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Sathya Sai Baba’s charismatic look

Posted by robertpriddy on August 9, 2014

Many who met Sathya Sai Baba were vastly impressed by his look or stare. One example among many similar found throughout the hagiography:   “I vividly recall looking at his form with utter peace and no thoughts.  He stopped and turned and gave me this amazing smile, piercing me with his eyes and I felt this incredible warmth enter me. “What did he do that for,”  I thought,  on that day three years ago. Today, the penny dropped. Thought has to stop.” by Chris Parnell – Australian Sathya Sai Organization.

A much publicised saying of Sai Baba was ‘If you look to Me, I look to you’, and very keen aspirants took this quite literally. Many have written in gushing terms about his look: “radiant, full, and bewitchingly beautiful, the eyes aglow with a merry twinkle, speaks of the Vishnutatva of the Avatar ” On one occasion Sai Baba stared long at me, but I wanted to see if anything could be experienced so I held his stare until it seemed he was trying to stare me down. I looked away, not wishing to offend him. Yet I felt or saw nothing unusual. Since I became a mature person I was naturally self-confident and not easily impressed by such things, so I laid no weight on the matter but only much later realised that he had probably been trying to defeat or  cow me. He had stared into the eyes of many visitors I met there, most of whom claimed some strong positive feelings. Not surprising, since most visitors have planned long, and longed to see this person and experience his wonders. Many are kept waiting for anything from weeks to years to meet his glance. , so being ‘recognised’ as it were was often a great relief and so brought forth very strong emotions.

This stare is one among a number of techniques for manipulating and confounding one’s following are unusual behaviour and actions. A well-known variant was the charismatic or mystical stare – almost comical, but no less effective when backed by power.

It is a relevant comparison that archive footage shows Hitler consciously trying to use his stare to appear charismatic. He would keep eye contact longer than was usual. One Nazi reported being looked at by Hitler: “That was one of the most curious moments of my life. The gaze, which at first rested completely on one suddenly went straight through me into an unknown distance. It was so strange.” Hitler also stated that he was guided by a mystical force (in his case  ‘providence’) and that he believed in himself on a messianic pattern became a major part of his appeal.

Charisma and sexual excesses

The possession of power, money and unquestioning followers, devotees and worshippers represents a sexual temptation that it is proven that many charismatic figures fall victim to. Of those so far mentioned here, it is known that Adolph Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, John Kennedy, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Colonel Gadaffi, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Colonel Gadaffi, and Sathya Sai Baba were major fornicators, while the apparently lesser philanderer Bill Clinton was caught out in this while in the office of President.

Sai Baba’s charisma and resultant social-political power were such that he was protected by a long series of Indian Prime Ministers, Presidents, and Supreme Court judges who had recognised him to be the most important spiritual figure in India and mostly endorsed and also often worshipped him in public well before his sins became widely known. They continued to uphold the chimera that Sai Baba was a holy man, not a sex abuser or a murder accomplice, since they had invested their prestige in him and had the collective power to cover-up for him on a large scale… and for India’s reputation too. His reputation as a major sexual abuser of boys and young men did not reach the media (apart from one book by Tal Brooke) until the Internet made it possible for those who left his following and were then excluded from all meetings and channels communications they had previously enjoyed to contact others by posting testimonies. This began in 1999 with a shocking paper by a couple who were among his very closest Western devotees, David and Faye Bailey, who had been asked by Sai Baba students David taught music to if he could help stop Sai Baba abusing them. He was then travelling the globe to promote Sai Baba and his teachings, but came across more and more parents who approached him about their sons’ reports. His resultant publication ‘The Findings’  elicited testimonies from young men around the world who each credibly described the manner of his seduction of them and all surrounding circumstances. A number of resulting ex-followers became activists investigating further and variously exposing Sathya Sai Baba through the Internet and various media, including major newspapers, videos and films (one landmark BBC film ‘The Secret Swami‘).

More data links Maharishi Mahesh Yogi remembered + interview with Linda Pearce  and  TMMovement

This blog is a continuation of two others:  The charismatic appeal of Sai Baba  — and Charisma of ‘Divine Incarnation’, Sathya Sai Baba

Sathya Sai Baba’s Public Use of English and its Perception by Devotees. Insights into his Charismatic Influence

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Sathya Sai Baba cult worship disempowerment

Posted by robertpriddy on January 27, 2014

Summaries of the six full articles explaining this self-negation in depth

Part One -The Nectar that turns into Opium The enthusiasm of newly converted ‘devotees’ to gurus means that one invests one’s own energies and identity in some other person, and develops a dependency on an external mind other than one’s own. This often continues for some time, but eventually the nectar becomes opium and brings the same kind of problems as the drug does – loss of autonomy, confusion, weakness of purpose etc. By that time too many persons are too involved and have sacrificed so much of their own mind and autonomy that they can only break the dependency with the greatest difficulty. By that time many are far even from willing even to try.

Part Two– Escapism in a spiritual guise Gurus usually make a fuss of new followers (especially at first) and intimate that he is taking them under personal care and protection so they may attain the ‘spiritual heights’ and even get release from all suffering and even the ‘wheel of reincarnation’. Escapism into ‘spirituality’ is largely the acceptance of indoctrination or a mental straightjacket on natural and normal behaviour, which leads to loss of autonomy, cognitive disorientation from which the guru will do nothing to save or release the individual, as he has inducted a follower who cannot refues his original offer of eventual salvation from all problems.

Part Three – Projecting one’s inherent powers (onto the guru) How psychological projection is the key to understanding how people perceive their guru or ‘spiritual master’. The way perceptions are built and controlled are many, not least through personal contact, stories, books, films and so forth before meeting the guru. On the first meeting, the aspirant already has many ideas about the guru and how he should be approached, worshipped, prayed to etc. This has always been the way to get involved with Sai Baba. visits the ashrams hoping for some form of personal attention, eye contact, some words and above all, a group interview and a private talk but often one is kept waiting for days, weeks, months even years with just a few enigmatic glances, nods or other slight indications. (exemplified by Chris Parnell of the Australian Sathya Sai Organization)

Part Four – Misunderstood Self-denial Through supposed ‘self-transformation’ one adopts a doctrine and becomes seriously engaged in trying to put into practice the precepts required by it. With few exceptions, so-called spiriual gurus require celibacy and teach puritanical and traditional customs about relationships, especially between women and men. A person who joins a community where this is required soon distances him or herself from former friends and connections, even close family in numerous cases. One learns what one may say openly within the community, and what is taboo, but also what one can say to non-participants, how one should present the guru, the community and the teaching. This is a kind of double-accounting system whereby unfortunate aspects and especially doubts about the guru or his teaching are suppressed or misrepresented to others. The result is a kind of social apartheid – us and them (i.e. the rest of society). 

Denial of so-called ‘ego’, individuality, surrender of selfhood are incompatible with natural and self-aware self-confidence, as those who really try to put extreme ‘spiritual work’ into practice discover. Not like most others who preach about it but fail to act themselves. One example is the Sai sermoniser, Professor Anil Kumar, who is married but known for having mistresses… and whose egotistical and constant falsely-humble bombast is so extreme as to demonstrate how to compensate for lack of sound self-confidence.

Part Five Sai ‘Group think’ & Dominance through Psychic Manipulation The guru usually makes good use of the persuasive power of ‘group effect’ or ‘groupthink’.  Sai Baba VIPs often let it be known (mostly in an offhand way) about any blessings that conferred on them by Sai baba… it gave increased group status and authority. Having selected the most blind followers (preferable rich, influential) as his top minions, they and Sai Baba’s huge group of subservient followers did his work for him. As new, isolated, individual arrived and were initiated into the standard explanations which deter doubts or criticism and inures the mind into disregard of the many untoward events and surprises that arise to test one’s faith. Thus the adherent gradually got cognitively and psychologically confused in their judgement and could come to live in a kind of parallel reality, a space where the teaching never to criticise anyone but oneself or even think anything negative about anyone has to be given lip service, at least. This is an ideal environment for the charlatan, the corrupt and the criminal.

Part Six – Fundamentalist tenets & their psychological effects   Fundamentalist ideas which, by their very nature, invariably go against the grain of common sense and healthy moderation, have consequent psychological effects in disempowerment and self-denial. Self-conflicting doctrine and teachings which are so impracticable and strict lead to self-denigration and yet worse, let alone to discoveries that all is not as it should be in the community and in the guru’s personal life and actions. When the teaching is inconsistent, vague, fuzzy, too general and open to differing interpretations – as is often the case – it can be too much for the average person to master mentally, to analyse (and study critically!). The teaching is usually backed up by reference to innumerable spiritual stories, doctrines and dogmas as well as to sophisticated speculative explanations of moot points, so that it become as if an endless labyrinth where one loses the Ariadne thread all too easily and ends up giving up in confusion. Unfortunately, the option often taken then is usually resignation and acceptance of the doctrine “the human mind is not capable of the superhuman level of the guru’s immense knowledge’.

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Projecting one’s whole autonomy onto Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on April 9, 2010

All Sathya Sai Baba followers who visit his ashrams have always had to queue, sit and wait almost endlessly before he appears – let alone before they get the chance of an interview, which almost no one does any longer due to his invalidism. Many pray and wait for years on end for the ‘Lord and Master’, and ‘spiritual seekers’ who travel across continents are all constantly hope for some form of personal attention, eye contact, some words… then more and more of the same. All this is shared by all followers, excluding very important persons, such as heads of state, royalty or the super rich and famous, who mostly get comparative red carpet treatment.

Sathya Sai Baba used to walk about very slowly, making gestures (which many people took as personal messages to them!) and when he looked even in a person’s general direction, they took this as a blessing! Not a few report how waves of happiness, bliss, even ecstasy floods through them, tears come to their eyes. If he smiles at them or takes a letter from them, it seems to them that they at last have confirmation of being personally acceptable to God himself. In most cases, these emotions are the culmination of a very long period of approaching through meditation on him, prayers to him, letters sent (often with the writer’s most private thoughts ‘in advance’) after much reading of books which all praise him beyond the clouds, videos which seem to prove he is a divinity, hearing miracle and amazing healing stories galore, and making diverse efforts to live according to his directions, do everything in his name.

Many followers sacrifice much time and money, put up with all manner of difficulties and disappointments on the way, meanwhile meeting many other persons telling of wonderful (subjective) experiences seen through their own faith. But by then they have already become highly open to suggestion (becoming what are called ‘good hypnotic subjects’). Despite this, or precisely because of it, various persons have been surprised, as was I, upon first observing him show himself (i.e. “give his holy darshan“) because. he seemed just too ordinary. But then, one already ‘knows’ that it could just not be true…has he not told them not to be deceived by his short stature, for in reality he holds the entire universe in his hands?

Longing and Yearning are ‘projective’: The intensity developed by followers’ desires and beliefs amount to psychological projections. Projection is a very complex process with many aspects and can vary in strength, scope and content. Nonetheless it is a common occurrence among followers of all idols, especially those who have created an aura of holiness or wisdom around themselves, by whatever means.  Even one small apparent paranormal event – taken as the longed-for Sai leela or small miracle – is enough to set one  self-reinforcing ones indoctrination to last for life! This may take the form of statement like the following which was sent to me by a colleague at some stage as an illustration of how mental projection words in those who have invested much time and energy without noticeable attention from Sathya Sai Baba:


“I vividly recall looking at his form with utter peace and no thoughts. He stopped and turned and gave me this amazing smile, piercing me with his eyes and I felt this incredible warmth enter me. “What did he do that for,” I thought, on that day three years ago. Today, the penny dropped. Thought has to stop.” by Sai Baba devotee Christopher (Chris) Parnell – Australian Sathya Sai Organization

The dropping penny – after first awakening new thoughts – evidently causes thought to deteriorate – and that is precisely the programme Sai Baba sets out – overcome one’s thoughts through mantras, prayer, bhajan singing and meditation. Kill the mind – supposedly letting mindless ‘universal consciousness’ take over!  I have observed through many years observing others how their minds tend to drift without incisiveness or efforts at improvement, getting ever more uncritical and unreliable. Impressionable persons who have been actively indoctrinating (or ‘brain-washing’) themselves for a long time within the cocoon of beliefs and mostly within the circle of other believers… especially in the otherworldly and unrealistic ashram mental environment where all one’s wildest hopes may (but most likely will not) come true.

Powerful projection reinforcements: Projecting all kinds of desires and ones best imaginings onto Sathya Sai Baba and his circle, one produces a self-conversion by oneself. These circumstances are known to be conducive to sudden healing and many other extra-normal effects, but these always prove to be partial and temporary… the enthusiasm wears off after the famous ‘honeymoon’ period is past. Such phenomena are well known, far from being limited to Sai Baba or other Indian gurus – consider Billy Graham, Lourdes. Pastor Moon and literally thousands of other personality cults. One develops a partly delusional world-view and can then become easily manipulated by powerful forms of suggestion of the kind otherwise called ‘hypnotic’. These can cause considerable distortions of sensory perception, even though one does not enter an actual sleep-like trance (viz. Derren Brown). The intensity of the ‘projection’ makes likely not only changes in outlook, but a new sense of purpose and energy. All one needed was a catalyst (a relevant  object or person to project onto in the specific case), and that is how idol-worship and personality cults work.

More on mental-emotional projection and Sai Baba’s methods of using it to come.

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