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Sai Baba hid in India to escape justice

Posted by robertpriddy on September 27, 2014

The Alaya Rahm case which eventually had to be withdrawn was a fiasco due to the incompetence of his U.S. attorney. The dissident long-term U.S. devotee, Glen Meloy, had helped Alaya Rahm to find that attorney on a no-win-no-fee basis (i.e. without cost to Alaya, who had no means for it himself). The attorney stood to get all compensation that a win could bring. Unfortunately, Glen Meloy who was   totally dedicated to the cause and had lots of good contacts, died before the case came to court. The lawyer evidently failed to investigate elementary facts.  Most importantly, he did not even know that Sathya Sai Baba could not be sued from the USA! Sai Baba lived in India. California did not have reciprocal jurisdiction rights against an out-of-country defendant and one could not therefore use California state subpoena powers as the defendant was not subject to the powers of the Hague Treaty. The case was heard by Judge John M. Watson of the Superior Court, County of Orange, California, on April 28th, 2006.

Further, there was no legal entity in the United States against which a lawsuit demanding responsibility of Goldstein and other key directors of the Sathya Sai Society of America could be brought. Pursuant to declarations under penalty of perjury, The Sathya Sai Society of America confirmed they were a bookstore…nothing more. The Sathya Sai Organisation had not then been registered in the USA since it had set itself up in ways to avoid legal accountability and full public scrutiny. Alaya had gone to India of his own free will and so no one could be held responsible for misinforming him about Sai Baba. Because of other legalistic stumbling blocks, compelling testimony could not be presented.   

For example, evidence of dereliction of duty of care by leaders of the Sathya Sai Organization or evidence from other families and individuals who alleged sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba could not be brought forward. Clearly, the attorney’s aim had been to collect compensation of the case turned out well, but had nothing to lose himself. He washed his hands of it as soon as he saw that it was not going to get anywhere. The attorney caused Alaya Rahm to have to withdraw the case! This, of course, did NOT disprove the truth of his allegations, which have been widely documented (such as in the BBC documentary ‘The Secret Swami‘) and which was never challenged by the Sathya Sai Organisation as they had no chance whatever of winning any case against him or the BBC.

The following mail was sent to Barry Pittard by the former close friend and helper of Sai Baba’s sisters, Eileen Weed. She was commenting on the full explanation of the case here Alaya Rahm – testimony and lawsuit concerning Sathya Sai Baba. This was  after she had become disillusioned of Sathya Sai Baba and by the entire Sai cult:-

13 July 2006

Hello Barry,

I have gone through the document, and consider it quite thorough and informative. I think it explains everything very clearly. Thanks for your great work. We need to get the word out, after the shameless spreading of victory” by the devotees. Thanks again, Eileen

Leading office-bearers who have attempted to expose the truth are always closed out of the Sathya Sai Organization. Therefore, lower echelon and rank-and-file members cannot deliberate on the facts. Sai Baba has lied about dissenting former members and has called THEM “Judases”, “cawing crows”, “The lawsuit against Sai Baba (individually) was dropped because the judge indicated in the initial court appearance that he did not wish to see us pursue a case against an OUT- of-country defendant that is not a signatory to the Hague Treaty.

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Lewis Kreydick and Gerald Joe Moreno – disinformation in the Rahm court case

Posted by robertpriddy on April 28, 2011

An Orange County, California, lawsuit concerning alleged sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba had to be self-dismissed for technical reasons by Alaya Rahm. It transpired that there was no accountable registered organization in the USA to indict and an indictment of Sathya Sai Baba was disallowed by the judge because he is in India. When the matter was cleared, Dr. Michael Goldstein – International Chairman of the Sathya Sai organization – issued a secret circular directing all national Sathya Sai Organizations to ensure they were registered and legally accountable (though this has not yet been adequately done). See here

Stymied Alaya Rahm USA court case

The Sathya Sai Society of the USA – a charitable fund – had as its front a bookshop hosting a charitable trust, which did not represent the organization or its officials. Alaya Rahm’s attempt to get a legal decision had to be self-dismissed without any hope of it coming to judgement. (See

Sathya Sai Baba’s key internet defender
of Sai Baba and his organization etc., Gerald Joe Moreno tendentiously distorts the facts of the lawsuit in every possible way- as he does in his attacks on every one of the scores of young men who have alleged sexual abuse by Sai Baba. Evidently in deep denial himself after a long period of confusion after being ‘oiled on the lower stomach’ in private himself and his former  belief that Sai Baba was a sexual abuser, Moreno tried his utmost in every possible forum (such as Wikipedia) to cast doubt on the result of the Rahm court case. His main attack was to publicise the testimony of Lewis Kreydick, a US devotee who claimed to have been a close confidante of Alaya Rahm during the period he was allegedly sexually abused by Sai Baba. The untruthful deposition by the devotee of Sai Baba, Lewis Kreydick had no effect whatsoever on the decision of Alaya Rahm to withdraw his case, and it was never actually heard in court – it was merely a delivered deposition (also unavailable from the Clerk of Court to other than the parties involved!).  The withdrawal of Alaya Rahm’s case was purely because his attorney could not find any person or accountable body to answer to the Alaya Rahm’s suit. He fully maintains these claims. There is nothing proved against them. So Alaya Rahm’s case was never actually put to the legal test. For reasons former devotee lawyers in the USA and elsewhere are having trouble in understanding, Rahm’s attorney embarked on the case only to discover that there was no legally incorporated entity to sue. Rahm could not sue Sathya Sai Baba in India mainly because Sai Baba has long been protected from all court petitions by the High Chief Justice P.N. Bhagwati – his foot-kissing devotee of decades – and then PM Narasimha Rao and his Home Minister S.B. Chavan.

Kreydick’s main point was that Alaya never mentioned the abuses to him. Yet, in the television documentaries, Alaya stated that he believed, at the time of the abuses, that if he spoke about them his family would reject him.  Lewis Kreydick’s deposition is that of a blindly subjective devotee who attempted to slur Alaya Rahm. Kreydick claimed that he was a close friend and advisor to Alaya and made constant speculations about Alaya’s state of mind (repeatedly objected to by Rahm’s attorney), claiming he could not have been abused and unhappy because he was all smiles. The attempt was to sully Alaya’s character (and, disgracefully, that of his mother, too!).  This was heartless. Kreydick’s testimony totally disregarded the situation that Alaya was going through a tremendous inner upheaval while having to put up a brave face. Experts in sexual abuse attest that abusees, in the face of a situation too painful to admit fully into consciousness, can hide the turmoil about a situation beneath smiles. Here was an individual, knowing the terrible consequences in a US court should anyone perjure themselves, striving to tell his story of a very confusing and traumatic sexual abuse by his former guru, whom he had been raised to regard as God.

According to relatives who have contacted the exposé, Lewis Kreydick is a shady character who they say was suspected and indicted for murder of his own parents, but was saved by his lawyers, and who fled to the feet of Sathya Sai Baba for forgiveness.  Moreno even claimed, against all evidence, that the decision by Alaya Rahm somehow vindicated Sathya Sai Baba as not having been a sexual abuser! Alaya Rahm has NEVER withdrawn his allegations. Nor have his supporters, who are many among ex-devotees of Sai Baba in the USA and elsewhere, doubted his claims in the least. No judgement naming Sathya Sai Baba was given, in fact no verdict other than case self-dismissed was given. Gerald Joe Moreno has written extremely extensively on the Internet about this case, and none of it stands up to reasonable scrutiny. He continues with his fanatical and obsessive attempts to discredit, smear and assassinate character to all who have voiced criticism of Sathya Sai Baba, on whatever count. His chief method is ad hominem attack, besides systematically doubting the integrity of every critic (there are hundreds!), refusing without any contrary evidence to accept whatever proofs or testimonies they deliver. He calls nearly all of them liars over and again. The people he attacks were mostly known in the Sathya Sai movement as strongly motivated to do social service and held high all human values.

Moreno’s life has for about 5 years revolved around the work of the critics to the exclusion of anything else, as far as one can see. He certainly suffers from physiological denial syndrome to a high degree… even though he admits to the oiling by Sai Baba in private of his lower stomach (whatever that really implies) caused him to be sexually inhibited for years afterwards, though he claimed to have no idea of the reason for Sai Baba to do it. Many others have testified in public – and many more in private – to the reason… which is grooming to see whether sex is a possibility! Moreno’s reply to the many testimonies and all the supporting evidence is to attack and try to humiliate those many boys and young men who have already been put through such humiliating events by the self-proclaimed God Almighty.

Moreno’s attacks on former devotees in regard to the Hislop letters

Gerald Moreno sustains his futile on-line denials of the authenticity of the Hislop letters and their substance This, even though he was totally rebutted in his web campaign to prove that the Hislop letters were fake by Timothy Conway’s affidavit confirming their existence in scans and the accuracy of transcripts of them. He has attacked Mrs. Payne (Diana Scott) for not replying to his e-mail to her! What brazen insolence… for she no doubt knew from reading his publication of many e-mails he sent and received to testifiers to Sai Baba sex abuse how he uses their replies to twist the facts, to vilify them and call them liars and yet worse. He cast his perennial suspicions on whether Terry Lee Scott was actually sexually abused, as he has done in heartless and insulting attacks on every single person who has testified to sexual abuse– including at least 30 instances by self-identified persons. Moreno points out that the Sai College authorities dismissed Terry Scott “in disgrace” as if this were for some other fact than his having accused Sai Baba of sexual impropriety towards himself and his friends. The supposed ‘disgrace’ was the reaction of Sai Baba’s corrupt henchmen because he even dared to speak up… for it is strictly verboten to make the slightest criticism of the one they all worship as the one God Incarnate on earth.

Full information on Gerald Joe Moreno is found here

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BBC: “The Secret Swami” – some brief transcripts with video clips

Posted by robertpriddy on September 9, 2009













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de Kraker’s searing testimonial about Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on August 30, 2009

From : Australia Source: Hans de Kraker Subject : PERSONAL EXPERIENCES

Date: Friday, 19 May 2000
From: Hans de Kraker
Re: Sai Baba

Dear David, Faye and Glenn,

Long time no hear! Finally I have taken the time to put some of my experiences with The Great Deceiver on paper. I really appreciate what you are doing. I think it is absolutely vital what you are doing because a lot of harm is being done and this needs to stop. Not doing what you are doing defeats the purpose of all those years of travel to India. We all went there to find the truth after all.

As I had told you I travelled to India extensively for a period of 4 years. During this period (1992 – 94) I had many (35) private audiences with Sai Baba.

I got to know him in 1988 through a friend, in Italy who had passed on a book. After about four years I made my first trip to India with my girlfriend, mother and father. The years that followed were making for some very intense years in my life. Sai Baba fairly much from the first private audience had suggested to me and my girlfriend that we were to split up from each other for our own good. He did this in a very public and embarrassing way, purposely humiliating my girlfriend and myself. We had built a lot of “faith and mystery” around him and had by now accepted him has a God incarnate on earth, the epitome of spirituality, the epitome of human divine spiritual expression.

There were many books written by people from all parts of the world that spoke about miracle after miracle. People had cured from fatal diseases by virtue of touching jewellery “materialised by Swami”. He “appeared” in front of people in all different parts of the world. Millions of people travelled to India to see “God on Earth”. Millions of People came and cried upon his sight, some were cured of their illnesses, some freed of their anxieties of life and some died in peace. Some left laden with trinkets or real golden rings, watches, pendants, all materialised by “Swami”.

Sai Baba has been enjoying a lot of popularity in the West. He has a great ability to play with and communicate to large crowds of people. It is this particular power that allows him to manipulate people.

It takes a Great Man not to abuse this power…

During these four years of travels to India, Sai Baba would perform a certain ritual each time he would call me in for a private audience or interview. He would ask me to take down my pants. He would than “oint” my umbilical area; testicles and penis with oil which he “materialised”. After this ritual he would ask me to pull up my pants and tidy them up. I had heard of this ritual and it seemed to be “common knowledge” that this was done to balance the sexual energy or Kundalini. I had never thought anything of it. When I was in Elementary School in Holland, the school doctor used to check and touch your testicles to see if you were growing properly. I likened this ritual to a visit to the doctor. It was just for a different purpose. Very unassumingly I continued to receive this treatment, convinced it was going to do me some good!

Each and every trip he would “materialise” trinkets, jewellery, “vibhuti” and oil. I noticed that he was particularly generous with the people that donated a lot of money or equipment for the various kitchens in the Ashram. I did also notice that he would call in a lot of young guys out of the crowd and never girls.

In one particular interview, I saw him take a ring from under the handkerchief that was on the armrest of his chair. I thought not much of it. I never really attached much value to the materialisations and knew that the receiver was going to be an ecstatically happy person… Shortly after, one of my friends in the group said to me: ” Gosh, what a test! Swami wanted to show me that he did not materialise the ring, but that he took it from under his handkerchief! Isn’t he funny! He is really testing us!” I did not give it any focus; I never had focused much on these materialisations and the thought of accepting that he was not actually materialising these objects was probably very unattractive tough for my mind. I had also received a ring, two bracelets and a necklace so I guess I had satisfied that desire!

Through the years I got more and more attention on a personal level from Sai Baba. This went accompanied with receiving VIP seating for doing work in the kitchen. As the crowds grew over the years it became increasingly difficult to see “Swami” up close. There was a preferred seating area for people who worked in the kitchen since they were not able to “do the lines”. They often worked until 30 minutes before Darshan. Arriving that late they would always find themselves sitting in the back of the large crowd, so by getting this “reserved seat” they were able to every now and then have a close encounter with “the Master”. These groups were organised in lines of two or three and rotate so that everybody got a fair chance.

Although initially I was very much against this way of operating, I succumbed to my desire to get a close encounter with the “Master” and accepted a preferred seat the third time it was offered to me. After two years I had become a “steady member” of a group that would travel to India three times a year, to do volunteer work in the Ashram. The group would cook food for up to 6000 people around the festivals and various multi-religious celebrations (Christmas, Shivaraatri etc) The group would bring thousands of kilo’s of food at its own expense as well as a lot of industrial kitchen machinery etc. There were many other groups that brought help in some form or shape and it was beautiful to be part of this enormous “collective effort”.

Our group had a place of its own. We did not have to wait in line and had always-front row seating. On some occasions (on Festivals and Celebrations) we were even allowed to sit on the veranda. We would always get to see “Swami” from up-close and feel very fortunate.

The ego was certainly satisfied with this powerful position! So many people wanted to be close to him. Millions of people travelled to get a glimpse of him and here we were right up front! It is incredible how the mind comes up with justifications when it suits our personal purpose.

During one of the last visits, there was a young guy who had travelled with us from Italy. He had not been to India before. He accompanied his girlfriend and her father, who was part of the group. Shortly after we arrived in the Ashram we got our usual immediate welcome interview in which Sai Baba was briefed on what we had brought from home as well as our personal, business and daily life problems.

Sai Baba called in this particular young man again, a few days later by him self. He was given a watch! “Swami” had materialised a watch for him! He came to me fairly shortly after and was quite shocked (like most people were, all for their own different reasons). He asked me to explain him something; “Swami hugged me, and then kissed me, on the lips and tried engage me by probing my mouth with his tongue”. When I heard I was very shocked. This young boy (18/19) was quite confused and asked me what I thought of it. He had thought of Kundalini and that it was to “balance his energy”. I did not know. I told him that that could be the case but that I did not know.

We both talked about it for some more time. I told him about the ritual that I had been going through over the past years and this was maybe something in that line…

On one of our trips to India I remember bringing so much, we thousands of kilos of overweight. Among the things the group brought were watches. These hundreds of watches were destined to go to the students. Not long after arriving we brought some of the things we had brought to the front door of the Poornachandra, in front of Sai Baba’s house. I very kind gentleman would be from who the offerings came and that Sai Baba was expecting them (especially after the attempt on his life there was a very strict security control).

Only a few weeks later, I encounter a student, who proudly tells me that his watch was materialised by Sai Baba! He was as happy as I was astounded. And again I decided to stuff the thoughts I had away, saying to myself that it was great that this boy was so happy and that the philosophy was what was important and not where this watch came from. I decided that that which was instilled in this boy through this gift was going to help him in life to be the person that he aspired to be. In that same period a friend approached an another person of our group from Europe who had received that same watch. He had asked my friend why he got that watch…

During another trip a friend came along who was ill with cancer. She wanted to give an ambulance to the hospital. She was included in the group by the leader of our group. It was suggested that buying an ambulance was to complicated. So she donated a large sum of money. The next day she got an interview on which she received a “materialised ring”.

In my last trip to India (November of 96), I arrived early from Australia and my friends from Europe had not arrived yet. The usual kitchen managers were no longer running the kitchen. Upon arrival, Sai Baba asked me to reopen the Western Canteen and start making food for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. I collected a group of people, (was ordered/recommended by ashram management not to allow any Sri Lankans in the kitchen! All people I appointed were screened by the management) and started working. Several days later, my friends from Europe joined me.

We had several interviews together. It was around the 10th of December that they left, except for one of my close friends. We spent some beautiful moments together. It was almost as if we were like the apostles around Jesus. We were moved even further ahead now and we were seated in the ashram management area, very close to the front. Sai Baba came to us every and each Darshan and would have a chat with us. These were very special moments. We felt very privileged.

The day of my friend’s departure, we were called in for an interview together. Sai Baba materialised another bracelet for my friend and for me. In this same trip he had “materialised”. (One of my friends was “tested’ and saw him bring the object from the neighbouring room) a jar of amrith, “divine nectar” with a spoon which he used to give us all a spoon after which he said; “From now on no more bad karma and no more bad luck in your life” “You are very special people, this is a privilege! There are so many people out there and you are the lucky ones!” When I asked him why he said that all our hearts were pure and that there was not self interest involved in the work we did (we had many power struggle and quarrels over positions in the group, just like any other group of humans may have).

My friend had now left. I was by myself and was called in a few days after he had left. I went into the interview room and was given a private audience in a separate room. When in this separate room, he asked me how things were in Australia. He told me that he would give me every thing, money, a house, a wife EVERYTHING!

He then signed me to come closer and hug him.

He had earlier that trip asked me to kiss him on the cheek, while I was helping him getting something from a room adjacent to the interview room. This was a little room where he kept his gowns. It was his custom to give a gown to people for healing purposes (it was common believe that “hugging” a gown could cure a disease), or when they had opened one of his centres. He asked me to help him get something from that room. While leaning over to get something from a lower shelf in the closet, when rising he pointed at his cheek, indicating that he wanted me to kiss him. I did so, very surprised and kind of suspicious. I come from a country though where man and women irrespective of sex, kiss each other on the cheek three times. So after my first suspicion, relativised everything back to normal (I am still amazed today, how far ones mind can go!)

So back to that moment where he asked me to come closer. He then hugs me ( I am on my knees and he is seated on his chair-there are no people present). He now turns his face and puts his lips on mine; my head his spinning and my mind is running at 500 kilometres per hour. I don’t know what to do! My mouth tightens up, and I feel extremely uncomfortable and confused with this “perceived incarnation of GOD on earth trying to kiss me on and in my mouth!! Sai Baba slaps me on my cheek and says “Loosen up!!! With other people not OK with Sai Baba OK ” I am even more uncomfortable now and feel disgusted at the same time.

Sai Baba realised his and my predicament and decides not to continue. He now tells me again that he will give me everything and stands up and tells me to do padnamnamaskaar. As I go on my knees, and touch his feet with my forehead, he pulls up my arms and indicates he wants his calf muscles massaged. Although very uncomfortable with everything that had happened I still continued to listen to him. Many people knew how he liked having his calve muscles massaged and I had seen respectable men and women of all walks of life do the same thing….he now takes my head and pushes it quite firmly into his groin…he then pulls up my arms and asks me to go higher and higher and higher…NOW I AM HOLDING HIS BUTTOCKS AND WONDER WHAT THE HELL MY DIVINE MASTER IS ASKING ME TO DO!!! Fuse!!! Crash! I let go my arms and now I am even more shell shocked…he pulls up his dress, presents me his half-erect penis and invites me to take up my “Good Luck Chance”:

“This is your Good Luck Chance”

I am now on my knees facing his erect penis, being asked to perform oral sex. He stands there, and I think:


I then instinctively stretch out my right arm and put on the part of his chest which hides his heart and say:
“I don’t want this Swami, I want your heart”

He now drops his dress and tells me: “Yes yes yes of course you have my heart”

He now asks me to take my pants down, “discovers” my penis is not erect and tells me that that is how it is supposed to be! “Swami is inside there see, Swami is inside there.”

Hell NO! That is Mine and Mine! And you are certainly not in there! I thought. He asks me to do Padnamnamaskaar again and again he pulls up his dress “This is your second Good Luck Chance” he said.

I refuse and get up without saying anything. I am now angry, confused and dazed. I feel burning! God just took a backdoor! A very clever manipulator and professional deceiver had just trashed the fundamentals of the past eight years of my life. I had abstained from any sexual activity because he had suggested it was good for my spiritual Evolution. He had harassed and embarrassed my girlfriend and myself because of our difference in age, while he was hitting on someone 42 years his junior…He had told us to break up our relationship and for what reason?! So he could have a go?!?!

In reality I pulled the carpet myself from under a mental castle which I had built myself. I am responsible for that, he is for abusing the good faith of people, their trust, to the point of putting their life on the line and actually loosing it

He asked me to keep this quiet, to not say anything to anyone I walked out of the interview room and run to my room. I lock myself in. I black out until 6am the next morning (from 5 PM the day before)
The next morning people that apparently came to my room and knocked approached me on the door.

Someone had called Europe even and told the leader of the group. I got a call from her the morning after. She expressed concern and told me people had seen me walking out of the interview room all pale…then they tried the apartment but I had locked myself in. She asked me what had happened. “Did he try to have sex with you” I told her that it was something between him and me. I did not want to talk about it.

The first few days after I sit in darshan at a distance, not wanting to be close. I look at the masses and masses of people and wonder how he manages to handle all these people.”Who are you!” I ask myself…a few weeks pass…. I get another interview with a group of Germans / Russians. My attention is elsewhere and Sai Baba monitors every move of my eyes. I see his ring trick and how he tosses the old ring between the pillow and the armrest of his seat. I look at this Older Russian lady who is crying while she sits in front of him. He is playing the crowd, and all of a sudden the GODhead has become a bad trickster. In the mean time the group has arrived from Europe and we are all working hard in the kitchen. I had thrown myself in the work to forget something, which I was trying to refuse to accept: reality.

There was a big power shake up in the kitchen and I had no interest to participate in the whole situation any longer. I had a chat with the leader of the group because I had not been going to darshan anymore. My last day in the ashram I talked to the leader of the group. Again she insists that I tell her what happened.” So did he try to have sex with you?” was the question. Tired of it all I told her what had happened. This was the evening of the fourth or fifth of January. Immediately after she (editor: undoubtedly Veronica – see here) has an interview with Sai Baba, by herself this time, without the rest of the group. After she comes out of the interview room, several hours later, I am summoned to an elderly gentleman from Security, whom I knew well, with whom I had build a friendship. Several years before, when I accompanied a couple from Europe, who did not speak any English, he had spent time with this couple, their three-year-old son, who had cancer and me. This gentleman looked very awkward and asked me if he could take my photo. I said of course not knowing what was happening, understanding something had gone wrong. He was accompanied by 2 seva dal’s. One them took a picture from the front and then asked me to turn to the side. When I asked my friend what was happening he nodded uncomfortable and said I don’t know.

They then escorted me to the secretary of the Ashram who told me I was ordered to leave as soon as possible. I had behaved improperly and had to leave. When I asked what the reason was he commanded that I was not allowed to ask anything, and that I was only allowed to leave. “You are to leave the Ashram. You are strongly advised not to hang around the village, to go as soon as possible to Bangalore and catch the first flight out…

I left.  All my friends of the group were absolutely amazed and destroyed when they heard that I had been expelled. Except for one person…the same person who spoke to Sai Baba a few hours before.
So they got rid of a possible “loose cannon”

But what about the miracles?
But what about the prophecies that describe a man like him?
But what about the dreams I had with him? (It is common believe that when one dreams of Sai Baba, it is actually him willing it. You cannot dream of him if he does not will it. When you dream of him, it is actually him coming to you, and hence , a special grace.)

But what about the “materialisations”?
Self Interest has no boundaries. The mind finds all reasons to justify means to reach, or maintain a purpose.

But what about the three year old boy?
Now what of that three-year-old boy that Sai Baba said he would cure? What about the fact that he had said to the parents (I was their personal translator) that they should not bring their child to the hospital anymore? They should not worry anymore about the therapy, “I will take care of him and cure him”.

But what about the fact that the three year old boy died 6 months later from the disease?
What about the fact that he had promised two friends (father and son) in our group a lingam to cure the disease of the mother. And he promised a second time in a second trip they made. Now the son was sick and had constant fever. How about the fact that Sai Baba still had not given them this lingam, the mother was still sick and now he promised that he would cure the son and not to take the medicine? How about the fact that they went back again some 6 months later and said to Sai Baba that he could not work without taking the pills because he could not work with 39 degrees fever. And what about the fact that Sai Baba insisted that “it is only Body Heat, don’t worry, I will take care of you”. “Don’t take the medicine”, he repeated.

But what about the fact that he died several months later?
What about the fact that when you give money you get a nice seat on the veranda, or that you can buy Sai Baba’s attention by making big donations (you have to make sure though you pass all your personal details through to the right people)

But what about the fact that you are likely to get attention if you are male and good looking?
But What about the fact that he talks about abstaining from sex but has a go whenever he can?
And what about the fact that he breaks up a relationship to then hit on the male?

And what about the fact that he tells the a big group of people that the perfect age difference between two people is 3 to 4 years: quote;”Unlike the guy in kitchen with the long hair who is going out with a seventy year old women and all he does it for is the money.” But then for him, 72 years of age it is OK to ask sexual favours from a guy who is 44 years younger?

And what about this COMPULSIVE DECEPTION?

It took me 3 years. And I don’t expect any genuine devotee of Sai Baba to accept the above facts just like that. As a matter of fact many will come up with a good reason why “He is an avatar anyway. His ways are not to be scrutinised, who am I to understand.”

Been there. Nothing new. But the facts, the truth, that for which we all travelled to India is now calling for us. The truth is crying for help.

With the other crushing and devastating findings (paedophilia etc) in this report from other unassuming devotees, I believe one owes it to ones own spirit, to accept and grow and be ready to support all those people that we considered brothers and sisters, because many of them, and especially the older ones, who have been devotees for decades, will need all the support they can get.

Good Luck,  Hans de Kraker

See also Alaya Rahm’s testimonyof sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba (transcript and brief video clips)
See also short video of M. Roche’s testimony of sexual abuse by Sai Baba.
Many others have testified to the same or similar abuses, of which there is a long history (see here)

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
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Sai Baba: Glaring Publicity yet Silence on Critical Issues

Posted by robertpriddy on August 21, 2009

Sathya Sai Baba imposes silence about himself as far as possible

Sathya Sai Baba imposes silence about himself as far as possible

In earlier years, many Sai Baba devotees strictly followed his advice not to engage in publicity for him. He claimed his success was ensured without the need for any publicity whatever, and he banned all such. All that has now changed! Meanwhile, he continued to blare out in discourses (relayed in print, film and other media) pronouncements of his own marvellous deeds as exceeding anything ever done by anyone on earth. Eventually, his leaders took his own lead and began lavish publicity events around the world. When the scandals broke onto the Internet in 2000, he pronounced in 2000 that no followers should use the Internet. Sai Baba’s thus made a divine faux pas, (though he always claims omniscience and omnipotence) because a very large number of insubordinate devotees soon ignored this edict, as well as his early complaints that computers would ruin human intellect etc. ) He has since accepted and financed websites and radio stations on a large scale as a necessary supplement to his propaganda machine.

Sai devotee websites and bulletin boards are even more censorious and unquestioning than the Sai discussion groups, and no genuine thinking or the mildest hint of criticism is ever voiced. This further testifies to the fear of public scrutiny. Only after six years of silence did the official Sai apparatus – falsely imagining that they had won in a US court case – take the chance of dealing with the allegations in an article posted on the official Radio Sai website by the second-in-command of the Prashanthi Council,  Dr. G. Venkataraman, the mendacious propagandist. He has since been answered very thoroughly and fully rebutted with complete documentation. See also the true statement of the facts about the lawsuit of Alaya Rahm by the International Just Group, the Rahm family and their lawyer, which clearly shows that Dr. G. Venkataraman has made a concerted bid – in his posting on the official Prashanthi Nilayam website – to deceive the public as to what occurred. He claims that no students to whom he has talked have any knowledge of sexual abuses by Sai Baba, which is exactly what one would expect considering that fully-signed up blind believer Venkataraman would tell Sai Baba who alleged what… That could have drastic consequences for any student who spoke out, and even a virtual death sentence (murders of students have been widely documented). Students at Sai Baba’s colleges have contacted me and told me just that… and none are unaware of the dangers involved in speaking to Venkataraman or identifying themselves in public in any way (unless they are securely and permanently outside India).

Any candid study of Sathya Sai Baba and his environment would need to look at the serious alleged crimes and not least at the almost endless string of wholly absurd and false claims made by this Baba about himself.


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Sathya Sai Baba loved by all (video links)

Posted by robertpriddy on June 9, 2009

“Swami made it clear that He has no enemies. Every one loves Him. Many people may have some misunderstandings about Me but it is only their IMAGINATION.. I have no enemies.. I love all. I am always smiling. Many people think how can I keep smiling? I don’t like castoroil faces.. When you all are happy, I will be happy.” (Students’ report on Sai Baba’s words at his Convocation address 22-10-2008)

Sathya Sai Baba has on occasion proclaimed how how everyone loves him and all the good he does, claiming this is because he is wholly good and pure. “Stones are thrown only on fruit-bearing trees. Similarly, good people receive brickbats.” (p. 267) Did Baba ‘forget’ that the ‘bad men’ of whom he himself sometimes speaks (mainly in interviews) also sometimes receive brickbats… for which thank goodness!

“There are some jealous and petty minds who do false and imaginary propaganda. I take no note of this” – but he noted it just there! He sees the need to combat it and so must have been moved to do so! “In the single family of humankind, where is the room for jealousy or hatred? These are all imaginary.” I suppose Baba means among Arabs, terrorists, the most jingoistic Americans perhaps? He is still offering the pseudo-philosophy of ‘whatever you imagine, is true for you’. This may be an effective way of influencing those who can’t face the staring facts… and so choose to follow that old, old trick of mental enslavement, ‘The guru is never wrong, doubt only yourself!’.

In his testimony on film, the former US devotee, Alaya Rahm, told of one of his many private interviews with Sathya Sai Baba: “One time he had his robe almost completely off and he tried to have anal sex with me, because he came from behind me and started climbing up on top of me, you know, and being that I’m so much taller than him, in order to keep prevent it from happening, I just stood straight up and didn’t allow him to do anything, you know, and I kind of kept pushing him away and keep him there until ??… I know, I want to talk to you, I want to be with you and I love you. He said, “You don’t love me? You don’t love me?” And I would say, “No, I love you, but I just don’t want to have sexual relations with you.” Alaya also told how Sathya Sai Baba says to numerous of his victims “Do not tell anyone about this.” This is common among pedophiles, to swear their victims to secrecy and to use threats too.  [See video clip of this tetimony by Alaya on Danish TV film  broadband quality or  modem quality])

Sai Baba’s usual pretense that the “whole world” knows about him, repeated yet again in the August discourse, is a directly laughable claim which would suggest how little he knows of the real world! Does he actually think the 1.4 million Chinese have even heard of him, or most of the world’s 2 billion Christians, 1 billion Muslims, not to detail countless others who care nought for an Indian swami? If so, he is completely out of touch in an “eternal world” of his own imagining.”Strange rumours are spread at times. Someone says that Sai Baba is angry with X or Y. But I bear no ill will against anyone, and nobody is against me. Everyone loves and none hates me.” (p. 262) What does he say, nobody? But why then did he also say, “Disregard every manner of adverse comments” (adverse to what, to whom. Can you guess?) However, having himself abused many of his ex-followers as ‘Judases’ – and threatened them with lifetimes of shame – in his Christmas 2000 discourse Sai Baba goes on to say, “… we should disregard abuse and hold to our righteous ideals firmly.” “Love even those who abuse you. I am a standing example of this.” (p. 267) (What variety of abuses might he have in mind?) The gramophone record is stuck in the same old groove: “Rough diamond acquires value as it is cut and polished. In the same way, abuses turn into ornaments.” So if or when abuse might occur, this rule works both ways, may we suppose?

Read about Alaya Rahm’s case against Sai Baba’s representatives in USA

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