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Sai Baba cover-ups: new YouTube revelations

Posted by robertpriddy on May 6, 2017

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Professor G. Venkataraman a common plagiarist

Posted by robertpriddy on January 9, 2014

Dr. G. Venkataraman, head of Radio Sai and much else among the Sathya Sai institutions at Prashanthi Nilayam, has assumed the role of a kind of ‘intellectual figurehead’ to remaining devotees (as far as ‘intellectuals’ in that genre actually exist!). On the website he rules over, he wrote at length explaining developments in our scientific knowledge of the cosmos… though nothing scientific appears there that is not taken from the work of others and available in hundreds of books and other media. Venkataraman was a physicist working for the Indian government’s nuclear programme and, as all who support the Hindu-nationalist state with its huge militaristic and nuclear ambitions, received all the gongs and titles that fall to the warmonger supporters from autocratic rule (i.e. democratic elections, but rule by the dominant an elite and  of corrupt nest featherers).

I have met Venkataraman briefly together with V.K. Narasimhan and I know his CV. Indian atomic physicists like him and Kalam built on the real ground-breaking work of the Americans and others, with the initial help of his mentor Dr. Bhagavantam. By the time he worked on Indian nuclear weapons, how to make nuclear bombs was widely known and it was almost only a matter only of money and politics, as well as intelligence from defectors and spies. Rewards from the Indian State, its politicians and elite power brokers followed almost automatically, however unoriginal the ‘feat’ was.  Venkataraman is living proof of the fatuity of Sai Baba’s claim that India needed no protection by bombs, but only through dharma (and himself!). So much for the practice of non-violence and strivtly following Sai baba’s advice not to make nuclear weapons!

Plagiarisation: Dr. Venkataraman only copied his information on astronomy and astrophysics from from other scientific authorities, just as a modern Western high school student would do for a paper using the Internet and librtary sources. To academics with probity, it seems amazing that he did not once attribute anything he reproduced from other sources its originators! He litertally and blatantly plagiarised from others without any mention of these sources, which is actually illegal! The absence of references to published articles on science or academic subjects, is regarded as dilettantism by scientists and scholars. The innocent and uneducated in India and elsewhere may well believe that Venkataraman discovered such things himself, when he is simply promoting himself as if he were an authoritative researcher. This, plus his belief that Sai Baba, who had chosen him as a mouthpiece, was (is) none other than God the Creator of the Universe marks him out as a bogus!



Outright plagiarism by a man given many Indian awards. This shows a lot about the system in India and how dishonest academics benefit from it. Both text and an artists’ image at were ‘lifted’ from by Prof. G. Venkataraman, without acknowledgement.
See Venkataraman’s plariarised material and the source from which it is taken:-

Denis Dutton source text: “The next year, at the height of the First World War, Einstein published his general theory of relativity.””About 1.30 when the partial phase was well advanced, we began to get glimpses of the Sun, at 1.55 we could see the crescent (through the cloud) almost continuously and large patches of clear sky appearing. We had to carry out our programme of photographs in faith. I did not see the eclipse, being too busy changing plates, except for one glance to make sure it had begun…. We took 16 photographs … but the cloud has interfered very much with the star images.” posted June 2005 (a year before Venkataraman’s posting):-“REVOLUTION IN SCIENCE,” the November 7 Times of London trumpeted. “New Theory of the Universe. Newtonian Ideas Overthrown.” The preceding day, Dyson had read aloud the eclipse results at a rare joint session of the Royal Society and the Royal Astronomical Society The Royal Society president and the discoverer of the electron, J. J. Thomson, called Einstein’s theory in a quote that raced around the world, “one of the most momentous, if not the most momentous, pronouncements of human thought.” G. Venkataraman copied text:
“The next year, at the height of the First World War, Einstein published his general theory of relativity.”
“About 1.30 when the partial phase was well advanced, we began to get glimpses of the Sun, at 1.55 we could see the crescent (through
the cloud) almost continuously and large patches of clear sky appearing.
We had to carry out our programme of photographs in faith. I did not see the eclipse, being too busy changing plates, except for one
glance to make sure it had begun. … We took 16 photographs … but the cloud has interfered very much with the star images.”Venkataraman altered the text slightly, as he did with many such: “J. J. Thomson, called Einstein’s theory, in a quote that raced
around the world, “one of the most momentous, if not the most momentous, pronouncements of human thought.”
“REVOLUTION IN SCIENCE,” the November 7 Times of London trumpeted. “New Theory of the Universe. Newtonian Ideas Overthrown.”

He also took the following images, all  without acknowledgement:-

‘The Big Bang’ image from
‘An Expanding Universe’ from
‘The Periodic Table of Elements’ is from (on which he has even imposed the logo of Radio Sai!
‘The Chandra Telescope’ images come
and from
The images of white dwarfs are falsely sub-titled “ sai” but they are taken  from
He uses copyright images from the Anglo-Australian Observatory at

Venkataraman posts his pretentious lectures on the radiosai website he directs, where he is safe from any peer review, let alone criticism from within the Sai Baba movement, since such is absolutely not allowed! At the Sathya Sai educational institutions – where servile respect for elders and their views a rule broken only at great personal expense, no teacher or student would ever are to put a critical question to Sai-luminaries.  Protected from inquiry within the passive circle of co-admirers of Sathya Sai Baba, Venkataraman – with his Lord and Master holding the chain behind him – was able figuratively to bark down anyone in his vicinity who might dare to disagree with his more highly doubtful views. The wider world of genuine researchers will not be impressed in the least and his ramblings – if they ever gain much circulation – will be a laughing-stock.

His absence of basic scholarly standards in plagiarism is only aggravated by his pretentious and extra-scientific main agenda. He presumes to inform us of 1) The Cosmic origin of man.  2) Man’s Cosmic connections. 3) Man’s Cosmic responsibilities, and 4) Man’s Cosmic Destiny, no less!

These (male-oriented) titles show him setting himself up as a kind of ‘spiritual mouthpiece’, misusing the name of science as a tool in an attempt to inculcate religious belief – that is,  faith in his Lord and Master – Sathya Sai Baba, as the Incarnation of God Almighty in this Age.

 He writes in Part 4 of his 7-part series entitled “In Quest of Infinity” on his Radio Sai website “You know, when I think about it all, I am simply wonder struck. On one side of it is God who has created the Universe in which all these wonderful things happen. On the other side, there He is in human form in Parthi, going about as if He is not aware of any of the mysteries in the UniverseSee here or view excerpt scanned from that page (Click on thumbnail to enlarge) 



Dr. Venkataraman writes – as if he knows directly and authoritatively – of God and his existence etc. (actually – he really thinks he knows God personally as Sathya Sai Baba!) All the signs of pseudo-philosophy on a wholly belief-driven agenda are there, for he only parrots Sai Baba’s beliefs and propaganda without any critical thought whatever, even when they are wholly preposterous and in conflict with the most established scientific and historical fact (see overview here).
See a small example of how this Professor Venkataraman promotes Sai Baba:-




Sai Baba was his God and patron, and Venkataraman was and remains his beneficiary (having received from Sai Baba an expensive new Japanese car paid for by funds donated by well-meaning followers who thought the money would go to raise the poor instead! (such as myself, alas, having once contributed enough to buy a number of cars). Venkataraman did not refuse to accept the brand new Japanese vehicle as a personal gift from his Lord (who always lied that he had no money or property anyhow) and so became yet more of a  consumer than before…  one who immorally accepts what amounts to a bribe for allegiance paid for by money donated for the good of the poor, unhealthy and uneducated! Under Sathya Sai Baba’s direction, Venkataraman willingly compromised himself. [Four other Sai-VIP’s accepted identical free cars]. See disclaimer

Dr. Venkataraman was known in the ashram as a having been a very depressed person due to the death of his son. Sai Baba capitalised on that – he was a cynic user of people for as long as it suited him – reassuring him that his departed son was with him. It makes no difference how smart and educated a person is, they are all easily deluded when in emotional and ‘spiritual’ straits. So Venkataraman evidently believed everything SB told him, but somehow he managed to rationalise Sai Baba’s sheer ignorance of physics, which V. knew to be a load of rubbish, without saying a word of dissent. He threw all caution to the winds and proclaimed he was able to see God directing the universe every day beside him. Priceless credulity! Moreover, there is massive compelling evidence available, testimonies and affadavits which prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he was not what he claimed to be, but a sexual abuser, complicit murderer, briber, major deceiver, liar, who died ignominously under suspicious circumstances and so on.

See also:

Dr.G. Venkataraman – physicist ‘explains’ Sathya Sai Baba Dr. G. Venkataraman rambles on denigrating scientists and science and promoting Sathya Sai Baba – as God descended to earth – and his most spurious speculations (‘teachings’) about an invisible beyond.

G. Venkataraman’s out-dated and fallacious ideas – part two  Propagating Sai Baba’s anti-scientific views, Dr. G. Venkataraman – former physicist – attacks science and scientists in general for the usual sins that religionists hold them to be committing. These I refute at some length, as called for.

God, the Avathar and the Intellectual

See four-part article ‘The Sathya Sai Organization’s Deception and Propaganda Exposed’ refutation of Dr. G. Venkataraman’s mendacious and confused attack on Sai dissidents

Dictator Idi Amin – Sai Baba’s warm recollections The gullible ex-scientist Dr. G. Venkataraman enthuses over Sai Baba’s relations with most gruesome dictator Idi Amin, with crocodiles and more!

Dr. G. Venkataraman the most gullible physicist alive

Dr Venkataraman, a victim of emotional blackmail?

Apologist for Sathya Sai Baba

Atomic physics Venkataraman-Puttaparthi style. Deeply intriguing

Dr. G. Venkataraman’s delusions and cynical cover up

Sathya Sai Baba, Dr. V. Venkataraman and Idi Amin apparently make good bedfellows, according to the arm appreciation of Amin by Sai Baba in a Christmas Day discourse, as reported eagerly by Venkataraman. This was indicated by a photographic image made of the happy threesome, which was not a fake, but a construction to bring home the relationship, as was made clear when it was posted. See this image and the controversy it cause at The last King of Scotland – God’s orders and Sai Baba The Spirit of Christmas 

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Sathya Sai Central Trust disinformation

Posted by robertpriddy on April 28, 2011

The Sathya Sai Central trust gave an hour long press conference. As usual it was marked by bland unsubstantiated statements meaning nothing, with no supplementary questions allowed. The press corps left very unsatisfied with the Trust for not answering questions. The Chandigarth Tribune, among many other prominent Indian newspapers, published much the same facts I reported in my previous blog. A brief excerpt follows:-

Casket ordered 20 days before Baba’s death!
Suresh Dharur/TNS Hyderabad, April 27
Hours after the burial of Sathya Sai Baba, a major controversy broke out over the coffin procured by the ashram authorities. It has emerged that the casket was ordered on April 4, almost three weeks before the demise of Baba.
The revelation, made before the media by a Bengaluru-based supplier of caskets, has come as a major embarrassment for the Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust (SSSCT) which is already facing public criticism for its alleged non-transparent style of functioning.
The disclosure has triggered several disturbing questions about the functioning the Trust and the way it handled Baba’s health condition. Questions are being raised as to why the casket was ordered on April 4 when the official bulletins kept insisting that Baba’s condition was stable. Why was the order routed through Hyderabad? Did the authorities fear the worst, but continued to mislead the devotees?

The Sathya Sai Central Trust made the following statements, the truth of many of which are in quite extreme doubt:-

“1. The trust owns hospitals, schools etc, all run for charity, and hence no question of there being a commercial value on these lands, as no money is made from them

2. All financial matters are audited and sent to the government, in the last 4 years the trust received an average of Rs 130 crores per year and had expenses of around Rs 75 crores, so it is quite a modest trust.

3. Sai Baba was perfectly fine till his last few days and till he was admitted on March 28th, he was carrying on all his activities normally and was in perfect mental state to make all his decisions. He choose to have his own doctor before March 28th, and the trust had nothing to do with it. We presume that whatever medication that was given, if at all there was any before March 28th, would have been taken by him normally.

4. After March 28th, the best possible treatment was given to him by a team of experts, but he did not recover. Twice a day medical bulletins were issued on his health and its there for all to see.

5. There is no question of a successor to Sai baba as Chairman of the trust, at the moment…but, the trust will meet soon and decide on all policy matters including administration, check signing authority etc.

6. There is no “will” left by Sai baba as far as we know. Sai Baba had nothing in his own name to leave a will. All issues regarding his trust are recorded in the statute of the trust, and we the trustees appointed personally by him, have the responsibility of running it as per the statute after his lifetime.

7. The Trust did not order any casket for Sai baba on April 4th. A devotee had supplied it to the hospital after his death on April 27th.”

The Sathya Sai Organization and the Central Trust are extremely tight-lipped, autocratic, top-down and secretively clandestine. They do not admit of questions at conferences, unless prepared by well-instructed ‘stooges’, which many devotees are willing to perform, so indoctrinated are they.

As to the many and diverse allegations against Sathya Sai Baba and his institutions, he has instructed that no one should reply to them or get involved, saying that if one goes into the gutter one will get dirty, or words to that effect. However, he did allow his main internet and radio propagandist, Dr. G. Venkataraman (a key SS Central Trust member), to reply in a very lengthy, rambling and non-documented disingenuous article, which can be seen here along with the step-by-step and documented rebuttal by myself and Barry Pittard. See The Sathya Sai Organization’s Deception and Propaganda exposed

In addition to this, the Sathya Sai authorities have silently endorsed the full-time character assassination attempts by Gerald ‘Joe’ Moreno (who claims not to be even a devotee of SB, though he has devoted his life to the dirty task for about 7 years so far). He has created websites and blogs against many dissidents with titles like “Robert Priddy Deceptions Exposed”, and worked tirelessly to get them high on search engines. I have countered the contrived and insubstantial – but very lengthy – sites and blogs against me at my blog Robert Priddy Not Exposed. A better exemplar of all that the teachings of Sai Baba condemns and of untruthful denial (he was molested illegally by Sai Baba in private, he has himself described what occurred and his confusion about it, though he considered it a blessing! Despite a period where he thought Sai Baba to be a sexual abuser!”) All this can be summarily viewed from the page GERALD MORENO at the head of this blog.

All documented available  information about the Sathya sai Organisation one could desire

Second OPEN LETTER to the PRASHANTHI COUNCIL on the organization’s support of libels Also ignored, demonstrating the passive acceptance of libels and character assasination by Moreno made on their behalf.

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Sathya Sai Baba 96 years old at death? Lunar year confusions

Posted by robertpriddy on April 27, 2011

The Sathya Sai Organization’s official website presents a confused ‘explanation’ as to how Sai Baba, who died long before his 96th year, actually was 96 years old nevertheless, not calendar years but ‘lunar years’!  As is usual with them, they always base their face-saving propaganda on the forlorn hope that nobody will check the facts. It is clear to me that they calculated wrongly just so it would produce a result that suited their belief that Sai Baba lived until he was 94.4 lunar years old. Note the amusing discrepancy here too! Ninety-four point four does not even agree with his own words – living until 96, (or to depart at 92 or 93, according to which of his published statements you favour most!  He was between 89.5 and 94.4 lunar years old, depending on how one chooses to look at it. This falls far short of the constantly cited 96 years! Another problem is that his birth date was, according to school records, ‘adjusted’ by making it three years earlier than correct (but that is another issue and it would still not save his predictions of his mortal years).

  It should not go unmentioned, at least, that Sathya Sai Baba has celebrated his birthdays since youth according to the calendar year. He gives calendar year dates for diverse events in his discourses, and no one has EVER mentioned that he reckons anything in lunar years throughout his career. Only now, when the crisis of his false predictions takes on serious dimensions for the believing and donating public, is this dragged out as a vain and flawed palliative… and one which is more likely to harm than save the patient!

The scan (edited down for simplicity) of the official Sai Organization page asserts:-

Check the contents for yourself by clicking on the image

Everyone knows that a month (the lunar cycle) is between 29 and 30 days. This is based on the Gregorian calendar – which is now the virtually world-wide adopted calendar standard.  Even Hindu astrologers seem not to be of a different opinion in general, but some may use the 27 to 28 day lunar month measurements. Now, in their zeal, the Sathya Sai Organization has latched onto the celestially perceived lunar orbit time (conveniently) of 27.1 days (though they they it “may not be correct”!).

At we read:-” When a new moon occurs before sunrise on a day, that day is said to be the first day of the lunar month. So it is evident that the end of the lunar month will coincide with a new moon. A lunar month has 29 or 30 days (according to the movement of the moon).”

Now, the ‘lunar year’ is an obscure construction which was never used in dating Sai Baba’s birthdays or any other date announced by him or his ashrams. (Never mind that some fanatics have invented instances where he supposedly used a lunar year calculation but which were never recorded in reliable documents).  A year necessarily means a solar year, the time the earth takes to circumnavigate the sun (365 days excepting leap year – the same for the moon, of course, which is a satellite to the earth) . One cannot add or subtract from that year because of lunar phases any more than one can change it because of the apparent movement of, say, Mars or Venus. That some Hindu shastris use such calculations is beside the point and they even in some cases decide to add one lunar months every 6 years so as to approach the correct solar year length! Only now does all this lunar confusion seem of significance to those desperately searching for an explanation to prove Sai Baba was infallible.

According to the website Sathya Sai Baba lived for 30,833 days. This is only a correct calculation (correct IF he was actually born on 23 Nov. 1926, which is hotly disputed – since his registered date in his school record is 3 years LATER!).

The lunar month averages 27.21 days (by the very shortest or ‘draconic’ reckoning which the website chose for obvious reasons). The number of days per lunar year is 27.21 times 12 = 326.52 (days per annum) So 30,833 days divided by 326 days per year is equal to 94.56 lunar years.
This exceeds the minimum requirement of 93 years, which he twice predicted in separate discourses. Nor does it reach 96 years, which he also stated was the age he would reach – as several commentators agreed he has stated (though he also stated at least 3 other ages for himself). However one twists and turns it, the calculations do not fit the predictionof 96 years, nor that of 93. It would fit with the lifespan Haraldsson reported Sai Baba stated – 94 years, even though that was worked out at year 2020 – nor the other ages he predicted.

From 9 Sept 1960 (when Sai Baba was 43 calendar years old), plus 59 years = 2019 AD. He lived until age 84 by normal calendar reckoning, dying in 2011. Eight years short on calendar reckoning (which he always used in public, despite concocted, undocumented rumours that he once or twice did not).

from Wikipedia – some calendars which show the predominance of 30 or 31-day months

One can expect further contortions by the Sai Organization, finding hoary astrological shastris who may contest with esoteric theories. Indeed, the Hindu calendar used in ancient times has undergone many changes in the process of regionalization, and today there are several regional Indian calendars, as well as an Indian national calendar. There is ample room for confusion… and hence deception too. Most of these calendars are inherited from a system first enunciated in Vedanga Jyotisha of Lagadha, a late BCE adjunct to the Vedas, standardized in the Surya Siddhanta (3rd century CE) and subsequently reformed by astronomers such as Aryabhata (499 CE), Varahamihira (6th c. CE), and Bhaskara (12th c. CE). There are differences and regional variations abound in these computations. It is all age-old abacus reckoning, not scientifically precise or integrated into a system anywhere near Newtonian physics. One is reminded of H.G. Wells ‘famous comic character Mr. Polly, who called arithmetic “a flukey science”.

That Sathya Sai Baba always reckoned in normal calendar years is proven by the following quotations he made:-
“I will be in this mortal form for 59 years more and I shall certainly achieve the purpose of this avatar, do not doubt it.”
(Discourse 29.09.1960)
[1960 + 59 = 2019]
“I shall be in this body for 58 years more, I have assured you of this already.”
(Discourse 21.10.1961)
[1961 + 58 = 2019]
“As the world goes, at the age of 60, the physique becomes weak and the mind loses its alertness. But I skip along as fresh and active as ever.”
(Discourse 23.11.1985)
[1985 – 1926 = 59]
“The advent (of this avatar) took place 64 years ago.”
(Discourse 23.11.1990)
[1990 – 1926 = 64]
“This body is now 67 years.”
(Discourse 3.07.1993)
[1993 – 1926 = 67]
“The body (of Swami) will enter its 70th year on 23rd.”
(Discourse 17.11.1995)
[1995 – 1926 = 69]
“I am 73 years. My legs, hands, eyes are in perfect condition.”
(Discourse 24.11.1998)
[1998 – 1926 = 72]
“Today marks the 75th year of the Advent of this body.”
(Discourse 23.11.2000)
[2000 – 1926 = 74]
As officially reported, Sathya Sai Baba passed away on 24th April 2011.
[2011 – 1926 = 85]
However much one may try to distort or remove these facts, the lunar year theory will not add up in any shape or form..

To see how the Sathya Sai people try constantly to revise their statements, edit out of existence what is no longer acceptable that Sai Baba discourses or statements contain. They suppress things that have published and conduct damage limitation so as to indoctrinate, confuse and – above all – retain devotees (as their main donation catchment) look at the following:-

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Sathya Sai Baba on illness and death

Posted by robertpriddy on April 6, 2011

The sick degenerated man

Despite the detailed statement by Dr. Safaya on all the steps taken to treat Sathya Sai Baba’s multiple illness condition, his all too reassuringly diplomatic style does little to dispel the seriousness of the guru’s critical condition. It is understandable that he would not paint the doomsday scenario for Sai Baba as the devotees who are massing in Puttaparthi, round the ashram and even threatening the security of the hospital are so fanatical, deluded and distraught that it seems Sai Baba’s own teaching is entirely disregarded by them! But the evidence he gave suggest nonetheless that Sathya Sai Baba’s life is hanging by a thread and his longer-term prospects are grim. Many a time, Sai Baba has reacted to the death of close servitors with most cheerful and directly pleased comments. One should be glad that the sentence of life is over, and suchlike. Those who choose to believe in the statements of this guru need a bit of reminding of some of them perhaps (see image)

Despite Sai Baba’s occasional sensible remarks, his actions visible and completely contradict (as so often to those who have still eyes to see and have rejected ‘blind belief’ – See Sathya Sai Baba in Word and Action)

The blind believers include many Indian VIPs, but the great majority of devotees are poor and largely uneducated villagers whose lives are partly ruled by religious fantasies and many superstitions. This is seen in the report by a local journalist (from Anantapur) – one who apparently himself lives within the limits of the Sai Baba mini-world community where the belief that Sathya Sai Baba is a hugely world-famous figure and is worshipped by most of the important people in foreign countries. What a delusion… he refers to “billions of devotees around the world” who see him as “God walking on earth”. This is a fantastic and deranged statement. Probably Elvis Presley – who died decades ago – has more fans still and quite a few who think of him as a god too! The estimated number of Sai Baba followers (and anyone who shows even mere curiosity seems to be counted as one) by reliable sources are far, far lower – see here. The number of foreign followers has decreased all the time since the many testimonies of sexual abuse by Sai Baba were released around 2000 and many office-bearers and prominent persons resigned.

Illness: It is worth remembering some other statements by Sathya Sai Baba at this time:-
Many foreigners often ask Me, Swami, how come you look so young and energetic even at the age of 75?’ I tell them that the three P´s in Me are responsible for this. They are purity, patience and perseverance. If you develop these three virtues, you too will remain young and energetic always.” (Sanathana Sarathi May 2000, p 143)

And perhaps this explains a lot – at least to those from whose eyes the scales of belief and rose-tinted glasses have fallen:-

“It is not only unbridled passion which damage the health of man. Living on Ill-gotten money also causes ill-health to some extent. Living on earnings got by unjust means causes many unknown diseases to take root in us.” Gems of Wisdom Quotations from Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba – page 176 – 178

That Sathya Sai Baba has collected much money under false pretenses is a fact shown by testimony and documentation. That he has misused the money given to him trustingly on self-glorifying pomp and even on giving five brand new Japanese cars to his already well-padded servitors like Dr. G Ventataraman is a published fact (see Donations to Sathya Sai Central Trust misused by/for directors etc.)

Further, Sathya Sai Baba has encouraged people to believe that the stones in rings and other setting which he seems to ‘materialize’ are genuine gemstones, often calling them diamonds. All those which have been assayed by professional jewelers have proven to be cheap paiste gems. Believer recipients think this is miraculous Grace of God and dare not get the stones valued… they fear negative karmic consequences! This applies as much to top politicians who sport greed Sai Baba rings as to all the others. In my case the green diamond eventually was certified as a cheap synthetic sapphire – its brightness enhances with green tinsel paper behind the stone. ). Ask yourself, is this not false pretenses and outright, calculated, deception? Well, no one has ever produced genuine proof that a single gem supposedly ‘created’ by Sai Baba is a genuine and very valuable gift (see here). Believing that they are genuine, countless devotees have then donated large sums of money in thankfulness to this God Almighty. That is his big con trick. He also pretends to ‘materialize ‘ brand-name watches, but sometimes they have been donated previously by visiting groups! See this Close-up photo of Sai Baba ring materializing?

See also BBC-Named ‘The Secret Swami’, Sathya Sai Baba Hospitalized and Fighting For Life

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Sathya Sai Organization double morals

Posted by robertpriddy on March 11, 2011

Dr.Michael Goldstein above (as caught out by the BBC) and his Indian counterpart in cover-up of all facts about murders and sexual abuses, Dr. G. Venkataraman (below) -

The Sathya Sai Organization and other Sai Baba institutions have always been ready to denounce impostors and deceivers (in circulars or in their public journal Sanathana Sarathi). Sathya Sai Baba insists that his followers support truth, decency, speaking softly and sweetly, but his authorities have nothing to say about their biggest and most unethical defender on the Internet, Gerald Moreno. They observe Moreno attacking dissidents and critics of Sai Baba in the most unspiritual and libelous manner without a single word of comment. Were they to dissociate themselves from him in public or denounce his methods even once, they would pull the ground from beneath him, so one cannot but conclude that in the main the leaders have no trouble with what they know to be his unjustified and untruthful representations of former devotees. Thus, their silence amounts to consent and the endorsement of not taking issue with this major proponent of their own agenda.

Knowing what a clandestine and secretive power clique runs the authoritarian International Sathya Sai Organization, with the devious Dr. Michael Goldstein and Dr. G. Venkataraman at its head, they are satisfied to be defended through ad hominem attacks, character assassination attempts and diverse other underhand methods used by their primary defender. The same applies to Sathya Sai Baba himself – for with a few words to the leaders of his organization or in public he could denounce Moreno, who ceaselessly, with ongoing cooperation from both his prominent and rank-and-file members, breaks his directives for spiritual behaviour.

Dr. M. Goldstein stated on the BBC documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ that Sathya Sai Baba had told him not to answer any criticisms, for it would drag them into the gutter. Because Goldstein was bound religiously to follow every hint of this Lord and Master, so one way to hit back at critics was clearly either through minions. This was done through disinformation and false claims by Dr. G. Venkatarman (Head of Radio Sai, and active Member of the Prashanthi Council) who was only to willing to avoid the real issues and distract attention from the many crimes involved. Venkarataman’s mendacious response to the JuST Group’s documented criticisms was a private reaction he claimed – and not made on behalf of the Prashanthi Council itself, not of the Sathya Sai Organization either. What duplicity from Sathya Sai Baba’s official propagator and chief propagandist!

In all this silent support for Moreno, Sathya Sai Baba and his officials faced the dilemma: either to denounce the critics’ claims themselves or denounce the nefarious behaviour of their staunch defender (Moreno) because of the counter-productive effect and its impact on both true devotees and the wider public. Moreno’s shallow and calumnious diatribes and their frequent predominance over other pro-Sai Baba postings on search engine results strongly reinforce the fact that there has been very widespread criticism of Sathya Sai Baba, especially since the massive sexual abuse revelations in 1999 and the exposure of the murders in his bedroom on BBC World TV and the Internet. Meanwhile, not one pro-Sai Baba website dares to make a single link to the extensive Sai Baba critical websites for fear of the facts coming forth to their followers. Sai Baba himself has warned devotees not to view the discussions on the Internet.

Pointed denials of association to mislead the public:

Moreno made a point of denying – at the foot of many of his pages – any association with the Sathya Sai Organization from the time of the first attacks on critics and alleging victims of Sathya Sai Baba’s sexual abuse (which he also actually accepted for some years during his all-round defense of Sai Baba). His activity still undermines the credibility of their claim that Sai Baba is not at the centre of a cult. There is considerable circumstantial evidence of central US Sathya Sai officials collaborating with Moreno behind the scenes, especially in providing him with information about the Alaya Rahm court case before the results were known even to most critics and in providing him with deposition documents which were never made public by the court and have proved unobtainable even by several email requests by a international coordinator, and by (via telephone) a US academic and also a personal visit by another US citizen to the Clerk of Court in Orange County, California. Moreno could not prove that he had obtained the documents from the court, as he asserted, for he could produce no receipt.

Some semi-official Sai websites with a fairly large remit [which are of course also deeply engaged in a propaganda and disinformation campaign – especially] do link to his web pages, helping his Google rankings. The Sathya Sai Organization could stop this easily, but evidently some among them – such as Prashanthi Council leaders Michael Goldstein and G. Venkataraman – are privately interested in seeing critics of Sai Baba maligned as much as possible. Their conscious choice to avoid Moreno in public shows that they nevertheless are aware what a yet more huge liability to them it would be to endorse such a person who defies all the advice of Sathya Sai Baba always to speak softly, criticise oneself instead of others and such rules. The wider world of thinking people can see straight away that Moreno’s whole aggressive character attack strategy and underhand ‘dirty tricks’ are a striking manifestation of a religious personality cult in action, often exceeding the antics of scientology.

Moreno wrote that he had heard many wonderful stories about Sai Baba from someone called ‘Robert’ (at a time when there were few who knew much about SB in the USA). Of those named Robert to whom might apply from that early date there are Robert Baskin, Robert Bozzani, and Robert Bruce – all Sai VIPs and long-standing members of the Sathya Sai Organization. Robert Basin has acted as the lawyer for the Sai Organization. Moreno claimed he had no contact with Baskin, citing the irrelevant fact that Baskin lives in California while he lives in New Mexico, a long way apart. But Baskin has held talks in many places in the Sai organization, and both have been frequently to Sai Baba ashrams, where meetings between US visitors are almost inevitable (in groups etc.) not to mention e-mail, the phone etc.!

There is no publicised official support for Moreno or any mention of him or links to his defamatory web pages by the Sathya Sai Organization or other Sai institutions, indicating that they cannot afford association with such a twister of the truth). More significantly, not a single national or other prominent newspaper or media outlet referred to Gerald Moreno’s massive output. He has railed against journalists (e.g. Vishal Arora) and academic researchers into the Sathya Sai Baba who have failed to mention him or in any way support or reference his materials (such as Tulasi Shrinivas and others). Yet more disappointing for Moreno, no doubt, is that there are no postings on the Internet of any serious kind that support him in any way, except for a few by fanatics and equally dishonest and antagonistic persons (eg. Lisa de Witt being a very active user of bad language and utterly false low-life claims about critics).

Gerald Joe Moreno – dossier

Slander by Dr. G. Venkataraman & Joe Moreno Dr. G. Venkataraman, Sai Baba defender”
Dr Venkataraman, a victim of emotional blackmail? “Dr.G. Venkataraman lost all his scruples.” Also that he “had a harrowing experience … 

Dr. G. VENKATARAMAN – THE MOST GULLIBLE PHYSICIST ALIVE? He was a physicist working for the Indian government’s nuclear programme He writes about being in quest of the mysteries in the Universe but states that is not found in hundreds of books already.
Dr. G. Venkataraman, propagandist in the limelight
a physicist, formerly employed in India’s nuclear bomb programme, is now a propagandist and cover-up official for Sai Baba 

Dr.G. Venkataraman – physicist ‘explains’ Sathya Sai Baba It seems that this retired physicist G. Venkataraman had been tempted to take upon himself the mantle of philosopher…

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G. Venkataraman’s out-dated and fallacious ideas – part two

Posted by robertpriddy on September 25, 2008

Let me apologise for the length needed to refute the glib and superficial ideas of Sathya Sai Baba’s chief propagandist and spokesman, former nuclear scientist, Professor G.  Venkataraman, about science and scientists, and also for the relative heaviness of the subject… though it is an important one.
It seems that this retired physicist has fallen for the temptation to take upon himself the mantle of philosopher, without having had the requisite training or having worked analytically on the main philosophies and theologies of the world.  Not only that, he has donned the role of a spiritual adviser working directly on behalf of God Almighty, Creator of the Universe. Why then, I ask myself, was he wearing such a long face and showed such lack of animation when I met him on two occasions together with V.K. Narasimhan in the 1990s.

Sathya Sai Baba, having repeatedly shown himself to be intellectually bankrupt, is defended by his servitor on the grounds that it is only in the heart – not the head – that one can understand God. Such is the view of this propagandist and amateur ‘life philosopher’ Dr. G. Venkarataman, a former physicist who has taken to debunking scientists in favour of  the man he fully believes to be God Incarnate and Creator of the Universe, Sathya Sai Baba.

Venkarataman: “Thanks to this tremendous leap forward in scientific knowledge, all of which has occurred in about fifty short years – and this includes not only physics and astronomy but every scientific discipline all the way to molecular biology – scientists have become very cocky and arrogant.
Comment: What is cockier and more arrogant than Venkataraman’s preaching that Sathya Sai Baba is the Creator of the Entire Universe?’ How would he know? He has to rely entirely on the infinitely cocky, arrogant claim of his benefactor!)

Venkarataman: The current dogma of Science is that a theory of Science might be accepted based on currently known facts but must not be regarded as the eternal truth; there could well be new discoveries that disprove existing theories or limit their scope.
(Comment: This is exactly the rejection of dogma, nothing more or less. Famously, science does not deal in dogmas at all, but in hypotheses which are more or less likely, while  Venkataraman and Sai Baba are dogmatists par excellence.)

Venkarataman: Everything is subservient to logic and must be applicable within the boundaries as stipulated by Science. In particular, the prevailing belief is that Science progresses best by a systematic effort to prove wrong currently accepted hypotheses. Any proposition that refuses to accept these terms and look beyond does not deserve the attention of scientists.
(Comment: Venkataraman’s idea of the philosophy of science is highly distorted. Scientists are continually developing very far-reaching and new hypotheses which, initially, go far beyond systematic effort. But they are not conjured up out of thin air and the superstition of ancient texts and beliefs, for the take their departure from what is already known. The falsification of currently-accepted hypotheses is but one limited aspect of scientific method, which constantly proposes new hypotheses. [Nor is Popper’s thesis is the be-all and end-all of modern philosophy of science].

Venkarataman: That is the way scientists of today operate. Logical analysis is supreme and hypothesis becomes a fact only when tested thoroughly by experiments. The problem surfaces when one starts asking questions that lie beyond the purview of Science as is currently accepted. Are there such things at all that lie beyond Science? Of course there are, like LIFE, for example. Ask a scientist to define life, and you would find he is in trouble straightaway. Yes he would give all kinds of shady and cagey answers but he cannot really answer the question. Some would honestly say, “Listen, I cannot answer that question; it is beyond Science as we currently know it.” Others more arrogant would say, “Well, I cannot answer it now but be assured that one day Science would be able to answer that question. You do not need to invoke God and all that to explain life.”
(Comment: Not so! Biologists define life at all its levels in very exact and reproducible empirical ways. Human life is the subject of study of the historical, social and psychological sciences. Venkataraman ignores this, presumably because he regards ‘life’ is something or other which is detached from the physical realm, the non-physical ‘subject’ of empty speculation and dogma of the priesthoods and misguided metaphysicians who would “invoke God”. Sciences study life, not the supposed ‘afterlife’ on which the Sai Baba doctrine and the dearest hopes of his devotees are fixated.)

Venkataraman: “In short, Science, which is bound by Space and Time, is related to the gross inanimate world. It does not, as it stands, extend to the subtle world to which we have access through our senses.
Comment: Venkataraman is bound by space and time, I think! Or does he claim to travel beyond it ‘astrally’ or by some undisclosed means? Science is far from limited to study of the ”inanimate world”. Biology, psychology, sociology and many, many other disciplines study the animate world and ‘human life’).

Venkataraman: This is particularly evident when one considers Consciousness. Even scientists admit that there is a thing called Consciousness but ask them to define it, and they would throw up their hands.
(Comment: It is a grossly false characterisation of scientists that scientists ‘throw up their hands’ when asked about consciousness. Firstly, modern philosophers have defined and studied consciousness phenomenologically – starting from Brentano, Husserl and Sartre (whose main work ‘Being and Nothingness’ is entirely about the epistemology of consciousness and being). For them, there is no consciousness without an ‘object’ it is directed towards. It cannot reflect on itself without objectifying itself.
As to natural science, it has in recent decades becomes the subject of intensive research in neuro-biology and neuro-psychology, which make use of amazing technologies like magnetic resonance and supercomputing as developed for studying where, how and when experiences arise in the brain as conscious stimuli. A ground-breaking scientist in this field is neuropsychiatrist Peter Fenwich of the Maudsley Hospital, Surrey who uses the latest technological marvels to study the brain in unusual states, including meditation and not least after heart failure. He is of the opinion that the evidence indicates that mind and brain are separate, but he goes no further towards positing transcendental experience, other ‘spiritual’ realms or independently existing Super-Consciousness. These are so far matters of mere belief, not verified knowledge.)

Venkataraman: This being the case, scientists, if they have any sense of humility, would recognise their boundaries and limitations and not comment on things they do not know about. When they lose their humility, they become arrogant and arrogance blinds one to basics.
(Comment: With this knife Venkataraman cuts off his own right hand with lacking sense of humility in all his certainties and comments he makes on things he does not know about).

Venkarataman: Consider a biologist. Most biologists would not know much about the theory of relativity although almost everyone would know that it was Einstein who gave that theory. Ask a biologist, “Do you believe in the theory of relativity?” He would promptly say yes, even though he has not studied it and in fact knows practically nothing about it. How come? Because he has faith in Einstein.
(Comment: One knows others through oneself, Venkataraman! Biologists do not ‘believe’ in the theory of relativity because they have faith in Einstein. What primitive prejudices Venkataraman holds! Biologists are scientists and very few will not have a far wider appreciation of the methods and conceptions involved in relativity than most layman – besides which the history of the theory of relativity and its vast success in predicting far-reaching previously undreamt phenomena is known to all who have a basic science education. Even most laymen know a lot about it, and have faith in the world community of scientists – and the consensus of hundreds of thousands of brilliant researchers)

Venkarataman: I am dismissed for having faith in God based on what Adi Shankara has taught and experienced, but it is OK for a biologist to have total faith in relativity without understanding a word of it, just because he has faith in Einstein. I would call this double standards.
(Comment: Adi Shankara was not a scientist, of course, but a speculative theologist. One has either to believe in him or not, there is nothing empirical about his doctrine. It is entirely subjective in concept and practice. That’s the rub!)

Venkarataman: “In the same way, anyone in principle can have the Darshan of the Divine, like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa did; however, if someone wants God to appear before him, then that calls for special effort on the part of that person. It is very much like in experimental science.”
Comment: Not at all like in experimental science. It is more likely a process of self-hypnosis, self-mystification and untestable subjective ‘experiences ‘ or illusions. Venkataraman suggests that he knows this, and that he got God to appear before him. However, I too have seen and met the one he believes to be God – Sathya Sai Baba – many times, but he is no God and no efforts comparable to those of experimental science were required on my part. Venkataraman may instead be trying to imply that he has had a total vision of God as the Cosmos – a vishvarupadarshan or some such fantastic claim, but perhaps he has already shown to be confused and deluded enough to discount such a possibility. I am not saying that it is impossible through intensive self-programming and fanatical concentration to conjure up experiences of deities, devils, saints and Satans, but that it is a capacity of the deranged human mind to be triggered to have many kinds of fantastic experience in the realms of illusion.

Venkarataman: “Most intellectuals, scientists being prominent among them, try to explain all that we see through the “Head” alone but when it comes to God, the “Heart” HAS to come into the picture. The Heart being BEYOND the Mind, the tools of Science will not work; instead, we need the tools of meta-science or meta-physics, if you will. It is at this point that the modern physicist loses patience, makes his sarcastic comments and withdraws with the feeling that those who believe in God need to be pitied rather than censured.”
Partly sarcastic final comment: Venkataraman makes lots of sarcastic comments about scientists, but they merely pity him, no doubt, with reason which is pitying, not thereby heartless. Sarcasm has its function too, even if it is exceptional in not having been created by God, of course! He lays claim to knowing that the HEART is beyond the mind. However, the word ‘heart’ has come to mean much the same as ‘the seat of emotions’. It can be filled with envy, lust and hate (as Sathya Sai Baba so often argues) yet at the same time the Sai dogma is that the Eternal Soul has its seat in the heart which is pure, at the core of which there is akasa, that compassion arises in the heart lotus, that the heart ‘chackra’ must be awakened, and cleansed so that God can enter (but he is also supposed to be there all the time … and so on and so forth. It is all a confused and contradictory manner of speaking, frequently employed in an attempt to denigrate common sense, reason, logic and anything that can be considered as sceptical, agnostic etc. or belonging to the ‘head’. Thus, compassion and love are in no way inspired by our thoughts (the head) or by reason (as in the case of poor old Immanuel Kant and many others). But it is largely a false opposition in terms only, for the thought (head) and emotions (heart) are always intertwined, dialectically related and are often so closely in full agreement as to be unified, even in non-spiritual people (believe it or not). The whole confusion arises from the false dichotomy between the body and the mind (or soul), between the physical cosmos or and the imagined spiritual heavens, hells or whatever. It seems that Prof G. Venkataraman has ‘lost his head’ – or wants to – and is proud of it into the bargain.

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