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Tigrett trying to influence the Clintons

Posted by robertpriddy on October 26, 2016

Interesting things learnt from the article by David and Jennie Cornsweet (excerpts shown below) include:cornsweets

1. Oracle boy is no longer willing to waste his time seeing people who will not cough up money and resources to further his fame.

2. The Cornsweet couple (David & Jennie) claim to have met with the Clintons (!!), told them about oracle boy and pushing for a free US hospital. No wonder they are now in the ‘VIP’ crowd around oracle boy!

Update comment post US election: The Cornsweets now have to get the support of Trump!

From: Sai Surya <SaiSurya@SukshmaBabaReport.Org>

Subject: Sukshma Baba Report 338 7-10-16 Sathya351 US News 2

Mississippi Hospital
Close to going to the moon, is the idea of a free hospital in the USA.  We have met with Hilary and Bill Clinton on this one.  It was very interesting to see their response to Swami’s Subtle body mission…..make that very, very interesting.  Both assured us of their support on this project but as they, or at least Hilary is a bit busy through the end of the year, we are holding off on doing much with this one till 2017.  Isaac is heading this one up.  What a wonderful instrument of God he is!!!!

Swami’s Travel Plans
Swami is changing up His travel plans a bit. He told us that He will now go only to those places that are doing the work He has given them, as well as several new places to plant the seeds of His Mission. He made the point of “Why should I go to the same places and deliver the same message, if they don’t listen to Me and put into practice what I teach?”

Swami is focusing on self-transformation. He has said that He is not here to build schools, hospitals, water projects or the like. He is not here to feed the hungry and provide the necessities to those suffering. These are all steps in our process of self-transformation as we become more and more of the divinity we really are.


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Isaac Tigrett on the go again

Posted by robertpriddy on July 20, 2016

Isaac Tigrett is busy touring all over the world, claiming a prestigious place on the stage with ‘oracle boy’ Madhusudhana Naidu, the controversial self-proclaimed spokesman for ‘subtle sai baba’ (you have to use your imagination to believe there is an invisible baba). 

Recently in California, the plans were announced by oracle boy to start a free ‘Super Speciality Hospital’ in the state of Mississippi in America, and Isaac will be in charge. He has already been warned about the “opposition and threats” that will try to hinder his mission. One wonders how many rich fools there are to finance such a venture? 

One also wonders what has become of the “Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray” mammoth new age project that Isaac proclaimed to the world in 2012 and has since gone exactly nowhere since then? One cannot find information about any development whatsoever and the Facebook page and website started to offer news on the venture, has not been updated in years.

Below are quotes regarding the hospital-to-be in Mississippi; will this also be yet another dead-end venture of the now quite aged and cash-poor Isaac Tigrett? There is also a video of Isaac saying online that oracle boy wants him to open a casino in Las Vegas: joke or not?

“This occasion was used to announce that a Super Speciality Hospital will be built in the state of Mississippi. (It is the poorest place in the United States). Also that Isaac Tigrett will spend a little more time with him in India before he moves to United States to continue his assignments which included this project.

“It will be a very difficult undertaking as there will be opposition and threats from many people.  When confronted by this negativity, he should call upon Sai Baba who will immediately take care of the situation.”

Tigrett and his supernatural wonders that fade away never cease to amuse us! This buffoon presumably still has some cash stashed away… or is he relying on the rump of the US SSO donors? Or is it is crystal skull he put in the pyramid in Memphis that is working its magic at last?
A casino in Las Vegas could be a likely financial source for this Hard Rock, beer and beef-burger entrepreneur – taking money from the rich suckers to build a monument, allegedly to Swami – whether the dead one or the invented ‘subtle Sai’, who can say. The whole satirical saga is unbeatable and unbearably weird. The Mystic Inn of the Seventh Ray, which Sai Baba designed with his close buddy, Isaac, will have to wait for any future successful claimant to wear the mantle of Prema Sai, I suppose.

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Connie Shaw on the ‘Avatar’s Mission’

Posted by robertpriddy on May 21, 2015

The Muddenahalli upstart ‘Sai Baba impersonator, ‘Sri’ Madhusudhan Naidu’s world tour has been to Tokyo and now also to Croatia (proudly reported to have been held at “Hypo Conference Centre multi-story convention hall) in Zagreb” – presumably proving the importance of this meeting). We received a mail by an elderly Sai Baba follower,  Connie Shaw:-

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ‘VijayaSai B.S.’ 
Date: 16 May 2015 at 11:03

I cull some of the paiste pearls cast to us swine in the very long and hysterically gushing e-mail… some of its cloying hype, denial and raging gullibility. Connie Shaw certainly exercised her inconceivable self-delusion. Having seen all this many times over during 18 years involvement in the Sai Organisation and learned from hard experience what motivates it, I also outline some real causes behind it.

Here is a taste of it: “Like ravenous honey bees, constantly-arriving devotees were preparing their “landing-approaches” to return to the nectarous Heart of the Avatar, Invisible or not!”
But why then had they all left it in the first place, one wonders? Sai Baba was ever reminding that he was not in any one place, but was omnipresent, so if one (was fool enough to have) believed him, then why go to Croatia, of all places, for this? Loneliness, longing for Sai brother and sisterhood again, and even the hope of getting somewhere or other along the ‘trudging road of never-ending setbacks’ towards spiritual mirages?

Connie Shaw informs:  “the Croatian audience was comprised of Western adults, primarily from Europe. They have been tried in the fires of war, financial deprivation, hunger, unemployment and climate changes. They have been chastened and softened, prepared for New Work.” Was the Croatian audience Croatian or Western Europeans? It is highly unlikely that many other of the diminishing groups of European devotees would have gone to such an event.

“Of the thousand people in attendance, there were perhaps 950 women and about fifty men and boys, including a handful of children!” An utterly overwhelming percentage of women, which gender is always most susceptible to male-dominated guru cults. 

“Sri Ravi Kasturi, Sai’s enormously talented Team Organizer and Envoy, who has the energy of triplets and the charm of Krishna” So Krishna was equalled in charm by   this factotum? But how could Connie Shaw judge that (unless she had been a gopi with Krishna in that mythology). Is it just over-heated wishful imagination? Miss Shaw’s enthusiasm for this organiser knew no bounds, embarrassingly praising as some magical Envoy with “the energy of triplets” a combination of a fast-moving sprite, a circus ring-leader, a Master of Ceremonies, a Field Marshall, and the ultimate Body Guard” (who also directed the security guard!).

Miss Shaw lavished absurd epithets on other men prominently involved, for example “slender, fluid Dr. Srinivas, the very appealing and accomplished physician, ambassador-for-Sai… self-effacing, somewhat shy demeanor” and also ” White-haired Sri Narasimha Murthy, the warden of the Sri Sathya Sai School at Muddenahalli, much- maligned (unfairly and unfortunately), due to his formidable task and position in the Next Chapter of Sai’s Mission)… who is tall, strongly-built and imposing, looked resplendent in his long stylish kurta and matching pants. She melted when she observed his tender, motherly interactions with toddlers..”
Miss Shaw avoids reporting, of course that this same Narasimha Murthy (who I met at Muddenahalli in 1998, and his pants did match his kurta even then) was accused by students of being a procurer of boys for Sai Baba’s pleasure, and an abuser himself.

Connie Shaw is already well qualified as a totally uncritical and credulous believer and proselytizer – having, for example, swallowed the impossible when she got Sai Baba to answer a question with ‘no joking’.  He assured here definitively that after 2007 there would be no war, only peace! ( How can she rationalise that? Well, not reasonably, but by sheer denial and clinging to her blind faith and all it means to her and the other unfortunates who have had to see their guru-god die (of terrible symptoms which match death from AIDS)long before he predicted. One understands her inability to liberate herself from the worship of such a compromised guru who has done many terrible things when she proclaims: ““He is my life and I live to love and to obey Him. He is the Only Doer”

Since the ignominious death of Sai Baba there have been almost no jolly get-togethers in India and very few elsewhere of any size or note. The uncertain number of Western visitors among the 1000 or so Croatians at the pseudo-darsan were no doubt gasping for ‘spiritual company’ and the old games of blessed VIP and lesser egos chafing against one another that they have missed so desperately while nothing was happening. So again they evidently spend lots of money on air fares and all the rest… demonstrating the futility among followers of Swami’s best teaching of ‘ceiling on desires’.  Just as bad, they haven’t taken anything he said about having no mediums as these are impostors.

But those who seek the like-minded society of Muddenahalli illusionists recreate something of the pleasure of being part of an active movement again and no longer feel like tragic doubt-ridden outsiders of a dying cult. One such lonely left-behind was Isaac Tigrett who has been scorned by all right-thinking ‘officially endorsed’ Sai Baba minions and no longer welcome at Prashanthi. A famous donor and intimate of Sai Baba, it seems he presided  over the Croatian assembly as some kind of grey eminence. They had probably not seen him on BBC’s ‘The Secret Swami’  (see here) where he said he believed Sai Baba probably was a sexual abuser, and that it would make no difference to him if Sai Baba were to murder anyone! Perhaps he is keen to find donors for his non-starting New Age Coorg project (planned together with the ‘omnipotent’ dying Sai Baba himself), meanwhile scanning the 900 or so ladies present with mystic 7’th ray eyes…
Perhaps the reader will feel I am being unjust to the man of many female friends? Well, just get this excerpt from Connie Shaw’s mail (take care not to fall out of your chair laughing):-

“During the morning session, I saw, to my surprise and delight, Isaac Tigrett’s subtle body get up from his chair to the left of the stage, facing the audience, and move through the rows of women Vedic chanters while his physical body was still sitting in the chair! Like a kindly grand-father, he lovingly bent over and blessed/tapped  the top of each woman’s head, in appreciation for their chanting and their high vibrations. Another woman said that she had seen Baba leave His chair and bless/pat every one of the 1,000 attendees on the head! Indeed, it felt to this writer as if He had planted a vibrant blue-white Seed of Renewed-Purpose-and-Resolve in each of us.”

Miss Shaw was definitely ‘seeing things’ as a result of desperation to rediscover some purpose. The cult revolved much around people given to visions and waking dreams, with Tigrett as one of the worst.

“…(God, Creator of the Cosmos) Sri Sathya Sai Baba, also known to His 23 million devotees of all faiths as “Swami,” Master.” How did she figure the descent to 23 million when it used to be anything from 30 million to 60, to 600 million, according to a range of  officially released numbers? It is most likely that the number of true believers is now minimal and whoever could be considered genuine followers as less than a few million even including India, where Sai Baba is hardly ever even mentioned in the national news.

This is but the preliminary foreplay to the great ethereal coming-together which is heralded according to this e-mail, to be continued in the next blog…


COMMENT BY Siobhan Daniels

Just  to  let  you  know,  that  Isaac Tigrett is  still  allowed  to  stay  at  the  Ashram,  plus  his  Car  is  Parked  out side  his Building,  With  the  Sign  of  Illuminati on  it!!!,  Yet no  one  questions  this  which  I  find  so  weird!! Also are u aware there are signs in the Ashram saying any one going to muudenali will not be allowed in the Ashram’ Yet Isaak is allowed stay there!! Doesn’t make sense!!!?

REPLY (from Robert): Thanks for the information. I suppose that Ratnakar and Co. are scared to kick him out as there are quite s lot of rich Americans who may stop supporting them (if they still do, who knows?) or others who would feel this would force them to choose – Muddenahalli or Prashanthi but not both.

Chrisdokter said — May 23, 2015 at 1:40 pm e
“Miss Shaw is on a mission again. Judging by her past behaviour, she herself fits neatly in the inner circle of would-be female Western devotees slash mediums of the late guru, a la Phyllis Krystal, who are not only preying on the vulnerable by spreading this new gospel of this Madhu Sudan chap, but earning a pretty penny from her own ‘seva’ too, to the tune of 150 dollars for a ‘personal’ Skype ‘reading’, see her personal website. All love, my foot! A con woman, plain and simple, conning herself and others, trapped in cultish brainwash to her dying day.”

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Shiv Sena leader makes film ‘Satya Sai Baba’

Posted by robertpriddy on November 28, 2014

Baba Sathya Sai - stills

Baba Sathya Sai – stills

UP-DATE: What must be very near to being India’s least successful film in recent years is the long heralded  ‘Satya Sai Baba’ by Atman Films with Anup Jalota as a self-satisfied Bollywood and bowdlerised version of Sathya Sai Baba’s life and message. It appeared as a trailer review (8 mins. 15 secs, which was more than enough. Videos were to be found with  ‘First Look Launch’ of the film, and it was claimed that  in May 2014. Who knows where? Two years later, we are now told by The Asian Age that it will be released shortly. What the right-wing fanatical Shiv Sena has to do with it is anybody’s guess. Perhaps they bought it for a song. Previously I wrote:-

The Sai Baba imitator Anup Jalota talks in Hindi and apparently says “We made this film with zero percent pressure. I’ve known Baba for 50 years, I saw him, met him, went with him, I was so happy to make it with Baba’s blessings, I didn’t act, the director didn’t direct, it was all Baba; this film is like a meditation, we made a beautiful film…”  It is of poor technical quality with major dropouts of colouring and missing sound track problems. As a former follower, I am almost sorry for the remaining devotees that their god should be so thoroughly destroyed filmatically. While Hollywood could distort reality and over-romanticise everything, this film has managed to pervert the “godman’s” extraordinary life and times into a gaping emptiness of false sentiment, ham acting, cloying schmaltz and superficial portrayal. The main actor Jalota looks like a pakora-fed version of Sai Baba with nothing much else but similar gestures, a somewhat dead presence with a voice (speaking Hindi rather than Telugu) hardly reminiscent of Sai Baba’s high-pitched tones. Some short clips of dancing with rows of houri like ‘devotees’ lined up before the Avatar – artificial and pseudo-sexy – in my time there could well have got them rounded up in the proper and correct ashram and hounded out unmercifully… at least during my times there up to 1998.

Former privileged long-term Prashanthi resident but now totally disaffected US devotee, Eileen Weed, comments on the film::-

“Wow – what hilarity! It is a wonder that this film was made with such a low budget that the ‘special effect’ miracles are laughably pathetic! The acting is stiff, the dancing weird, the dialogue necessarily full of cliches. Furthermore, the sound of the trailer seems to go out at 2:22 until the end. Where was the Trust with their massive finances to make it a testament to Divinity?” The actions of the ‘sb’ cannot help but show closely what sb did in real life: wave his hands to pretend to create objects, bless people, speak spiritual clichés, and not much else.”

That such commercial interests, totally unconvincing as regards spirituality should release this, is akin to tramping on the grave of Sai Baba. No doubt, Bollywood false acting has its many adherents among Indians nonetheless,  but those who may like this live in a bubble of unreality far removed from the message Sathya Sai Baba said he wanted to convey. Judging by the trailer, to say that this film is a wooden turkey would be to show disrespect to the entire species of wooden turkey films. Sathya as a child is unconvincing and his mother is far too glam. The travesty continues with overacted parts as devotees. With all respects, had Sathya Sai Baba been so dull as shown, he could never have attracted anyone, at least certainly not from abroad. The only bits that ring true are the short clips taken from films and videos of the actual Sai Baba and devotees, mixed in to help out. Interestingly, only three Western devotees appear on the trailer – shown in the front row at darsan;  all three Norwegian ladies who as leader in Norway I knew well for years, and all of whom left Sathya Sai Baba around year 2000 in sheer disgust due to his sex abuses!

The immediate mid-air materialisation miracles during the Vedic yagna ritual as contrived on film were never witnessed as such in the real events – sheer invention! Some outward shows of emotional ‘spirituality’ – beloved of so many Indians – could not even be compared to a Disney fantasy on a truly awful day. Fake wigs are in evidence – but then Sai Baba sometimes wore then too.

Not unexpectedly the film avoids the many hidden truths about the real Sathya Sai Baba and the gruesome and humiliating aspects of end of his life, drugged, starved down to ca. 30 kgs, kept alive on life support until satisfactory for propaganda and security.  The trailer is now to be seen on YouTube (

The film is not for foreign release, the paucity of non-ethnic foreigners ensures that. And where is the confabulating ex-millionaire Isaac Tigrett? Where is the Prashanthi Christmas procession and choir, or the classical David Bailey. What became of the armed security guards and their metal detector entrance gates? Guess why there is no mention of the great devotees Idi Amin, Bettino Craxi, Rolf Harris and other famous criminals? And are even the all-dancing-all-singing Professors Anil Kumar and G. Venkataraman missing? We shall see whether the film eventually becomes a roaring hit in India… in which case it would forever warn any normal person off the self-proclaimed Creator of the Universe and Deity of All Deities to reconsider his claimed omnipotence yet again.

A genuine and live film which shows Prashanthi Nilayam and Sathya Sai properly was the BBC’s documentary ‘The Secret Swami’ (see overview here and watch on-line here)

‘Baba Satya Sai’ film demotes the swami to a ‘Demigod’
Baba Satya Sai film portrays Sai Baba’s mother
Sathya Sai Baba film (shooting in Parthi)

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Narayana with four arms come to save the world?

Posted by robertpriddy on November 24, 2014

A child born with four arms and four legs: The Daily Express writes:

Daily Express headline/photo

Daily Express headline – click photo to see source


The child has attracted hordes of visitors and been dubbed ‘God‘ by his parents due to his resemblance to a many-limbed deity. A relative, who has not been named, said: “When he first came out we couldn’t believe it.

“The nurses said he was badly deformed but I could see that this was a sign from God. In fact, this is a miracle, it’s God‘s baby. lndian God’s have extra limbs just like this.”

Thousands of people are flocking to the hospital in Baruipur, a city in India’s eastern West Bengal State, to catch a glimpse of the baby.

Chukka Rao, 67, from a neighbouring village, said: “When we first heard about God Boy we were slightly sceptical. But we came to see because we were intrigued by all the news we were hearing from friends and others. This is truly the son of the Hindu God Brahma, who also has four arms and four legs.”

However, a police spokesman said that the visitors were causing problems. “Hundreds are crying in the streets, hundreds of others are praying and setting up camp here. Some are even panicking and believe this is a sign of the end of the world. I have never seen anything like this in my whole career.”

Medics say that the infant‘s condition is a result of the arms and legs of a twin joining on to the foetus in the womb.

A most tragic birth in India, where so many babies in recent years have been born with abnormalities that remind of the idols og gods Hindus worship. Where else but in India can one consider this a ‘divine blessing’? The degree of religious superstition hinders a large section of the Hindu populace from realising that the cause is absolutely not supernatural but due to biological processes of the kind that have always produced so-called Siamese twins. Both in the human and the animal world.there are continual such abnormalities, double or triple heads, multiple limbs and so on. Fortunately there are some excellent and mon-superstitious surgeons in India who have successfully saved some of the misfosters from being worshipped in a golden cage or the like.
See The little girl who had eight limbs and was worshipped as a deity starts school.

One is reminded of a well-known statement of Sathya Sai Baba, who of course claimed to be an avatar (god descended into human form):- “If I had come as Narayana with four arms, they would have put me in a circus, charging money for people to see Me. If I had come only as a man, like any other man, who would listen to me? So I had to come in this human form but with more than the human power and wisdom.”
(US ed. of Kasturi’s Sathyam Sivam Sundaram -Vol 3 page 309)

In the event, Sai Baba did attract very many worshippers in India (as do almost all who simply don a saffron or orange robe, whether or not they proclaim wisdom)  and his name spread to most countries. However the ‘divine mission’ he claimed he came to fulfil – and which he insisted could not possibly fail – has long since most demonstrably failed in almost every way. Infamously, he even died in 2011, around a decade long before the various times he said he would.

His remaining believers struggle on in the vain hope that another of his prophesies will come about: namely, that he would be reborn as Prema Sai (within a period of 1 to 8 or so years) in South India.

two-faced Indian babyNumerous deluded followers, those who apparently could not wait so long, forcibly declared that he would reappear in his Sathya form in anything from a few days to a few years after his decease and burial (one poor woman with a sick Sai-dependency, Yaani Drucker, eagerly believed he would come back himself by July 2014!!). Other Sai Baba worshippers, including the deranged Isaac Tigrett, hold that he is still among us in a subtle spirit (ghost?) and was ‘visible’ in Kodaikanal this year, but only to those who see through their hearts (not eyes?).  Others have taken a variety of strange alternative claims about when, where, in what form he will return to earth… such a pity that people have to believe in such things.

There are some horrific deformed babies born and there have been a number with extra legs, arms and even two faces (!) in India.

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Discredited fantasist Isaac Tigrett in India again

Posted by robertpriddy on October 29, 2014

tigrettagainIsaac Tigrett is a very curious self-contradictory mix of hard rock worldliness and so-called ‘spirituality’ of his Hindu guru-avatar.  He started beef burger joints, promoting them with the borrowed strictly vegetarian Sai Baba’s slogan ‘Love All, Serve All’, a cynical Western style commercialism (also disregarding the Hindu sanctity of cows). Here we see he is still in India, on a visit to Gurgaon near New Delhi, still promoting Hard Rock with its beef burgers, despite having sold out both morally and literally.  

He tried his utmost to promote himself as Sai Baba’s spiritual mouthpiece after April 2011, claiming Sai Baba had entrusted him with the furtherance of the guru’s project to save the world. In slick and costly videos he presented plans for a huge super ‘spiritual ashram centre’ in the jungle of Coorg (South India) which he claimed he had worked on constantly with Sai Baba before all his vital organs conked out and he was disconnected from life support. The ashram was designed like a super eco-Auroville, promoting all manner of alternative spiritual and other healing prospects on a background of his various lunatic fringe theories (i.e. faked crystal skulls to save the world from doom, mystic descended master and what not…)

Having donated nearly $40 million for Sai Baba’s first hospital, Tigrett received much praise from Sai Baba (but not from any of the jealous minions of Prashanthi), upon the laurels of which Tigrett has rested ever since. However, there has been no mention of free or even cheap accommodation at his proposed ‘Mystic Inn of the Seventh Ray’, nor voluntary service or facilities for the poor of India because the entire project reeks of unmentioned commercial speculation, which always was Tigrett’s speciality.  However, no one knows anything about this Coorg project and it is rather apparent that Tigrett has had to forget about it due to lack of support, not only from the shakers and movers on the Sai Baba gravy train but from any of the rapidly dwindling foreign followers of Sai Baba who remain.  Curious indeed.

Sai Baba & Tigrett at the Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray!

Tigrett’s ludicrous fantasies about Sai Baba’s ‘return in subtle body’  preposterous claims by Tigrett from June 2014 about Sai Baba holding discourses in a ‘subtle body’ in Kodaikanal!

Sai Organization cold shoulder Isaac Tigrett and Sai Baba’s secret message

Isaac Tigrett & a fake ‘crystal skull’ Sai Baba ‘materialized


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Sai Baba’s ‘subtle body presence’ report in Kodai is denied

Posted by robertpriddy on June 18, 2014

ha ha ha Just as I predicted in my blog ‘Tigrett’s ludicrous fantasies about Sai Baba’s ‘return in subtle body’, the Sai Baba did not appear in his subtle body to 150 persons, but was due to the subjective fantasies of one boy! Even the delusional devotee, Sreejith Narayan, who wrote a whole book about Sai Baba’s resurrection or return this year (or later?), could not accept the ‘incredible’ claim by the disingenuous (or seriously ‘unhinged’) Isaac Tigrett (see scan on the right).  Waris Faridi (Vice-Pres. of San Antonio Centre, Texas) believed it, though, so what he said would happen to us dissidents has rebounded on himself

Further, we have now received the following announcement by the official Prasanti Council (below), so my convinced suggestion that the current official Sathya Sai authority would either ignore or refute the e-mail from Tigrett has been borne out (though they are careful not to name him as this could cause them more problems). They even seem to adopt my opinion that the e-mailer may have had venal ambitions! We have received the following announcement by the official Prasanti Council:-

“Dear Regional Officers, Center Presidents,
It has been brought to my attention that emails have been circulating that Swami has been speaking through some people and delivering discourses in subtle forms in various places. It is reported in these emails that they claim to have seen His “light body” and they have been instructed to establish institutions. They are seeking donations, participation and support. It is good to remember and practice what Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba Himself has said about such activities.

I urge all Sathya Sai devotees to pay careful attention to the excerpts from Swami’s Divine discourses in the attached document. Swami has always emphasised in His Divine discourses that He has a unique heart-to-heart relationship with each devotee and has no intermediaries. At one time I asked Swami if worshipping His Divine lotus feet mentally is equivalent to worshipping Him physically. Swami immediately responded “Yes, mental worship has the same spiritual benefits”. Therefore, Sadhana is the inward path.

Let us sanctify and redeem our lives by implicitly following the Divine command.
Let us focus on the goal without being distracted by anyone or any external influences.
Let us dive deep into the nectarine words of Swami and practice His universal and eternal message of love and selfless service in our daily lives.
Let us love Him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and serve Him till our last breath.

Please forward the attached document to all Sathya Sai Centers, Groups, and Educational Institutions for distribution to Sathya Sai devotees worldwide.”

Jai Sai Ram.
Lovingly in the Service of Sai,
Narendranath Reddy, M.D.
Chairman, Prasanthi Council

UPDATE as of june 2015! PREMA SAI IS FOUND IN DODDAMALUR, SOUTH INDIA – A 4-YEAR OLD BOY. This will upset Narasimha Murthy’s applecart unless he and his cronies can somehow readjust their narrative to include and embrace this discovery. Of course, it is all hoo-ha, typical Hindu guru delusion and manufactured divinity.

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Tigrett’s ludicrous fantasies about Sai Baba’s ‘return in subtle body’

Posted by robertpriddy on June 11, 2014

Isaac Tigrett  delusional e-mail

Isaac Tigrett delusional e-mail

Isaac Tigrett: a self-important self-appointed Sai Baba spokesman and right hand executive who has lost all credibility with sane citizens (including many badly deceived but otherwise harmless devotees) has retreated more and more from reality into a land of subjective dreams and imaginings.

He now tells that  ‘Swami’s subtle body’ was in Kodaikanal. That’s peculiar for a start. But the subtle body gave two discourses! So who on earth heard them? Tigrett fudges his statement to make it appear to gullible people in denial about Sai Baba’s demise that 150 people witnessed this. But guess what, since no one other has reported this, we much conclude it was to none other than Mr. Isaac WOW Tigrett alone! However, films (of the subtle body??) and “many” discourses will be released soon! Most likely, these ‘discourses’ will be authored by Tigrett himself while believing that he is in touch with the mind of the self-proclaimed Creator of the Universe! If the films genuinely show any remnant of Sai Baba whatever, it should be a world sensation.
(I don’t think this is remotely possible without faking).

Tigrett’s much-touted major ashram and world-healing project – the Mystic Inn of the Seventh Ray, which was to be built in Coorg – has failed to materialise (though initiated and guaranteed by Sai Baba, according to Tigrett). To keep up the pretense of his key role as the avatar’s spokesman and messenger, he seems to have been driven to new heights of pie in the sky so as to keep his own followers interested and excite all those deluded followers who want desperately to believe that Sai Baba is still around. Could it be that Mr. Tigrett, whose fortune has dwindled so greatly, is hoping to attract and impress remaining believers into donating to the still on-ice ‘Mystic Inn Project’, or is it simply that he can’t stand not being in the news himself?

It is indicative of Tigrett’s attempt to impose his views on others that he tries to shout in text by using ever bigger capital letters for his most excited claims. The claim that Sai Baba live on behind the scenes to complete his former projects until the age of 96 is risible (one of the several well-documented different ages he prophesied he would ‘leave the body’).

What was Sai Baba supposed to do after completing his declared mission after his relatively minimal influence on cleaning up India in his lifetime to lead and save the world and especially all his devotees etc.? Would he then leave to world to its fate forever, massive resource depletion, climate catastrophe and all that would follow? Ask Tigrett who will surely have an answer! But he would not be able to explain why Sai Baba repeatedly claimed he never suffered any illness due to his “purity, patience and perseverance” but then became dependent on drugs to function, ending with the failure of one major organ after another – heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, liver, and brain. (see here)

An ex-devotee and former national leader in the Sathya Sai Organisation wrote to me about it and commented:

That sums us the deranged mentality of Tigrett, the total denial of proven facts, known actions, lies, false predictions galore and diverse and abominable crimes by Sai Baba. Indeed, Tigrett fallaciously and unwittingly believes that we have an organ of intelligence and truth which is NOT the brain, but the heart (as Sai Baba always preached). However, the heart is nothing but an organ for pumping blood around the body. The commonly abused term ‘the heart’ refers to our emotions, vague intuitions, personal hopes and beliefs, the capacity for sympathy, preferably believing the best (whatever), though the heart is also widely considered to be the seat of enmity, envy, hate, and evil. In short, all irrational impulses and ideas are attributed to ‘the heart’, while they are in fact inseparable from the functions of the brain and cerebral cortex. Thus, there is only the brain, no independent heart. Tigrett’s life is obviously increasingly lost in dreaming and his ‘being’ is becoming less and less sane. He has taken leave of his senses, literally, which is exactly what Sai Baba preached that everyone should do… rely entirely on the heart, faith and God (i.e. himself). But this is to rely on irrational ‘inner promptings’ and a non-existent imagined entity. A resurrected Sai Baba in a talking (and walking?) ‘subtle body’ like a ‘living doll’… a cosmic laughing-stock!

Most likely the the official Sathya Sai Organisation and Trust will once again simply ignore Isaac’s declarations, or possible disclaim his pretended role as channeler of Sai Baba’s ghost! They have long argued (erroneously as usual) that Sai Baba – whose registered age at death was 84 by Western reckoning) did actually live until 96 because he reckoned in lunar years, not solar/calendar years! Tigrett has long been a divisive figure in the Sai movement and he still helps ensure that the rapidly diminishing body of remaining devotees will scatter like so many Jesus-believing Christian, each having one of many different beliefs about the ‘second coming’ of Sathya Sai Baba or the ‘third coming’ of some fake Sai avatar, such as one of the various ‘Prema Sai’ incarnations that have already begun to stake their claims.

As to the famous “separation of the wheat and the chaff” (also variously “the rams from the sheep”), this was one of Sai Baba’s attempts to explain the desertion of many devotees when the facts about his sexual abuses were exposed worldwide on such a scale and so utterly convincingly. Since then the supposed ‘wheat’ has diminished and become entirely half-baked. The remaining rams are still but herded sheep, entrapped in the fold of the movement where delusions and fears of rebirth and sufferings to those who leave flourish!

Comment by chrisdokter  chrisdokter.wordpress.comx  Submitted on 2014/06/12 at 10:09 am

I say many have tried to circumvent the energy conservation law, none have succeeded. Nonetheless, ‘the Teacher’ Tigrett refers to seems to defy natural law… Wandering the astral planes, talking to people in their ‘ethereal’ body, filmed in would-be 3D?? It takes expensive holographic technology to pull this newest horseshit off and make it a bit more believable than the Gerry Andersonesque Thunderbirdlike animation that Tigrett put up to sell his cockamamie Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray. A Sai Baba doll handled by a deft puppeteer does not cut it, though it would probably make for a far more enjoyable movie than the Bollywood ones on the late master of masters.

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Isaac Tigrett gets bad press in USA

Posted by robertpriddy on June 6, 2012

Report on 'devil pyramid' set up by Isaac and John Tigrett is 'rotting'

Isaac Tigrett’s lunatic fringe projects and claims are entertaining, if nothing more

Please note the latest preposterous claims by Tigrett from June 2014 about Sai Baba holding discourses in a ‘subtle body’ in Kodaikanal!

The one-time multi-millionaire Isaac Tigrett famously condoned and endorsed Sathya Sai Baba as a sexual abuser (see BBC transcript below). After the guru’s death – Tigrett proclaimed himself to have been entrusted by him as his “living will”! Tigrett’s following is overwhelmingly in the USA, his claims having been ignored outright by the Sathya Sai Organisation in India and elsewhere. His other claims are certainly no less bizarre, such as the crystal skull farce.

After he sold off his Hard Rock Café chain, Isaac Tigrett  has built a solid reputation as one of the craziest claimants for spiritual occultism and weird projects:-

Isaac Tigrett & a fake ‘crystal skull’ Sai Baba ‘materialized’
Isaac Tigrett, Sathya Sai Baba and the crystal skull
Isaac Tigrett’s announcement of secrets Sai Baba told him – video added
Isaac Tigrett – the fantasies & fall of a Sai Baba supporter
Sai Baba & Tigrett at the Mystic Inn of the 7th Ray!

Interviewed by the BBC in the one-hour documentary

Tanya Datta: But even if it was proven
to you that Sai Baba was a paedophile and a serial sex abuser, you¹re
saying it wouldn’t change the fact that he is your guru.
(Tigrett laughs at this rather wildly, see picture on left)
Isaac Tigrett:Absolutely not. Absolutely not. He could go out and murder someone tomorrow, as I said, it’s not
going to change my evolution, it’s not going to change the good things
that have come out of my relationship down there.
Tanya Datta: Does that mean that some part of you believes there could be some truth to the rumours?Isaac Tigrett:Oh, absolutely I believe there is truth to the rumours.Tanya Datta: You believe there is truth to the rumours?Isaac Tigrett: Sure, there probably is, probably is.

Tigrett also confounded all the massive propaganda about the hundreds of millions of followers spread through decades by Sathya Sai Baba officialdom, stating there are but seven million:-

Sathya Sai Baba has virtually disappeared from all Indian media since the furore after his funeral when his miserly hoard of immense value was found and the Sai Trust were caught by police siphoning huge amount of the money in a van etc. Now, too, the poll on IBN LIVE T.V. to choose the Greatest Indian since Mahatma Gandhi has 100 nominations for that honour. Sathya Sai baba is NOT even nominated!

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Michael J. Hollander, bigot preacher of preposterous, untested beliefs

Posted by robertpriddy on January 10, 2012

Michael Hollander is a classical example of what occurs when one became enamoured of a guru and his cult during a period of confused youth disturbed by seriously broken family relations and his consequent search for ‘the’ meaning of life and his discovery of one he feels was a divine father figure, according to what he has himself written. Later he was actually married by Sai Baba too! The process of gradual engulfment in a religious cult, as in Hollander’s case, has been explained in the anti-cult literature, such as in the excellent book The Believing Brain: From Ghosts and Gods to Politics and Conspiracies—How We Construct Beliefs and Reinforce Them as Truths. By Michael Shermer. (Times Books; 400 pages; $28. £19.99. Buy from The book “presents the evidence for Mr Shermer’s central claim: that, instead of shaping belief around painstakingly gathered, soberly judged evidence, people most often decide upon their beliefs first, and then use an impressive range of cognitive tricks to bend whatever evidence they do discover into support for those pre-decided acts of faith.”

Michael Hollander was inducted into the Sai Baba ‘brotherhood’ in 1972 and has risen within the ranks there – publishing several tracts which are hagiographic eulogy and slavishly follow and promote the “teachings” of Sathya Sai Baba, his own contribution being as completely unoriginal as regards any own ideas and clinically clean of the slightest other viewpoints as is the vast majority of all the countless self-published  contributions to ‘Sai literature’. The intellectual level of his writing differs little from that of the huge majority of Sai devotees, namely, execrable. This is not least due to the insistence by Sai Baba on the absolute supremacy of his doctrines, especially to be observed by all who would follow him (self-contradictory and strictly traditional religiously fundamental as they are).



Big Ego? Hollander accuses dissidents of suffering from ‘ego’ – one of the ever-repeated, automatic cockatoo cries of many remaining devotees  (so vague  too – see scan on right). ‘Too Big ego’ was one of the “loving” Sai Baba’s favourite put-downs at group interviews to raise a laugh for himself at others’ expense. So unoriginal is Hollander in all his cocksure and super-bigoted preaching that all critics are cowards and haters etc. He also wrote it again in another of his several comments:  “Yes it was easy to see that Sri Sathya Sai was none other then God Himself-The very Creator of the entire Cosmos.This was so obvious.And because some could not see this or fathom this -they turn on Him.It was only their deep and internal problems and ego that shows in their slander and totally false accusations.”  The accusations I have endorsed are all entirely true as far as the most thorough and painstaking investigations show. Hollander does not know any of the main critics and cannot know anything about any ‘internal problems’, which none of us suffer from, as I can testify from my extensive contacts with these honest, rational and normally self-examining persons. Typically, Hollander does not answer a single one of the countless detailed accusations they level but sweeps them all under th carpet with one broad brush! Now, unbeknown to him and most Sai followers, the ego is a necessary instrument of the healthy personality adjusted to the environment and does not imply egomania. Nor does it imply undue insistence on fulfilling the desires of ‘me’ and ‘mine’. In bringing forth facts, documentation, criticism, testimonies, and proofs of untruth, lying, deceptions, abuses of diverse kinds – and the cultist agendas of our accusers – we are not simply constantly spouting the same unfounded claims and untenable beliefs that a guru has said in the name of divine truth and to promote his own self-claimed Magnificence and Glory. The Sai Baba universal accusation of ‘too big an ego’ is irrelevant when people – having at last found out that they have placed their trust very wrongly – are pursuing the truth, and promoting it not at all their own interests. It is a question of informing what is held back and suppressed totally by all Sai authorities and followers, not least so as to forewarn seeker and help protect the many vulnerable persons who find their way to such gurus from the exploitation – emotional, mental, social,  financial and very often sexual (as so widely testified about SB). It is an act of duty and actually is selfless in that we have nothing to gain (unless satisfaction) other than a mass of vulgar and disreputable on-line and e-mail attacks – also web-stalking – from many devotees (I have a file with several hundred such highly unspiritual and ignorant libels by his devoted followers). It is actually not a huge price to pay for our daring to speak up.

In the so-called Sai literature and the various institutions his donors have financed for education and spreading the word etc., there is almost total avoidance of ALL international scientific, academic and social debate on all those issues with which he deals. The Sai Baba doctrine is a self-contained explanation of all and everything (according to Sai Baba, that is!) and discarding any need for world expertise from outside the ranks of the devotees, the disciples, the apostles, and the ‘anointed’ (so to speak) among whose pre-heavenly mini-host Michael Hollander is apparently thrice-blessed as a member. Recently, for example, in his self-promoting video as the apostle to whom Sai Baba entrusted the future of his many ‘secret’ projects, the much cognitively deranged former multi-millionaire beef-burger king and crystal skull promoter, Isaac Tigrett, reckons Hollander as a great friend. Hollander is also lauded by his associate and true believer Mark Sullivan, who also believes fully in the preposterous and unproven claims and holds me to be ruled by ego and whatever not.  Anyone still in possession of his own mind (i.e. is not longer ‘possessed’ by Sai Baba lies and myths AFTER the exposure of him on so many, varied counts) realises that the world will NEVER accept him as God in Human Form as he always claimed… He never lifted the two mountain ranges he said he would, nor did he fly unaided through the sky, not did he die within many years of any of the four different published predictions that he made, and so on almost ad infinitum. Even now, countless Indians have rejected him since his demise and their criticisms on news comments have flowered.

Particularly hopelessly deluded – the mark of deep psychological and emotional denial – Hollander also wrote the following in another comment:-“What an abhorrent sin to cast abuse and even engage in evil slander against One who Is Goodness Itself.Is this not a cowardly act.Lord Sai was and IS Perfection Itself.Even Now that He Chose to leave His Form His Formless aspect did not or will not ever change.This is the nature of God who Is Omniscient.Or did you forget?Thus for those who chose to turn on Him it is all left to the individuals karma.”

The capitalization is a telling sign of religious mania… but the words are truly fundamentalist nonsense in the tradition of extreme US bible-bashers. Is this not hidebound insularity, when the world knows that Sathya Sai Baba was admitted to his hospital where he underwent month-long organ failures, heart surgery, being on a lung ventilator, on kidney dialysis, falling unconscious, losing power of speech and finally being put out of his misery on a pre-planned disconnection from his life support system to coincide with the day Jesus supposedly ascended! Easter Sunday! The pre-planning was evident from the arrangements for a casket long before he was declared dead and from the arrangements made for the funeral and visiting dignitaries well before his death was announced! No death certificate or medical records were released and one must suspect that his extreme weight loss and known habits caused he to contract AIDS. (see Sai Babahospitalization, death, funeral and aftermath) also how he cried for help: Sathya Sai Baba’s death and inscrutability The well-respected Director of Sathya Sai Super-speciality Hospital, Dr. Safaya, resigned his post stating that he could not condone some of what was done. At one point the Sai Trust seriously discussed in public whether to bury him alive! Later a huge amount of riches were discovered in Sai Baba’s huge bed and apartment, a real proof that he was no sannyasin and was actually a miserly hoarder. Hollander no doubt rationalizes all that along with the many hundreds of documented untruths and broken promises, deceits, fraudulent ‘materializations’, bogus ‘diamonds’, plus the mad lunar age theory and much more. 

The doctrine of karma Hollander further informs all those he sees as ignorami with his Besserwissen belief in knowing the ultimate Divine truth of the Universe: “The Universe unfolds day in and out and sooner or later we each must face the consequences our own decisions and karma.This is called Natural Law.”  (including reincarnation with future retribution and/or reward) is not only unsupported by any science whatever, it is historically an attempt to explain nature and human life by persons with most primitive levels of knowledge, ruled by superstition and fear of punishing deities and demons. It appeals to people who have lost their bearings in moral and social understanding who want to believe that the Universe is a just place, all will get their desserts… something which observably does not happen in this world. So other worlds had to be invented, including heavens and hells for reward for good deeds and punishment for sin. See the doctrine of karma.

 It is not at all ‘cowardly’ but rather a brave and selfless act to bring forth countless lies, deceits, fraudulent acts and abuses of all kinds that Sathya Sai Baba perpetrated on his following, especially by those who describe the dreadful sex abuses they experienced at his hands. I know none who criticize Sai Baba out of hate, envy, bitterness or ‘being disgruntled’ (the magpie call of most Sai defenders). Instead, having been deceived ourselves, we in the exposé want to protect the defenseless and vulnerable people who seek gurus – help forewarn and protect them from exploitation of the kinds we eventually discovered to be part of his “Holy Dispensation”. It became a duty, one from which we have had nothing to gain other than unfounded abuse of the kind with which Hollander has sullied his own name.
See also

Michael J. Hollander – Longtime Ardent Sathya Sai Baba Apostle

Michael J. Hollander: A Sathya Sai Baba Preacher of ‘Woe-Unto-The-Wicked’

Massively documented history of Sathya Sai Baba’s alleged sexual abuses

Voluminous public evidence on the unsolved murders in Sai Baba’s bedroom apartment in 1993 while he stood by

Hollander sends occasional comments to my wordpress blog, the latest of which demonstrated his mentality well enough:-


Michael J. Hollander’s Sathya Sai Baba credentials

Michael xhollandermh@msn.com69.116.37.200 Cleared by AkismetSubmitted on 2012/09/16 at 7:34 amPriddy you sound like a moron.All false lies and untrue accusations. We each have our own karma to reap.This is Natural Law.Not Spam | Delete Permanently

Reply from Robert

Only a very deluded person in intense denial like yourself would consider me a moron. I am a retired philosophy and sociology lecturer; they don’t employ morons! Apropos, in your self-imagined wisdom, explain what is a ‘false lie’ – how does it differ from a’ true lie’? I have never lied nor made a single untrue accusation. Your repeated attacks on me have made not the slightest impression… they have been of such a mentality and level of  ignorance that they only tend to prove that continued defenders of Sai Baba are both incompetent and dishonest.

Karma is a false doctrine for people who can’t accept reality and want to see their enemies punished and themselves rewarded! There is zero evidence for this ante-diluvial speculation. It is just another of those ideas developed to keep people who can be manipulated in line.

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Sai Organization cold shoulder Isaac Tigrett and Sai Baba’s secret message?

Posted by robertpriddy on July 17, 2011


TRANSCRIPT OF TIGRETT’S ANNOUNCEMENTFull video with whole statement is at

So far the invitation by Isaac Tigrett to the Sathya Sai Organization conference which gathered at Prashanthi Nilayam on July 16 for Guru Purnima to reveal the great secrets that he received from Sathya Sai Baba before his death has not been taken up. He gave a preview of some of the fantastic fantasies Sai Baba shared with him in a talk arranged by an old Sai Baba hand, the photogapher Mr. Mistry. Considering the increasingly lunatic antics of the terribly self-important Tigrett, it is hardly strange that the Sathya Sai Organization leadership has not embraced the offer… it could only decrease their credibility yet further on the world stage.

All this was summarily dealt with by the Sathya Sai Central Trust as of no interest to them, being just something personal between Sai Baba and Tigrett! The brief video by a Times news outlet summarised the matter in an excellent way (SEE VIDEO LINK TOP RIGHT).

As of June 2014, nothing more has been heard of the Mystic Inn ashram project. Shortage of cash. But venal Tigrett has excelled himself with self-publicity of an even more weirdly doubtful kind in an attempt to regain prominence (and probably also donations) See  Tigrett’s ludicrous fantasies about Sai Baba’s ‘return in subtle body’

The content of a mail received from an ex-follower of Sai Baba in California

Isaac Tigrett’s bawdy lifestyle – drink, drugs, loose sex, opulence, promotion of the meat industry etc. is impossible to fit with being a good devotee as Sai Baba defined it. A few years back, I was told by an informant how Tigrett is very loose with the ladies – very loud and common too! He would bother to talk to anyone other than the women he watches. He treats them like bunnies ……most likely not having real affairs but always flirting. This is how a VIP can flout all the rules that are so strictly enforced by petty officials where non-VIPs are involved. Even holding hands between man and wife is frowned on, and one can be banned from the ashram if one continues not to comply! Yet Tigrett was a favourite of Sai Baba! That Sai Baba encouraged sexual unfaithfuloness is not new, Sai Baba’s translator Anil Kumar had a mistress in addition to his wife, a former girlfriend of Conny Larsson. So Sai Baba’s actions were ever contradicting his words. Sai Baba was the supreme self-delused narcissist and psychopath, Tigrett is just about the same, only a smaller and subordinated version having long been increasingly deluded by Sai Baba! He is one of the totally credulous people who believes in such a load of absurd things and extreme ‘spiritual’ rubbish of a type that are found throughout the ashrams. He believes in the ascended masters, crystal skulls (scientifically proven to be faked artefacts), the repeatedly re-predicted Golden Age (that never comes) and now believes in all the self-enhancing lies that Sathya Sai Baba has told him, even exceeding all those already exposed to the full!

The wild pseudo-spiritual shenanigans of one of Sathya Sai Baba’s biggest donors, Hard Rocker Isaac Tigrett, continue to amaze observers crystal skulls (faked), seventh ray masters, preposterous stories about Sai baba… and now his own ashram!

Isaac Tigrett. Selling Out Those Condemned to a House Of Blues Tigrett granted the ’probability’ that the allegations of sexual abuse of boys and young men were true, but he still adheres to his guru – saying he would not change if Sai baba went out and murdered someone tomorrow. He is reportedly now living at Puttaparthi.

Tigrett’s donation to Sathya Sai Baba Super-speciality hospital Scan of notes recorded – Isaac Tigrett’s hospital donation, plus information on embezzlement of a large part of it. Diverse notes on darshans and Sai snooper Sanjay Chibber and more. Sathya Sai Baba’s Amazing Predictions

Isaac Tigrett, Sathya Sai Baba and the crystal skull
The Sathya Sai worshipper, Isaac Tigrett, has – or had – from his guru-go a crystal skull which he believed could affect the very balance of the cosmos and much more besides… a good belly-laugh for the sane among us!

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Descriptive reports from earlier times at Puttaparthi with Sai Baba

Posted by robertpriddy on July 13, 2011

One of the ex-students who writes to me now and whose identity must still remain anonymous due recently sent the following:-

It’s so wonderful to know that the expose wild-fire is spreading wildly through the dry desert like environs of Puttaparthi. So many good people left the ashram earlier keeping silent due to the dangers involved. I remember there was a good person, a certain Dr. Bhagvat of great integrity , who was made the in charge of SSS hospital at Prashanti Nilayam (the general hospital). I would be happy to know why he left. I think many good people did come across the misdeeds of Sai Baba and left the place silently.

I am also happy to be a part of the expose in my own way.  I  can stay for certain that Sai Baba was a fraudster, trickster who made people shut up through frightening them or pacifying them in the name of Indian Patriotism, Indian religion, hinduism and spirituality.

Though I do remain my theistic outlook, how guilty I feel that I enjoyed my existence there all the while giving a wrong picture of it and misleading people. My belief system was different then. But I had started to enjoy as a kid in eighth standard the dirty sex as my elders at the Sai College did with me and I really feel so terrible about it. I think all the boys knew very well what they needed to do if they wanted to go closer to Sai Baba and many of the boys did make ample use of the opportunities. After my post graduation, when I realised my mistake, I had stopped going to darshans etc and stopped speaking in public all the stupidly laudable things taught to us. I still cannot digest how and why the teachers there did not question the dirty acts. These thoughts and really troublesome to me now. I do hope that Indians learn a lesson from all this slush and mud dirtying the corrupt Indian system and the Indian media learns to behave in a more responsible manner henceforth.

Mr. V. Srinivasan of WS Industries is a dubious, dirty character and I think the much pro Sai Baba govt (DMK) in Tamil Nadu has been rooted out of power. This idiot tried posing himself as another Bhagwan while doing propaganda about SB. I think he would have donned the SB mantle had it not been for the recent reports in the media. He always posed as some sort of superhuman whenever interacting with other devotees.

Meanwhile it is not long before Guru Poornima, the day when Hindus celebrate their spiritual teachers (July 16th) when Isaac Tigrett is expected to tell what he claims Sathya Sai Baba instructed him to make public. If one were to believe Tigrett has promised, it promises to be something like another Sermon from the Mount, or perhaps a final statement to save humanity from disaster and cause Sai Baba’s students to clean up India and the world and bring in a Golden Age when all will live in peace, truth and harmony – all of which Sathya Sai Baba promised would occur (though the dates given have run out long since). No, one can expect another package of disinformation, false promises and prophesies and lunatic instructions through this Hard Rock man who really believed that Sathya Sai Baba was a sexual abuser and who even said that murder – if done by Sai Baba – would not alter his faith in him!

Now one can read the entire text of Tal Brooke’s seminal whistle-blowing tract ‘Avatar of the Night’ here. This book is interesting not least because it recalls the ashrams, the style, the people from a time when Sathya Sai Baba was far more available than in the 1980s and afterwards. 

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Isaac Tigrett’s announcement of secrets Sai Baba told him – video added

Posted by robertpriddy on June 23, 2011

Since June when Tigrett made his pompous announcement about being Sai Baba’s ‘living will’, no one of any note in prominent Sai Baba circles – the Sai Trust etc. – has responded positively or even asked to hear his mind-boggled outpourings. No one has made an attempt on his life either, as he hinted could happen… as if he was of such importance to merit that. The international Sai organization has not taken the slightest bit of notice of his claims. The lifelong-misguided photographer Mr. Mistry seems to be his only public promoter.  How could they afford to endorse in any way a person who believed Sai Baba to be a sexual abuser and said on the BBC documentary for all the world to see that it made no difference to him.. not even if Sai Baba went out and murdered someone! Tigrett blathers about some amazing drawings of “metaphysical machines” Sai Baba supposedly gave him. The very term is a self-contradiction (an oxymoron – which term one is tempted to apply to the walking self-contradiction Tigrett himself). Could it be a machine for fetching vibuti, amrit and laddu out of the akasa? Or hot Indian dinners (as Sai Baba reportedly did!). Probably these airey-fairey constructs would “turn earth into sky and sky into earth”, as Sai Baba boasted he could do (but never demonstrated). If Tigrett ever presents these incredible blueprints to the world, we may expect something equally laughable, seeing how Tigrett lives on in a closed fantasy world of imagined ‘spirituality’… what on earth did Sai Baba manage to do to his mind in addition to blowing it up!

As of June 2014, nothing more has been heard of the Mystic Inn ashram project. Shortage of cash. But venal Tigrett has excelled himself with self-publicity of an even more weirdly doubtful kind in an attempt to regain prominence (and probably also donations) See  Tigrett’s ludicrous fantasies about Sai Baba’s ‘return in subtle body’


Full video with whole statement is at

The former donor of the first major hospital at Puttaparthi, former multi-millionaire Hard Rock Cafe owner, Isaac Tigrett, has been living near Sai Baba for several years. The transcribed text of the shorter on-line video is above and gives his announcement. It sounds rather incredible (as usual with him) and he has spoken on TV saying that Sai Baba left instructions with him as to how the Ashram must be run, and also said he spoke to Srinivasan, SV Giri and Chakravarthi three weeks ago. He stated “I am living will now…but don’t know whether I will be after this interview” and said he “will reveal all to the worldwide Sai Baba devotees on Guru Purnima 6 weeks later”. Not surprisingly, Central Trust spokesmen have rubbished Tigrett’s claim… it would most likely reduce their power or even remove some of them! (See Daily India left below).

Quite apart from his most injudicious statements on BBC TV’s ‘The Secret Swami’ condoning sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba and also murder,  Isaac Tigrett has in recent years announced some fantastic things. Such as his belief in the power of the crystal skull he placed on top of a pyramidal building in Memphis and which was removed by authorities. His warning at this move was very dire, reminding of the mad prophets of doom that flourish here and there, especially in the USA and are always confounded by actual events! The history of the original crystal “Skull of Doom” (as preserved at the Smithsonian Institute) has been thoroughly discredited by researchers as a manufactured fabrication… and this must consequently apply to all the many copies that were made, like the one Tigrett claims he received from Sai Baba.

Tigrett is a highly egocentric person who has started his own ashram-retreat in Coorg, promoting the mythology of the “Ascended Masters of the Seventh Ray” and similar fantasies. So perhaps a pinch of salt is in order regarding his latest attempt to take over the Sai Baba limelight. Devotees who want something to cling to will have to wait, wait, wait….

Read also:-

Isaac Tigrett, Sathya Sai Baba and the crystal skull

Isaac Tigrett – the fantasies & fall of a Sai Baba supporter

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Isaac Tigrett & a fake ‘crystal skull’ Sai Baba ‘materialized’

Posted by robertpriddy on January 15, 2011

The lunatic fringe is alive and well at Sathya Sai Baba’s ashrams – and it is on centre stage too with one lunatic forerunner – the former US millionaire of the Hard Rock Cafe, Isaac Tigrett. Tigrett has stated that Sathya Sai Baba – who Tigrett worships as God Incarnate etc. etc. – gave him a crystal skull at an interview where the object just appeared in Sai Baba’s hands. Tigrett believes in the supernatural power of this skull and that cosmic balance depends on it (somehow) and that it carries a cosmic curse which can destroy the earth. Tigrett has been one of Sathya Sai Baba’s foremost publicists, and he even told the BBC (see The Secret Swami) that he believes that Sai Baba is a sexual abuser and that if he were to murder someone it would make no difference to his faith in him! He has also started what he calls a ‘spiritual retreat’ in the forests of Coorg (S. India) entitled ‘The Mystic Inn of the Seventh Ray’. Here follows some of the fantastic and laughable details of Tigrett’s antics on the Pyramid Arena in Memphis (USA).

Excerpts from report on the Memphis (US) ‘Pyramid’ with Isaac Tigrett’s ‘crystal skull’

Laura L. Sullivan has written about the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, Tennessee and Isaac Tigrett’s crystal skull. The Pyramid was built in the early 1990s, but is “no longer operating as a commercial venue, and debates abound about how the building should be used and by whom.”

“Mystical Aspects of the Pyramid(s)
During the construction of the Pyramid Arena in the early 1990s, the local newspaper the Memphis Flyer broke the story that there were crystal skulls implanted at the top of the structure, reportedly of Mayan origin. According to the Commercial Appeal newspaper, the idea for a crystal skull came from Isaac Tigrett, son of original co-financier John Tigrett (Graham). The media reported then-mayor Dick Hackett’s displeasure upon encountering the crystal skulls and his request for their removal. There was also some general outcry from members of the public, though many folks just saw the news of the skulls as another bizarre twist in an already labyrinthine story.”

“Another writer describes a “crystal skull time capsule that ‘was retrieved within a year of the Pyramid’s opening, creating both an ownership controversy and ruining the marketing surprise [the developer] had planned’ (Murtaugh). Although media reports claim that the skulls have been removed, anonymous sources have revealed to our research team that there are still some crystal skulls at the top of the pyramid. Sources tell us that some city politicians belong to secret societies (in the Freemason tradition), divided along racial lines, and the crystal skulls are an attempt to have influence and consolidate power. Crystal skulls, ancient objects of indigenous societies, are used as tools to direct energy and as channels, facilitating communications from spiritual realms and ancestors (Crystal). In Memphis, these Masonic-leaning politicians (and even one of our sources) believe that the remaining crystal skulls in the Pyramid are still ‘working’, energetically.

Ans from

Maybe we need to be putting in a call to Isaac Tigrett to see if he’ll put his crystal skull back in The Pyramid. On February 10, we wrote about the crystal skull that was discovered in the apex of The Pyramid and removed in the early days of the iconic building. That post was largely a tongue-in-cheek commentary about the cosmic risk of removing the skull. Perhaps, we spoke too soon. After all, we seem to be the midst of crystal skull frenzy, and we missed our change to get in on the ground floor.

First, there was “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull racking up more than $300 million. Then, two weeks ago, the Smithsonian opened its crystal skull exhibit, and now, the museum plans to premiere its documentary, “Legend of the Crystal Skulls,” in September. Now we learn that there are crystal skulls on exhibit in the British Museum in London and the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris.

Faking It
Star of the Smithsonian exhibit and the film is a crystal skull that arrived in the mail at the Smithsonian 16 years ago. It was in a package addressed to “MezoAmerican Museum” and a letter said it was made by the Aztecs. Neither the museum or the skull was real. In other words, the nation’s foremost museum system have taken a fake and turned it into a franchise. If only we had been so clever.  Some say the skulls are from Atlantis. Other say that if all of them come together at the same place, they will release all knowledge and stop computers. Some say they were made by Mayans or maybe even extraterrestrials. And yet, if the skull has any power, it is its ability to inspire myths and legends. In that, it has something in common with The Pyramid. For 17 years, we’ve harbored the myth that it can become a 365-day a year tourist attraction.

The most ominous warning was given by Isaac Tigrett following the removal of the crystal skull that he had secretly riveted to the steel superstructure of The Pyramid apex. The small black box was spotted by a maintenance man about a year after the arena had opened.

“Cosmic Imbalance
Pried from its secret place, the box was opened (the momentous event was filmed) with great ceremony in a conference room in the bottom of The Pyramid, and inside the velvet-lined box and covered with gauze dusted with a fragrant powder was a small crystal skull.  Because of Mr. Tigrett’s interest in Eastern mysticism, it was immediately obvious who put it there. Although the skull seemed to have more in common with those allegedly found in Mayan archaeological sites, city and county officials were told that the skull had materialized in the hands of Mr. Tigrett’s guru, Sathya Sai Baba, during a conversation.  After all, the founder of Hard Rock Café and House of Blues had a special debt to the Indian mystic, who protected him during a devastating car wreck in California. Hurtling off the road in his sports car, Mr. Tigrett said that Sai Baba appeared in his car, put his arms around him and protected him from harm. The car was destroyed.

In other words, the crystal skull’s connection to the religious leader and guru gave it special power, which was amplified by the additional force of The Pyramid itself, according to Mr. Tigrett. “You don’t have any idea what you have done,” he said upon being told that the crystal skull had been removed, adding somberly that the cosmic balance of the earth could be disturbed as well.”

By that time, suggestions that removal of the skull could curse The Pyramid were laughable. After all, with the crystal skull in place, little had gone right there. If Memphis had been interpreting signs, perhaps there wasn’t one delivered more forcefully than the thunder storm that postponed the “Big Dig” extravaganza to kick off construction. A native American telephoned city and county officials with a warning – the Pyramid site was sacred and that the rain was an omen of worse things to come. Officials joked about the warning for days. Two years later, no one was laughing. Construction had been delayed, the price had increased, and the shape-shifting Shlenker/Tigrett development was no closer to coming into focus.

The Great American Pyramid plan was essentially dead. So was the Hard Rock Café; the glass inclinator to the apex; the perverse mutation of of Egyptology and rock music into Rakapolis; Dick Clark’s American Music Awards Hall of Fame; a re-creation of the Cavern, ground zero for Beatles fans, and priceless Stax Records artifacts; an Omnimax theater; a light and music spectacle in the arena on non-event days; a radio station on the top of the building beaming shortwave Memphis music; and what became called the “scheme du jour,” ideas that often became inoperable before the end of the business day.”

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Sathya Sai Baba’s claims of financial poverty, non-ownership and self-sacrifice

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“Some people are so mean-minded that they do not want to understand and appreciate the sanctity associated with the activities. Have any of them been able to accomplish even one-thousandth part of what Sai baba is doing? No, no, no! It is only Sathya Sai Baba who has undertaken such noble tasks without a trace of selfishness.” (From  Sathya Sai Baba’s Christmas Discourse, 2000)

Does Sai Baba himself have any money to give away unselfishly?

On 11/8/2001, Sathya Sai Baba held a discourse (published in Sanathana Sarathi, September 2001) where he detailed the running costs of the two hospitals, the colleges etc. and how much investment is needed to cover these. This sum – amounting to the interest from 600 crores of rupees (about $120 mill), is perhaps surprisingly little, considering the billions that have been donated to him. Half the interest of this 600 crores goes to the Bangalore hospital, 2/6th to the Puttaparthi hospital and 1/6th to all the educational institutions together. Sai Baba asks rhetorically, “Wherefrom does it all come?” And adds so self-deprecatingly, “However, I am giving it” (p. 264). Does Sai Baba himself have any money to give, then? He has always claimed to be a renunciant who owns nothing. For example, “At a meeting of the Central Trust yesterday, I told the members including Sri Indulal Shah, that I had no interest in property. Do not involve me in any connection with these properties. I do not wish to have any connection with money or property. My only concern is with my devotees. Telling them all this, I signed the papers. (1.01.1998, Sanathana Sarathi, Vol.  41, January1998, p. 4).

However, a person who has control over the multi-billion dollar trust in that all his chosen ‘directors’ are beholden to him and – in their faith that he is all-knowing Divinity – dare not contradict him, cannot be said to be without property. He has expressed his gratitude to anyone for the help he personally receives! As usual, Sathya Sai Baba claims “I do not accept anything from anyone” (p. 168). How can he really not receive ANYTHING, just like everyone else alive does? Impossible! He is the recipient of many goods that most Indians regard as unattainable luxuries!

Sai Baba related in this same Krishna birthday discourse that he received news that the same sum, 600 crores of rupees, was coming from a person in the US with whom he had no direct contact. If so, this means it was someone other than the US metals magnate (and big Haliburton investor) James Sinclair, who has also made several donations in the tens of millions… and further, donations of $100 million and more have even been announced in public now and again! Donors to the water project were publicly named before the ca. 300,000 visitors at Baba’s 70th birthday (as a blessing?) The list included only those who had given over a very high amount (1 crore of rupees – over $200,000.-), without mention of any others who were not so rich but had also contributed. James Sinclair was named along with dozens others, including the Indian liquor baron Bangarappa! Unlike Mahatma Gandhi, Sai Baba willingly accepts tainted money. Devotees rationalize this on the lines of ‘God is all-powerful so why can’t he do anything he wishes? Some argue more sensibly that he make bad money good by putting it to better ends… however, this is really only money-laundering and whitewashing. The money goes to increase his interests and standing!

Any near-exact estimate of the entire Sai holdings is impossible to make due to the extremely secretive Sathya Sai Central Trust and other funds over which he has control , but $10 billion would probably be a conservative guess. Calculating on the basis of membership figures and other estimates touted by the Sathya Sai Organisation, another source put the figure at $45 billion sometime after 2000. Since reliable information on everything about the Sai empire is never declared fully and their accounts are protected by the government, including the secrets of the many sources from which donations come (testimonies of deceased devotees, often their entire estates – such as the fortune of the famous film star James Mason, for one. A close relative of a friend of mine was induced to part with £1/4 million in her last will and testament to the Sathya Sai Central Trust when  Sai devotees – having already extracted tens of thousands of pounds from her for projects which never materialized – further concentrated on ‘love-bombing’ her in her aged frailty, giving her false hopes of salvation and so on.

No accounts are available to anyone – other than undocumented annual gross sum statements by the authorities, who are often under Sai Baba’s influential thumb – as is well known to insiders -) The Sathya Sai Trust is exempt from taxation, and special freedom from import duties have been granted by his governmental followers. One certainly wonders where it all goes, apart from the opulent luxuries like charter jets, extravagant buildings, apartments and frequent costly festivals and huge ‘birthday bashes’!

Self-promotion takes a high ride

Scan from:  Sathya Sai Baba Discourse on Christmas Day - hypocritically entitled "Overcome Jealousy With Love" in Prashanthi Nilayam temple in which he abandons love and attacks critics to damn them as demons, as well as making untrue and wholly unsubstiantiated allegations about critics taking money to write about him

scan excerpt from the infamous Sathya Sai Baba Discourse on Christmas Day hypocritically entitled "Overcome Jealousy With Love" in Prashanthi Nilayam temple in which he abandons love and attacks critics to damn them as demons, as well as wilfully making untrue and wholly unsubstiantiated allegations about critics taking money to write about him. This was repeated in another form by him on March 7, 2007: ... "So I don't lose anything by their false propaganda. ... It would be far better if they follow Sathya Sai Baba instead and set an ideal to the rest of the world. I have no desires or ambition. Here is no trace of jealousy"

Speaking of 12,000 heart operations performed at the Puttaparthi hospital, he boasts, “I leave it to your imagination to appreciate who is responsible for saving so many lives.” (p. 262) Could Sai Baba mean the donors, the doctors, all the selfless hospital workers? He prefers you imagine that this could not happen unless he somehow does it all! If he is saying it is all due to his ‘miraculous aid’, then why does he bother with the hospitals? I am free to “imagine” that the actual health workers and other staff who work voluntarily or for a very small remuneration are those who are actually responsible for saving the lives that are presumably saved. Not to forget the US multi-millionaire Isaac Tigrett, who donated the entire first Puttaparthi ‘super-speciality hospital’ plus all its equipment.

More to the point is who chooses the accepted candidates for treatment (for, in a country with crying needs like India there must be very many who cannot be accommodated?). It is known that numerous devotees, including visitors from abroad, have been accorded operations there. I have met devotees from abroad who applied through their local branches of the Sathya Sai Organization… and were accepted. I leave it to your imagination as to why this is so in a hospital that was supposedly dedicated to the truly poor and needy. The donors have no way of knowing the patient lists, nor therefore whether their money is being used for the reasons it was collected, or rather largely for promotion of the cult and its adherents.

But it is striking how Sai Baba in discourse after discourse publicizes and praises himself in a way which one will be hard put to find elsewhere. He goes on, for the n`th time, “I have no personal desires or selfishness in Me at all. I have not asked anybody for help. Will anybody simply give hundreds of crores for the mere asking? None.” Does Sai Baba – who says he knows absolutely everything – not even know that there have been thousands of huge benefactors of mankind who have not been asked, and who have behaved with modesty – giving full credit to all those involved without whom their part would not have been possible?

Examples of vast donations to charitable works are plenty: they stretch from Robert Owen to Rockefeller, Washington Carver to Guggenheim, Warren Buffet, Getty, George Soros, Imran Khan and Bill Gates – a mere $33 billion given by him so far! Why would ‘God Incarnate – Creator of the Universe’ need to harp on about his own excellence, selfless purity, what he is giving (as if he was a big donor in the scheme of things? Why does he hardly ever mention all the others who contribute selflessly in various ways, not only though his (corrupt) Trust but all around the globe? Persons he no doubt regards as ‘ordinary unenlightened’ people (eg. Bob Geldoff, Warren Buffet, Imran Khan and countless other less famous figures in almost every country of the world) leading big charitable projects or relief work without making any such fuss about themselves.

Along with his self-praise comes repeated talk of his supposedly being unaffected by praise or blame! “All that I do has a great ideal for humanity.” Does this include his having stood by without lifting a finger while his officials persuaded the police to shoot young men armed only with knives in cold blood? But, though he would not answer any questions the press put to him about this, he says, “There is nothing hidden in My actions”. (p. 266. The fact is, that almost everything is very systematically and carefully hidden from all but a few… excepting what can be seen when he gives his daily darshan walkabouts of around 1 hour per day, and discourses on special days. His person is guarded by cordons of servitors, security people who are mostly undercover.

Sathya Sai Baba regards himself as a major donor to Indian society… yet he has never earned a penny of the billions donated, which he claims are not even his! He always wants to eat his cake and still have it. In a speech in Oct 1999, he explained:- “To date I have never desired anything. I have not touched even a single paisa of anyone. Things come to Me on their own unasked whenever the necessity arises. I have never stretched My hand before anybody from My childhood till now and this will be the norm in the future also. I feel happy in giving and not in receiving.” His every single need is met by others, and I – and many others – know from personal experiences that he does “stretch out his hand for donations”. He pretends to materialize diamonds and other objects which he gives away. They are not genuine, and he even pretended to materialize watches donated to him by a UK Sathya Sai Organization group visiting his ashram. The recipients are almost always deluded into believing him, and they in turn donate real money, huge amounts of time and energy… this is indeed a scam of massive proportions.

Persons Sai Baba no doubt regards as ‘ordinary unenlightened’ people ( and countless other less famous figures in almost every country of the world) are major philanthropists leading  charitable projects or relief work without making any such fuss about themselves. Yet in his Christmas Discourse 2000 he also said: “There are many millionaires in this world who are so mean and narrow-minded that they set their dogs on the persons, who beg for alms at their doorstep. It is shameful to consider them as human beings. These persons are unable to do even a thousandth of what Sathya Sai Baba is doing for society, but shamelessly indulge in false allegations.” This reckless and general accusation shows how disturbed he is when his boasts of purity and selfless poverty are shown to be empty:-

George Lucas, the director of the Star Wars films, and
Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York and data tycoon, had already promised to donate “a majority” of their wealth.

  • Mark Zuckerberg, 26, founder of, thought to be worth almost $7 billion (£4.4 billion), has signed the Giving Pledge, a campaign led by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, and Warren Buffett, the financier.
  • Dustin Moskovitz, the Facebook co-founder and former room-mate, who is also 26 and has a fortune of about $1.4 billion (£888 million), are among 17 new billionaires to have joined the initiative.
  • Prince Karim Aga Khan IV ~ founder[1] and chairman[2] of Aga Khan Development Network which focuses on health, education, culture, rural development, institution-building and promotion of economic development[2].
  • Jane Addams ~ co-founder of the Hull House settlement house in Chicago[3]

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