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Rolf Harris could not lie his way out of prison sentence

Posted by robertpriddy on July 4, 2014

Dana Gillespie and Rolf Harris perform devotional song to the 'one god'

Dana Gillespie and Rolf Harris perform devotional song to the ‘one god’

Unlike Sai Baba, Rolf Harris was unable – despite his fame and popularity – to escape the consequences of his lustful crimes. Though he knew Queen Elisabeth, Prince Charles and most of the prominent figures in UK and in much of the world too, he was finally caught out. He threw his weight about, even in court (singing etc.) and towards his accusers who he slandered most mendaciously and showed not a shred of contrition. His sentence of 5 years 9 month caused many to complain as far too light considering his despicable behaviour. His worship of the serial sex abuser of young boys and men Sai Baba – who always cunningly promised protection to all his devotees – did not save him from prosecution and prison. Harris “claimed the guru’s teachings had transformed his life and played his famous didgeridoo on a fund-raising CD of mystic chants.” Unlike Sai Baba, he did not have the Prime Minister, President, Supreme Court Chief Justices as his devoted worshippers, so the charges against him were not quashed (as they were across the board for Sai Baba by PM Narasimha Rao, Home Minister S.B. Chavan with the aid of former ex-Chief Justice Bhagwati (his devoted servant).

Defenders of Sai Baba take note! Many comments by devotees in denial and his Hindu endorsers have said that all the good works Sai Baba did were enough to show that he was good, but they never wanted to know about the tremendous life suffering and also suicides that came of his sex abuses. 
Compare this ‘excuse’ with what his defending attorney said to Harris, “In the course of his 60 years in the entertainment business he has given much of his spare time freely and unstintingly to a variety of charitable causes with no complaint about his behaviour.” In sentencing Harris, the judge said: “You have been the recipient of a number of honours and awards over the years, you have done many good and charitable works and numerous people have attested to your positive good character. But the verdicts of the jury show that in the period from 1969 to 1986 you were also a sex offender, committing 12 indecent assaults on four victims who were variously aged between eight and 19 at the time. He went on: “You have shown no remorse for your crimes at all. Your reputation lies in ruins, you have been stripped of your honours, but you have no one to blame but yourself.” (source

The UK authorities – police, courts, politicians and all under their jurisdiction are at long last catching up with and acting upon the realisation that people in high places can be extreme and serial sexual abusers. This initiates a genuine revolution in the treatment of women as equals, which has been far less than the case since time began, depriving them of basic human rights and justice, especially where sexual matters are concerned. The same is occurring as regards the abuse of boys by men, which has been shown to be extremely widespread, with the Roman Catholic Church as one several of the worst offending religious institutions (still dragging its feet wherever possible!). Britain is once again in the forefront of the world as regards taking most serious allegations seriously (at last) and actually bringing pedophiles and sexual abusers to justice. Among countries at the other extreme end of the scale is India, where the whole issue has been totally taboo until very recently, and which is still one of the worst examples of impunity for such criminals (especially when they claim to be ‘godmen’ or ‘godwomen’). Women in India are up against a massive, almost wall-to-wall male chauvinism, with even elected politicians (including PMs and Presidents) endorsing and/defending those who were or are known perpetrators of most heinous sexual crimes (Sathya Sai Baba, Asaram Bapu for a start). Major Government research with Help the Children and UNICEF has proved that sexual abuse of underage girls and boys is rife in India, yet cases are very few and convictions are utterly minimal! It is known worldwide that the rape and murder of defenceless women and even young girls is not even followed up by the police in many cases and the increasingly outraged population are given many promises which seldom lead to satisfactory indictments of all involved (esp. the police) and no apparent improvement in the male-dominant culture as a whole. 

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Sex abuse, anonymity and Sathya Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on February 6, 2014

The former discussion board of Anthony Thomas contained a variety of revealing materials. One such is the entry by a person called David who claimed he was sexually harassed by Sathya Sai Baba in interviews. Now why else would he want to post that if it were not a fact? The same applies to the scores of similar accounts very often claiming outright – and in credible detail of the circumstances – sexual abuse and often outright perversion by Sai Baba.

'David' on SB sex attempt

There is an obvious reason for sexually abused persons to be chary of giving their full names and details. It is even a risk for them to send an e-mail or post on a bulletin board as it is technically possible their identity may be discovered nonetheless. It is well known that murders of students who were allegedly also sexually abused took place in the ashram in June 1993, and many other reported suicides, disappearances and very threatening incidents have occurred, also harassment of victims outside India.

Anyone who does not understand the situation of an accusing sexually abused person who writes anonymously is entirely ignorant of what has been happening in the world today in the sphere of sex abuse – or wilfully prejudiced in favour of protecting the alleged abusers. In the case of famous and rich people, their victims keep quiet because they cannot get fair treatment. The UK and BBC Jimmy Saville case alone proves this, over 1,000 abuse victims have come forward after the whistle was blown on him after his death! The Catholic Church present another case of institutionalised sexual abuses on a far great scale than has yet been admitted, let alone pursued by the law. Many victims took decades before they were able to stand forth and get a reasonable hearing. Even the United Nations are powerless to enforce prosecutions on the Catholic Church/Vatican, which they have recently condemned in no uncertain terms for not doing enough to rid their institution of sexual abusers and pedohiles, even though tens of thousands of victims have been reported. By comparison, the Sathya Sai Organisation has done absolutely nothing to investigate the abuses that took place on an unknown by large scale. 

Further to the above, a mail received by the exposé which also exposes untoward facts about Sai Baba’s sexual exploits (click on scan at right):-



Signers of the petition who were – or knew someone who was – sexually abused by Sathya Sai Baba (not many other posted full accounts elsewhere instead)



See also the full overview of the many Sai Baba sex allegations:

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