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Sathya Sai Baba and his Golden Chariot

Posted by robertpriddy on November 24, 2008

Sai Baba says one thing, does the opposite! In the Kulwant Hall on 22-9-199, Sathya Sai Baba claimed he did not like to ride on the golden chariot, it should be sold to benefit others. It still needs pointing out all the time how Sai Baba deceives people, for still after 10 years he keeps it and flaunts himself on this chariot of gold! He said:-

November 2008

November 2008

“Moreover you have to be told about today’s car festival. Whether you believe it or not I have no liking for such functions. .. Why should I be bothered with this immense burden of a Golden Chariot? I do not at anytime desire such things. Instead of this, you may spend any amount of money on social service activities.”

“Do not make such offerings as Golden Chariot anywhere. Anyone who desires such offerings cannot be divine. When the divine is immanent in everything, what is it that you can offer to the Divine? How are you eligible to make any offering at all?

Everything belongs to God. Henceforth devotees should not bring here any gold ornaments or ornamental chariots or golden chariots. It is better to sell such objects for providing drinking water to the people.”
(see Sathya Sai Speaks vol. 30 p. 208)

Why Sathya Sai Baba keeps riding high on his golden chariot is obvious enough – he wants more attention, and since non-Indian foreigners have fallen away in such numbers, a Golden Chariot is fine for attracting impressionable poor Indians, who are always dazzled by riches and opulence. Sai Baba acts no differently in this from the much criticised Jayalalita – sheer waste, except that in Sai Baba’s case the money is supposed to go to the needy!

In the same discourse Sai Baba made clear that he sat on the chariot for the sake of one of his long-term devotees – Chettiar – who solicited funds for the chariot (forbidden to Sai devotees to ask for money for such things). Sai Baba said:
“Over many years Subramaniam Chettiar has been engaged in promoting ‘Paduka Seva’ [NOTE: worship of Sai Baba’s sandals]… …He brought the chariot here out of his great love. He had one overwhelming desire in his life. He was keen to celbrate this ‘Rathothsavam’ (festival of the Golden Chariot) in his life time.”
and “… whatever Subramaniam Chettiar  may feel, if somebody is ready to bid for this chariot I shall be glad to give it away and use the money for providing drinking water to more villages.”

The man who took money from people to pay for the chariot, Mr. Chettiar, is now deceased and his self-interested lifelong desire has been fulfilled several times over. It is only his son who carries on. But Sai Baba has used the chariot several times since then right up until now! Why was it not sold? Is Swami’s wish not valid? Or were there no bidders for the white elephant? To show his words are not empty, Sai Baba should auction it, or even melt down the gold and give the money where there is desperate need. Is the wish of one devotee enough to make Sai Baba continue to play the money mogul on a gravy train?

But all this is yet another proof of the hypocrisy of Sai Baba, as also seen in many of his words and acts (which often conflict). He exhibits a patently evident longing for greater name and fame in so many ways. As for his rejecting golden ornaments in such strong terms, the hypocrisy is clear again in his accepting a symbolic golden sceptre last week, and also in his accepting a life-sized golden statue of himself!

Sai Bab accepts gold in any shape

Sai Baba accepts gold in any shape or form

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