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The remarkable case of the “Weeping saris”

Posted by robertpriddy on November 15, 2014

From John Hislop's book "Conversations with …"

From John Hislop’s book “Conversations with …Sai Baba”

Rama and Krishna

Rama and Krishna

The claim by Sai Baba that he was both Rama and Krishna come again was ‘supported’ with the following quite preposterous story reported by Dr. John Hislop 

In January 1968, Dr. John Hislop taped interviews he had with Sathya Sai Baba, including the following quite preposterous story. This ever-uncritical and naively trusting ‘seeker of truth’, who had gone from guru to guru his whole life, asked Sai Baba:

Hislop: “Swami, something has happened here. Water is around this box. These saris will get wet. (Swami removed the cover of the box and those of us who were standing there could see that the edges of the saris were wet. The cardboard box with four saris in it was lying on a table at the Dharmakshetra in Bombay. Swami had selected 96 saris for distribution to some lady volunteers, and of the 100 brought for His inspection, four were replaced in the box to be returned later to the merchant. The table was not close to any source of water, and Hislop, several other men, and Swami had been standing there from the time the saris were examined one by one, by Swami.)

Sai: The saris are weeping because Swami has rejected them. Now, I will take them.”

Hislop: Swami! “How could that be? Does Swami say that inanimate objects have injured feelings and can weep?

Sai: “Inanimate objects are also capable of feeling joy and grief. When the bridge towards Lanka was built by the monkeys so that Rama could march to Ravana’s kingdom where Sita was held captive, one last mountain peak was carried to the bridge site. But it was too late. There was no need for it. At this circumstance the mountain shed tears of anguish, and news of this was quickly taken to Rama. His compassion was great, and he sent word that the mountain should no longer sorrow, that he would surely use it on a future occasion. In the Avathara of Krishna, it was this very mountain peak, the Govadhana Peak, which the youth, Krishna, lifted on his finger to shelter the cowherds of Gokul from Indra’s deluge of rain.”

Hislop: “Swami! This great drama of Rama and Krishna and the mountain peak has been recapitulated here in Bombay on this day before our very eyes… (etc..)”

Sai: “Yes. And it is also the self-same Rama and the self-same Krishna who is here this day.”

COMMENT: Does this ‘animated saris’ tale need any comment? If only because many devotees believe it, especially those misguided Hindu Sai-devotees, it  seems it does! Not only does this conflict with other ‘teachings’ of SSB about the differences between the various realms of beings, but it makes one think that SSB is seeing just how far he can push the credulity of a man who held a Western Ph.D, as did Dr. Hislop. He retold the story with relish and naive faith! One would think that such a person must at least have passed the test of ‘blind belief’ that SSB has set up for a true devotee etc. and qualified for ‘liberation’?
But no, we are told by Hislop in his last book that Sai Baba told him he must be reborn again, even though he had seen the so-called ‘lingodbhava many times and had worked ceaselessly for SSB for decades! A dis-grace!

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Leader of International Sathya Sai Organization denied hard testimony

Posted by robertpriddy on March 24, 2011

The denials from Dr. Hislop: Open e-mail of Conny Larsson March 24, 2001:-

Since I have noticed that a letter about Dr. Hislop is moving around within and outside the Sai-organisation saying that he didn’t know what was going on with Sai Baba and the students regarding sexual molestations, I can only tell you my story in which Dr. Hislop was involved, so you can decide for yourself what is true or not true.

I was Maharishi’s secretary in the year 1973. I did not know about a certain Dr. Hislop at the time, but came to hear from him through a letter to Maharishi from this Dr. Hislop saying that he could not stay in the TM-movement because he now had met God in form of the Avatar of Sai. He thereby declared to leave the Maharishi and the TM-movement.

Maharishi who had invested much in Dr. Hislop, by letting him to be his first teacher in the western world and even by having him being secretary for a while, felt dropped out and asked me to write Dr. Hislop a letter telling him about the beautiful things that were going on within the TM-movement and that he, Dr. Hislop, had is natural place in this. He also asked him not to follow this new master of his because he was Not the avatar at all. Dr. Hislop was told he now was following a dark path.

I myself, who had to write the letter to Dr. Hislop, was very surprised by Maharishi’s prompt answer to Dr. Hislop, but couldn’t do anything else than write what I was told by my master Maharishi. I had never heard before anything about this Sai Baba so I thought he was never anything else than a common Indian Guru fooling his devotees and I forgot about everything after sending the letter. Dr. Hislop was never heard of anymore, and I forgot about him too.

Then, ten years later, after since long I had left Maharishi and found Sai Baba as my God and Avatar and was fully devoted to Sai Baba in all ways, I met Dr. Hislop as the leader of the Sai organisation in the USA when I was down in Puttaparthi. I think this was in 1983. I was invited to come and tell my life story, which had become popular among the Sai-devotees around the world, to his Sai-group that was visiting Puttaparthi also. He had noticed that I was having very many interviews with Sai Baba, both private and with the group. When I was called, I during this journey had already had about 5 interviews and more were to come.

Since he heard my story with Sai Baba he told me that he was that particular Dr.Hislop that Maharishi sent the letter to 10 years earlier and we fell in arms of each other praising the Lord Sai’s skill in planning his mission for us for so long. This was what we believed. After the sharing meeting for the devotees he asked me to stay with him and then he asked me why Sai Baba had so many interviews with me. And since I was thinking that everything Sai Baba was doing with me was divine, I told him the Whole story about the sex we had that was on his (Sai Baba’s) own wishes, not mine, both oiling, masturbation, and oral sex etc. I saw in his eyes he was shocked, and he also told me that this was something he had to talk to Sai Baba about. When we left each other, he was shocked and what had I unknowingly caused in him? Since I thought it to be divine and was thinking that I had done no wrong by telling him.

It took one day for Dr. Hislop to get himself invited for lunch together with Sai Baba. Out he came on his feet faster then ever since he had brought up this question with Sai Baba about his sexual interest in me. We all know Dr. Hislop as a sincere seeker who wasn’t going to stop his investigation. And he certainly didn’t. Once more he talked to me about it and then he told me, that when he brought up the question with Sai Baba, Baba had answered him “This is not for you, you don’t understand the divine”. When he asked Sai Baba further, he was thrown out from the room and asked to leave. Sai Baba had been very upset with him he told me.

Image from frontspiece of Conny Larsson's Sai Baba exposé book in German 'Hinter der Masks des Clowns' - Ein weiteres historisch-psychologisches Buch aus dem Verlag 20. Juli. ISBN 978-3-00-034348-3 Verkaufspreis: 15,95 EUR

Since I now had childlike shared all my experience with Dr. Hislop around Sai Baba’s sexual play with me, it was absolutely clear to him what was going on. He even asked me if I enjoyed it myself. I told him “NO this was Sai Baba’s acts not mine”. He asked me if I ever had felt any improvement in my life force or Kundalini and I told him “No”. Sai Baba wanted to do this with me and I let it happen because he was my God. At that moment I had never questioned this God.

We never came to talk about this anymore and we left Puttaparthi.

What he made out of this knowledge or was he denied about it is his matter? I told him about the sexual abuse as it was, and it could not have been understood in any other way, as just sexual abuse, and thereby his shocking reaction the first day I told him. If he later denied it, this is then the same as all the Sai-leaders and denying people within the Sai-organisation are doing.

It wouldn’t help if Sai Baba would be raping us in public. They would still believe it to be divine since they don’t want to loose their faith. We can’t win over stupidity, we have to leave it and go further on.

So to the question whether Dr. Hislop did know about the molestations of Sai Baba, the answer is very much YES-YES. Anyone saying anything else is a lier. But what can we expect from these people who chose to follow a teacher that has been lying for all his life about himself from day one up to this day?

Yours sincerely, Conny Larsson (Former devotee)

As is known to many, Dr. J. Hislop covered up many accusations of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba. See:-

Cover-up letter: Hislop wholly neglects duty of care

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