, but then again a lot also seems to be wishful thinking. To cap it all, Sai Baba (at least outwardly) denied that he gave any powers to anyone,  and he NEVER confirmed that he has blessed anyone with healing powers. nor did he endorse anyone as a healer! Despite this, he frequently ‘produced’ so-called holy Shiva lingams of various shapes, colours and sizes which he gave to devotees and told them that they contained healing powers and were to be used to help heal other people… which claim is medically totally unconfirmed.

Many others say that Sai Baba spoke (or speaks) through them. To ‘channel’ Sai Baba is a favourite among clairvoyants, New Age mini-gurus and even ordinary followers who have some feeling of his presence have claimed this. Sai Baba repeatedly warned:-  “Take it from Me, I am not given to such absurdities! I do not use others as My media”  (Sathya Sai Speaks new ed. Vol. 2, p. 167). In 1997, after putting the matter of the misuse of Sai Baba’s name to him in person, Dr. Michael Goldstein, the current head of  the Sathya Sai Organisation in the Western hemisphere, appealed and warned  everyone that Sai Baba “has not conferred upon anyone special powers to lead us, to heal us or to solve our problems. Swami has not given anyone special authority to intervene in our lives. Swami has not appointed anyone to be an intermediary in our heart-to-heart relationship with Him. Let us not be gullible in accepting such false claims.

The big existential questions of life and death, its meaning are the stock in trade of religions, and their many and conflicting answers to the mysteries of life and the universe are most often tools for recruitment to their faith and all that follows from its organised sects. Many are indoctrinated into a religion long before they can think much for themselves. It is easy to be deceived and cherish illusions about gurus, religions and promises of realisation or salvation, far easier than liberating oneself from mere beliefs. The Sai cult is based entirely on beliefs and ancient speculations made in ignorance of nature, evolution and all science. 

The ‘Veil of Maya’ Those who mature and seriously seek intelligent and satisfactory answers to such questions – and who readily admit that science has not so far reached all the answers – are often likely to view human minds as incapable of penetrating ‘the mysteries’. While many shrug off such cares, the persistent seeker take the next step and can soon fall prey to some kind of theology in which the meaning of life and the cosmos is veiled or shrouded by ‘god’ for good reasons. This supposed veil beyond which neither mind nor science can penetrate has been called ‘the cloud of unknowing’ and, more anciently, ‘maya‘  (briefly ‘illusion’ or the God-created delusion to hide the truth from undeserving persons). The original Hindu doctrine of maya is a key to all religions with a mystical bent, claiming that there is but one antidote to ‘maya': spiritual practice so as to ‘realise’ God. There are, however, innumerable reasons for asserting that – as soon as anyone adopts this ‘spiritual conjecture’ – they take on a self-indoctrinating delusion. The doctrine of maya does not explain illusions, but itself creates an overall delusion! That is all one can find at places like Puttaparthi and Muddenahalli.
Shortly this will be continued with fresh evidence of the increasingly heated war – now in Indian media -between Prashanthi and Muddenahalli adherents.

Comment from Eileen Weed: “Both sb himself and the sb org did everything in their power to keep the brainwashed devotees for themselves, by saying no one is sb’s medium. However, it is incredible how so many diehard devotees run after the fakes, just transferring their fanaticism to someone else, meanwhile insisting it is still devotion to sb! They are expert at making excuses to explain the discrepancies, thanks to years of brainwashing.”

Comment from Chris Dokter: The foreign lady you quote at the start of your blog seems unperturbed by the leaving of devotees to go and see the renewed Sai Baba ‘light’ in Muddenahalli, which I can understand. Fool’s gold… I am not so sure about the validity of her concluding judgment though, that ‘actually, Puttaparthi has become a nice quiet little town’.
Need we remind ourselves that it is scarcely five months ago that another elderly lady was slaughtered in this ‘nice quiet little town? You have blogged about it yourself, Robert, as have I.

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‘Strange Avatar’ unusual Sai Baba film from 1990s

Posted by robertpriddy on April 5, 2015

strangeavatar“STRANGE AVATAR”  is a colourful and also revealing portrait of the man who declared that he was the human incarnation of the Hindu deities Siva and Sakti, Christ returned, the Maitreya of Buddhism and the Messiah for the Jews. Thousands of seekers of supposed spiritual secrets of mystic India visited Sai Baba annually in the small Indian town of Puttaparthi and he was reputed to have a following of many millions altogether. Once asked if he was God, Sai Baba replied “Let us say I am the switch; in one instant I could make the universe disappear”. The film’s innocent scepticism gradually encounters darker and more disturbing aspects of his power. (Ireland, 1996.)

See the complete film here

The film came out about four years before the major Internet exposure of Sathya Sai Baba as a serial sexual abuser of boys and young men broke. This led to a sea change in the views of almost all devotees except those with an extreme dependency on belief in him as infallible and perfect. After years of the most thorough probing into the facts, including the techniques of indoctrination, cover-up, secrecy and clandestine activities, the exposé of Sathya Sai Baba’s words, actions and cult led to many thousands of defectors, some thousands of which have declared their disaffection in public (see the Sai petition for a start)

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners


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Futile new Prashanthi ploys to inveigle and fleece visitors

Posted by robertpriddy on April 3, 2015

The ashram is empty, the village is empty, and the few remaining in charge are wracking their brains to think of ways to draw people in. Prashanthi is an empty ghost town, because the residue of desperate devotees have flocked to Muddenahalli, where Sai Baba’s spirit which ‘showed itself invisibly’ is said to speak through a young student! So what is inviting about reserving a room online at Prashanthi where there is nothing but a corpse?
Maybe he has arisen as premature Prema Sai?:-
Lo and behold:-
On Sunday, 22 March 2015 3:54 PM, Deepak Bharwani <> wrote: Prasanthi Nilayam today pressed into service an online accommodation portal for the benefit and convenience of devotees from around the world. Aptly titled “Prasanthi Nivasam”, the portal features booking of Ashram accommodation from any part of the world. Please log in to <span style=”color:#0066cc; for further details: accomodation-portal-launched/

Concerning this matter, the following communication was received which I reproduce here as it is to the point:- Interesting details gleaned from the FAQ: No single person can book a room. Friends cannot book a room, only families. The person booking the room has to come in person (you cannot book a room for someone else, not even for your parents). Indians are not allowed to book a room for foreigners (even if they are family members) HOWEVER, foreigners are allowed to book a room and include their Indian relatives! You can only book a room for TWO DAYS at a time, no more! Yes, you can make multiple reservations but then you have to transfer to ANOTHER ROOM every two days!

It seems to be cuckoo.I thought since sb was dead, the ashram admin would have more common sense? But allowing only two days at a time, I can only assume they are wacko! On the ‘Places of Interest’ page, I noted that the Space Theater has only ONE DAY per week in English (three days for Hindi and two days in Telugu). This might reflect the supply and demand of visitors.

In the basic regulations, it helpfully declares. “CCTV cameras are installed at various places in the Ashram“. Yes of course, one must realize one is being watched at all times! It was reported that sb had multiple cameras in his quarters. He might have spent his days spying on people. One wonders if he had secret cameras in the boy’s hostel showers also??

See all Prashanthi Nilayam information you can need

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Sai Baba set a standard for honesty in exams?

Posted by robertpriddy on March 30, 2015


Sathya Sai Baba often related how he had cheated at school, writing the entire papers of two student who were his closest friends. Read Sai Baba’s account of his cheating here or a full account in Sathya Sai Speaks here This shows that Sai Baba, hailed by PMs and Presidents as a supreme preceptor for educating Indians, was a part of the problem and a bad example.

The Daily Telegraph’s Colin Freeman reported on March 21st about Indian parents who climbed five-storeys of a school building to hand crib sheets to their children as they sat exams as follows:-

“Education officials in India’s eastern Bihar state have launched an inquiry after photos of the parents and relations perched precariously outside a four-storey school’s windows were published on the internet. Some were trying to hand in answer sheets folded into paper planes. Should we shoot them?” asked Prashant Kumar Shahi, Bihar’s education minister. speaking at a news conference after television news channels aired the incriminating photo.

The pictures, which were widely circulated online, highlighted the growing problem of cheating in exams as ambitious Indian parents push their children to excel in the country’s highly competitive education system. Pupils face tremendous pressure at 10th and 12th grades because they must pass the exams to continue their education.”

Though this seems shocking to the uninitiated, it has been a most common practice of numerous parents in many Indian colleges and also universities to beg, cheat, bribe and threatened educational authorities if their offspring does not achieve high marks.  It is widely known and published that higher castes regarded almost automatic passes for their sons and daughters as the duty of the teachers/examiners (usually of the same caste) and bribery was extremely common.  Forged documents were often found, and we could sometimes even see they were photocopies with the titles and other details changed (by amateurish inserts).This I know as I was on a board at the University of Oslo for assessing the qualifications of foreign students where the administration was in doubt about their genuineness. A few Indian students tried subtly to bribe me to pass them in the logic and philosophy entrance examination at University of Oslo, which I both set and was and evaluated. The flaunting of letters after one’s name in India is well-known and often of absurd nature… and one should always be ready, if need be, to question the claims of Indian aspirants and even apparently fully accredited Ph.D’s.

See another account of this incident by Sai Baba here

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On the 1993 murders – Conny Larsson’s experience

Posted by robertpriddy on March 26, 2015

The former long-term close devotee of Sathya Sai Baba (over 50 interviews) and active leader of his Organization in Sweden became one of his most active critics after 2000. Among many other revealing facts, he wrote about the 1993 executions in Sai Baba’s quarters:-

When I was in Puttaparthi in 1998, before I left Sai Baba, I happened to speak to a previous student of Sathya Sai Baba whose mother had a Sai-paraphernalia shop with rings and photos and all that stuff. Since I had always shopped there, I was invited to an evening of conversation with the family. The family then told me everything about the public version of the supposed assassination conspiracy against Sai Baba not being true at all.

They told that the former students who had intruded on Sai Baba had done it for two reasons. There was disagreement between the various families in Puttaparthi about the finances and the Sai Trust. The trust had given assurances and some had received advantages, others not. All had wanted to enrich themselves from the fund or the ashram monies that they could embezzle. That was the first reason they intruded on Sai Baba. There was never a question of an assault or the like because they had thought that they had so much on their side that they could pressure Sai Baba, this being the second reason. This was that all the older students were aware about what went on with Sai Baba and boys.

The older boys had long observed this but had not done anything about it, but they now thought that they could use this as blackmail to provide their families with more prominent positions. The family (i.e. Puttaparthi shop owners) had previously been deeply devoted but now remained there only purely on financial grounds. That they dared to talk to me in particular was because I had – earlier in 1996 – expressed strong dissatisfaction to them with the whole way the ashram was going, and especially also in the Swedish movement.

They did not know what happened later in the room with the police other than what was rumoured but they did not themselves believe a word of the ashram’s official version and even less so the police version, because all the Puttaparthi police were, as they put it, ‘bound hand and foot’.
Their version concerning the boys on the veranda was from press reports in India. Which papers I no longer recall. A policeman from the Puttaparthi police station I had met earlier had told me more or less what the family did. He said that the students were quite simply executed and that all the placement of knives and everything in the photographs were set out to fit the case and make it look like an attack. He also said that he did not at all believe that the knives belonged to the students. When I visited to meet him later he was no longer there, they had transferred all who had been there during that period, saying “they have all been assigned other duties in new districts”. Naturally, I never saw that policeman again.

Why I didn’t write it in the first place? Due to my editor having weeded out almost all of it saying ” you have to kill your darlings”, and I had to comply with to get the book published. Also that is the reason why I had to write my new book on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, since the editor deleted almost all except for one account. Also my memory has recovered more or less now since my healing from the trauma has been going on all the time since I published the book Behind the Mask of the Clown.

Everything has become much clearer to me now that I have got some distance from it all and so I once again put out what I remember on the web. However, I can’t remember the name of the family and I am actually very glad I can’t, since I know in what a threatening place they have to live. The boy was also very disappointed since Baba had promised him some photo job in the ashram but later assigned that to some other boy. He never admitted having himself being sexually abused but meant that many had that experience among his student friends. I found it too hard to believe at that time and in fact I didn’t want to. I went to him after my experience in 1999 to tell him about it, but the family seemed to be scared for some reason and so did other also some of the westerners in the ashram. Especially that millionaire lady that was the donor to the Swedish Sai school. I do not remember her name. Britt-Marie Andén, who was the director of the school, would know her name. That lady hardly dared to go out from her room any longer. Only when Baba had darshan did she dare to come out. When she saw me one day she screamed at me, ‘Don’t speak to me, don’t speak to me, they will see me and report to security.’ I was absolutely flabbergasted and couldn’t believe my ears since we had always been talking easily outside and within the ashram before. Something had really changed inside the ashram. I was more than happy to leave it for the last time.

Conny Larsson’s full Sai Baba web site see here

“I actually got my first taste of the extensive ashram spy network way back in the mid-1980s, when I had started to help an ill Indian lady with small errands. Within weeks, one of the top Seva Dal ladies who sat at the Darshan compound entrance called me over and started scolding me for associating with Indians, mentioned the exact days and times I went to her room to help! Us ‘permanents’ knew very well we were being watched at all times and our activities reported. Why did the ashram do it? Having a LOT to hide, of course! Maybe that is why they so drastically controlled the number of days devotees could stay in the ashram!”

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Asaram Bapu bid to use ministers

Posted by robertpriddy on March 24, 2015

asaram-JaitleyAccording to, Possibly in a bid to whitewash his image, Asaram Bapu’s supporters have put Arun Jaitley and Rajnath Singh on the cover of the self-proclaimed saint’s magazine. This does no honor to Jaitley and Singh, who had praised the pedophile.

At we can read as shown in the scan shown here. The Home Minister and the Finance Minister of the Indian government are supporters of a proven criminal usurper of government land and an extreme male chauvinist who infamously blamed the girl raped on the Delhi bus for the incident!  This once again illustrates perfectly how the Indian political elite –  including Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi and Co. – is immersed in sick religious fantasies and protects gurus who are known sex abusers and murder accomplices. That Sathya Sai Baba has been praised to the skies and totally protected by a series of Indian Prime Ministers and Presidents up to the present will live on in infamy, since Sai Baba’s crimes and the governmental and judiciary’s cover-up are internationally known and will go down in history.

See ASARAM BAPU Full News Dossier.

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Muddenahalli manifestation of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on March 21, 2015



The lengths which the entrapment into belief in Sathya Sai Baba’s countless empty claims, false predictions and many other deceptions went is seen in the hysteria of those who are now claiming that he has returned to give discourses and darshan through one of one of his students residing at Muddenahalli (a Sai temple and college located roughly between Puttaparthi and Bangalore). See report on right from

When Sai Baba died under ignominious and unpredicted circumstances, some devotees swore they knew he would reincarnate within a day, others in a week or so, others in some months time. All who remain in the cult believe he will reincarnate as Prema Sai and grow up in anonymity, as he had said, until he matured. As expected by the savvy, Prema Sais would begin to appear here and there (some few had already claimed to be him) and his nephew Ratnakara – who managed to usurp the entire wealth and property of Sai Baba – himself soon hinted that he was Prema Sai, but dropped the claim quickly, being accused of murder threats, violent acts and numerous other ‘non-prema’ activities!  Now, those who can’t wait are reportedly flocking from Puttaparthi and elsewhere to see and hear a former Sai Baba MBA student  (a 23-year old gold medallist, and it is now been testified how his ‘form boys’ qualified for that award). 

To persons who have not been involved with Sai Baba and his followers – or know many of the countless wiles and subtle mind manipulations on which most Indian guru traditions depend – the extent of their manipulations of people’s minds and lives and the heights of credulity achieved are hard to credit. Nonetheless, money is now flowing into the coffers of those behind this, who include Dr. Narasimha Murthy, former warden of Brindavan College and accused purveyor of student boys to Sai Baba’s bedrooms.

See also:- Souljourns: Narasimha Murthy’s secret of Prema Sai
Deep schism between two major core factions in the Sathya Sai movement
Narasimha Murthy’s imprudent interview & consequences



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Fear of Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on March 19, 2015


Since his death in 2011, many who have hung on to their faith in him – and even some who left him – suffer from fear of his wrath and punishment. This is made clear also by comments and attack mails against myself and other proponents of the exposé, telling us what terrible karma we are to face in the next life. Fortunately, we are totally impervious to these ideas, but – knowing full well the range of what most followers believe and the power over the mind of their long-term indoctrination, so difficult to overcome – we are aware of the situation of all those ‘lost souls’ who are emotionally and otherwise trapped in their dependency on him.

Many devotees of his held him in awe, but – more than that – feared him personally. There is plenty of written evidence by followers showing this. And the murders of 1993 in his own apartment in his own private fiefdom increased this fear without any shadow of a doubt. The fear is seldom talked about but could at times be seen in faces of those often in contact with Sathya Sai Baba. One can simply imagine the effect on those under his control, especially his students. Sathya Sai Baba has told that his close servitors have three chances of obeying him when he tells them something. If not, terrible consequences can follow, which he has said to persons I knew well. As in the case of Baba’s driver for two decades, who burned himself to death in the Hillview Stadium after failing to follow Sathya Sai Baba ‘s warning to drive more slowly and then killing a pedestrian! One did not have to circulate for long among Sai devotees to know the general paranoia or come across the aura of unexpressed fear around questions of what one can and cannot say and do. 

Sathya Sai Baba’s refusal to explain anything other than what pleased himself made it difficult to have confidence in many of the statements he made on whatever subject, quite apart from what concerns the ‘unseen’ world of spiritual realities. His demand was that the devotee have implicit and wholly unquestioning trust in him, all his works and anything he uttered. If it failed to make sense or is not in accordance with observable fact or other statements of his, this had to be put down to our human ignorance. It is therefore not entirely wrong to say we could not properly understand him! He held that virtually everyone alive is ego-laden, sense-attached and impure, who really know just about nothing of significance about anything! But we do know with demonstrable certainty that Sathya Sai Baba got his facts wrong time and again, and laughably so! And he was, by all appearances, unaware what a storm the world would raise against pedophilia, probably because it is common, silently condoned but not (yet) talked about openly in the region where he grew up. A long-standing suspicion seems justified, namely that this kind of homosexual exploitation of boys in India is very widespread and is tacitly accepted in many segments of society – not only in backward parts like the Andhra Pradesh villages of the Puttaparthi region. This is the result of the wall-to-wall culture of hypoctical puritanism and repressive censorship against all sexual deviance in most of India. 

Sathya Sai Baba kept everyone in their places, mostly at a distance, and especially women. Sai Baba’s invisible rewards and imagined ‘divine blessings’ were said both by him and others to exceed the mental and emotional punishment he meted out, as he did especially rigorously to those who accepted positions of trust then supposedly let him down even in slight ways. It is merely a matter of belief, convincing oneself that it was for one’s own good, otherwise there is only depression ahead, or to reject everything (too big a step for his dependents). The recipe for aspirants to the graces he said he could bestow was total obedience and subjection to his will and all that he required but seldom explained sufficiently. This went entirely against any open society for genuinely self-aware persons who may act in confidence and with responsibility.

Sai Baba’s imperious and down-looking attitude did not exactly make for a feeling of overflowing divine acceptance and love, which he was ever talking up as being his entire nature etc. Though true believing devotees only told of his love, charm, smiles, benevolence, kind words if few and far between) they seldom mentioned how he used visible signs of disinterest, rejection, anger and even sheer rage, which was something to see, even at a distance. He could smile and be charming in words, but genuine love is shown only in action. What did he mostly do? Stroll about looking distant and often as strict as a near-unapproachable headmaster who would never abide to be gainsaid or crossed in the least way? This manner itself invites private anxiety. He certainly set up considerable barriers to knowing him and thereby also to loving him except in wishful imagination, for how can anyonereally love what they do not know? This feeling is not confined to relatively peripheral persons such as I, for it was quite evident at times even between Baba and some of his most trusted office-bearers. He scared the wits out of Prof. Kasturi with a enraged and reportedly terrifying lion-like expression without any explicable ground other than to cow him totally, it certainly appears.

Despite all the talk about his universal love and benevolence, many came to realise that appearances were not to be trusted, that he was a master at charismatic charm and used all opportunities to entrap people by sudden friendliness after he had made them wait with no responses for months and years, even decades! This is a known technique of psychopaths, the charm then the anger, then the charm again, a pull-push-pull relationship creating uncertainty and self-doubt in their victims, making them the more dependent on any favour that came their way at last. Sai Baba explained this for devotees by saying it was simply done to correct people, as a schoolmaster uses the stick to correct youth. He rather fitted the bill as an angry and jealous God, definitely someone who abided absolutely no questioning or contradiction. Many a tyrant did the same and also claimed to be gods. Like him, most despots commission social works and institutions in their own names and to their own glory, though they are always paid for and carried out by others. Without making other comparisons, the Emperors of Rome, of the Inca Imperium, and even rulers in African States in recent decades have assumed the mantle of gods, but Sai Baba’s divine claims surpassed all of them. 

All this set standards and examples. In the Sai movement, both foreign and Indian VIPs appeared seriously po-faced much of the time and were unduly tight-lipped about all remotely sensitive matters having to do with Baba, his organisation or other works. They always had to be in the right, one coild not question anything that was decided by whoever decided. Members were even sometimes expelled without any explanation, as in the case of the Moscow centre’s president, who allowed discussion of the sexual allegations against Sathya Sai Baba, and on two different occasion members of groups I took there were blackballed permanently. The personal qualities of most top leaders in the Sai movement made for a social and mental-emotional gap between Sai officials and ‘ordinary’ hard-working followers, with a very few honourable exceptions. This had the effect of consolidating an inner circle who are subservient to the International Chairman and the Central Trust and observe the ‘muerta‘ – a kind of international jet-set elite who invited one another around the world to hold forth – often mainly to regurgitate or repackage Sai Baba aphorisms – and who evidently conferred to hush up anything which might affect their own positions in Baba’s favour and within the organisation that bore his name. 

All this is the basis for the many cover-ups. The 1993 murders and the many pedophile accounts involving Sai Baba (some going back decades), have been kept from the main body of devotees for so long through this organised deception. However, the growing recognition in the world for the duty of mandatory reporting of known cases of sexual interference or abuse – a legal requirement in many countries – may yet even eventually bring forth court actions and large compensation claims against leading Sai office-bearers who can be demonstrated to have failed in this reporting duty, as it has already at last done in the Catholic Church in so many countries. All Sai officials would be very well advised to “sweep their hearths and keep their houses clean” on this count from now on, for the information is presently freely available to every one of them.

When fear is felt but cannot be expressed it is all the more effective. Once the fears can be confronted without the possibility of retribution – such as by removing oneself from their source both physically, socially and emotionally – it becomes evident that, as F.D. Rooseveldt put it “there is nothing to fear but fear itself”.

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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Sai Baba hoarded riches!

Posted by robertpriddy on March 17, 2015

tlegraph-hoarded-wealthGethin Chamberlain wrote in The Telegraph on how Sathya Sai Baba’s hoarded riches raised doubts over charitable works, having contacted me for reliable documentation of many facts. Some excerpts from his article follow:-

“The Indian guru Sai Baba’s life seemed to have it all: sex, money and religion. A lifetime of claiming to be the incarnation of God had brought him a £5.5 billion fortune and a worldwide following…”It also brought accusations that he molested his young acolytes and used cheap trickery to perform his miracles.”

He emphasises the “extraordinary saga which has been playing out since his death in April, a story of hidden treasure troves, of mountains of gold and diamonds, of missing millions, all set against a backdrop of a struggle for control of his empire.” In his prime, the diminutive holy man with the bright orange robes and huge afro haircut could count kings and presidents among his friends, and the likes of Sarah Ferguson among the admirers of his home-spun, “love all, serve all” philosophy.” “The cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who gave £40,000 for a statue of the guru, and a myriad of Indian politicians and Bollywood stars claimed inspiration from his message of putting service above self.

“The edifice began to crumble when members of the Sathya Sai Central Trust, which runs the ashram, a religious centre, decided that speculation about what might be inside the guru’s private chambers was getting out of hand. The rooms had lain apparently untouched since the 84-year-old spiritual leader was taken ill in March. The Trust decided to open the rooms, but with caution: the police were kept at a distance and the media were locked out. A select group assembled, including the controversial figure of Satyajit, Sai Baba’s carer, apparently the only person who could penetrate the chambers’ elaborate security. They took the lift to the first floor, opened the door and stepped inside. What they found made even the wildest rumours seem tame: stacked around the room were piles of gold, diamonds and cash. Cashiers with counting machines were summoned and reported that the haul included £1.6 million in rupees, 98 kg of gold and 307 kg of silver. The Trust denied any previous knowledge of the hoard, said it had immediately paid tax on its value, and denied any impropriety.

“If the Trust hoped that would satisfy the millions of devoted followers who had sent money from around the world in the belief it would be used to spread Sai Baba’s teaching or help educate the poor and treat the sick, it was mistaken. The love and compassion of which he preached gave way to rumours of more treasure hidden away around the sprawling building, of false ceilings and further underground hoards. Meanwhile Sai Baba’s niece, Chetana Raju, claimed she had received death threats for complaining about the search.

Suspicion began to grow that vast sums had already been smuggled out. Three days later, police stopped a car carrying Trust members near the border with a neighbouring state – and found the equivalent of £50,000 in cash inside. The Trust first denied any connection with the money, then claimed it had been donated by devotees to pay for a memorial.” “Some blame trust members, while a few are asking, ‘Why did Swami have to keep so much gold and cash? Didn’t Swami always say he never accepted gifts?’ Who to believe or what to believe?”

Even Sai Baba’s most vociferous critics are taken aback by speed with which the empire is unravelling. “Even a couple of months ago, what has now happened was still unimaginable,” said Robert Priddy, the Sai Baba organisation’s former Norwegian leader.  Mr Priddy was once a believer but lost his faith as the allegations of sexual abuse which dogged Sai Baba’s final decades began to mount – though not before himself donating a total of £13,500. “Devotees around India have at last begun to raise many questions and demand answers about the riches of Sai Baba and other gurus,” he said. “There have been protest demonstrations. It is a remarkable turnaround.”  “But India is not short of gurus and the fear in Puttaparthi is that those seeking enlightenment will now turn their attentions to other, more vital, sages.

“For former devotees like Robert Priddy, all this is simply proof that they were right to walk away when they did. “I feel satisfied that his death 10 years before his own prediction and under such inauspicious circumstances further vindicated my views on the falsity of his claims of omnipotence and divinity,” he said.”

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Forgive and Forget – Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on March 14, 2015

I forget but never forgive’ because there’s a whole lot of people on the other side of the House of Commons whom I hate, but I can’t remember why.”
(Clement Freud – former British MP)

Sathya Sai Baba called upon people simplistically to ‘forgive and forget’, without any illuminative or intelligent further explanation. Yet, as usual, he also preached a somewhat incompatible view, as the scanned texts from his authenticated writings show:-

Forgiveness Pardon

The idea that good actions should deserve rewards – and bad ones punishments – is very deep-rooted in us. So much so that religions have held for millennia that divine justice operates on everyone, in one way or another. This, of course, is a matter of belief or speculation, not a testable theory, for no divine agency can be located or investigated. Besides, there are countless examples of people who commit many and great crimes who live out their lives quite comfortably and do not suffer anything that could be considered ‘punishment that fits the crimes’.

Forgiveness in action is demonstrated most strikingly in the lives of various great persons, and sometimes it has been effective for the perpetrator and also for the forgiver. But that is far from being the rule. it is a remarkably naive and impractical to forgive (as well as forget) crimes and outrages when the perpetrator will neither apologise not change behaviour and desist from the offences. Simply showing remorse through recognition and admission of culpability is not much to ask, not unless positively changed behaviour on the behalf of the offender is also required. Forgiving someone for an evil act – whether against oneself or, what is always easier, against another – unfortunately but obviously does not guarantee an improvement in those forgiven. It is not itself efficient as a preventative to further crime. The two much-quoted Biblical dicta clash: “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is confronted by Jesus’ advice to “turn the other cheek” when struck, and to do so repeatedly. These black-or-white alternatives are simplistic, without the nuances required by the many forms conflicts take and also the variety of possibilities of their solution that may be found.

According to Sai Baba’s traditional deism, only an all-powerful God can forgive sins and remove or alleviate the otherwise inevitable reactions called ‘karmic’. However, typically, he also preached the modified view where we can modify our karma by good actions etc. To support the latter, he said that divinity is (also) within us – at least to some degree – so that we create our own karma for good or ill. Forgiving others would bring good returns, not doing so would bring the contrary. However, that undermines the main tenet of the strict and modified karma dogma, for then it is ourselves and not any universal agency or divine law that rewards or punishes and we alone create our personal destiny and our choices decide what is ‘wiped off the slate’.

The world has a rich enough supply of do-gooders, proselytisers who proclaim that one must simply and immediately forgive and forget every wrong done against us. But the problem in reality lies in our finding the resources to forgive within oneself. However well-intentioned preachers of forgiveness may be, their dictum ignores inescapable facts of life, and further overlooks the ways in which it is in their belief all regulated by God’s law. Without considering such measures as reaching mutual understanding and agreements on when and how forgiveness can benefit everyone, success in forgiving and forgetting will surely be quite limited.

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The ultimate travesty of Indian spirituality?

Posted by robertpriddy on March 9, 2015

Recently the Indian government filed charges against ‘the guru of bling’  –  Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh – in connection with the alleged forced castration of 400 of his followers. Allegedly many of his male devotees were told that this ultimate scrotal sacrifice was a necessary step before they could ever get ‘realization of God’. The guru denies the charges, inviting authorities to ‘behead him’ if the claims were proved true.

insanThe UK newspaper The Independent summarised this latest scandal in the world of Indian guru cults:-

“Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, an Indian pop-star and telepreacher with a reported wealth of more than $50 million, is being investigated after he allegedly manipulated around 400 men to get their testicles removed – according to India Today.

Singh – who has more than 87,000 Twitter followers but is not a follower of anyone – describes himself on a social media bio as a “spiritual Saint/philanthropist/versatile singer/allrounder sportsperson/film director/art director/music director/script writer/lyricist/autobiographer/DOP”.

One of his former followers who underwent castration seven years ago – named Hans Raj Chauhan – is one of the few to break the silence to speak out against him and the group. The Central Bureau of Investigation has started looking into claims dating back as far back as 2000 in preparation of charges of grievous bodily harm. However many followers are believed to be in fear of speaking out. The alleged castrations were said to be mainly carried out at a hospital run by the DSS in Singh’s ancestral village Gurusar Modia, in the Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. 

The DSS also owns factories, markets, farms, restaurants, hotels and runs schools and orphanages, according to Latterly Magazine.”

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Ex-devotee on depression as result of following Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on March 3, 2015

In an earlier blog I wrote about an egocentric millionaire follower of Sai Baba (Jack Scher- deceased) who had so to speak ‘bought into’ a verandah place by setting up a publishing co. for Sai books in the US called ‘Leela Press’, I was contacted by a Sri Lankan lady, who wrote that she was, though Sai Baba’s indoctrination, unable to think freely for a long time, until she regained her freedom due to realising much about the great fraud involved. 

We corresponded further and she told me how much of her close family remained Sai Baba devotees and about the difficulties this caused her. I have cut out private details and cloak her identity for obvious reasons. Some excerpts from her mails can be of help to others in similar position.

Dear Robert
Thanks for your reply.  I feel passionately about this subject as I was born into the Sai movement and my parents are still ardent followers.  Thanks very much for the work you are doing.  I look at your website on a daily basis and it provides me with a great deal of comfort and helps me deal with the fact that my parents insist upon being devotees despite everything that has come out about the sai baba movement.

Thanks again, P

I replied: Dear P,
Thanks for your kind reply. It is tremendously difficult situation when families are divided by Sai Baba in this way. Through the years I have been contacted by a number of people who are similarly affected. The Principal of (***** a top EU) University’s wife became a devotee and – since he was a physicist – they could not see eye to eye. But she decided to demand half of the entire family fortune so she could donate it to these criminals in Puttaparthi. I did my best to advise him about how to handle the issue, but in vain.
I lost all nearly all my many Sai friends, but fortunately the ones I respected most here in Norway have all long since rejected SB. It even took my wife longer than I to come properly to terms with the matter after I came off the fence.
Best wishes, Robert

Dear Robert,
(A close relative) … taught me the sceptical method which later helped me in getting away from the Sai movement.  Now when I talk to him about science or scepticism, he just does not seem to understand or does not want to understand. 

I married a man who was not in the Sai movement though at the time we married I was in the Sai movement.  I saw how free he was as well as his cheerfulness when compared to those in the sai movement.  I tried to get him involved but he wisely stayed away although he did not try to influence my faith.  I was determined to convert him and looked up books in order to prove that Sai Baba was divine.  After reading several books and especially Richard Dawkins “The god delusion” I came to the awareness that it was I who was mistaken and not my husband.  I have now developed an allergy to all things religious that even my husband regrets that I have lost my faith.  I have been reading feminist books which have helped me a lot.  I especially enjoyed your article on ladies day. I am very glad to have had this email from you.
Thanks again. P.

Dear Robert,

I am interested in the search for the truth about the way the world works.  If you would like to use any of the things I write in order to write an article while covering the tracks so as not to hurt (those close to her) I am only too happy to give my consent. 

I am obsessed with this matter and try to read up everything I can on cults and mind control so that I can have a better understanding of what has happened to me as well as ideas on getting over it to lead a normal and good life.  You are very brave in sticking your neck out and fighting out against this powerful group which numbers the president and prime minister of India among its followers.   Loyalty to the group counts for a lot in Eastern culture and for a while you could not find a more loyal follower than me.  However, the thing that finally clinched it for me was my deep depression while I was in the movement and constant suicidal thoughts.  I could not figure out why I was so depressed when everything in my life was going so well.  I had a husband who was kind and a good provider.  We had no significant financial difficulties – just run of the mill how to pay the mortgage and bills – but we managed.  We had two beautiful children.  Then why the deep self-hatred and depression?  I knew that I must absolutely live – I had two small children who depended on their mum being around.  I started reading everything I could on depression and though some things helped most of the relief proved temporary.

Then I came across “Feeling good”  by David D Burns and finally after reading through the book and doing some of the exercises, my mood began to lift and I started feeling the way I should most of the time.The thing that most struck me was the fact that the author said that depression is caused by the feeling that everything good that happens to me is caused by an outside agency ( external) and everything bad that happens to me is because it is my own fault. If I could reverse this thought – If by following reason I could see that good things happened because of my own goodness ( at least partly) and sometimes bad things happen and it is not my fault – then my depression had some chance of going away. This is not what you are taught by Sai literature, is it? Everything good happens because of Babs’s grace.  If anything bad happens it is your own fault or it is karma ( fault in a previous life).  The teaching was making me depressed and helpless. The entire teaching revolves around making a person as emotionally vulnerable and helpless as possible. When I now think of my needless suffering, I feel angry at this fraud.  Please keep up the fight and the good work. By the way although (close relative) is an ardent devotee, we never got so much as an interview.

Dear P.
I am well aware of the problem as I had many very unusual experiences with Sai Baba. None of those can exonerate him from the crimes I am totally convinced he has committed. You got out of the depression by your own efforts, and threw off the overwhelming indoctrination to which all who become followers subject themselves. What you write now is straightforwardly convincing, and it has a distinct style different from any I can manage. You bear out fully ‘the position I have written about in my series on Personal Disempowerment oin worshipping gurus exemplified by the Sai Baba cult. 

Ladies I knew in the Oslo centre which I led were also depressed a lot during our time in the Sai Baba organisation due to the limitless expectations that no one could fulfil! After 11 years working on this task, I still find it worthwhile because of the feedback, but also not least because it has been a liberating and most educative experience as to human nature, not least our deeper fallibility. At the start of the exposé work I was very concerned that I might suffer – even be killed – and used a pen name for some weeks.  As I proceeded I saw through more and more of the threatening sides of Sai Baba’s words and – because I already knew three persons who had been sexually abused but had not told me before – I saw that Sai Baba and all his minions were literally extremely anxious that the huge can of worms would be opened completely if they even tried to counteract me in public. They dared not face an open legal proceeding… it would have destroyed the illusion on a major media scale. So I then pushed the boundaries, confident that they would never hit back at me (not least since I am protected in Norway, where their lies could make no progress in a court here).

With warm regards, Robert

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Criticism and abuse against others

Posted by robertpriddy on February 28, 2015

abuse-of-othersIf free speech is to prevail in the world, certain supposedly ‘spiritual’ teachings must be brought into universal disrepute. Such a doctrine  was promoted by Sathya Sai Baba – at least in preaching, though not always at all in many of his discourses or interview statements. (See scan on right). If this were taken seriously we all risk becoming slaves in a society like Orwell’s 1984, where an omnipresent Big Brother enforced ‘Newspeak’, a means of controlling how people speak and by extension how they think. 

The inherent self-contradiction of the ‘teaching’ is obvious if one thinks a bit about it. The abused and the abuser, the critic and the criticised,  are not at all one and the same. Not if one rejects speculative theological claims such as ‘in transcendent reality we are all god, all divine’ (especially in Hinduism and advaita vedanta). A person who kills another does not kill himself, he survives. Unless one is taken in by the inevitable rebuttal speculative Hindus make – but he will be killed in a later life due to the law of karma – it makes no sense whatever to claim ‘all are one’, because all is all and one is one. (in vulgar terms, ‘Yeah man, everythin’ is everythin’ eh?’).

Were societies to take such a false teaching seriously and apply it across the board, they would have to abolish all systems of law which hold wrong-doers responsible for their crimes. The utter impracticability of such a nonsense is evident to anyone who has to lodge any kind of complaint against another for anything. Little wonder, therefore, that Sai Baba himself could not refrain from heaping abuse on others – mostly in general, but also by name (which he constantly did in his group interviews when it suited him, and also whether or not the object of his ill will was present or not). Little wonder, either, that his devotees, who sat through endless repetitive harangues about always not back-biting, always speaking softly and obligingly, never criticising others could never refrain  from exactly those things, as well-documented evidence proves entirely (see a selection of abuses and defamation by devotees against dissidents and critics here – less than a tenth or less of the libel and defamation we have received altogether from Sai Baba ‘spiritual aspirants’). The issue of ‘self-abuse’ is illumined further in a recent e-mail reply to verbal abuse by Sai devotee, Cass Smith

Criticism is not the same as abuse, of course, there is a fine but definitive line between these. One should never criticise others, but only examine and criticise one’s own self, was Sai Baba’s constantly repeated advice. But he had already also insisted that everyone’s self is the selfsame Atma (Spirit), so if one criticises oneself it equally criticises others. Nonetheless he set a fine example to his followers, calling people who exposed him ‘veritable demons’ and many such things when he felt like it. Many of his devotees have followed in his footsteps there!

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