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Many young men claiming sexual contact with Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on June 22, 2011

Sathya Sai Baba with some favourite boyfriends in his later years. Why did he have a bed in his private room (astonishing news for his devotees – from The Telegraph, Calcutta, and other papers)  which is five meters by 5 meters? One can but surmise…

Now that more of the truth about the massive deceptions and cover-ups around Sathya Sai Baba have been discovered, it is time to point out again the extensive and credible testimony – much of it confirmed by our incisive  investigations – and circumstantial evidence about Sathya Sai Baba as a major, serial sexual abuser. As often explained on numerous websites, the number of males who are reported as having been sexually molested by Sai Baba in one way or another is very considerable. There are differences in the extent to which those so involved have reported the facts. Over 20 have written their testimony on the Internet or have been filmed on documentaries stating their experiences. All of these are highly credible witnesses, in whose testimony there are many similarities, though they explain in different ways according to each the particular circumstances involved. They were brave indeed to stand forth, having nothing to gain other than the knowledge that they may have helped protect others from the same experiences.  They have been harassed and libeled for their troubles by devotees of Sai Baba in intense denial, especially by Gerald Joe Moreno on a truly fanatical scale.

The credibility of most allegations and descriptions is extremely sound: Why would so many identifiable young men go to the trouble and lengths of writing their detailed testimony on how they were abused sexually by Sathya Sai Baba if this never happened, as Sai VIPs and devotees still wish to believe?  Knowing how difficult it is to stand forth as a victim of sex abuse, it is certain that these brave persons are but the tip of a huge iceberg. The following list is of people who have publicly announced as having been approached and misused sexually by Sathya Sai Baba in one way or another:-

 (1) Tal Brooke, USA
(2) John Worldie, USA  (see here -‘Big John’ by Murphet)
(3) Conny Larsson, Sweden
(4) Keith Ord, UK/Spain
(5) Hans de Kraker, Australia/Holland (see Hans de Kraker: telling comments on Sai Baba on The Telegraph obituary
(6) Alaya Rahm, USA
(7) Jens Sethi, Germany
(8) Afshin Khorramshahgol, Iran/USA
(9) Mark Roche, USA
(10) Sathya Purcell, USA
(11) Dr. Naresh Bhatia, India
(12) Ulrich Zimmerman USA
(13) John Bright, UK
(14) Matthijs van der Meer, Holland
(15) John Purnell, Australia
(16) Jesper Anden, Sweden
(17) Gabriel Mn, Sweden
(18) Jed Geyerhahn, USA
(19) Terry Scott, USA
(20) Neptune Chapotin USA (“Fifteen-year-old”)
(21) Son of Britt-Marie Andén
(22) Tomm ‘The Golden Boy’, Gothenberg, Sweden
(23) Krishna Kumar,  (see explanation about Krishna Kumar)
(24) Marc-Andre St. Jean, Canada (also here)

(25) Christopher St. John (actor etc. see here)
(26) Uli Steckenreuter, Germany
(27) David Paul, UK. further testimony

One of the most prominent Sai Baba devotees and lecturers, Dr. Naresh Bhatia, was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph’s Mick Brown and told how he had been a sexual partner of Sathya Sai Baba for years, and how Sai Baba had anally raped a 14 year old boy in his college. This led to  Bhatia’s sacking and removal from Puttaparthi after intense harassment by thugs. See a full account here.

Sathya Sai Baba himself related in two different discourses that boys slept in his locked bedroom apartment: see BOYS SLEEP IN SAI BABA’S BEDROOM

In addition – numerous alleging sex-abused persons whose names are not always given here for obvious reasons, including harassment of self and family members, the threat of possible murder (as occurred in 1993 at Prashanthi Nilayam) :-

30)  Several Malaysian students (unidentified, who informed the Malaysian Organization around 1980 (confirmed to Priddy by former Sai Baba activist there, Hariram Jayaram – see letter and fuller account here)

31) Two younger brothers of a NRI entrepreneur (identity known but kept secret)  in Australia who he immediately withdrew from the Sai College at PN when they told him (he has been in close contact with the exposé)
32) Former student whose writings are posted here under the pseudonym Raman Sharma
 and especially here
33) gsmpasad   himself abused and who knew a long list of students who were also ‘form boys’ for Sai Baba
34) Basava Premanand represented abused students at the Sai Colleges (see The Sai Baba and his Students)
35) Testimony from a Sai Baba sexually-abused male and more from Huffington Post
36) Sex wanted by Sai Baba claim and thugs sent after refusal – on Express Buzz (India) by Linda Burton
37) Report by Barry Pittard on Polish man molested by Sai Baba and a Malaysian man oiled genitally

In addition – numerous alleging sex-abused persons whose names are not given here for obvious reasons:-

Testimony from persons who contacted the Sai Petition:-

31)  Dilip NarainAustralia signed the petition on July 8. 2011.Period as a follower: 1979-1982 Position in S.S.Org: student Puttaparti college. “I attended his college with my 2 brothers and was abused sexually. My father handed over thousands of dollars in cash. How could his abuse of innocent children be covered up for so long?”
32) Alvaro Filippo Michelon, Italy signed the petition on April 14. 2011. Period as a follower: 1981 – 1990 “I was first molested by Sai Baba 81. But I thought it was a privilege. I’m so sorry i have lost 10 years of my life…”
33)  Veronica Isacsson, Sweden signed the petition.  Period as a follower: 94-03  “friends of me has been sexually abused by Baba”
34) Rosalia Malagelada de Neves, Venezuela signed the petition.  Period as a follower: 1988 until 2001 Position in S.S.Org: Venezuela Comite “I knew the two cases very close of abuse”
35) Paul Throne, USA signed the petition.  Period as a follower: 1988-2000 Position in S.S.Org: Center education coordinator.  “Have been to see SB 4 times, 1990, 1994, 1995-96 and 1999. Despite many positive experiences, I believe too many credible accounts of abuse now exist to pretend it isn’t real, including a young male friend of mine who told me SB fondled him. More frightening to me than the megalomaniac SB is his organization and its leaders. When the leaders refuse to hear these concerns or allow discussion of these events, it has become a complete mind-control cult.”
36)  David Juliano, USA signed the petition.  “abused by Sai Baba in 1974”
37)  michael smith, USA signed the petition.  “I am a sexual abuse victim advocate who is concerned for all victims in the U.S.”

Genital oiling by Sathya Sai Baba is also reported

(1) Jens Sethi, Germany
(2) Al Rahm (father of Alaya – testified on BBC documentary)
(3) by Greg Gerson USA
(4) Josh Kintz USA – son of Marie and Bruce Kintz (genitally oiled) 6plus two other friends of Sathya Purcell (unidentified) reported by Sharon Purcell
5) Troels Meyer – younger son of deceased Central Coordinator Thorbjørn & Marianne Meyer (EHV – Europe) (reported by his brother, Thomas Meyer)
(6) By a known US author
who, after having published that  SB applied a white ointment  to his chest later stated in an open e-mail that it  was actually on his perineum (behind the gonads).
(7) A Sai student posted (1/10/01) on Sathya Sai Baba Discussion Club under “A Letter I Wrote to Sai Critic” the following “… beside being “oiled” under the pretense of curing a different problem with a totally different part of my anatomy, I was saved from further sexploitation my en masse defections from the closet relatives who were Baba’s choice inner circle for decades who were all victims of his sodomite behaviour. Needless to say, we were villified as usual and were labelled as opportunists. I don’t expect you to believe this or post it on your site but I would appreciate if you sent this to Mr. Murphet. But he is too invested in this for nearly 40 years and I don’t expect him to have an open mind after this long. After all, my own father did not believe what happened to me when it happened. Regards,Taken for a ride for 20 years and called the “chaff””

Other reports of improper (sexual) behaviour by Sathya Sai Baba are many – here are a few

1) Edwin X, the Netherlands (the webmaster has the full details of this person, anonymous here)
2) Anonymous Danish youth
3) Gerald Joe Moreno, USA
4 The Indian web site (see downloaded page here)
They allowed the following comment to be posted on an article in reply to a defender of Sathya Sai Baba:-
TO: Krishnakumar- I used to be a devotee of Sai Baba till my boyfriend was given a private meeting when he took him inside and asked him to do sexual things with him. My boy friend was shocked , he refused, came out. My boy friend is heterosexual. We both left Puttaparthi because, after that we were threatened by Sai Baba’s thugs. We were both 23 yrs old. We realized that we had to leave. So don’t live in your make believe world!!!! Wake up. I bet you are not sexually interesting , otherwise he would have tried you too.
By Linda Burton 12/26/2009 11:45:00 PM

Sathya Sai College: ex-student tells of awful sex culture there  A valuable account to inform those who were at the colleges what others experienced. Much was unsaid about Sathya Sai Baba because of the extreme censorship, the very strong punishments that were meted out to students who talked, up to and including their death.

More untoward events at Prashanthi Nilayam – unexplained deaths, disappearances, and suicides

See a selected list of prominent signers of the Sai Petition here.

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Therapists have left Sathya Sai Baba due to cover-up

Posted by robertpriddy on February 5, 2011

A number of professional psychologists, therapists and sex abuse counselors were followers of Sathya Sai Baba. Being able to separate psychological fact from fiction, they saw through the cover-up of his activities. The obligation of duty of care and mandatory reporting of testified and suspected crimes like sexual abuse – especially of minors – was taken seriously by them, unlike the high office-bearers in the Sathya Sai Organization Dr. Michael Goldstein and Dr. Samuel Sandweiss. The fact, admitted even by several office-bearers, that Sai Baba rubs oil on boys penises and gonads etc. is itself sufficient to warrant a proper investigation, but no… these deluded worshippers are too frightened of losing their imagined spiritual boons from him even to raise the issue properly. See e.g., Barry Pittard’s article: Psychotherapist’s Note On Ullrich Zimmermann’s Sexual Abuse Allegation Against Sathya Sai Baba. The following telling account is but one example of resignation from the organization:-

“As a licensed therapist, I am a mandatory reporter of suspected child abuse as are doctors, nurses, teachers, psychologists, social workers, school counselors, clergy, and others. As I began to come to terms with the truth of Sai Baba’s pedophilia, I asked myself the following questions: Can I justify to the state licensing authority my worship of, and blind loyalty to, a guru in India who claims to be God on the one hand, and stands publicly accused by victims around the world of pedophilia? How do I justify the Baba organization’s efforts to suppress these accusations, when I am obligated by law to report them?

My journey to Baba started early in life. As a child I did not find God in the Christian faith of my family. Talk of God was there, but His spirit was absent. By the time I was 18 I had tried three different denominations. Disillusioned, I declared myself an atheist and gave up on religion, spirituality and God for 20 years. When I was in my late 30’s (the year was 1978) I took a philosophy course at my local community college and my professor, a former Jesuit, introduced me to Sai Baba. He was an honest man, an educated man, and a wise man. If he believed that Sai Baba was a divine incarnation, I was willing to take a look. I read and believed the testimonials of Howard Murphet, an Australian author, Dr. Jack Hislop, president of the Sai Organization of the Americas, Phyllis Krystal, a psychotherapist, Dr. Samuel Sandweiss, a psychiatrist, Dr. Kasturi, Baba’s official interpreter, and many others. These were, in my mind, very credible people. I relied on Sai’s representations, “I have not come to start a new religion” and “Where money is I am not.” I applauded his “Ceiling on Desires” program and the Education in Human Values program, when it came into being. Sai Baba is very godly in his demeanor. I made 3 trips to India, in 1985, 1995, and 1996. We were scheduled to go again in January, 2001. I was mesmerized by him and believed he could do no wrong. He was, after all, God incarnate.

I was writing a book, with seven chapters completed, about Baba, my spiritual journey and its compatibility with the practice of psycho/spiritual therapy. My husband and I were serving on committees organizing the Sathya Sai School in West Hartford, CT and the Sathya Sai summer camp in Woodstock, CT. I have also been a workshop facilitator at the regional retreats, and numerous meditation retreats held in our region. Both of us have been officers in our local Sai Center several times; I was vice-president before my resignation in July, 2000.

Dr. Goldstein and other officials in the organization are suppressing information, and attacking former devotees who have testified against Sai Baba. There is, for example, a letter from a woman in California which was sent to all Center presidents. In our center it was suppressed by the president and devotions coordinator because they were told to do so by the regional president. In the US freedom of speech and access to information are rights protected by law.  This material cannot be suppressed. People will eventually find out as we did and then feel doubly betrayed; first by Sai, and then by the organization and our fellow devotees.  Sai devotees resent the organization being labeled a cult, yet these are clearly cult practices and mind control techniques.

Since we first saw the information on the Internet, we have talked to three different mental health professionals. In three separate conversations, they identified the cult practices, mind control, and brainwashing techniques. These are truths we could no longer deny.

Elena A. Hartgering”



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Guru-buster Premanand exposed Gerald Moreno

Posted by robertpriddy on July 14, 2010

Basava Premanand, known world-wide as India’s top “guru buster, was smeared massively by Gerald Moreno. Eventually Premanand responded in published books and numerous web pages (see some here). One can safely say he ‘bust’ Moreno too… answering his long diatribes point for point in the most balanced and sound manner… winning every such contest with him (see list here under Premanand). Here is one brief excerpt:-

Now Moreno I shall prove why the oilings below the navel are most likely to have a sexual significance.
1. The navel and the part below the navel up to the pubic area is the most erotogenic part of the human body arousing sexual desire.

This is what you state what happened to you and others mentioned by you in this article about oilings.
1. GM. The majority of people who have oilings say SSB applies the oil to their lower abdomen area between their pubic area and their navel.
2. GM : SSB applied the oil just beneath my navel
3. Marc-Andre: He applied it on my scrotum
4. David Paul : the oiling took place just above the pubic region and on the lower stomach
5. Greg Gerson : Applied the oil on my lower abdomen, below my navel and above my penis.
6. Alaya Rahm : Rubbed his genitals
This would make an overwhelmingly likely case that all the oilings mentioned by you and your experience are sexually oriented, not least as an introductory ‘grooming’.
Moreover this is not like the way to raise the Kundalini Shakti (sexual power) as described in scripture.

Gerald Moreno admitted to being ‘oiled’ on his account of his first visit to Sai Baba (see scan of the oiling account here)
Many others who have reported genital oiling and serious sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba:-

See also Oiling of genitalia by Sathya Sai Baba
Sai Baba sex abuse reports on the Sai Petition

Basava Premanand died last year, leaving behind him a massive legacy to society – not only to India but also to the world via international media, including Discovery Channel programmes and BBC documentary and radio interviews. His aim was to help the Indian masses free themselves from gross superstition by a tremendous and courageous front-line campaign involving thousands of demonstrations of the magic tricks used by gurus, swamis and other charlatans

This relative nobody Moreno from Las Cruces has the misguided audacity to attack a lifelong selfless worker for truth, the scientific spirit and morality as Basava Premanand, whose contributions are hailed by the genuine secular intelligentsia of India and elsewhere. He even makes a disreputable attack on Premanand’s last statement , made to witnesses and signed on his deathbed…  as if he really knew the circumstances. And thus Moreno’s own self-importance shows him up and defeats him in the eyes of decent people by making himself look insignificant and jealously petty beside a true Indian gentleman.  Compared to the respected figure of Premanand, Moreno lacks all known qualifications or genuine employment, yet he set himself up all across the ether as a “neutral” researcher and pretends to some kind of spirituality (despite his decidedly non-spiritual attacks on all and sundry).

Later on in desperation no doubt to find some ‘qualification’, Moreno has described himself as a “professional artist” and “world traveler”. To that one must say there are millions of world travelers today, they are usually known as ‘tourists’  – and Moreno has been to India a number of times, but is otherwise not known for explaining anything whatever about any other culture. As to being  a” professional artist”, no exhibitions of Moreno’s supposed works of art have been registered anywhere – unless he believes his computer-generated pseudo-holy mandalas qualify as ‘professional art (often the sign of New Age fantasizers)? Indeed these show – no talent for originality or detail (they were originally available via his site at If so, he can show no professional art critic who considers them to be so. The term “professional artist” usually refers to someone who has completed higher studies at some Acadamy of Art – or else to a commercial artist – someone who earns a living by producing artwork for the media including magazines, films… but Moreno is neither of these, unless I am very much mistaken? Nor is he known to be an artist who exhibits and lives by the sale of paintings, aquarelles, gouaches and similar difficult media. Let him explain how his claim is not just bogus posturing. Perhaps his best work is to be seen below here.

The lone wolf howls? Latest example of Moreno’s overblown nit-picking mentality and lack of anything of the slightest importance to criticise is how he calls my mistaking the date of a Sai interview full of genuine howlers to be a howler on my behalf! It doubtless made petty Moreno howl, but no one else, I’d say. Moreover he is an ageist, calling my misreading of a date senility (his having already claimed I suffer from senile dementia – a lie concocted by him without any possible evidence as he has no access to my health records and my mind is as fit as a fiddle. Besides he knows that the volume of material I put out daily would be beyond most people with any sign whatever of senility. His baseless slur is just another of his typical schoolyard tit-for-tat reactions, this time because I have forwarded reports from the ashram that Sai Baba shows continual signs of senility. Most of Moreno’s writings against me are essentially like this, which just his vindictive agenda and lack of mature judgement. I corrected this dating error as I always correct anything shown to be wrong, unlike Moreno who almost never does that.

The academic and author Brian Steel has written a number of articles about the attempts of Sai baba followers and defenders to slander, discredit and generally destroy the reputations of all critics of Sathya Sai Baba. He provides many references to other writers who expose the most primitive and massive attack campaign by a person of no known occupation or qualifications of any kind, Gerald Joe Moreno.

See also The Passing of a Great Man
Moreno’s major distortion of Basava Premanand’s Declaration
Moreno’s senile dementia slur

Here one can see that Moreno is as capable as is any teenager or child of distorting images with Internet graphics (Dadlani’s face has been whited out my me):-

Moreno's brilliant image manipulations, such moral rectitude!

Deformation of copyright photo by Gerald Moreno

The "professional artwork(?)" of Gerald Moreno

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The spiritual master can do no wrong?

Posted by robertpriddy on February 26, 2010

Those who remain believers in Sathya Sai Baba as a ‘Master’  have some revealing thoughts. They speak of what they have heard about him on the negative side as ‘rumours’. They concentrate only on their own marvellous experiences and claim they feel bliss, love and benefit from its healing. They all know they are sorely tested, but they hang onto the idea that it is for their own good and is ordained by the ‘Master’, when actually it is all their own minds or psyches which bring about everything they experience. They are duped by the idea Sai Baba promotes, that human minds fight against knowing the truth (which is for them the indoctrinated ideas they have from him), while – ironically – they are unknowingly fighting the factual truth, that Sathya Sai Baba is a great abuser of faith and people! They cannot afford to investigate seriously for many reasons, loss of what keeps them hoping, investment of prestige and the risk of losing the only friends they in most cases have left (other devotees). They have often material investments – in property in Puttaparthi or the ashram too, and some are more or less trapped there because they impoverished themselves in donating to the cult (which misuses and embezzles the money as much as it does any good with it). They cannot bring themselves to believe those who testify to sexual abuse, claiming it is all imagination, invented tales etc. They like to believe it is all some kind of healing or esoteric teaching.

They are comfortable enough with themselves as disciples, which counts most for them – their own spiritual salvation and hopes of bliss and liberation,. Not least therefore do they ignore those many once-respected ex-devotees – who some of them no doubt once knew: upright persons who – despite their own deepest wishes – were honest enough to look at the facts and sooner or later discovered Sai Baba’s true nature. To believe that it makes no difference whether a person is moral or immoral, to accept that a person who goes against dharma can be a Master, is to be living in a hall of mental mirrors, because truth, goodness, right action and non-abuse are certainly necessary to any worthwhile moral teacher or guide through life.

I have met many people who have convinced themselves into thinking they are self-realised (and I used to joke mildly about it too, but they never realised I was pulling their legs and leading them on  to see how self-deluded they were). It is the done thing among many Sai cultists to give at least the impression that one is happy and even experiences ‘divine love and bliss’. I have got to know many through the decades who assert such things, but not seldom on closer acquaintance they turned out to be privately depressed, even suicidal!

The reigning doctrine among remaining followers who have learned about Sathya Sai Baba’s recognised ‘genital oiling’ – instances of which are evidently countless – is that it is a kind of healing. What it heals is not stated… but it is assumed that it is the turmoil of having a sexual urge. Can those who were subjected to it have been healed of something – for some believe this themselves, without going into any reasonable detail as to what this consisted in, including some who think and think it ‘healed’ them without really knowing from what? (Post factum, one is faced with the choice: ‘healing’ or ‘abuse’… it is easy enough to see how much easier and less embarrassing the former explanation is to choose). It is well-known that all young men have problems because of testosterone and shortage of sexual opportunities or fulfillment – the ‘raging hormones’ when suppressed can famously cause sexual thoughts of all otherwise unwelcome kinds, so that guilt and frustration combined cause great mental unbalance in the premarital years of ‘Sturm und Drang‘. By seeing Sathya Sai Baba as God Incarnate, or at least as having some ‘divine qualities’ (which is a general condition of getting as far as a private interview) the internal pressure this creates is to want to regard the oiling as beneficial by the one involved (though with some notable exceptions). Some believe they must have been cured of their sexual problems, which would itself be a great relief to many young men. It gets harder when Sai Baba repeats this ‘ceremony’ time and again in successive interviews. Why? How much such ‘healing’ can one need – or take on? Believing one is well is always more conducive to the subjective feeling of health (or healing) – unless or until a serious condition cause a physical crisis, where belief is a hindrance to getting the proper treatment or operation.

Like the actual defender of sex abusers, Gerald Moreno, many hang anxiously onto the idea that the purpose of these oilings is not grooming for possible sex, though they cannot explain it (as Moreno could not). That oiling in the pubic – or on the membrum virile and/or the sensitive perineum – is not a part of any Hindu scripture or tradition, but this fact is ignored totally.

Sathya Sai Baba can’t escape the sex abuse testimonies
Khushwant Singh video clips: genital oiling, lingams, followers
Gerald Moreno: homo-erotic fantasies, latent homosexuality
The Gerald Moreno dossier
Author admits genital oiling by Sathya Sai Baba



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Khushwant Singh video clips: genital oiling, lingams, followers

Posted by robertpriddy on December 31, 2009

The world for Sai Baba devotees is like an enchanted garden where anything can happen. Small incidents can seem meaningful when it is believed he creates them. … They inhabit a world in which signs and evidence of his love and grace are pervasive. Any trouble vanquished or illness cured is by his grace(L.A.Babb, 1986 a:199)



KHUSWANT SINGH: Indians get impressed when they see white people becoming devotees, that applies to the Germans, Australian, Italians, Spaniards, Americans with shaved heads with their pigtails, wearing the mumbo-jumbo of the prayers that they carry out, dancing in the streets

another short VIDEO CLIP  SHORT SINGH VIDEO CLIP  567Kbs in Quicktime   – SEE VIDEO HERE)

TANYA DATTA: One of the things that a lot of the abuse victims we’ve talked to have said is that Sai Baba does the genital oilings because it is part of Hinduism. Have you heard anything…

KHUSHWANT SINGH There is no Indian tradition to support –  that worship of the linga includes  doing the ‘blow job’, if that is what you are referring to.
I don’t think there is any basis for that whatsoever.



KHUSWANT SINGH: Indians get impressed when they see white people becoming devotees, that applies to the Germans, Australian, Italians, Spaniards, Americans with shaved heads with their pigtails, wearing the mumbo-jumbo of the prayers that they carry out, dancing in the streets

In his regular column in The Hindustan Times on March 20, 1999 (during a rare visit by Sai Baba to New Delhi) Khushwant Singh made the following enlightening remarks:

“The Indian soil is very productive of prophets and messiahs. We have always had men and women claiming to be incarnations of God, or even God Himself in human form. What would be regarded a sheer blasphemy and treated with ridicule by Christians or a sentence of death in Islam is acclaimed by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs as an avatar. So we have many Bhagwans (Gods), Swamis (Lords), Rishis (Sages), Maharishis (great sages), Acharyas (teachers), Saints (saints) and Gurus with large followings.”

“… If anyone is to be put on a shrink’s couch, it is not the godman but his followers who look upon him as God to find out what is missing in their lives which they hope to fulfil by associating with their chosen godman. It is not producing vibhuti (sacred ash), materializing watches and medallions from the air or regurgitating sivalingas – all such tricks can be performed by magicians and cannot stand the test of scientific scrutiny. The devotees’ faith has more solid foundations. They have unquestionable belief that their guru can do no wrong.”

Information on the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization
See also Devotee attacks on the Sai petition and petitioners

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Gerald Moreno: homo-erotic fantasies, latent homosexuality

Posted by robertpriddy on October 16, 2009

This fanatical defender of Sathya Sai Baba and everything about him has – in his usual disgusting feral attacks on dissidents – tried to make out that I have homo-erotic fantasies and that I am a latent homosexual. Of course, this is a desperate attempt to smear me with a complete untruth, one for which there is of course not a shred of evidence. Readers may wonder why he does this? Here is a brief resumé of the reason:-

Sathya Sai Baba is very widely reported – even by some of his own officials – as using oiling of the genitals. Accounts of his molestation show that this often turned out to be a prelude to homosexual acts with young men and underage boys in private interviews. Gerald Moreno described (see here) how, in a private interview, Sathya Sai Baba oiled him “on the lower stomach” (without explaining exactly how low – so one can assume it was in the pubic area). He later came to believe that Sathya Sai Baba IS a sexual abuser, and posted this view on his website (see here). Then he changed his mind – having already spent two years attacking all those who testified that Sai Baba abused them sexually.

This alone strongly indicates Moreno’s deep uncertainty about why Sai Baba oiled him – no doubt, in view of all the evidence presented, he must have at least thought it was grooming for possible sex. Later, when he decided his position was totally untenable (as it was – defending to the hilt someone he thought to be a sexual abuser) he took the first somewhat plausible opportunity to declare that he was certain Sai Baba is NOT a sexual abuser. That ‘opportunity’ came when Alaya Rahm, one of the most outspoken accusers of Sai Baba for sexual abuse, withdrew a court case against the US Sai Baba authorities. The withdrawal was simply due to there being no way to sue Sai Baba from the USA, nor was there any accountable Sathya Sai Organization registered in the USA. Moreno has incessantly tried to twist this into a whitewashing of Sai Baba and a verdict condemning Alaya Rahm… while it most certainly is no such thing. It was simply a court case that was dismissed by the litigant (see here)! Moreno has written endless pages trying to prove his opinion, not least a constant flood of inserts on the Wikipedia Sathya Sai Baba page. In this last concerted attempts he failed miserably, having to accept that his entries were not reputable and eventually being indefinitely banned from Wikipedia by a unanimous panel of six administrators.

I do not suffer from any known mental deficiencies or illnesses that Moreno claims I do (i.e. without a shred of evidence and out of hate) nor do most of the critics of Sathya Sai Baba… but those who continue to overlook the evidence of sexual abuse and murders involved do suffer from one kind or another of cognitive disorder… Moreno continues to expose himself such a very disturbed person (see links below).

See also Moreno’s bawdy blogs and few supporters

Fighting Facts with Smears – profile of a web aggressor, Gerald Moreno

You can see a selected list of prominent signers of the Petition here.

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Sathya Sai Baba oils genitals (boys/young men) Part 1

Posted by robertpriddy on October 4, 2009

It is now a wholly undisputed fact, even among many leading devotees (for example, the European Central Coordinator of the Sathya Sai Organisation, Thorbjørn Meyer) that Sathya Sai Baba takes down the trousers of many young men and boys and handles their genitals intimately, rubbing on oil and sometimes also so-called ‘holy ash’. Many report that he also rubs vigorously so as to (try to) cause an erection, also sometimes kissing them voluptuously on the mouth. That any such things took place at all was long covered up by a number of top leaders in the Satya Sai Organisation! In civilised countries, the touching of genitals under such circumstances is an illegal, punishable action unless carried out by a doctor on prior consent of the patient. A number of Indian devotees have actually said that they see no wrong in this or any other sexual abuse of young males, because God Himself can do no wrong! Some have fanciful theories about it awakening spiritual powers, one even condones all forms of sexual abuse as needful karma (see here)

The Danish Sathya Sai Organization Central Co-ordinator, Thorbjørn Meyer admits it takes place, called this act by Satya Sai Baba an “age old Indian oiling ceremony”, without being able to produce even a fragment of documentation for this from Indian scripture or reliable historical sources. A close family member has written to me that even Meyer’s own younger son was oiled on the genitals by Sai Baba, also while under the age  of consent at 14 years!  He was also instructed not to tell his father! Thorbjørn Meyer has not deigned to explain why a number of victims of these strictly unlawful interventions have been subjected to the molestation “ceremony” several  times, and have never been asked if they wish for it or what it may or may not signify.
Another Danish ‘Sai-VIP’,  Jørgen Trygved admitted on National Danish TV News that these oilings take place. Other Danish leaders have also admitted, one way and another, that genital oiling is done by Sathya Sai Baba. Trygved stated that the  is intended to reduce the sexual energies of young men. These “spiritual leaders” have not explained how this oil works, how they know anything about it or why has ever reduced a testosterone level.  Nor can they say why women have been wholly excluded from these supposedly stupendous blessings from the ‘living Avatar’.

See the definitive summary of documentation covering the sexual allegations against Sathya Sai Baba

Here is what an authority on Hindu mysticism has to say about the matter:

Regarding this “kundalini raising” matter, there is NOTHING in the literature I’ve ever seen from the Hindu, Buddhist or Taoist tantric traditions or Hindu shaktipat guru traditions – and I have read widely and extensively in this literature – about “raising the kundalini” by sexually molesting male youth. It is a bald lie that Sri Ramakrishna initiated Narendranath (Swami Vivekananda) or anyone else in this manner. The accounts all state quite clearly that he would touch the disciples on the chest or head. He wasn’t taking
them off in private to massage or suck the penis or have male youth do the same to him. I have an extensive library of many rare Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu works (in addition to a huge collection of works from western mystical traditions) and I’ve NEVER read anything that would suggest that what SSathya Sai Baba is doing to male youth has been done by ANY other spiritual master in any tradition. Again, I wrote my M.A. thesis on the cross-cultural phenomenon of shaktipat or “energy empowerment” and I’ve never seen any document that alleged that the “kundalini” or vital force or subtle energy could or should be awakened in this manner.
The question exposing the faulty logic here is that, if the kundalini could be raised in this manner, why isn’t SSathya Sai Baba providing the same service for less attractive young men, or older men, or any females? Barry, please feel free to send this posting to anyone on your list who is either sympathetic or critical of SSathya Sai Baba. It’s time for the truth to be told about this matter of the kundalini and Sathya Sai Baba.
Best wishes to all, Dr. Timothy Conway. Santa Barbara, CA USA.

More on genital oiling admissions to follow later!

Please go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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Sathya Sai Baba: the sex abuse testimonies

Posted by robertpriddy on October 3, 2009

At least 30 young men have openly testified in public to one or another form of sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba, from handling of genitals to masturbation and oral sex. Numerous others who fear for their own safety have contacted trusted dissidents in private with their accounts.

Please see the list of prominent signers of the Sai Petition or go to the Public Petition for Official Investigations of Sathya (or Satya) Sai Baba and His Worldwide Organization

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More personal attacks by Gerald Joe Moreno

Posted by robertpriddy on April 17, 2009

Gerald Joe Moreno shows increasingly fanatical zeal and reckless puerility in his efforts to defend Sathya Sai Baba by attacking me as a “dirty old man” as having “a fairy-tale mentality (which appears to be the onslaught of senile dementia” etc.) and in many other transparently-fabricated ways. Who will ever believe him? The “fairy-tale mentality” all belongs to Sathya Sai Baba and is promoted on his blogs by Joe Moreno. He who even explicitly long believed Sai Baba  to be a sexual abuser, yet defended him to the extreme! (see documentation below). He has got the wrong person entirely – for example,  it is not me but Sathya Sai Baba who has openly and credibly been accused of sexual abuse by 30 different young men around the world, and it is Sai Baba who was exposed as engaging in oral male sex on TV documentaries as Sai Baba has (and he is obviously afraid to sue the BBC or Danish TV). Indeed,  I am none of the vile things Moreno wants to believe I am.

He always accuses me of the very faults which he has exercised himself to a maximum degree before I ever responded, such as “internet propaganda, libels and complete disinformation.”

Exactly what happened to Moreno in the private interview? The reason for my interest is not prurience but entirely as an investigator and exposer of many described crimes by Sathya Sai Baba. Joe Moreno makes a big deal about not having stated that oil was “massaged” onto his lower stomach (as I claim), saying only that it was “applied”. How then? With a spatula or a sponge? No. It was from Sai Baba’s hand, he has made that clear enough. So was it not rubbed on? (ie. = massaged in?). That way is widely reported by those describing these oil molestations. Joe is VERY cagey indeed about HOW it was applied and exactly how low down, wanting at any cost to escape any idea that he was being ‘groomed’ to see if he would rise to the approach. He says this occurs between the navel and the pubic area… but plenty of others have explained that it includes the genitals. I am not saying that Joe experienced that, but I think Sai baba did take his pants down (he does, according to reports) or told him to do in words or gestures (as other who received his attentions  have described). Or did Sai Baba put his hand inside his pants to reach the lower stomach? Or what? Let Moreno explain himself. Too embarrassing to admit, perhaps, what actually was the case?

That is was illegal sexual molestation, according to professional experts in such matters and according to the law in most countries, including in India, is an objective fact, however pleasurable [yet also inexplicable] Joe Moreno claims it to have been… If so harmless or enriching (?), why did he leave Sathya Sai Baba and not visit him for more of the same?Why does he claim not to be a devotee or follower… yet to defend him to the last ditch?

Here is an interesting posting:- joeoily

Some of Moreno’s vile image distortions under his pseudonym

Equalizeranswered most graciously by Al Rahm
Sai Baba on BBC video clips accused of oral sex
Further Sai Baba oral sex testimony on BBC
Sathya Sai Baba’s fairy-tale mentality very adequately documented

Full summary overview over sex allegations made against Sathya Sai Baba in six long parts

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